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FIU vs. Florida State and Florida

Helm FIU will be seeing a lot more of Florida State and Florida in the coming years on itsFSU_Cowgirls2 sports schedules. Here is the story that will be running in the MH on Saturday.....

   FIU and Florida State signed an agreement to play a home-and-home series in men’s basketball beginning this December and the Golden Panthers are in negotiations with the Seminoles and the University of Florida to schedule more games in other sports.

   Led by new basketball coach Isiah Thomas, FIU will travel to Tallahassee on Dec. 6 to take on the Seminoles. The following season on Nov. 19, 2010 Florida State visits Uf FIU’s U.S. Century Bank Arena.

   “We’re very excited to play a team the quality of Florida State,” FIU athletic director Pete Garcia said. “It’s a great opportunity anytime you get a chance to play a team that played for the ACC championship.”

   FIU defeated Florida State 65-60 in 2004 in Tallahassee the last time the two teams met.

   This past season FIU and FSU met in baseball with the Seminoles winning 15-5. The two schools -- which have met 19 times before with FSU holding a 13-6 series lead -- are working on a possible 3-game series for next season.

   FIU is also looking to continue its series with Florida in football and re-start a basketball series with the Gators.

   The Panthers and Gators meet for the first time on the gridiron Nov. 21 in Gainesville and are in talks about future football games.

   FIU and UF would also like to renew their basketball series. The Gators have won both meetings with the Panthers -- the last game being played in 1993.

   “It’s very important for us to continue to have a balanced schedule with Florida and Florida State in different sports,” Garcia said. “We will continue to schedule games with both schools as we move forward.”



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Nothing official yet on the TT watch, but it looks like he's leaning toward staying at FIU. When I get confirmation from TT you will have it here.




quijote: WTF is a college football game without the sounds and the hunnies complimenting the game? Pete what's the deal here?


Fans & Pete, Football season is almost here. I'm VERY upset that FIU has YET to contact me with any sort of away game fan packages. I want to go to Alabama, Rutgers and UF games, but would obviously would like to go with a FIU sponsored fan group. Some of us are very busy and have to plan these schedules ahead of time. Any word on when FIU will make "fan group" packages available?!


PP: Like many schools across the nation, FIU has to make cuts in its athletics program. Unlike other schools across the nation, FIU does not have the type of financial support from donors, alumni and other people to make less impactful cuts and thus you have these unpopular cuts.


FIU does not have that huge outside financial support, because of 2 reasons: it hasn't been in Division I as long as other schools and FIU has never really given its fans and would-be bandwagon fans much reason to cheer over the years. As we all know everybody loves a winner and consistent winning = more fans, which = more interest in the program, which = more support and more donors.


Since the change in athletic administration in 2006, FIU has made a commitment to winning as evidenced by type of athletes being recruited, 8 new head coaches in 13 sports, and new and improved facilities.


No longer acceptable are the days of let's play close to .500 ball and collect our state paychecks every 2 weeks. Let's be honest before 2006, the university viewed its athletic department like the P.E. department. But now there is a refreshing accountability with the FIU athletic program.


And we're starting to see the fruits of these changes in FIU sports with the Panthers football and baseball teams producing the 2 largest historical turnarounds in school history. MC's boys improved (+4 wins) and TT's boys improved (+14 wins) in just their second seasons at the helm.


Plus, FIU won Sun Belt titles in volleyball and tennis in the last year. The men's soccer team reached the Conference USA title game. FIU has produced 3 All-Americans (5 if you count all 3 of Yarimar Rosa's All-American honors) and won 4 Sun Belt Coach of the Year awards in the last 2 years.


Although it may not seem like it financially, FIU is building an athletic monster (to borrow a phrase from MC) with the type of athletes and coaches in place right now and those that are headed this way. Which is why you have other schools ready to start pouncing on coaches like TT.


But this commitment to winning needs support and maybe now with the initial and future successes of FIU's teams those more than 140,000 FIU alumni in South Florida will start coming out and supporting an athletic program on the rise.


And this long answer to the question above is not meant to start a telethon. No, by support I mean -- like several GPP readers have posted in previous blogs -- go to FIU games and bring friends along that might not be aware what's happening at SW 8 Street. And like that shampoo commercial -- "those friends will tell their friends and their friends will tell their friends".


This is not the old FIU sports where winning was something to hope for. This is an FIU that has its sights set on conference championships and much more. FIU's teams are being built to win. It's happening right now.



The answer to your other question: FIU doesn't have travel packages to away games, but you can get in to games at Alabama, Florida and Rutgers, plus all 5 FIU home games for a total of $200.


That would be $50 for season tickets and then you can purchase whichever of those 3 road games you want to go to. The prices are: $55 for Rutgers, $50 for Alabama and $45 for Florida. Those road prices are set by the host schools and not FIU.


FIUPantherFan: Pete, please post a contact e-mail/number for the FIU cheerleader coach, I would like to contribute. I know the Dazzler coach use to post on FIUGoldenPanthers.com.


PP: This was posted in the comments section of the previous post:

You can contribute at:
Panther Cheer Club
c/o Coach Racquel
P.O. Box 655052
Miami, FL 33265

and this is their Facebook support page:

Turtle is one popular guy with at last count 154 votes in our last poll question. Nearly 80% percent of you say TT stay at FIU.  Among those readers is our first GPP reader from Sweden. As someone in Uppsala, Sweden says Turtle Power at FIU. Here's our latest scorecard:


37 COUNTRIES: Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Lebanon, Mexico, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, Scotland, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, U.S.A., Venezuela, Vietnam.

1 DISTRICT: Washington, D.C. and 1 TERRITORY: Puerto Rico.


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I just got my Away Tickets purchase letter. Count me in for 3x Tickets for the UF game.

Great blog Pete. FIU is builing a winning atheletics department right now. If you're not behind us now, you're on the bandwagon. This year is going to be monumental. There is no more looking back--we truly have something special here and alot of people still don't see it.

As a student do you need to purchase the tickets for away games or will the school be allotted a certain amount of student tickets?

FIUP*Light can you provide details on this.

Pete thanks for that long answer, I appreciate it, and I'm sure GP Nation appreciates it too.

Only at FIU do students think they can get tickets to away games for free. Guys, away games are handled by the host institution, meaning they control the sale and pricing of tickets. They might set aside a block of sets for the visiting team but they don't just give the visiting team tickets to give to students.

I hate that we are so uneducated about football and how the whole process of being a fan works. Slowly but surely, we will learn.


Don't hate, educate. If a student is unaware of the details of established sports culture, teach them in an inviting way. Your confrontational "I hate uneducated students..." tone does nothing to welome new fans aboard. At FIU, we're young pups (or Panthers) and are going to need some hand holding. We're competing with institutions that have been playing sports for decades. Cut us some slack and show us the way.


If you bought Season Tickets (I'm alum, not a student), you will receive a letter soon in the mail that let's you order tickets to all the away games.

For Alabama, Rutgers and Florida, the number you can order is limited to the number of Season Ticket seats you bought. Since I have 3 season tickets, I can order 3 tickets to the UF game.

Thanks for the explanation. Do you know if the stash of away game tickets that FIU provides season holders are random seats throughout the stadium or in an visiting team section?

Most schools usually offer visiting teams an alotment of seats all together. My guess is that UF might set aside 500 -1,000 tix for that game...however, should we surprisingly down BAMA or Rutgers..demand might increase..

It's simple economics.

thanks for the explanation. Thing is I remember FIU bought the tickets for the UM game and gave the tickets to the students. I was just wondering if they would do the same this year.

Gee wiz, pikedanny, what gives? Last year, students were given free tix and a bus ride to the FAU game last year, it is only a fair question to ask whether or not the same will be done this year with UF. If not, us "uneducated students" would like to know how we can acquire tickets to the game!

Really don't like this Freddy Aspirilla situation. This could lead toward more bad press about FIU. Any thoughts? http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2009/writers/seth_davis/06/24/hoop.thoughts/1.html

Yeah, I see him drilling FIU if the committee declines his transfer. I say let him transfer...we don't need the negative publicity.

I've been educating fans for years now. I'm constantly spreading the word about FIU. It just bothers me that people don't know how to be fans out here. Like why is the stadium empty at kick off? Because we're new to this 'fan' thing. I was just expressing my frustration about the fact that sometimes our fans ask stupid questions. I guess I'm being nit-picky. Sorry...

Scheduling any D-1 school in Florida is a step forward especially now that the U has blacklisted us-they must be hearing footsteps I guess.

"The men's soccer team reached the Conference USA title game"

Are you sure?
Tulsa won the championship for men's soccer.
East Carolina for the female version.
Am I wrong?

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