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Name That House

Fh No, it's not the latest game show, but the shiny new FIU fieldhouse has a name now -- the R. Kirk Landon Fieldhouse, after a $1 million dollar donation by FIU Trustee Kirk Landon.

The new FIU football palace and weight training center for all FIU athletes is set to open next month in July. The showpiece of the fieldhouse is the 14,000 square-foot gym. The FH also has 8,500 square-foot locker rooms, equipment room, injury rehab center, coaches offices, FIU merchandise store, FIU Athletics Hall of Fame, team meeting auditorium and 6 team meetings room that go out onto the patio deck overlooking the FIU Stadium field from the west end zone. The rooms overlooking the field will be used for recruits and donors on game days.

Currently, I'm with Miami's professional football team this weekend in Davie as the Dolphins go through their final mini-camp before the real training camp begins in late July.

Will be back with coverage of Miami's college football team in the next post as we'll continue your FIU Panthers coach Mario Cristobal's Q&A.

And we'll also take you on a field trip next week to the new FIU football headquarters and get some pics on here for you. By the way the fieldhouse will not have the aqua and red colors you see in the drawing above. The fieldhouse will be the same blue and off-white/tan color as FIU Stadium.

Apaw Congratulations to Tyler Townsend for his second All-American honor today as Baseball America named the newest Oriole to their All-American team. Tyler was named to the Louisville Slugger All-American team last week.

And congrats to outfielder Greg Waddell (Mariners) and second baseman Ryan Mollica (Mets) forMoll Mets getting selected in the MLB Draft. The Panthers could use Waddell's bat for another season. Best of luck to Mollica -- a senior and one of the classiest baseball players ever to don an FIU uniform.

And a tip of the cap to FIU President Mitch Maidique as the FIU Board of Trustees voted today to re-name the University Park campus after President Maidique.

The writers that cover the Sun Belt Conference teams voted on the conference's All-Freshman team and several of your Panthers made the squad: pitcher R.J. Fondon, 1st baseman Mike Martinez, infielders Raiko Alfonso and Garrett Wittels and outfielder Pablo Bermudez. On the honorable mention list was utility player Michael Vargas. FIU had the most players on this year's All-Sun Belt first team, and FIU had the most players on the Sun Belt's All-Freshman team....Turtle Power!


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Good stuff Pedro!

So the new name is Madique Park? Mitch's crib?

Cant wait for the pixs of the fieldhouse

Mitch's house of hunnies, campus.

It seems that fieldhouse is really gonna be something....How does it compare with some of the top level fieldhouses/weight rooms in bigger conferences?

I was wondering the same thing Fanatic...I'd like to know how it compares to other fieldhouses. I'm very excited about the opening of the fieldhouse as it will be a great selling pitch to future recruits!

OC Panther - I vote for renaming it Mitch's crib!! LOL

Actually, as I've previously posted, while I agree that Mitch should be honored, I disagree with the way this was handled. It's a decision that impacts the entire FIU community, so it makes sense that the alumni should've had a say in this. Oh well, what do I know, I'm just an alumni. But great honor for Mitch and I continue to be thanksful for his many contributions to the school.

And great news about R. Kirk Landon's $1 million donation. It's great to see such positive support!! Just fantastic news!!

I don't think it impacts (the naming of the campus) as many would believe. I mean, the diploma still says FIU (Florida International University), and nothing about which campus you went the majority of the time.

You know how many names the campus located in North Miami has had? At least 3 that I recall, so that means 2 changes already. University Park used to be named Tamiami Campus when I started going there...and perhaps even "South Campus" at the very beginning. I was there for some of these changes...and they were done in much the same way this was done. And not much buzz nor complaining.

The only difference is that this one will change to a name bearing the President of the university that has led FIU for over 62% of the institution's existence. Is he not deserving?

Does changing the name of the campus have so much importance?....Not really.....

Rename it he started this huge sports momentum thats going on...The stadium should be name after him!

I agree wholeheartedly with FIU Fanatic. If anyone deserves to have the main campus named after them, it's Mitch! I really don't get what the big deal is here. Plus, I think it adds a new kind of historic feeling to FIU. It's a good reminder for where the university has been and where it is headed.

And I wonder... with the switch, does this mean University Park Stadium will now be called Madique Campus Stadium or Madique Campus Field? Something like that?

Just read my prior post, I meant to say "I'm just an alumnus"...not "alumni"

I see your point, but renaming an entire campus sounds a bit extreme to me. Yes, Maidique should be rewarded and the legacy he's left should be honored, but why not rename a building, a structure, or even put a statue of Maidique in front of the president's mansion? I'm all for that! Let's rename panther trail, "Maidique Ct" or "Mitch Avenue". It appears that we've changed many things at FIU. It's hard to wonder why traditions are so hard to build. University Park had a nice ring to it. Oh well, just my opinion.

I understand why people would think this is over the top. But the truth is, this school is still trying to develop a tradition, and we are getting one. The problem with a building is that naming a building after a person is better saved for someone who will make major donations to the university. A street probably could've been a good option, but again, I like that we're naming the campus after the man who oversaw this school's tremendous growth. It is fitting, I think.

I think in time most people will embrace the name.

Renaming the campus Mitch Madique....we should call it M & M Park/Stadium........I smell an endorsement deal.

I think the EGO got too BIG, I respect and admire his leadership, but naming the entire campus after him is too much, I agree with a street, the president's house, etc. but not the whole campus, FIU is bigger than any one individual, even if he was the "architect" of the campus.
I guess that is a Miami thing, just think how many street have several names, how many of you remember Jose Canseco's way, st, ct or dr?
But the bottom line is that the piece of land between Calle Ocho, the Turnpike and 107th Ave will always be FIU, even if for now it is named after Mr. Madique and later maybe renamed after something or someone else, it will alway be FIU.
Go Sunblazers, I mean Go Golden Panthers, I mean go Panther, I really really mean GO FIU!!!

I have one question:
The $1million donation to name the Field House is for how long? Are we talking 3-5 years or are we talking forever?

Im so happy to see another phase of the stadium be completed and we are getting another step closer to building a 45,000 person stadium!

Sometimes I wish I was a 18 years old and walking into that amazing campus for the first time. Then again I would not qualify if you need a GPA of the scale and an SAT score that starts with 1200... I guess my Alumni status is just fine.. HA ha..


you think you need a 1200 to get into FIU? HAHAHAHAHAH

I really really do not like this name change of UP.

Not that it is worth anything...... but my opinion is its OVERKILL..... I don't agree with the name change....

But as usual they do what they want...

1) We hope to see you on Monday, August 3 between 3pm and 6pm at the 16th Street /107th Ave. FIU entrance.

2) We also hope that you will encourage all your friends that are/were/or will be FIU students to join Say No to Maidique’s Campus at http://www.notomaidiquescampus.com/


Take Three Concrete Actions Online:

Encourage friends to become members of “Say No to Maidique’s Campus”
at http://www.notomaidiquescampus.com/


Vote UP on The Beacon’s UP vs. Maidique’s Campus poll. The poll is on the bottom left on The Beacon’s homepage.

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