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New Football Commit; FIU All-Freshmen

We'll get back to the very popular Q&A with MC on the next post. For now, here is a little bit of this and a little bit of that from the world of your FIU Panthers athletic program.

Mcgee Ocho Add another Northwestern High player to the FIU defense for 2010 when Bulls defensive back Khambrel McGee is expected to join former Bulls and current Panthers Anthony Gaitor and Kenny Dillard. McGee has committed to FIU for the 2010 signing class.

McGee is rated a 3-star cornerback by rivals.com. Khambrel is no relation to 2009 FIU signee and fellow DB Jarrell McGee. But Khambrel (far left) does bare a resemblance to Bengals receiver Chad Ocho Cinco (near left and right of Khambrel). Don't you think?

Gaitor, coming off an All-Sun Belt season in 2008, was named to the College Football Performance Defensive Back Watch List on Thursday.


First baseman/outfielder/DH Mike Martinez (right, thanks Alex J. Hernandez photo) was named to the Freshman All-American team afterMm hitting .335, with 6 HR and 37 RBI this past season.

MM is the second Panther baseball player and fourth Panther overall to be named an All-American this past season.

Right fielder Tyler Townsend was recently named All-American, following the All-American years of FIU volleyball player Yarimar Rosa (3-time All-American) and receiver T.Y. Hilton, a Freshman All-American.

Also, the Sun Belt All-Freshman Team is currently being voted on and Martinez, along with outfielder Pablo Bermudez and pitcher R.J. Fondon have been nominated for the team. When voting is concluded I will have the results on here. That Turtle guy can recruit a little, eh?


One of our loyal readers, gpantera, posted in the comments section of the previous blog an interesting anecdote about MC and his enthusiasm for FIU football. Thought it was a hell of a story, such a hell of a story that here is the re-post of it....gpantera writes:

So get this. I’m at an alumni gig a few weeks ago and get introduced to Coach MC. He’s kind enough to indulge an FIU sports geek like me for about 15 minutes. We discuss the obvious stuff – how FIU is on the rise, TY’s da man, all the excitement around this year’s recruiting class, etc. Once I felt I may be wearing out my welcome, I say, “Hey Coach, if you’re ever in the Gables, it would be a treat to have you stop by my office. There are plenty of FIU Panthers employed where I work that would get a kick out of meeting you.”

Now how many of you are thinking “FAT CHANCE” as I did? I was just throwing out this request as a parting shot, never anticipating the guy would actually take me up on it.

You guessed it. The freakin’ guy showed up to my office the next week. Yes, he came by my office accompanied by one of his assistants. We toured our agency. I introduced him to every Panther in sight. He took pictures with us and simply energized with atmosphere with blue and gold love. True damn story.

I always knew Coach is one fired up dude, but to take this unexpected, highly appreciated step to satisfy a single alumni's request is insane.

Mcc In case you were wondering, Coach MC is the realist deal in South Florida (next to D-Wade of course).

Go Panthers!


Coach, if you’re reading this, I hope you don’t mind me sharing this story. It’s just too good not to share, especially with my friends in the GPC (Golden Panther Community).


Won't go too much into this, because it could change next week but the latest word from the local hoopsvine this week is that center Freddy Asprilla might be having a change of heart and stays at FIU. Stay tuned or wait until the FIU starting lineup and reserves are announced in early November at Ohio State when the Panthers tipoff the Isiah Era against the Buckeyes.


No new states or countries to tell you about joining the GPP (although our friends in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Croatia and the Czech Republic have chimed in) in our last poll question, which is still open. The question is "Heading into MC's 3rd season, FIU has a) exceeded expectations; b) met expectations; or c) not met expectations.

Found it interesting that of all the votes we have received so far, there is only one vote for "not met expectations". Someone in Pinecrest, Fla. is still longing for the days of 45-minute practices, beat the Turnpike traffic and catch the back nine holes with a football legend.Fggolf




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i hope asprilla stays at FIU. best for him and the team for him to do that. he and his handlers are obviously all about him being in the NBA sooner than later so why have to sit out a year cause of a transfer.

That is an amazing story. Coach M.C. is truly first class when it comes to coaching, recruiting, leadership, and even making time for the fans.. Never heard of a coach specially a Head Coach to ever do that..

Coach keep up the hard work! And NEVER NEVER change that energy that you bring everywhere..

Go F.I.U.

Im not the only Esteban anymore... sucks. But hey! the more people the better. I am also totally ashamed thata fellow P-crest resident longs for the old days... it sure wasnt me.

Two very good news in one blog, Pete!! First off, having the possibility of IT convincing Asprilla to stay would, perhaps, account to his best recruiting effort...except if he lands Stephenson....this season...that would cap off a stunning recruiting binge in such a short period of time....here. The Kambrell McGee commitment is just the tip of the iceberg in what could be a watershed moment in FIU recruiting.

This is for Freddy...Aprovecha la oportunidad de quedarte en Miami (en FIU) y jugar...y aprender...de un Hall of Fame player con mas contactos en la NBA que la mayoria de otros coaches en la NCAA. Reconsidera tu posicion, y toma la decision mas acertada para ti, sin importar lo que otros quieran decidir por ti. Piensa en tu futuro, pues es TU decision. Buena suerte en lo que sea que decidas, pues tu eres un buen muchacho.

Now, back to English...(sorry for those of you than don't know Spanish, but I had to do it).

Great to see our first "known" commitment...and a good 3-star, local kid at that.....Thanks for all the news, as usual, Pete!!

P.S. A hell of a story on MC going to your office, gpantera....I love the dedication, and commitment to make FIU more known...and relevant..in football in our town...wow.

Great great addition for FIU football.
Welcome to the family Khambrel.
Great choice!

Pete, good news on the Ohio State game for IT. Are we still slated to play UNC? I'm taking a road-trip for that one. Please lets us know.


ok a few points

1. great news of our first Verbal commit. glad some1 broke the ice.

2. also good to hear that freddy might have a change of heart and decide to play for coach Thomas. maybe he saw the type of players that IT is bringing in and decided maybe i will have a bit more help this year.

3. i wont get excited till i know for sure but im happy about the possibility to play Ohio State University. would be good exposure especially to the heartland area/NE area (not sure what region broadcast's the OSU games

4. as far as road trips go talk about an interesting development.. my lil sister is making her choice to either go to UF or UNC.. so i will HOPEFULLY be making at least 1 road trip whether it be to UF to watch the the football game (although i may do that one anyways ) or go watch our basketball team take on UNC

Great news on McGee. I have a feeling that Gaitor played in a big role in having McGee commit to FIU. Wouldn't be surprised if he wants to play alongside Gaitor in 2010.


BTW, is Nortwestern HS linebacker, Rashod Gaitor, Anthony Gaitor's brother?...or are they related?

Rashod is also well ranked in South Florida....

Interesting news about Asprilla. I wonder what the story is there. Did Freddy have a change of heart and told Pilin to buzz off? Did Pilin change his mind about having Freddy leave? Did Isiah finally get a chance to talk to Asprilla face-to-face or on the phone? Should make for some interesting off-season news, if Pete can find out the details. I'm pretty sure he's on it. ;)

In any case, I'm glad to see his leaving may not be a foregone conclusion. FIU needs him, frankly. He's probably the one piece Rouco left behind that the GP's need the most. Finding quality big men isn't easy for a Sun Belt team, and one who dominated the way he did as a freshman is even rarer.

Personally, I hope FIU hoops gets to play at UNC this year. I've been looking for any excuse to go to Chapel Hill to see a Tar Heel game. It's only two hours east from where I live. That'd be an awesome game to see, for sure.

That's an awesome story about MC. I love that guy.


FIUJM i'm sure Gaitor didn't have anything to do with the McGee commitment cause when gaitor was a serior at NW Kambrel was still playing for Mater Academy Charter so this is a Cristobal commit or maybe times and dillard had somenthing to do with it....

Pleasantly surprised by the job MC has done at FIU. They did a good job on the stadium also.

FIUJM i'm sure Gaitor didn't have anything to do with the McGee commitment cause when gaitor was a serior at NW Kambrel was still playing for Mater Academy Charter so this is a Cristobal commit or maybe times and dillard had somenthing to do with it....

Posted by: reinier | June 05, 2009 at 06:04 PM

You may be right, seems like coaches are building great relationships and recruiting Dade County hard.


that sure seems to be the case GO FIU...

Coach Cristobal is a class act!

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