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No-el, No-el.....Early Christmas for FIU & Isiah?

Noell Another top hoops recruit has FIU among his finalists. Noel Johnson, a four-star guard/forward, will soonNoel decide between FIU, Clemson, LSU and UNLV.

Johnson, the No. 53 overall prospect and No. 11 forward, was granted his release from USC after the former USC coach Tim Floyd mess.

Said Johnson: "It's important for me to play in the ACC, but I don't have a conference preference. I just want to make a difference for a program. Florida International – First and foremost, I like coach (Isiah) Thomas. I like the academic side of things, too. It's a new school, a new program and they are building it up to be a big-time program. . . I'm looking for a school that will keep the promises they gave me in the recruiting process. I want a place where they'll help me graduate and I want to be a big part of the alumni there, too. I'm looking to possibly major in graphic design."

Johnson, who is 6-7, 200 pounds, averaged 21 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists as a senior. He expects to make a decision on Friday.


pikedanny: 30 questions left and Pete gives us 6. Two of which were answered by two sentences or less. Wow... thank you for the overwhelming amount of information. I know you try to stretch the Q&A series out a bit but come on... You're doing an 8 part series or something?

PP: Appreciate your passion for football, but there will be no 8-part series. We'll get you more questions that are answered in depth on the next MC Q&A. For now, June is National Iced Tea Month. Let's all grabTea a glass of iced tea.

Quijote: Pete, We'd like to know what FIU is doing to get the BASKETBALL seats filled for the upcoming season.

PP: There will be a basketball marketing campaign before the season featuring Isiah, possibly some billboards similar to what FIU has had with MC in the past. Isiah is also going to speak to local clubs and organizations about FIU basketball and the first of his basketball camps begins this weekend at the Bank.

FIU_GPanther: Pete do you have any info on when construction will begin to close out the bowl at FIU stadium?

PP: An architecture firm has started the process of designing the north side of the stadium and the student support complex that will be embedded into the north side of the stadium. The designs for both structures is expected to be completed by summer to late 2010 and construction is expected to begin in 2011 with 2012 being the target date for completion.


One FIU structure that is close to being completed is the sparkling new R. Kirk Landon Fieldhouse. The GPP took a tour and photos on Monday and we will have part 1 of 2 of the fieldhouse tour on the next blog. For now here's an appetizer of the 14,000-square foot FIU weight room....(click on the photo for a larger view)





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2012 for the completion of Phase 1. Not too bad I guess.

Pete, what does this all mean for Phase 2. Is that even on the drawing board within the next 5 years?

good stuff... looks like this kid would be a nice grab.

Thanks for all the info pete.

WOW! nice tease Pete. I cant wait till the north side of the stadium is complete but more so, I cant wait to fill the part of the stadium that has been completed.

Wins should do it and I anticipate that a big year this year should speed up the development process.

wow great news that we are in the running for the 4 star guard/foward... talk about a team that IT is forming

Amazing!!..I mean..Noel Johnson is the second highest high school recruit "available" in the Nation!!...and FIU is gonna be...once again with a top national player...among his possible choices...

...and for some reason, the zagsblog.com is still putting FIU as a darkhorse to sign the highest un-signed available player, Lance Stephenson....really...can you believe this?

Pete...thanks for the info....Can't wait to see that fieldhouse already furnished and all!! Between these basketball recruits we are landing..and or are considering us...and what Mario has been able to do with recruiting as well....wow!!! TDAOS!!!

If we can sign this kid or Lance Stephenson, I gotta give PG and Zeke BIG TIME props. Either way folks, this thing is going in the right direction...

The Fieldhouse is Phase II, the north section is phase III and "God" willing, we can add an upper deck as soon as 2015 ?? Fundraising and Boosters will be key to the full development of the football stadium...45,000 seats is perfect for an on-campus facility...considering we have 4 PRO sports teams and scUM across town.

This is where having such a big timer like IT does the trick of opening a lot of doors. I mean, he's been on the job maybe just 2 months today!! Noel, according to scout.com has sort of a "team" of advisors, according to his father, who himself played 2 years in the NBA for the Golden State Warriors and was/is handling the recruitment of his son.

Among his team: Fomer NBA'er Xavier McDonald; fomer NBA'er Tiny Archibald; fomer NBA'er John Lucas, and fomer NBA'er Mike Glenn....so there you have it....

As for the construction of the stadium...I agree with FIUPIKE...Phase I is already done, and phase II and III will be done when the north facade/bleachers are done...

It is great to see all these blue chippers considering and signing with FIU, and I can see IT philosophy is to get the best available players, but our team is starting to look like a doughnut, lots of guards and swingmen, but not center, even if FA is back he has no back back up.
I know we can win a lot of games with the talent that we are getting, and I can bet these guys are going to run and maybe play a la Phoenix or Denver, butremember those teams are fun to watch and make the playoffs but not the finals.

Hey...if you tell me FIU will make the "playoffs" this year...his first year...I would gladly take it....Remember where we've been for the last 20 years..... that would be a major, MAJOR improvement, since we've had, I believe, 8 to 10 consecutive losing seasons....

B/More Panther....

Would you rather he take the best players available or give schollys to some 7-0 big men with no game? Remember how late he got into the recruiting process and believe it that big men are a hot commodity and normally are the first to commit/sign in the recruiting process so I believe that he is getting the best players left on the board so to speak.

would have to agree w/ blkpanther.. i want guys that can play regaurdless of possition... hell i want guys that can play out of position.. give me a 6-7 guy that can dominate at the 1-2-or 3 any day.. give me a 6-9 guy that can take it to the 4 and 5's of the world.. just makes them that much better all around player. ill tell you something im a 5'10 cuban and when i play some street ball.. i always set up in the paint... on the teams that i root i want some grit that can do that.. (granted i dont want my team to rely on a 5'10 cuban to play the post unless that 5'10 cuban is me lmao)

I know this blog pertains to FIU basketball and that this question is sorta useless/random. With that said....

Will the new FIU Stadium be in the EA's NCAA Football 2010?

i dont think it will but the new Uni's will i believe

FIU FANATIC - U can have him. There is a reason he isnt already signed.

"The questions aren't about Stephenson's game, but about the off-court issues. He seems to be the guy that every coach would rather be somebody else's problem. Between the pending criminal charge, questions about amateur status and the general sense that where Stephen goes drama follows, he just might not be worth it."

Thanks U24/7!!! The same goes for Noel Johnson!!

Sounds like he would fit right in with UM.
Then again, he might not been thug enough for "DAHHH U".

yeah, duh U only recruits solid thugs...5-start-type high caliber thugs! No wonder they passed on Stephen, he's just an amateur!

Graphic Design at FIU?

All I know is that our basketball team is going to be way better next year. Pete, any news on Hardaway joining the coaching staff? Thanks in advance.

Was reading the sports section today and towards the end of the newspaper it had list of local kids that got drafted last week by ML baseball team...I can't believe someone put that Ryan Mollica was from the University of Miami and drafted by the Mets. Very sad!!!!


He said "Possibly" graphic design.....that means he is still "possibly" coming to FIU, out of 4 final options....not bad, eh?

Great Info. I think the type of players IT is going after are just amazing.. I have a feeling that in the next two years he will be picking up 2, 3 and 4 star players ONLY!! Probably a Top 50 Class recruiting class every year..

As for the Field House two things:
1)Amazing how big they are making this Stadium. 45,000 is a great number, and the rest of the stadium (including the Alumnie Center) is going to be just to die for!

2)Why the heck did I graduate in 02'... It would be nice to be 18 again! Ha ha

FIU Fiji,

FWIW, a gamestop dude told me that he's seen prereleases of NCAA '10 and FIU will be represented in all of our new elements (logo, campus, jerseys, and new STADIUM)

I hope you are right about all the qijote!! Especially the stadium! That was my biggest concern about NCAA 2010

Miami FC vs Puerto Rico Islanders July 4th at 8:00 PM at FIU stadium. Come and support soccer at FIU. Fireworks after the game.


The 2009 Gold Cup is quickly upon us. Miami is a host city for the tournament, games will be played at FIU stadium.

What new phase 2 implementations will be ready by then to show off on the national and international television transmissions? When will tickets go on sale?


The Canada VS Costa Rica game should be good. Rasta boys will be in town too.

July is a big month for our stadium... July 4th we have Miami FC against Puerto Rico and we'll be hosting just about all of Miami FC's home games for the month. The FIU community has to come out and show their support! It's affordable, it's soccer, and it's a lot of fun to go out there and have a great time with friends!

Plus we the Gold Cup on July 10... now if isn't sold out we got a problem. We gotta showcase our stadium well to the international community! I really wish the U.S. would have played here, but I'll still be there.

Any news about Noel?....or do we have to wait until tomorrow?

Noel picked Clemson....It appears he also visited FIU prior to making his decision....

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