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One Moore Player For Isiah

Brandon Moore, a 6-9 power forward, will transfer out of the University of Arkansas and sign with FIU andBrmoore coach Isiah Thomas on Tuesday in Miami.

Moore averaged just 9 minutes as a freshman last season with the Razorbacks and will have to sit out this season due to NCAA transfer rules. Moore will be a redshirt sophomore when he is eligible to play for the Panthers in the 2010-11 basketball season.

Coming out of high school, Moore was ranked the No. 32 power forward in the nation and was a 3-star recruit. We'll try to get the newest Panther hoopster on the GPP this week when he arrives in Miami.


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I cant wait to read who IT decides on his assistants.

Welcome to FIU Mr. Moore.

Great story by gpantera in the last post! MC is clearly a great guy. I am ecstatic about the upcoming year.

Great News once again.. I truly think we can be the 2nd or 3rd best team in the conference this year. Western is still to damn good. But I can bet the house on a Sunbelt Championship in two years. What a change..

Also Keep up the hard work in the Football office as well as on the field (when ever the guys get started)..

P.S: The Track did not perform as well as the coaching staff was hoping for at Nationals. Still an amazing season, and the Coach of the Year award couldnt hurt! Great job..


Even if Freddy stay do we still have one more scholarship to give?

It's about to be over for Western Kentucky's success in men's basketball. Hope you enjoyed your run. Good luck until FIU jetisons the SunBelt conference!

And a good run it was (is) for them ... Let's hope we can be just as good as they were.

very nice piece that will be comeing to FIU. IT is doing his thinkg now i cant wait for the basketball season

Ok...another high caliber-type recruit...he didn't pan out in Arkansas...obviously...but he has great upside, and could become another major force in the Sun Belt...kid was ranked #72 in the nation as a high schooler, so we know he has athleticism...

That means IT has already gotten 6 players...7 if we include Eric Frederick who has/had committed to FIU, but no confirmation of signing the papers....

Hey Pete can you get a list of all the recruits that are signed as well as players that are returning. So that we could have a better idea how the BB team is looking for next year

Thank you

Ditto, a liast with the roster and open scholi slots would be very appreciated.

I can bet U that within 2 recruit cycles, he will land a fab 5 type of deal and get us in the tourney. Who wouldnt want to play for 1 of the 50 greatest NBA players of all time, and NBA talent evaluator? Ya know since he is th coach FIU will be on TV on 1 of the ESPN's, so they still get exposure, and if you make the tourney, you get exposure. I think this is a great move and good luck to Coach Thomas.

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