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Turtle A Terrapin?

Turtle FIU baseball coach Turtle Thomas is a candidate for the vacant Maryland head coaching job. Comes as no surprise that TT is getting offers, especially after producing the greatest turnaround (14-win improvement) in FIU baseball history.

The Terps, who have been a middle of the pack team in the ACC for some time, are bringing TT up to College Park later this week for an interview and are expected to make a decision on their next head coach by the end of the week.

Spoke with TT and here's what he had to say on the job opening:

"It came out of the blue. I didn't apply for the job. A gentleman I vaguely know that went to school there and is in charge of finding the right candidate remembered me from my 10 years in the ACC with Clemson and Georgia Tech. The athletic director left me a message to bring me in for an interview."

On the potential of the Maryland job:

"The thing that is attractive is that Maryland is in a good baseball conference. I've been up there in College Park a number of times when I was at Georgia Tech and Clemson. But Maryland is at the bottom of the conference looking up, but you can kind of work your way up there."

On the potential of FIU:

"We really made a nice turnaround in the last year and we're building something here. I didn't want to lose Tom Ebert [Ebert signed with the Red Sox on Saturday]. We need to get another starting pitcher for next year. I enjoy living in Miami a lot. I like the area and talent level for baseball in South Florida and throughout Florida. I like the weather and everything as far as baseball is concerned. I like that when I came back from Arizona State that I was able to move right back into my Miami home."

Is money going to be a factor in his decision:

"No money is not a factor."

So what's the feeling TT has right now about the whole scenario?:

"I don't really know how I feel right now."


While TT figures out the scenario presented to him, you let us know what you think of the job Turtle has done in his 2 years at FIU....



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Oh no.... don't leave. PLEASE don't leave!! We are turning things around and about to become a potent force in baseball thanks to you and you're recruiting! DON'T GO!!

Whoa....Him leaving at this point would be a major disappointment, especially since I thought Turtle was gonna be here for the long haul...I don't like this....even if he doesn't leave...

Why would anyone expect him to not screw FIU at some point? It's like dating a cheater and thinking, THIS will be the time they don't cheat.

Thats some BS if he doesnt stay at least 3 to 4 years.

No integrity if he leaves at this point.

Pretty disappointing if he goes, would have liked a straight "no" answer at this point. Makes you wonder if that's why all the players signed the pro contracts.

Are guys clueless?!?!?!

"I don't like this....even if he doesn't leave..." FIU Fanatic

"Why would anyone expect him to not screw FIU at some point? It's like dating a cheater and thinking, THIS will be the time they don't cheat."

You guys get the idea... OC and Max you're in that mix too... First, john your comment is just dumb and you should be banned from writing on here for a week. Are you guys really trying to tell me that if you were a head coach and a school from one of the top conferences in the nation was considering you, that you wouldnt AT LEAST look into it??? L-I-A-R-S!!!!! More money, better facilities, better conference, etc... Every single one of you would do the same. I think he is handling it perfectly and in a classy manner. TT cant be offensive to FIU, nor Maryland because that may turn away future job opportunities. It does not hurt to see whats being offered, and to be honest with all of you, in the long run (if i were TT) i would think about my family and myself 1ST. Dont make worthless comments just because you're a fan of FIU.

on another note, not too happy about Ebert signing. I really didnt think that he would get drafted early enough or get offered enough $$$. It would've been huge to get all 3 weekend starters from this past year back again next year. Losing 1 hurts big too, but i have heard that Fondon has been pitching excellent in summer ball. Same goes for Ebert, he was prob faced with an offer that he would never see again and had to do was best for Tom. I dont see people saying that they are disappointed with his decision.

Hey..hey...hold your horses ok?...it's just a comment out of frustration, and yes...I did not expect him to consider this just in his second year at FIU....I see what you are saying,and he has a right to look into what's best for him, but you went a bit too far in your criticism.

Now, if I follow your lead...Are you clueless about Ebert?...if he has a good offer from the Red Sox, he HAS to look into it......

Now, really. Let me be the way you should react. Although I suspect you haven't been reading this type of message boards for a while...and certainly not when we found out Ebert wanted to sign, yes...we are disappointed he signed.

However, you can't equate losing one player to the head coach of a program undergoing major changes, and just finding the course to right the ship.

Relax dude...

You obviously didnt read my whole post Fanatic. You missed the little part that said

"Same goes for Ebert, he was prob faced with an offer that he would never see again and had to do was best for Tom. I dont see people saying that they are disappointed with his decision."

I am relaxed. I just signed on here to read about a coach that we have been supporting and saw like 5 straight slightly negative post about him. My point here is that nobody should knock him because EVERYBODY here would do the same. I think the guy has done a great job with FIU so far and hope to see him stay. If not, wish him the best and he definitely got us headed in the right direction.... IMO though, i think he'll stay

crossing my fingers... 'hope he stays!

Coach Turtle,

Stay at FIU, for the love of all things holy and good, please stay for at least 5 years.


Ain't Too Proud to Beg

FIU needs you Turtle!!

Frankly, I think Turtle is disappointed in the lack of fan support at FIU. It's pretty disheartening to have a 15 game turnaround and the same 300 people at your game. I think we can say the same about basketball and football. We really need to do something to increase our attendance all around, as a fan, it's not a lot of fun to sit with empty seats all around you.

I'm somewhat shocked at the stronger conference comment. Not that TT said it, but that TT was just so frank about it. This once again brings up the fact that we would be a much more attractive school, for recruits and coaching staffs alike, once/if we change conferences.

Until we have that under our belts, we're always going to be at risk of losing our coaches. The more our coaches succeed at our school in the SBC, the more big-name schools from stronger conferences are going to be looking their way.

Furthermore, we need some local tv ads to start generating some buzz with FIU sports.

TV ads aren't the answer. People know we play baseball. Even the most casual fan can easily find our schedule. What we need is consistent winning AND A MOVE TO A BETTER CONFERENCE! But that won't happen until we consistently win. I hope too that TT stays but he has to do what's best for him and his family. I'm sure scUM baseball is thrilled with this news.

I hope he sticks around. It is a tough decision for him but he's got to look out for his best interest.

As for scUM, I actually think they'll be upset because Morris would be forced to play Thomas because they'll be in same conference.


LonePanther, he didnt say stronger conference, that was c-UM. TT said the following:

"The thing that is attractive is that Maryland is in a good baseball conference. I've been up there in College Park a number of times when I was at Georgia Tech and Clemson. But Maryland is at the bottom of the conference looking up, but you can kind of work your way up there."

But there is no denying that the ACC is a better conference then the SunBelt. FIU athletics needs to raise more capital for the program. They need to be able to offer their coaches more to keep them around and i agree with you about the commercials and advertising. FIU's marketing/advertising department should put some adds for the baseball season on Univision(why not start with the latin community? they love FIU and baseball[was that a stereotypical comment? lol, but its true].

I cannot see why some people find this move startling... If he does stay [which I doubt], It would make a stronger case of FIU being on the rise and a up and coming power in college baseball.

But seriously, as strong as a recruiter he is, he could see himself pulling better classes at Maryland than FIU and thus better success in a stronger conference. As Great an answer as MC gave if school in a stronger conference say the ACC, SEC or even the Big East comes and stay we want you! and the school has solid facilities and sports administration he would have to at least think about it if not take it. Take James Coley for example, his pal promised him the OC position at FSU when he gets the HC job and Coley leaves, don't you think others would do that too? Come on its a business more than anything else. Just as Surgio Rucco, it goes both ways. FIU say an opportunity to hire a better coach so the sacked one and hired another. Thus, if TT see the Terps as a better opportunity for him and his family why not leave?

Again, [Come on] lets face it we are FIU. An up and coming program with lots of flaws that we are trying to correct. The main one being not a big dedicated fan base.

Well, I don't think TT is staying. I certainly don't blame the guy. It's a more established school in a major conference. Let's not kid ourselves here. We're not playing big-time competition in the Sun Belt. I echo others here in that we need to make a jump to a bigger conference as soon as we can. Unfortunately, that won't happen until we can start winning in the belt. I hope he stays but, if he doesn't, I wish him well.

Tough blow for FIU baseball...even if he doesn't take the job, just the fact that he's considering it makes you wonder about his long-term commitment. Although I do agree that he should look out for his best interest, it's disappointing to see a talented program not reach its full potential because of coaching losses and more importantly, lack of support from alumni and students.

I hope he stays, but after this, the question becomes, for how long?

Best of luck TT...regardless of which decision he makes!

either way, we should have a solid team next year, even with the departure of Townsend, Ebert, Mollica, and company. YOUNG! but definitely some players. (Man, imagine what the team would've looked like if Townsend and Ebert stayed 1 more year).

As for TT, i dont think the article says that he has officially been offered the job. I think they are just interviewing him. Maryland has a lot more money in their athletic budget then FIU, but they are at the bottom of a tough conference. I think TT will have a TOUGH TOUGH TOUGH decision to make, if officially offered the position.

If he does take it, i hope he takes 2 of 3 (if not sweep) Jim Morris every year!

Good post brickell bomber...

If Turtle is offered the job at Maryland, he has a tough decision to make. Of course he is...and has to be...looking for his future and that of his family. I just wish he stays at FIU at least a couple more years....going to Omaha would be great.....


You nailed it. The largest VOID is a dedicated fan base and financial support. Of course everyone wants a winner to cheer for...but we have been cast as that commuter school for years and exist in the shadow of Glory that UCG enjoyed in the 80s and 90s.

As someone with a closer perspective to FIU than most, not saying I'm an INSIDER...but if you look at even some of the folks that leased suites and purchased club seats supporting football, those same people also cheered for UCG in the past. They didn't cough up the COIN because they are wealthy, they did it because they are self made and know what it is to BUILD something through hard work and most are FIU alums (undergrad or graduate). They committed support for a young program but with the premise that the SBC is temporary. The quicker we all take individual action and get friends inspired, the quicker we move out of the SBC.

YOU GUYS have to DECIDE, YOU can come on here and BIT$H and MOAN or DO SOMETHING and TAKE ACTION.

I've MADE MY DECISION and will keep all of you posted very shortly on some ideas I am sharing with FIU. I CANNOT STOMACH ANOTHER FOOTBALL SEASON WITH SO MANY EMPTY SEATS.

As for Turtle, this is disappointing that he would even entertain the conversation 2 years into his tenure here. Especially after such an improvement this year. Not a good development.

you all are talking as if he is out the door already... i know the ACC offers better conf. and better money... however, let the man make a choice before we make it for him.. if he is true to his word which he seemed very frank Money is not an issue.. so ok better conf. thats fine however i think baseball is the easiest sport to get to Omaha / NCAA title... either your pitcher is hot.. or he is cold. either your bats are alive or they are quiet... so better conf. may have something to say if TT leaves or Stays.. however, im not about to start the sob fest yet.

We do needs fan support big time. Fan support leads to more $$$ for the athletic department, which never hurts.

FIUPIKE, did you read any of the previous post? How could you possibly still say that it is a disappointment that he is looking into the Maryland job? Like it was written before EVERYBODY, COACH, PLAYER, WATERBOY, AD, MAINTENANCE CREW, ETC would explore the option, if given the opportunity, of going to a more prestigious university. Even if it was after 1 year, you cant hate on somebody for that.

Of course I did......and I get calls all the time from Headhunters offering new opportunities. People usually leave jobs because of $$$, work/life balance, upward mobility and level of happiness at current job. I don't agree to interview everytime a Headhunter calls me.

Talking over the phone is ONE thing. Agreeing to interview is very different.

Forget the conference change!! Who knows how far down the line that can be? Or if it even happens? We need to sell this program NOW! We have to sell this conference NOW! We have to get people in the seats NOW! We don't want to become FAU and be waiting for something to come along that will put us over the top... we have to do it NOW!

I agree that it was painful to see how empty games were for baseball and basketball. It was pathetic. But this town needs to believe in this school and change the attitude! And it needs to start NOW with what we HAVE! One of the most disappointing things was the lack of other students coming out. The school needs to go after them!!!

And don't get me started on the Greeks... they are the ones I am most disappointed in. How many games did those groups show up for on a consistent basis for baseball and basketball? I can count on one hand. From my perspective, as a student, it seemed there were too busy with "meetings" and "planning thigs" to go out and promote school spirit and athletics at the actual games. Really disappointing.

I hope Pete Garcia can convince Turtle to stay. He's proven this year that he is a winner, and that very soon he can take us really far.

FIUPIKE, you have headhunters calling you for who knows what profession. Coaching on the other hand, is a whole other world and is not even close to the same thing as you being called by head hunters. A head coaches dream is to ultimately coach at the best university in the country and be rewarded hansomely for doing so. To do that, you have to set yourself up sometimes to be even considered for those future opening positions.

Just look at IT. You think he took the FIU job because he wants to spend the rest of his coaching career here? If he was offered by a major university from a major conference, he would definitely consider it (after one year of coaching at FIU. You can say the same for MC, tennis coach, softball coach, PCI concessions)

Isn't a professional's dream to work at the best company and be rewarded handsomely too? Bomber, not sure I follow your counterargument.

In normal everyday jobs, it is looked down upon if you move around from job to job. In coaching, moving from job to job is normal and coaches do it all the time to better position themselves for big time open positions. If you're successful on a bigger stage, you are sought after much more.

What do you think we are trying to do here, brickell? FIU is trying to become a powerhouse in athletics, that's why you see the kind of growth in our athleitcs program. We want to become the best program possible. We want championships. We want first-class facilities, coaches and players. We, as fans, need to keep these coaches to a higher standard and EXPECT them to be onboard with the vision we have for this program.

I will not treat FIU as a second-rate program. If you do, fine by you. But that's not where we are nor where we want to be.

I understand this joel. I have been around, im not new to FIU. I want all of those things for FIU as well. And im not treating FIU as a second-rate program, im treating FIU as a university that still needs to build its Athletic budget. If an athletic program has financial backing, it is usually pretty successful at one point or another. Like the other guy posted on here(or maybe it was you), lets not sit here b!tching and complaining about it anymore and do something. Get some @sses in the seats!

I really hope Turtle doesn't leave. He has been improving our program greatly, and it looks like he is building another great recruiting class. I understand his decision if he does, but ideally he stays for awhile at FIU.

As far as turnout, we really need to start bringing our friends and family to the games. FIUPIKE, where can I contact you? I used to work in marketing and public relations and would be interested in talking to you about the ideas you have.


[Yarn] next topic....

Yarn? what are you doing, knitting???

LMAO i think he meant **YAWN**


Are you morons who are mad that he is "listening" to another school stupid or what. We finally have a coach who is wanted by another superior school. DP for all his years or all his wins was never appoached by another school (please don't insult my intellegence and say he was loyal). We should be proud that are athletic department is growing and that others covet what we have finally!!! We are no longer a school were coaches come to retire!!!

sorry for the misspellings and grammar, driving and texting

ill second that Golden Panter 90.

If Turtle goes to Maryland, he has the vision of a mole. Maryland has nothing to offer over FIU except for a better conference (one which they will likely never dominate in baseball). Turtle going to the Terrapins, how cute. I say if that job is more attractive to Turtle, he isn't the guy we needed anyway. He, of all people, should know that the turtle wins the race in the end. FIU is the turtle, less sexy, not in a major conference, just building a solid program slowly and methodically.

As if it hasn't been said already.

Coach Thomas, please stay at FIU. You've been such an integral part in turning around the team, and are a huge part in building FIU into a great athletic program. As an alum and proud member of the FIU community, I hope you decide to stay and continue your great work with our team.

Coaching is like any other profession. I get calls about every other month from headhunters but I cant even consider those during at minimum my first 2 years on a new job. Thats even more true when you're in a leadership position.

We all have aspirations, and those chances can come in time, a the right time.

Panther 90, you stand corrected, DP was offered the job at South Carolina (an SEC school) during the 90's and decided to stay at his alma mater. Once again focus on what TT may or may not do. DP is no longer here at FIU, so let it go.

As for TT's job here at FIU, very incomplete! Disappointing first season and a promising improvement in his second season. Let's see what he decides to do.

Can't believe FIU got rid of the Cheerleaders. They've had a good history, culminating with a National Championship in 1998! They will be missed!


For those of you who dont know, Paul Manieri, head coach of LSU, is an FIU grad...so congratz to him on winning the CWS.

When I used to cover his team, Danny Price told me a couple of times that he was offered the head coaching job at Florida. He told me at the time he didn't take it because he wanted to remain at FIU out of loyalty. I believe him there, but personally, I also think Price wouldn't have worked out at a bigger school, so I don't fault him for not taking a job like that if it was really offered to him. He's the kind of coach who's best staying at a place without too big of a spotlight... a big fish in a small pond... but that's just my opinion, of course. :)

Anyway, I have no reason to believe he'd lie about something like that. I don't know about South Carolina, as UFF said, but I can buy that. FIU was a D-II school when DP took over and led them, at one point, to a top-10 ranking. Add to that his connections in a hotbed recruiting state and that should've led to a lot of big schools making him offers. If you think about it objectively, that's a lot more than what Turtle's done up to this point (though, granted, DP had a lot more years to do it with).

As for Turtle, I don't have a real problem with him interviewing for the job. Everyone has the right to seek out other opportunities and leave if they think it's best for them. If he really feels that the Terps job is better than FIU, I say he should take it, and I'd say the same if it was Cristobal or Thomas.

I know I'd like to keep Turtle around, if only to see what he can do in the next 2 years, but I think all of you have to remember that TT is a guy who's been at a lot of places in his career. He knows a lot of people, has a lot of friends, has had a lot of success and, clearly, isn't afraid of moving to other schools.

I'm not trying to say TT isn't loyal to FIU, but if I had to bet on one of the three big coaches leaving FIU first, TT's the guy I would've bet it on. I don't mean that as a disrespectful thing to say. If anything, it's a sign of how well thought of Turtle is in college baseball circles. Someone was bound to come calling for him sooner or later, especially if FIU really took off. I guess sooner came faster than we all thought.

Bro WTF happened to funding getting pulled for cheerleading and band?! NO CHEERLEADERS AND NO MARCHING BAND! Hello am I the only one who read about this!?

WTF is a college football game without the sounds and the hunnies complimenting the game?1 Pete what's the deal here?

I mean, how the hell can we afford a millions of dollars in infrastructure, new law schools, new stadium, remodeling, etc etc etc and no be able to fund a relatively CHEAP cheerleading and marching band squad I mean come on that's a drop in the bucket compared to the school's expenses.


UFF you stand corrected. I know personally that DP asked a former collegue of mine (in the athletic world he was close with the AD at the time) to make calls for him for the South Carolina job because he wanted to get close to home again. I know for a fact he did not get the job offered. He did however inquire.
As far as Florida, as much as I love DP clawing cancer you have got to be kidding. By the way the Golden Gate bridge is for sale.

Pete, please post a contact e-mail/number for the FIU cheerleader coach, I would like to contribute. I know the Dazzler coach use to post on FIUGoldenPanthers.com.

You can contribute at:
Panther Cheer Club
c/o Coach Racquel
P.O. Box 655052
Miami, FL 33265

and this is their Facebook support page:

Can someone with knowledge of the costs invloved in operating a cheerleading squad at NCAA level please post what the estimated annual expenses might be ??

I saw on the news last night that FIU was not looking for a temporary solution, maybe a company can step up and sponsor for 2 - 3 years = WIN, WIN situation and brand recognition at sporting events

Actually FIU is killing the cheerleader squad, NOT the Golden Dazzler squad. At this point, I really don't have an interest in seeing "two" cheerleader squads on the field, as long as the better of the two is kept - the dazzlers in this case - I'm happy.

However, we must fight to keep the marching band. This is serious...Pete how can we contribute?

Not good publicity...

I think the Athletic Dept should've tried harder to keep the cheerleading squad. They deserved that much considering their nationally ranked status.

Some of you guys are so G@Y!!!!... Whats your deal with some of these comments. DP never got OFFERED and south carolina job. That job was ray tanners, fact! And to whoever said TT had a disappointing year 1, are you DUMBBBBB???? Did you see what was on that team or did you watch any games? I mean they had HAKEEM pitching; that guy throws the best bp in the world!!!! TT hardly got to recruit for that year and had to grab whatever he could in a short time to try to make best of a sh!tty situation. A fat, weak, unconditioned team he inherrited. But they still managed to beat the #1 team in the nation (which was an oustanding UM team that choked but easily had the talent to win it all), took a series from SunBelt #1 ULM, and had some other good wins.

Look what happened this year after being able to get a full recruiting class in. Do you guys even think before posting?

I agree with you c-UM 100%. The lack of knowledge on this sight is just fuel for Hurricane fans.

People, as far as Turtle goes, the fact that he is interviewing for a position does not mean that he A) Is gonna take the job or B) He has interest in it. To be the best you can be at anything, not just college athletics, you have to keep your options open and have an open mind. Not only that, but you have to be diplomatic. If an AD reaches out to Turtle and asks him to interview, why not hear them out? It doesn't mean he doesn't want to be here, it only means that he is looking at options. Let's face it people, Turtle owes very little to FIU. That being said, I have a very good feeling that he isn't going anywhere.

As far as the cheerleaders and the band goes, would you rather they get cut or a sport get cut? There are immense budget cuts going on at FIU and the athletic department isn't spared. People in the departments, and in the entire school, are going to lose their jobs. if cutting the band and the cheerleaders saves some jobs or some sports, then I'm all for it. And the infrastructure argument doesn't hold water. The university has a separate fund for buildings than it does for other things. Not to mention that the stadium is being paid for by private loans taken out by the athletic department (and donations of course). Not building the stadium, fieldhouse or any other building would not save the cheerleaders.

Also, we have to remember that the band and cheerleaders being cut isn't a permanent thing. Hopefully when the economy picks back up, PG and the good folks in the FIU athletic department will consider bringing them back.

Fans & Pete,

Football season is almost here. I'm VERY upset that FIU has YET to contact me with any sort of away game fan packages. I want to go to Alabama, Rutgers and UF games, but would obviously would like to go with a FIU sponsored fan group. Some of us are very busy and have to plan these schedules ahead of time. Any word on when FIU will make "fan group" packages available?!


No Band. No Cheerleaders. No Baseball Coach.

Seems like a wonderful school.

No Band. No Cheerleaders. No Baseball Coach.

Way to go FIU.

HAHA - i think only person that thought ur post was funny was you ( and not because its bad for FIU; just because its not funny)

Ive heard of bands and cheerleaders at other small universities (not saying FIU is small, so relax people that are already typing a message towards me) that went out and raised money to keep their programs alive.

Plus, we still have a baseball coach


you are absolutley correct......
how about that move to the BIG EAST! things are rough in Scratch Madique Campus people...
Maybe PG will turn down his renogtiated contract?

I only know what Price told me, GP 90. I don't have any other info to go on there. I don't think Danny would've lied about something like that, especially to someone who covered his teams, but that's just my logic talking. I'll just say that I definitely buy that Price must've had at least some schools trying to lure him away from FIU. I know a lot of you like to pretend that Price sucked, but the fact was his teams didn't start going sub-par until after the 2002 season. His record before that was pretty damn impressive. Plenty of college baseball programs would kill to find a Danny Price, warts and all.

As for the cheerleaders and marching band... I definitely feel bad for what they're going through, and I'd rather not see them go, but I also gotta agree with "Me"'s post. I'd rather lose them than a sport, or an academic major, or many other things. Let's be honest, folks... all cheerleaders do is serve as eye candy and do acrobatic moves to fire people up. Frankly, who gets fired up by acrobatic moves? And, for eye candy, just look around the campus or in the stands. Enough said.

As for the band, that's a bigger loss to me by far, but looking at the grand scheme of things, I can understand the move. Sure, they provide atmosphere, but they're window dressing. Winning and passionate fans provide a lot more atmosphere than a band ever will.

With that said, I have a suggestion there. Why don't some of the FIU fans who are complaining about the band ending make a band of your own? Y'know, kind of like how many soccer fans bring instruments to games in South America and Europe. Don't make it something FIU has to fund. Make it something that the fans can do. You wanna talk about something unique? THAT would be unique. Everyone else can keep their bands. FIU will just have their fans be the band. If it could work for world football, I see no reason it couldn't for American football. I just hope it wouldn't be an NCAA violation (though I think it's not).

Actually... on second thought, it might be a violation. I don't know that for sure, but I seem to recall that there's some kind of NCAA rule against noise-makers at games, and instruments definitely count as noise-makers. Then again, school bands would be illegal if that's true, so maybe I'm wrong there. I don't really know that part of the NCAA rulebook.

Anyway, if it's not a violation, I say there's no reason a bunch of people couldn't bring drums to FIU games and do what the band does now. Perhaps the school would help out in that venture, since they won't fund a band anymore.

My god...2012 can't come faster for FIU!

The Dazzlers are way hotter than the cheerleaders anyway!

I'd rather see 50 dazzlers than 25 cheerleaders and 25 dazzlers.

They should have a halftime show where they strip naked.

And for all you angry/negative posters, i heard through the grape-vine that TT has recently declined the interview at Maryland.

Brickell Bomber,

Fine, he didn't outright say "stronger" conference. But what he said can almost be taken as a backhanded comment.

"Maryland is in a good baseball conference,"

So where does that leave us? You could turn around and play on words stating that he was only referring to baseball play in the SBC. But lets be honest, what sport is the SBC a powerhouse in?


The move to another conference is not happening today. BUT, we need to retain our coaches right now. If we could pull a good amount of fans out to the games, then we will at least show the coaches that the community is behind them.

I remember seeing on I-95 a huge billboard with the new FIU stadium on it. That's great and all, but fans don't go to games for the stadium, they go for the team and players.

Proof is in the pudding, where are all the loyal UM fans at the football games now that they moved to dolphin stadium (or shark stadium, whatever its called). However, I do remember seeing the OB rocking with action just a handful of years ago.

Where am I going with all of this? Put a billboard of TY making a one-hand catch. Put a billboard of Gaitor making an impossible interception.

Put a billboard of our golden dazzlers' halftime strip show.

LonePanther, you might of missed my earlier post that said "TT declined to interview at Maryland"... Gameover, no sense in talking about it anymore. The guy did what we all wanted and stayed right here in South Florida.

dont know why my last post didnt come out; i hate when the site does that....

LonePanther, in cause you missed my earlier post "TT has declined the interview at Maryland", so there is no point in discussing it anymore.

He made the decision that we all wanted him to. THANK YOU TT!!

oh now my 1st post shows up.... this thing is worthless. Disregard the double post. sorrry

Thanks for the info, c-UM. If so, that's great to hear! This baseball program needs a guy like TT at the helm. He can truly build an elite baseball program here.

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