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Turtle Power at FIU

Tt FIU baseball coach Turtle Thomas is not going anywhere after he turned down an offer to become Maryland's head coach.

Here is a quick version of a story that will appear on the MH on-line. Will update this blog post later with more from the Turtle....

   Coming off the greatest turnaround in FIU baseball's 37-year history and acknowledging he is building "something special", Golden Panthers coach Turtle Thomas turned down an offer to become the University of Maryland's baseball coach.

   After a 20-36 season in his first year as FIU coach in 2007, Thomas guided the Panthers to a 34-21 record last season -- the largest win improvement in the history of the program.

   "It's nice to be wanted," Thomas said. "But my heart is at FIU. We had the best turnaround in the program's history last season and I want to develop FIU baseball into one of the top college baseball teams in the state and in the nation. We are building something special at FIU."
   Last week, Maryland athletic director Deborah Yow contacted Thomas about the vacant Terrapins coaching job.
   Yow wanted to fly Thomas and his wife, Maria, up to Maryland on Sunday to introduce them to the program and have Thomas formally interview. However, after Thomas spoke with Yow for nearly 45 minutes on the phone, Thomas declined the job interview.
   "I'm very, very happy that [FIU athletic director] Pete Garcia hired to me to be the leader of the baseball program at FIU," Thomas said. "When you are the head coach of a program to me you have to stand the test of time. It's not like you win one year, you're a flash in the pan and you jump to whatever else. You have to really put your roots down, put your feet on the ground, roll up your sleeves and get to work. "


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that was a close one...

Unbelievable. To all those who doubted TT you should be ashamed. He had an opportunity and did not deserve criticism for considering that opportunity. Glad he is staying though.

This is excellent news... and further proof that this man deserves our full support in what he is trying to do for our school.


Great stuff he's staying at FIU!!! Now we need fans to start showing up to games because next year will be even better.

Let's be real...Maryland's offer probably wasn't worth his time.

Once he starts winning championships, he will bolt el$ewhere if FIU doesn't pay up. Same goes for Mario.

Thank you Turtle, we are very glad that you are staying and look forward to a great upcoming season and watching you build something great here at FIU. Thank you coach.

Great to see him stay. That's a real testament to what he sees at FIU and what he's building. Who knows, he may have accepted to interview/talk and shared with Pete knowing full well what his answer was going to be, just to build hype around the program. That would be a very shrewd thing to do.

Maryland announced the hire yesterday, why so long to say Turtle was out? sounds like Turtle turned down the job last week. maybe you are right FIUer....

Great news! Great news! No matter what, gotta love the man.

Great news indeed for the contiuity of the FIU baseball program. You may be on to something, FIUer....who knows....

Anyways, good to see the program is still in good hands....Good news!!

Thanks for the info....

No chance ridgepanther, i told you guys that he had declined to even interview last week.

Anyways, all you flamers that were throwing fits and talking $h!t because he was considering to INTERVIEW, so feel as dumb as ever right now. You guys are amazing.

Brickell Bomber:

Like a said last week, you don't accept every opportunity to interview when they come a callin'

He's just getting started here, brighter minds always prevail...

Thank you for staying home Coach Turtle.

Good news! Im glad TT is staying. FIU is doing a good job at making these coaches feel at home. GO FIU!!

Glad to see he's staying!! LET'S GO FIU!! Looking forward to another year with of progress with the outstanding coaching staffs we have in place!!

Good to see Turtle isn't going anywhere! It sounds like he really likes it at FIU, so that's great news!

Turtle is one of our Top 3 Best coaches at FIU. We cant afford to lose a guy like that. Baseball just got closer to finally winning the Sunbelt..

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