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Sweet Home Baltimore

Tyler Townsend made himself at home last week at an Orioles pre-draft workout in Camden Yards. LateTyler Tuesday night, Tyler became a Baltimore Oriole after he was selected in the 3rd round (85th overall) by the Orioles.

Tyler became the 3rd highest drafted FIU player in the 37-year history of FIU baseball. Only pitchers Josh Banks (2nd round to the Blue Jays in 2003) and Tom Corcoran (3rd round - 61st pick - to the Tigers in 1981) have been selected higher than TT. 

Reached Tyler at home in Lewes, Delaware earlier today and here's what he had to say:

So what's it like to not only be the 3rd highest drafted player in FIU history, but to be picked by your hometown major league team?

TT: I don't know if it has hit me yet. I'm really excited to get started. Everyone around here my family and friends have always been big Orioles fans.

Os Judging by your previous answer, sounds like you're ready to start pro ball and bypass your final season at FIU?

TT: I would say there is a 1 percent chance I'm staying, but a 99 percent chance I'm going to pro ball. I think I'm ready to start my career. I got my agent working on my contract and hopefully he can get that done by this weekend. I'm trying to start as quick as possible.

Although you weren't the highest picked FIU player, you were the highest college player drafted south of Gainesville in this draft. Considering the college talent in the state of Florida, what do you think of that?

TT: It's just a great honor to be picked up at all, but to go that high among all the great college players in Florida is unbelievable. I'm just trying to take it in.

What do you think was the biggest reason for your record-setting season at FIU in 2009? (TT set the single-season and career RBI marks and total bases record)

TT: I put in a lot of hard work from last year to this year. Having a good summer (TT was the MVP of his summer league) also helped and it all paid off. Then I went to the Orioles pre-draft workout and that helped too.

What happened in Camden Yards last week?Oriolepark

TT: The Orioles told me they really liked me and then again after the workout. I did really well fielding balls in the outfield, even though I was drafted as a first baseman. I ran well and I hit a couple of balls out to center field and right field.

Did any of your home runs hit Boog's Bar-BQ out behind the center field seats in Camden Yards?

TT: No, but I came close. I've hit home runs out in Camden Yards when I was in high school playing for an Orioles-sponsored travel team.

Once you sign where will the Orioles assign you?

Ab TT: I'm going to start in short season with the Aberdeen IronBirds and then I hope to be in low Class A ball by the end of the year.

Do you have a timetable for when you want to get to the big leagues?

TT: Not really, just getting there anytime would be great.

FIU had 2 other players taken on the second day of the draft: junior pitcher Tom Ebert (thanks, Alex J. Hernandez photo) andEbert Bosox incoming outfielder Josh Garton.

Ebert was taken in the 19th round by the Red Sox and Garton in the 12th round by the Reds.

Talking with TE during the final weekend series against the Hooters last month, he said that the Red Sox and Marlins were the two most interested teams in him. TE also said he would like to finish his pre-med degree and that it would take something special to lure him to pro ball after his junior season. Heard the Red Sox are making a special offer to TE and he might have thrown his last pitch at FIU.

Garton, who played at Volunteer State JUCO last season, is expected to sign with Cincinnati.

Day 2 of the draft is complete with the final round on Thursday. So who is the next FIU player to get a call from 1 of 30 major league teams?


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Congrats on the draft Tyler!
Thank you for the great times at FIU.
Now go out there & make us proud!
Best of luck!

Sounds like FIU's hopes for next season are going to take a big hit. No real surprise Townsend is gone, especially with him going in the 3rd round, but losing Ebert would be a pretty huge blow. Part of me's even wondering why he'd consider leaving. 19th round is nothing to sneeze at, but it's not a round where he'll get a ton of money. If he's going to pass up pre-med for a shot at pro ball, it better be some kind of a special offer, because I could see Ebert going a lot higher in 2010 if he has another year like he did this year. I hope TT can talk him into staying, because FIU's going to need all the arms they can get, especially with the 'pen as shaky as it is.

I'm surprised Rembisz hasn't been selected yet. I guess he's going to stay, because even if he gets selected tomorrow, whatever deal he'd get probably won't be worth going pro for. Ditto with anyone else who'd get selected unless they're seniors. For what it's worth, I think Rembisz goes next, then Mollica, then Stropp.

Good interview with MC so far, Pete.

Ebert needs to stay and finish med-school. 19th round is not going to offer you any money worth passing up 1 more year of playing college baseball.... If Josh Garton doesnt sign, i will take that guy out every weekend with 10 girls. He needs to come in and fill a huge whole that we lost with townsend. Garton is pretty serious. Come to school, the $20,000 your going to get in the 12th round is not worth itttttt!!!!! dont miss out on some serious fun.

Greg Waddell got drafted in the 39th round by Seattle (pick No. 1163) and FIU signee Jabhari Henry was also drafted in the 39th round (pick no. 1174)

why would they put hagerty's pick up for that article if he was drafted almost 60 picks after Townsend???

c-UM thats exaCTLY What i was goign to say!!!! I hate the UM ass kissing in this city. Tyler was clearly more talented than the UM draftees, fot drafted way before any of the UM draftees and yet there is about 1 paragraph for Tyler amongst an entire article about the UM players. its trash. complete trash. the article was written by our beloved Manwhore Navarro. with some supporting info from Pete.

it really annoys me to see that. on the front page there is a small caption that declares UM players were drafted. not one front page word about Tyler. at all. Im not trying to take anything away from the UM players because they deserve it, all im trying to say is that it is unfair to deny equal or more coverage to a player that accomplished more and was taken higher in the draft.

i dont know why i even subscribe to the Herald anymore. im tired of their gossip filled non news front pages, their terrible editorials and their endless line of UM/ FIU bashing columnists like Greg Cotex, Manwhore Navarro, and Barry Jackson(coulndt think of a name ha). Pete Pelegrin is the only FIU fish in a sea of waste at the Herald.

Ryan Mollica gets drafted by the New York Mets in teh 47th round (Pick #1424)


Congrats to Tyler, after going to Camden last season and enjoying the ballpark, the Orioles have become my favorite AL team, i'm glad that Tyler got taken by them and wish him all the luck in the world.

Also want to wish good luck to all the other FIU players taken if they decide to sign. Why oh why did Molli have to be taken by the Mutts?!

Oh, and Alt, F Da U

Tyler my seats are by the score board on right center field, hit many in that direction.

jaj baltimore panther you must be ecstatic that a golden panther may likely be batting in your town!!!

Baltimore is the town for golden panthers, they all follow me, first AB and now TT, I think PG had to start scheduling more games with Maryland

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