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Fieldhouse Tour -- Second Floor & Patio Overlooking FIU Stadium Field

We conclude our first look at the brand new FIU R. Kirk Landon Fieldhouse with a tour of the second floorFhdeckfieldswcorner of the building and possibly the best seats in the house come game day.

(Click on all photos to enlarge and get a better view) To get to the second floor of the fieldhouse, you can take the elevator or stairs. When we were there to take these photos the elevator was yet to be installed.

We're going to go up the stairs located on the southwest corner of FIU Stadium. This is right by the tunnel where your Panthers will be running out of on game days. As you go up these stairs you get an idea of what the view would be like from the patio deck. This first photo on the right is from just outside the patio deck on the SW corner of the stadium. As you can tell, the deck is just about on top of the FIU Stadium field. And there are soccer markings on the field for the upcoming Gold Cup on Friday, July 10 at FIU Stadium. (your welcome, Gold Cup for the free plug).

The first thing you can see on your way up the stairs to the second floor of the fieldhouse is some extra space left for future expansion of the second floor. Of course, if there is even more expansion needed Fhexpans they can always get to building the third and fourth floors. This photo on the left is the area just to the left of MC's office if you are looking at the west end zone from the east side of FIU Stadium. Or in other words, if you stand on the side of the jumbotron and look toward the opposite end zone, then MC's office would be the first room going from left to right on the 2nd floor of the FH.

Let's go into MC's office. The FIU head coach's office is the only office with a view of the field and the largest of the FIU coaches offices. Take a look again at the first photo above on the right and that is what MC sees from his office. Now here on the right is a look inside the yet painted or furnished office of the FIU football coach.Fhmcoffice This photo was taken from the middle of the office looking at the east side of the office so picture the west side of the office being the same size space. You might be able to get a better idea of the office the next time we're there to shoot some pics and the place is furnished.

Before we go to the 6 extra meeting rooms/game day suites, let's have a look at the 125-seat team meeting auditorium.

The auditorium -- which is located across the hall from MC's office on the west side of the 2nd floor -- will have tiered-seating similar to the auditoriums you used to sit in college or high school.

Fhauditgt To give you a sense of the depth of the auditorium, we asked FIU hopeful walk-on offensive lineman Ralph Garcia-Toledo to stand at the entrance of the room. The photo on the left with RGT standing is from the north entrance to the room. Then the photo on the right without o-lineman RGT is from the south entrance to the room.Fhaudit

What will really give you a sense of how big this room is, is looking at the column to the right of RGT in the photo on the left. The same column is on the photo on the right without RGT. As you can see there is plenty of room beyond the column on both sides.

Let's go on to the meeting rooms/game day suites.

We took a photo of a double meeting room to give you an idea of the size of the only double meeting room and at the same time an idea of the size of one meeting room. All 6 rooms overlook the FIU Stadium field and all 6 have access to the patio deck. You can see in the photo on the left a wooden beam above -- that is the divider between the 2 rooms.

Fhdoubmeet Here on the left is a look inside a double meeting room. This can also be used for a large party of fans on game day or for hosting a large number of recruits on game days.

And now for what may be the best seat in the house on game day. The best seat in the house would be on the patio deck in the shade with a beverage watching some football. Here are a couple of photos of the patio Fhpatio deck. When these pics were shot the deck was just done and no one was allowed to step on it so we had to take the pics from inside a Fhpatiodeck meeting room/suite and from the south side of the stadium.

Let's finish the tour with views of the mezzanine located on the second floor overlooking the lobby of the fieldhouse. This shot on the far right below the patio deck shot is from the lobby of the FH looking up at the area where the temporary FIU Hall of Fame will be located. The Fhmezz second photo (near right) of the mezzanine is taken from the second floor overlooking the lobby.Fhmezzabove

We'll be back in the fieldhouse in a couple of weeks to take some updated photos and have them here for you. Been told the FH is just about painted and is in the process of being furnished.

Haven't forgotten your questions from the previous post. Will get to them on the next post.


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