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T.Y., Gaitor, Serini All-Sun Belt; More from the 7-on-7s

T.Y. Hilton, Anthony Gaitor and Brad Serini were named to the preseason All-Sun Belt team this morning and FIU was picked to finish fifth in the conference. However, there was one coach who did pick the Panthers to win the Sun Belt Conference as FIU received one first place vote.

I thought Scott Bryant got snubbed for the preseason team. He's led the team in tackles the last 2 seasons and has been among the Sun Belt's leaders in the stat as well. You can vote at the end of the post on who you think got snubbed from FIU.

Here's a story on the FIU freshmen in today's MH: FIU freshmen  

MORE 7-on-7s

Back out to another one of your Panthers 7-on-7's last Friday morning at FIU Stadium. During the workout we saw several of the heralded freshman class make some plays as did the FIU veterans.

Rocky Don't fret those of you who were expecting to see some freshmen weight room numbers here. Waiting to get updates on the freshmen and will post them here shortly.

As far as Friday morning, early on freshman receiver Rocky Vann stood out making three good catches in both 1-on-1 drills and then in the 7-on-7s. RV does not move like an RV. The freshman has some jets. **Note: Don't have any Rocky Vann photos yet, so we'll go with a Rocky Balboa one for now.

Freshman receiver Jairus Williams had a solid day. On one play, JW used all 6-foot-5-inches of his frame to go up and catch a high throw. JW will be a handy red zone target for the Panthers. JW also made a fingertip grab on another pass.

Freshman walk-on receiver Larry McCoy (Miami Edison High) has opened eyes with his ability to get open and his sticky fingers that seem to snare everything thrown his way. Although, saying it will be a cliche, will say anyway that LM just "looks like a football player" or the Real McCoy.Mccoy

Tight end Eric Kirchenberg continues his good work: going up top to make a catch; making a move along the sideline to get an extra 7 yards, and making a sliding catch on another pass -- that made you think this guy has played center field somewhere before.

There is no doubt Junior Mertile has gotten stronger in his second season. Junior jumped up with a defensive back and took the ball out of the DB's hands. To which the rest of the team started yelling to the DB: "Hit the weight room!" as Junior ran down the field.

Wy Marquis Rolle made the catch of the morning on a deep pass from Wayne Younger. Jostling with a DB down the sideline, Rolle stuck out his left hand toward the sideline and made a one-handed catch while keeping one foot in bounds.

Speaking of which, Younger (left, thanks Alex J. Hernandez photo) seems to have more zip on his passes this season. His gains in the weight room have surely helped. WY is up to almost 200 pounds now on his 6-3 frame and that is without hanging out at a Cuban bakery all summer. WY also has developed a nice touch on the deep passes. He had 4 deep completions on Friday.

Call FOX, CNN and all the other news stations, there was breaking news Friday morning: T.Y. Hilton dropped a pass and his teammates let him have it.

News On what was a sure TD after T.Y. made a move on a DB, Younger hit T.Y. in stride near the opposing 20-yard line. There T.Y. bobbled the ball and dropped it. To which his teammates started razzing him with: "Keep running, just keep running". T.Y. got his push-ups in for the drop.

Of course, you knew T.Y. would redeem himself. On another deep pass from Younger, T.Y. shook the DB and made a diving catch at the 5-yard line and kept one foot inbounds.

On the defensive side: Chuck Grace broke up a pass intended for Goodbye and freshmen JonathanTurner Cyprien and Terrance Taylor deflected a couple of passes.

Near the end of Friday's workout, running back Trenard Turner showed he is fully recovered from his knee tear. Turner (right, thanks AJH photo) caught a short pass, made a move and outran the defense just like he did in 2007 with his 65-yard catch and run TD vs. the Hurricanes.


NYCFIUFan: Did I read it correctly, Colt is moving to tight end? I thought he would have a legitimate shot at the starting job in 2010, what is going here Pete?

PP: Colt has looked pretty good playing tight end. He's a natural athlete and has the height and hands to play the position. Both CA and the coaching staff feel that there is an opportunity for playing time at tight end.

For 2010, FIU has Wesley Carroll, Wayne Younger and walk-ons Junior Delpe and Chris Schirripa, plus whichever other QBs are recruited and signed by then. Darold Hughes has transferred to a lower division college.

dan ryan: Chris Schirripa preferred walk on from Cardinal Gibbons is working real hard and threw a Schirripa touchdown during 7 0n 7's.Freshman seems to have alot of fire. Can you tell us anything about him ?
Thanks, Pete.

PP: I saw Schirripa (right) play a few games when he was at Cardinal Gibbons. He has a pretty good arm, makes some good decisions, is a good athlete in the pocket and in the open field. He reminds me a little of starter Paul McCall.

FIUPIKE: Check out the updated rosters....looks we got that JUCO kid Chris DeArmas that was originally a USF signee.

PP: That is a mistake on the roster. De Armas is not coming to FIU.

KJHarris02: Hey Pete, any idea when we will know what games whether away or home are going to be televised and on radio. Also, are all games going to be on Panther Pass??? thanks

PP: As of today, FIU has 3 TV games, but 1 of them is on tape delay: vs. Alabama (CSS, shown on tape delay, Sept. 13); FIU at ULM (Sun Belt Network TV) and Florida Atlantic at FIU (Sun Belt Network TV). You can hear all FIU games on 790 The Ticket and there should be Panther Pass video for the home games. For the road games, usually the opposing teams have their own live web video on their team's Pooh website.

PLP Consulting: Pete, Great article on the incoming freshmen. Heard through the grapevine that Pooh Bear's incoming squat max was 515. Any truth to that? Also heard that they recently tested and quite a few guys benched over 400, with one guy benching 500 (Alajajian?).

PP: Thanks. I had Pooh Bear's 515 squat on the blog -- 2 posts ago. Will have updated weights from other players on here soon.



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