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T.Y., Gaitor, Serini All-Sun Belt; More from the 7-on-7s

T.Y. Hilton, Anthony Gaitor and Brad Serini were named to the preseason All-Sun Belt team this morning and FIU was picked to finish fifth in the conference. However, there was one coach who did pick the Panthers to win the Sun Belt Conference as FIU received one first place vote.

I thought Scott Bryant got snubbed for the preseason team. He's led the team in tackles the last 2 seasons and has been among the Sun Belt's leaders in the stat as well. You can vote at the end of the post on who you think got snubbed from FIU.

Here's a story on the FIU freshmen in today's MH: FIU freshmen  

MORE 7-on-7s

Back out to another one of your Panthers 7-on-7's last Friday morning at FIU Stadium. During the workout we saw several of the heralded freshman class make some plays as did the FIU veterans.

Rocky Don't fret those of you who were expecting to see some freshmen weight room numbers here. Waiting to get updates on the freshmen and will post them here shortly.

As far as Friday morning, early on freshman receiver Rocky Vann stood out making three good catches in both 1-on-1 drills and then in the 7-on-7s. RV does not move like an RV. The freshman has some jets. **Note: Don't have any Rocky Vann photos yet, so we'll go with a Rocky Balboa one for now.

Freshman receiver Jairus Williams had a solid day. On one play, JW used all 6-foot-5-inches of his frame to go up and catch a high throw. JW will be a handy red zone target for the Panthers. JW also made a fingertip grab on another pass.

Freshman walk-on receiver Larry McCoy (Miami Edison High) has opened eyes with his ability to get open and his sticky fingers that seem to snare everything thrown his way. Although, saying it will be a cliche, will say anyway that LM just "looks like a football player" or the Real McCoy.Mccoy

Tight end Eric Kirchenberg continues his good work: going up top to make a catch; making a move along the sideline to get an extra 7 yards, and making a sliding catch on another pass -- that made you think this guy has played center field somewhere before.

There is no doubt Junior Mertile has gotten stronger in his second season. Junior jumped up with a defensive back and took the ball out of the DB's hands. To which the rest of the team started yelling to the DB: "Hit the weight room!" as Junior ran down the field.

Wy Marquis Rolle made the catch of the morning on a deep pass from Wayne Younger. Jostling with a DB down the sideline, Rolle stuck out his left hand toward the sideline and made a one-handed catch while keeping one foot in bounds.

Speaking of which, Younger (left, thanks Alex J. Hernandez photo) seems to have more zip on his passes this season. His gains in the weight room have surely helped. WY is up to almost 200 pounds now on his 6-3 frame and that is without hanging out at a Cuban bakery all summer. WY also has developed a nice touch on the deep passes. He had 4 deep completions on Friday.

Call FOX, CNN and all the other news stations, there was breaking news Friday morning: T.Y. Hilton dropped a pass and his teammates let him have it.

News On what was a sure TD after T.Y. made a move on a DB, Younger hit T.Y. in stride near the opposing 20-yard line. There T.Y. bobbled the ball and dropped it. To which his teammates started razzing him with: "Keep running, just keep running". T.Y. got his push-ups in for the drop.

Of course, you knew T.Y. would redeem himself. On another deep pass from Younger, T.Y. shook the DB and made a diving catch at the 5-yard line and kept one foot inbounds.

On the defensive side: Chuck Grace broke up a pass intended for Goodbye and freshmen JonathanTurner Cyprien and Terrance Taylor deflected a couple of passes.

Near the end of Friday's workout, running back Trenard Turner showed he is fully recovered from his knee tear. Turner (right, thanks AJH photo) caught a short pass, made a move and outran the defense just like he did in 2007 with his 65-yard catch and run TD vs. the Hurricanes.


NYCFIUFan: Did I read it correctly, Colt is moving to tight end? I thought he would have a legitimate shot at the starting job in 2010, what is going here Pete?

PP: Colt has looked pretty good playing tight end. He's a natural athlete and has the height and hands to play the position. Both CA and the coaching staff feel that there is an opportunity for playing time at tight end.

For 2010, FIU has Wesley Carroll, Wayne Younger and walk-ons Junior Delpe and Chris Schirripa, plus whichever other QBs are recruited and signed by then. Darold Hughes has transferred to a lower division college.

dan ryan: Chris Schirripa preferred walk on from Cardinal Gibbons is working real hard and threw a Schirripa touchdown during 7 0n 7's.Freshman seems to have alot of fire. Can you tell us anything about him ?
Thanks, Pete.

PP: I saw Schirripa (right) play a few games when he was at Cardinal Gibbons. He has a pretty good arm, makes some good decisions, is a good athlete in the pocket and in the open field. He reminds me a little of starter Paul McCall.

FIUPIKE: Check out the updated rosters....looks we got that JUCO kid Chris DeArmas that was originally a USF signee.

PP: That is a mistake on the roster. De Armas is not coming to FIU.

KJHarris02: Hey Pete, any idea when we will know what games whether away or home are going to be televised and on radio. Also, are all games going to be on Panther Pass??? thanks

PP: As of today, FIU has 3 TV games, but 1 of them is on tape delay: vs. Alabama (CSS, shown on tape delay, Sept. 13); FIU at ULM (Sun Belt Network TV) and Florida Atlantic at FIU (Sun Belt Network TV). You can hear all FIU games on 790 The Ticket and there should be Panther Pass video for the home games. For the road games, usually the opposing teams have their own live web video on their team's Pooh website.

PLP Consulting: Pete, Great article on the incoming freshmen. Heard through the grapevine that Pooh Bear's incoming squat max was 515. Any truth to that? Also heard that they recently tested and quite a few guys benched over 400, with one guy benching 500 (Alajajian?).

PP: Thanks. I had Pooh Bear's 515 squat on the blog -- 2 posts ago. Will have updated weights from other players on here soon.



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Thanks for the great info Pete. I voted for Weatherspoon. He has size and potential to make it to the NFL. Was Cristobal coach that voted FIU to be in first place in conference or are they not allowed to vote for their own team? Thanks.

Great to hear about McCoy. That WR position is just loaded. Has Theliar been practing in 7 on 7s?


nice to see turner back on the field... he was somewhat of a bright spot in 2007.

I don't think coaches are allowed to vote for their own teams.

I voted for Greg Ellingson. That kid is simply amazing, he ALWAYS makes awesome catches and is so dependable.

I also voted for Ellingson. The kid can catch everything. He does not have the moves or speed of TY, but he will catch anything thrown his way. Should have about 800yards and 5 TD's these season with no problem.

I'm very surprised about McCoy. Maybe they can plan some trick plays with the TE passing the ball. Or just let TY fumble the ball, pick it up, run around the field for 10 seconds, and throw it for the winning TD! Which ever one you like more! Ha ha


J Dub got my vote on the poll. I love Scotty Byrant, but to me, he had a disappointing year last year compared to my expectations. So his snub is good news--I'd rather see him with an extra fire in his belly during our Sun Belt games to prove he's a first teamer to the coaches that didn't vote him there. Besides, the pre-season polls are worth nothing--only the post-season polls matter. Scotty is the true leader of our very talented young LB group.

Fantastic news on Larry McCoy. He was a guy I was hoping we'd sign to a scholarship on NSD and the months that followed. Although he's a walk-on, he will earn a scholarship and make an impact before his career is over, I have no doubt. He's a great get. Great job Coach Cristobal and staff!

Great update Pete. Thanks. How did they have Chris De Armas on the roster to begin with ? Bizarre ??

Anyone know what's up with the Jak Gore situation? Looks like Whipple at UCG did not like his skill set for his system and they pulled the offer. Great way to handle a legacy ?? Those across town are like the Key Stone Kops !! LMAO.

Let's GO GET JAKHARI now !!!


I think they just filled up at RB in next year class.


They also pulled Tevin Drake's offer too. You see these recruits cannot wait too long to commit or they might be on the outside looking in. You know it not gonna be financially viable for there recruits to walk on at UM.

Its great to hear that the apathy and utter lack of talent from the forgetable Don Strock days are coming to an end. This team sounds motivated as well.

For you NCAA 2010 fans, make sure to sign up for FIU on the Season Showdown. It adds up points for every game you play and pools it together for FIU overall. Right now we're 7th in the Sun Belt way behind FAU. :(

Pretty good news (and surprising) in having McCoy come in to FIU as a walk on. Several local recruiting websites had him as one of the top players in all of South Florida. He had offers from Western Michigan, Colorado State, Troy, and FIU..at least...needless to say, it adds strength to an already strong unit....and without using a scholarship!

Thanks for the info on 7 on 7's, Pete. Good luck to Darold Hughes at his new school.

Bryan R,

The NCAA 10 online environment is a mess....VERY confusing. The game is a flop, its identical to 09..I regret purchasing it.

I voted for Ellingson too. Those hands are crazy...what's more crazy if FIU was voted to finish 5th in our conference. How many teams are in out conference, 7?!

I saw Rupert Bryant today at fiu pretty big dude. A couple of years hitting the weights will make him a monster.

I voted for jspoon. The guy is a beast.

JDub and Jerrell Jernigan are the best players in the SBC and are legit NFL spec guys. Jeremiah was injured some last year, but this is a pre-season poll....How do you leave him out ??

More motivation for JSpoon !!!

We comin !!

A little tip to anyone thinking about getting NCAA Football 10... or any game for that matter. Get it at Best Buy. For an additional 5 dollars at the time of purchase you can return the game at any point in the next year and get FULL VALUE for it. It's a great deal, especially for sports games. I'll be returning NCAA 10 in about a month when Madden comes out.

As far as the poll goes, gotta go with Scotty B. Love the kid and he plays with an incredible motor and fire (pardon the cliches).

Am I the only one upset over the 5th place finish we're expected to attain in the SBC?

After this season it will be apparent that FIU, FAU, and Troy St. are the only real contenders in the SBC.

I'm not too concerned about the 5th place finish, I just brushed it off. 1st place is a possibility, but overtaking Troy who's projected to go 10-2 will be an uphill battle. I'm confident we can land the #2 or #3 spot. Although ofcourse, I'm hopeful that we'll turn some heads and pull an upset against Troy!


Have they identified the radio football announcers?

Pre season rankings are just opinions...or better yet...guesses. Some are more informed than others, but let's take them for what they are....pieces of information for us to read during these dog days of summer, and most importantly, fun. Even the most informed ones are almost always wrong....if anybody could see the future, including ourselves, they would all be multi millionaires.....

Now, it's evident MC is building quite a walk on program at FIU as well. Some (all) of these kids actually had offers from several other colleges, Delpe, Schirripa, McCoy....Toronto Smith a couple of years ago as well...This team will actually have some decent depth in the next coming years....

5th ??? There's no respect in the Sun Belt for FIU football.

With MC's recruits beginning to mature and the same leadership on offense and defense (not to mention the incoming freshman), this team will be better than last year's.

We let two games slip though our fingers last year. I think with our new maturity we win those two plus another one.

p.s. There are now 9 teams in the Sun Belt with WKU being our latest full football member.

I don't see how Troy could possibly go 10-2! Their out of conference schedule is almost as difficult as ours. For them to go 10-2, their only two losses for the season would probably come against Florida and Arkansas. No way that's happening, I don't see them sweeping their conference schedule.

Most of the other team's out of conference schedule is a cakewalk compared to FIU and Troy's. For heaven's sake, North Texas' out of conference schedule includes Army, Ohio and Ball State give me a break. Ball State is a decent team, but in no way does their OOC compare to Troy and FIU. With this said, it doubt neither Troy or FIU can have the best record in the belt, but either can have the best conference record in the 'belt.

I taking FIU to finish second in the 'Belt, which would likely grant us a bowl. I'd be very happy with that.

The bigger story for FIU would be if we catch Bama sleeping!! That's far-fetched, but anything is possible in CF. With a potential win against Rutgers (a legit contender for the Big East title) and Troy, we should be able to pull in at #2.

On the other hand, if all we accomplish is a 1-11 record, let the only win come against FAU!! Haha

I disagree that Troy's schedule is almost as tough as ours. We're playing two of the best teams in the SEC (one of the most brutal conferences in CF) plus a legit Big East title Contender. Troy's main challenge is Florida, but has a good chance at winning the UAB match (4-8 record in '08) and Bowling Green (6-6 record in '08). In the belt, only Arkansas State and FIU have the potential to beat them. Assuming that does happen, a record of 9-3 or 10-2 is possible for Troy.

We just have to make sure we go in there with confidence and play solid football, but a win against Troy is possible for FIU.

It's definitely exciting to watch an SBC powerhouse in Troy and a potential powerhouse in FIU take on the national champs in the same year. With Troy and FIU playing Florida, it will be interesting to see if one (or both) can bring much needed respect to the belt.

I thought 5th place was also a slap in the face.

My Prediction:
1) Troy
2) FIU
3) Arkansas State
4) FAU
5) Middle

We should be playing a Dec Bowl game, and Cristobal can be going for his 2nd Coach of the Year award.

I don't think Coach Cristobal won Coach of the Year last year. He got snubbed.


I guess since there is someone else posting with almost the exact same name I used to use, I'm changing mine (formerly FIUChris).

Pete, don't forget that Radiate FM will be carrying every football game on the radio (Rutgers might not, still have to figure out the money on that.)

show the Student Media some respect, Pete!

ChrisFIU, you make an excellent point. If that happens, do you think the SunBelt can maybe surpass CUSA in respectability and prestige? Sunbelt teams have been winning their bowls lately.


Just received word from a Dazzler that the FIU Cheer team is back! Pete can you confirm this?

I would've preferred to see the band back instead of the cheer squad since we already kinda have one with our gorgeous dazzlers.

Yeah it was in the Beacon as well that cheer got funding as a club from SGA.

Great News!!!

Now lets get the marching band back! Can we make donations somewhere?

Guys a college marching band cost a lot of money, to run a half way decent marching band you need a budget of at least $500,000.
Staff salaries are about half of that.
Instrument purchases and repairs.
Purchase of scores (music).
Room and board for away games. (????)
The best case for the marching band could be academic, every instrumental music education major should be require to march at least 3 years to prepare to teach high schools and middle schools. In most other colleges that is mandatory.
I don't know the band director at FIU, but even high school bands can be very dynamic and do their own fundraisers to participate in important parades. I don't know if FIU band ever participated in any of the community parades.
I hope one day FIU can have a good marching band, there are lot of musicians in Miami Dade county schools and I know they don't get an opportunity to play after high school. We always talk about the athletic talent in Miami, but the music talent is there with the multicultural influences that can be added to the band.
Let's face it we don't have to have a copy of LSU or Michigan marching bands. We can have a unique style marching band, full of the music that is played in Miami daily, Jazz, Latin, Salsa, Reggae, Samba, Rap, Hip Hop, Merengue, Rock, and so many other genres out there.

I definitely agree that winning bowls has made our conference stronger. But to surpass CUSA,I think we need to win consistenly and against tough opponents.

Hey PikeDanny found you in NCAA 10 season showdown, you are ranked 10th in our team.

Question...I am in the middle of a dynasty, but I'm not seeing any points on my behalf being uploaded to EA in the my credits section. How come? I thought playing anything (including offline dynasty) helps with points?

Quijote, are you connected to XBL or PSN when you're playing your dynasty?

Does anyone know what the prices for the FIU UF tickets are going for. I need 4 tickets.

Wow - you FIU guys are not idiots after all - just big dorky losers. Enough with the video game talk. Who cares.

Does anyone know what the prices for the FIU UF tickets are going for. I need 4 tickets.

Posted by: FIURage | July 22, 2009 at 06:30 AM

Price is $45 for UF game. In order to get them you must be a season ticket holder.


You're right. I'll follow your footsteps and stop playing video games so I can cease to be a loser.

I'll become CrazyPanther and start trolling the UM blogs in a poor attempt to boost my esteem by getting negative feedback, cause we all know its better than no feedback.

LoL @ CrazyPanther

lol thats funny

quijote whos rated # 1 in our team?

Its either me or BlackKobra, but I didn't play yesterday, so probably Kobra.

lol i gotta see where i rank
if anyone see's "elreydedomino" up there thats me...

There was around 24-25 of us last time I checked, you were somewhere in the middle. I'm TOCroach.


Thanks man got it to work... but got deducted 350 points in poor sportsmanship for running up the score against UF. lol

FIU 125, UF 0

I doubt I'll ever be up there in the rankings, I simply don't have the time to play every day. I wish though, although the game is pretty much identical to 2009, its still kinda fun. What's cool about FIU hardly having any activity in the season showdown is that we know who's who lol! Try that with UF's list of 6,000 participants haha

lol ya its pretty chill and i still think we are ahead of several teams last i check we were 107 (all be it 2 days ago)... lmao quijote man.. your goin to hurt our score if you keep running it up on the gators lol

Yeah, they problem is that its hard to be competitive in online matches with FIU. So many FIU alumni play with UM/UF/FSU. Some FIU people online just straight up play with UM. Which is stupid cause you can still play with UM and sign up for FIU on season showdown, they only effect is that you don't get loyalty points. Finally, 95% of non-college affiliated players in So Fl will just play with UM.

Hey Pete any word on how MC and Def. staff plan on using Sr. Artis Warthen at DE or LB this season, he's as healthy as he's been in 2yrs.Look forward to seeing more of him this year on the field.

i get ya bryan but still however many fans we get i still think we can have better scores than most of the belt for instance.. maybe we wont win the "nat'l champ." but hey maybe we can win outta the belt lol


That's what I'm saying. We're the largest market in the Belt. Besides UNT probably loses fans to the UT, TAMU, and TTU. FAU loses points to the same schools we do. MTSU fans lose out to the Vols, Troy to Bama and Auburn, and ULL/ULM losing out to LSU. So we can get em.

Jeremy Marks-Pelz and Jorge Sedano is the radio broadcast team for 2009.


Finally a decent broadcast pair will call our games.

Would be nice to have Krystal Fernandez as the sideline reporter.

Looks like the FAU stadium is going to be on hold for a while, and may end up being smaller than before.

what are you talking about Florida FPL?

i like the addition of Sedano to the show major upgrade in our color analyist.. and for sure bryan we gotta get more FIU fans to sign on to the showcase as FIU.. right now your still in the lead ... im about 200 back in 4th

BTW MC was on sedano's show this morning

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