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Friday's 7-on-7s

It was a day for the defense out at Friday morning's 7-on-7 workout. In the previous 7-on-7s we've visited, the Panthers offense had its share of highlights, but not so much Friday.

Ash Safety Ash Parker, coming back from a knee tear at Kansas last season, is moving pretty well and showed so when he sprinted toward the sideline to bat away a pass. Parker (left, thanks Sam Lewis photo) said he is 100 percent and the knee feels good.

Freshman defensive back Jonathan Cyprien continued his good work in the offseason, again getting into a pass over the middle of the field and knocking it out of a receiver's hands.

Emmanuel Souarin, who redshirted last season as a freshman, stayed with T.Y. Goodbye on a deep pass and broke up the long ball. And just to check if he had the proper coverage, Souarin asked fellow DB Anthony Gaitor if he took the right angle to the ball. Gaitor approved.

Linebacker Aaron Davis (right) is a vocal defender out on the field and he let the quarterback and receiver heAdavis was covering know so when he deflected a pass and almost intercepted it. If Davis would have hung on, it would have been 6.

It wasn't all D on Friday at FIU Stadium. T.Y. and walk-on quarterback Chris Schirripa connected on a deep pass inside the 10-yard-line. T.Y. also reached across his body to catch a short pass in traffic in the middle of the field.

Colt Anderson (below, left) regularly beat the defenders covering him and made some catches. On one play, CA made a one-handed catch, but as he fell to the ground could not hold on.

Canderson Ho-hum, what's new? Gaitor knocked a couple of passes down.

Peter Riley, who was having a tough morning in coverage, finished strong making plays on two passes near the end of the workout.

Freshman Derrick Jones made a diving interception and Little Canada slam dunked away a short pass over the middle.

Ty Frierson ended the workout catching a slant and making a couple of moves that helped him elude defenders for an extra 15 yards.


Apaw Will be going on vacation out of town next week for a few days, but check back here on Sunday for an FIU Football Quiz to keep you busy while the sun, sand and surf is being soaked up. The reader with the highest score on the quiz gets to write their own GPP blog before training camp opens on August 10.


Pizza Face & PLP Consulting: Has the Defense ran their 40's? Pete, What about the 40 times of the defensive guys? I think guys like Gaitor, D. Clark, and Weatherspoon, along with a few others, were 4.4 guys last year.

PP: They have and I should have most of the top times on here soon. PLP Consulting, you are correctAgaitor with Gaitor (right, thanks Alex J. Hernandez photo). Coach Moore says he is the fastest Panther on D after running a 4.43.

gold: When is the Sun Belt media day?

PP: Already happened last Monday and Tuesday, but it was all on-line so there was no trip to the Big Easy. Maybe there will be a trip to the Big Easy on Dec. 20 for FIU.

FIU Fanatic: Has LaPorte 40's (since he is not a freshman) been timed?

PP: The new Panthers get timed in the 40 next week.

FIUAL: Hey pete any news regarding a fanfest before the football season starts?

PP: It is in the works. Will most likely be when the team scrimmages in camp, possibly Thursday, August 20. When the date is set will have it here for you. The event will Dazzlers undoubtedly include the world famous FIU Golden Dazzlers.

KJHarris02: hey Pete, when you writing up about how the defense is doing...#86?? Would like an update thanks

PP: Will start previewing the team on here when I get back from the water at the end of next week. And No. 86 will be included.

CarolinaGoldenPanther: Pete, Another poster mentions above that we're going to have 45,000 in the seats in 2011. I thought they had temporarily put the stadium expansion plans on hold with the budget crisis and economic uncertainty? Can you give us an update?

Also, any news on 2010 football recruitment? ESPN recruiting shows three guys committed (Wade Isaac, Khambrel McGee, and Randy Williams). Are we hot on the trail of any major top 150 recruits (no disrespect to the three aforementioned recruits)?

PP: Currently, they are designing the north side of the stadium along with the student services center that will be attached to the north side. Construction on the north side is expected to begin in 2011 with completion of the lower bowl, plus the student services center expected in 2012. The upper deck that would make it a 45,000-seat stadium depends on attendance and the development of the football program.

Nothing new on the 2010 recruits. Still early. MC and company are "hot on the trail" of all top 150 recruits. It's just a matter of seeing which ones want to sign with FIU.



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Have fun on your vacation Pete....

I still cant picture Colt as a TE. I'm happy to see that the Coaching staff might find him some playing time.

As for the Defense I think one big thing they need to work on is dumb penalties and giving up the big play. For the most part they are the strength of the team.

I hope we are getting close to at least 5K!



My friends and I'm are buying a block of 13 to 15 season tickets on Monday. Every seat counts, right? Plus you can't beat the price.

My understanding is that next week, the athletic department will be launching online season tickets sales via www.fiusports.com. Be on the lookout. Go Panthers!

Great article about Isiah Thomas and the buzz generated now with FIU Basketball...even among some of the nation's best high school hoops players...Thanks....


Every single alumnus in South Florida needs to be at the Panther Preview on Thrs. August 20th at 6pm Stadium Club Lounge. This team needs a REAL HOME FIELD Advantage this year.

Our toughest conference games we have at home this year in Troy, UL and FAU. All of us want a winner, RIGHT ? and a team to be PROUD of....well HELP THEM SWEEP THE SUN BELT this season by getting out there this FALL and supporting a team on the verge of GREATNESS !!!

See you on August 20th at 6pm FIU Stadium Club

Wow FIUPIKE made an excellent point! Our two toughest conference games just happen to be at home. With this said, sweeping the 'belt is that much more of a possibility...ONLY if we give our team TRUE homefield advantage!

Come on Panther Nation!!!

gpantera, if you can hit me up on the forum, same screen name as on here, I would be up for joining your group with the season tickets.

A agree.. Every Alum should be a Season Ticket Holder. My wife and I have been for the last 3 years and its the best to spend 4 or 5 hours eating, drinking, hanging out with friends, and watching a good game of football. In the pass we use to go for the first 3 reasons, and now the game has finally become the best part of the experience..

Im sticking to my prediction: 7-5.. and our FIRST Bowl Game!

Get your FIU Season Tickets now. Call the FIU Ticket Director, Jeremy, at (305) 348-2903 or e-mail him now at jlamb@fiu.edu.

I just sent you a privat message via fiugoldenpanthers.com

private message

Do u have any articles bout ALL of fiu`s walk-ons and how they`re doing?


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