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Take The FIU Football PSAT, Win a GPP Blog

Many of you good people are counting down the days until camp begins for your Panthers -- 15 days as Fiuhelmet of Sunday. Until then, here is an FIU football quiz to keep you busy for the next few days.

Blklogo Psat While yours truly is on vacation on a beach out of town for the next several days, here is the FIU Football PSAT (Pete Standard Achievement Test).

The following questions are a test of your FIU football knowledge. Although FIU football turns just 8 years old when it kicks off the season at Alabama on Sept. 12 there have been some memorable and some not so memorable moments in the past 8 years.

The following questions do not necessarily require you to know any specific statistics that can easily be found in the FIU football media guide or on the FIU sports website. What would be the fun in that? This is sort of like a summer FIU scavenger hunt.

All of the answers to the 20 questions and the tiebreaker question have been written in 1 of 3 places: The Miami Herald, The GPP and/or in the FIU football media guide. This is an open-book test so Chevy cheating is highly recommended and look on your neighbor's laptop screen if need be.

The reader with the most correct answers to the following PSAT will win the opportunity to write their own GPP Blog before FIU football begins camp on August 10.

The rules are simple: 1) Answer correctly as many of the following 20 questions -- the reader with the most correct answers will be the winner. 2) Should there be a tie after 20 questions, then whoever gets the most correct answers in the tiebreaker question will be the winner. 3) If there is a tie after that then we will go by whoever got their answers e-mailed to me the quickest -- going by the time on my e-mail.

If you want your entry to count toward this FIU Football PSAT contest, then you must E-MAIL your answers to ppelegrin@miamiherald.com. Answers in the comments section will not be counted.

Apaw Deadline to submit answers will be Thursday, July 30 at 12 noon Eastern Daylight Time.

No need to sharpen any No. 2 pencils here, so let's get going....


1) Which FIU player scored the first touchdown in Coach Mario Cristobal's first season?Who

Moses Hinton.

2) Which former FIU player received a scholarship offer to become a Panther after repeatedly hitting former FIU coach Don Strock's car with a football?

Adam Moss, who was kicking field goals at American Heritage and the balls were landing on the roof of Strock's car.

3) There are currently 5 FIU players or coaches with 4 NFL team nicknames in either their first or last names. Who are these 5 people and what 4 NFL teams are part of their first or last names?

Bill Legg (Buffalo Bills); Colt Anderson (Indianapolis Colts); Franklin Brown and Kreg Brown (Cleveland Browns); Pooh Bear Mars (Chicago Bears).

4) Which former FIU player was also Don Strock's nephew?

Dane Ireson.

5) Before making his head coaching debut against Penn State, why did Cristobal say he would wear a shirt and tie on the sidelines as a head coach?Tie

To show respect for the position of head coach and to represent FIU in a first class manner.

6) Bernard Clark was FIU's first defensive coordinator, but which former FIU assistant did Strock designate as defensive coordinator, even though he did not officially have the D-coordinator title?

Former FIU defensive line coach Jim Taubert.

7) Which FIU player had a touchdown called back against Florida Atlantic in last year's Don Shula Bowl?

Anthony Gaitor.

Movie 8) When a Sun Sports reporter came out to do a feature on FIU football and Cristobal, she watched the Panthers and MC sprinting on to the practice field and said it reminded her of a scene from what movie?


9) Under Strock, one FIU practice was interrupted when a pack of wild dogs sprinted across the FIU Stadium field and up into the former rented bleachers in the corner of the end zone. What other non-football interruption took place during an FIU practice under Strock?

FIU football practice came to a halt when former President George W. Bush's helicopter landed outside of old FIU Stadium and snipers took to the top rows of FIU Stadium as Bush got into a car to take him to the National Hurricane Center at FIU.

10) When Strock was hired as FIU's first coach, he said these 3 jersey numbers would never be worn byDogs any FIU player, because 3 NFL greats wore these 3 numbers.

This is a 2-part answer to this question: 1) What were the 3 jersey numbers and who were the NFL greats?

13 - Dan Marino; 19 - Johnny Unitas; 39 - Larry Csonka

2) Strock relented on 1 number after one of the NFL greats said the FIU player could wear his number and then the other 2 numbers were taken by FIU players under Cristobal. Who were the first 3 FIU players to wear each of the 3 jersey numbers being asked about in this question?

13 - Jamie Burke; 19 - Kendall Berry; 39 - Peter Riley

11) Who was the first FIU recruit to sign a national letter of intent and become the first Panther?

Former FIU QB David Tabor

12) Which current FIU player is the brother of former FIU receiver Chandler Williams?

Peter Riley

13) Name the 3 TY's currently on the FIU team?

T.Y. Hilton, Ty Frierson, Terrance "TY" Taylor

14) Which current FIU player already has a wrestling stage name picked out and what is that stage name?Wrestler

Andy Leavine and one day he could become "The Divine Leavine"

15) Which 2 people gave Antwan Barnes the nickname -- El Monstruo?

FIU Spanish broadcasters: Jerry Del Castillo and Pepe Campos also known as Jerry of the Castle and Joe Fields.

16) Who was the mistaken Blue 25 from last year's camp and who was the actual Blue 25 from last season?

Jerrell Lamb - mistaken Blue25 and Alonzo Phillips - actual Blue25

17) Which former FIU player became the first Panther to sign with an NFL team and what NFL team did he sign with?

Kevin Timothee (Tennessee Titans)

18) Name the four FIU players that returned interceptions for touchdowns against Florida Atlantic in 2005 to tie the NCAA record for most interceptions returned for TDs in a game?

Keyonvis Bouie, Marshall McDuffie, Lionell Singleton, Nick Turnbull

Panthers 19) What former NFL/college coach's actions ended up bringing quarterback Jamie Burke to FIU and what did that former coach do that resulted in Burke coming to FIU?

Steve Spurrier had recruited Burke to go play at Florida when he was the coach of the Gators. Burke came to FIU when Spurrier bolted for the Washington Redskins as head coach.

20) Against which opponent is the only game that FIU has ever won by making a field goal as the game clock hit 0:00 in the 4th quarter and who was the FIU kicker to hit the winning field goal?

Against Division I-AA No. 23 Western Kentucky in 2005, Adam Moss kicked the game-winning 36-yard field goal as time expired to lift FIU to a 38-35 win.


At each Don Shula Bowl, an MVP from each team: FIU and Florida Atlantic is voted on by the media. Name all the FIU MVPs and their respective years from the seven Don Shula Bowls that have beenShula played?

Make it 6, I will give you the first one:

2002 - Jerrid Lundstedt.....now you name the other 6 Panthers to get their names on a plaque on the Don Shula Bowl Trophy.

2003 - Adam Gorman; 2004 - Cory McKinney;  2005 - Ben West; 2006 - Chandler Williams; 2007 - A'mod Ned; 2008 - Paul McCall.

Hope this FIU PSAT did not kill too many brain cells. I will post the answers to all 20 questions and the tiebreaker answers when I get back in town later this week.


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Wow... hell of an idea, Pete. This is pretty damn brutal for questions, though. I only knew about half of them off-hand. This'll be pretty fun!

Yeah man, hardcore quiz Pete lol.

Pete I was thinking that perhaps you can blog about travel/itinerary suggestions for FIU's away games this year? I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to make it to Bama, and what to do in Bama. I was thinking of driving up to Birmingham, which is 40 miles away from the stadium, but its a nasty drive....don't want to kill an entire day on the road. Flights from Miami to Birmingham aren't exactly convenient. Then, who the hell wants to stay in Birmingham for a long Wed night or Thurs-Sunday night weekend getaway lol with an 80,000 population in the middle of nowhere, I sure don't. I think the best option now is a flight to Atlanta which can be had for $150 roundtrip (you'll spend more on gas if you drive). Then rent a car to drive out to the game on Sat, which is like 200 miles away. At least there is something to do in HOTlanta for the long weekend.

What are your thoughts guys?

lol if i make it to an away game its got to be the UF game.. its driving distance... i cant afford a plane ticket lol im goin to be watching the bama game (hopefully it will be on game day not tapedelay) at sports grill.

Pete if anyone gets half of the questions right they should be allowed to coach for a game. Those questions are super tough.. I tried to delete the Strock era from my memory. Man those were hard times... Ha ha.

My suggestion for away games would be UF (for the college atmosphere, and a cheap trip) or Rutgers (because most people know someone in NYC and you can just drive to the game from there, plus tix are not as expensive as Bama)..

Hey Pete...I see you forgot about Rashod Smith

CJ, i was told that the Bama game is going to be on tape delay on 9/13 on the CSS channel...

Other people say they're hard...if I say they're hard, they're INSANELY hard. I know most of them off the top, but you're killing these people!


Hope to see you at the event on August 20th at the Stadium Club !!!

Good to 'hear'...or read...from you, Rashod!! More and more kids from Northwestern are finding their ways into FIU!!!


FIU Fanatic,

I see that and I am proud to be one of the first and to see the accomplishments of our team.


Inform me about the event.

PSAT? lol... more like LSAT!


August 20th is kinda like an open house/launch party for the 2009 season. Tours of the facilities, suites, stadium seating, new weight room etc...Q & A with Mario, raffles, giveaways etc. We are trying to get the alumni base back on campus and that would include former players. There is an event page on Facebook (Alumni Panther Preview)...I'll look for you on Facebook.

Pretty nice story today Pete on the state of affairs of FIU Athletics....Congrats!!

FIU on the rise!!

There is a soccer movement afoot in South Florida. There have been rumblings about MLS in Miami again. Don't just sit back and wonder what will happen, do something I say. So MiamiSoccerFan.com is doing just that.

We are launching a campaign to acquire as many “season ticket dedications” as possible for a potential Major League Soccer team in Miami. Sign up and show the world that South Florida does have fans that will support Major League Soccer.



Yeah I am on here. I really would like to attend this event.

After Antwan Barnes, my vote for the best FIU football player in our history goes to Rashod Smith. Thanks for your contributions, Rashod. I hope our running game this year will bring back memories of your career. I think Darriet Perry has the ability to break some of your rushing records.


I really do hope the record is broken. Thanks for the compliment. I really appreciate it!!


I hit you up on Facebook...If you have time, maybe you can join me and the staff next Wed. evening as we can continue to plan the event on the 20th. We can talk via Fbook..


Can't believe football season is about a little more than a month away!!! It should be really exciting for all involved!!

On a somewhat related note, you guys should definetly sign that petition Ultras was talking about a couple posts back. We definetly need to try and push for MLS soccer here and for the team to play at FIU. IMAGINE the kind of publicity we'll get and the kind of exposure we'll get throughout Miami and the rest of the country! We need this as much as Miami needs MLS. And meanwhile, come out and support Miami FC whenever they play here. It's a lot of fun and very affordable! Good USL crowds would look good for the MLS executives!!

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