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Munera Gets 5th Season; Visit to a 7-on-7

FIU punter Carlos Munera was granted a 5th season of college football by the NCAA on Wednesday Munera afternoon.

Munera had petitioned the NCAA for a medical redshirt after transferring to FIU before last season from West Hills College where he was a JUCO All-American punter.

Munera, who at 6-2, 232 pounds, took out a couple of opposing special teamers last year during punt returns, averaged 41.1 yards per punt and downed 20 punts inside the 20. His long was 61 yards.

Getting Munera (right, thanks Sam Lewis photo) for an extra season will now allow Jack Griffin and Dustin Rivest to concentrate on just kicking. Both would have punted and kicked this season if Munera was not available.


Was at one of your Panthers 7-on-7s on Tuesday afternoon working on an upcoming story about the FIU freshmen and thought to pass along some observations of the workout.

To start the entire team was not present due to classes, etc., but a good number of the team was there.

Before we get to the 7-on-7s, it was good to see how some of the players have taken charge and are leading the younger Panthers.

Oso With no FIU coaches present, because all throughout the NCAA, coaches are not allowed to be on the field with the players until August, certain players led the workout.

On the defensive side, you saw Scott Bryant (left, thanks Alex J. Hernandez photo) schooling the younger linebackers on the fine points of the position. SB set up some cones and went through some of the techniques of the position as Winston Fraser, Aaron Davis and Kenny Dillard paid attention to their elder (well, SB is a senior, so we can call him an elder).

Over with the tight ends, Eric Kirchenberg was doing the teaching as Jonathan Faucher, Chris Campbell and Colt Anderson, who is going to make the move from QB, listened intently.

Good news for Paul McCall and the FIU running game, the Panthers entire starting offensive line is back this season. Rare when you see all 5 linemen return for any team across the country.

The freshmen O-linemen look promising. Andy Leavine and Brad Serini were leading the O-line drills withIstanich seniors Joe Alajajian and Mario Caraballo as freshmen Dave Istanich (right), Rupert Bryan, Giancarlo Revilla and Austin Tottle followed along. On first impression, Istanich is a mountain and Bryan has the potential to be a monster. DI, who stands at 6-6 and 305 pounds, is probably not ready to play yet, but it would  not surprise to see him orMountain Bryan be the first freshmen linemen to get playing time this year.

With the QBs, PM and Wesley Carroll were giving pointers to a couple of walk-on QBs in Junior Delpe (North Miami High) and Chris Schirripa (Cardinal Gibbons High).

Anthony Gaitor, who it seems like just the other day was a freshman, was leading the DBs before they lined up against the receivers in 7-on-7s.

Among other notables: Josh Forney looks like the real deal as does Jonathan Cyprien, who already has the build of an upperclassman.

Some of the highlights from Tuesday's 7-on-7s:

Junior Mertile (thanks AJH photo), who caught the Hilton Heave last season, not only looks bigger and faster, but caught everything thrown his way, including a couple of acrobatic catches where he went across his body to Jr snare.

Kirchenberg also had a solid day catching passes. Anderson looked pretty comfortable at TE. You could tell he's a natural athlete with the way he ran his patterns and how effortlessly he caught the ball. He definitely has the height to play the position.

Not to anyone's surprise T.Y. Goodbye beat 2 defenders for a 45-yard TD and yes, you can tell Goodbye is no longer weighing 160 pounds and no, none of his speed has been sacrificed with the extra muscle on his frame. He's still running a 4.3.

Jairus Williams, all 6-5 of him, has the potential to be a nice red zone target. He had his ups and downs Tuesday making some catches, but dropping several of them. To which someone yelled, "You're going to be the strongest receiver here" because each time a receiver drops a pass they have to do push ups.

Each of the three QBs (PM, WY and WC) had their moments throwing. Delpe has good size at 6-3 and a strong arm. Schirripa had some accurate throws.

Gaitor and Cyprien had some pass breakups and Big Ontario Smith had an INT.

We're 26 days away from the start of camp and we'll have more updates from 7-on-7s before then. We'll get to the freshmen's weight room accomplishments on the next post.


Apaw Dropped by the fieldhouse after watching the workout and it is coming along nicely. It is just about completely painted. Was able to walk out onto the patio deck overlooking the FIU Stadium field and with the sun setting behind the west side of the stadium, the deck was covered in shade with a smooth easterly breeze blowing in -- definitely best seat in the house. Also, now with carpeting installed and the walls painted, the team auditorium is pretty impressive in size. Weight room and FIU locker room also had their floors put in and are taking shape. Will have some updated photos of the place soon.

blkpanther: Question, is Gaitor squatting 475 a typo? He squatting as much as the Linemen. Pete DoesGaitor   CMack have 2 years of eligibility left since he did not play last year? Was he on scholly last year?

PP: Double-checked with Coach Moore and he says that is NOT a typo. Moore says Gaitor (right, thanks AJH photo) is "pound for pound the strongest kid on the team".

CMack was getting his paperwork in order last season so he was not on any scholly. He has 2 years to play football at FIU.

Bryan R.: Pete, Maybe you can bring the NCAA 2010 stadium issue to your contacts in FIU athletics.

PP: FIU told EA about the new stadium with plenty of time, but EA just did not include it. Also, No. 4 and No. 6 for FIU were not included by EA in the game. Would say that No. 4 and No. 6 on the FIU team are some pretty important players.



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Great post pete. We can never have enough FIU football. Im super glad that colt anderson is switching to TE, the kid deserves to play.

Im feeling kinda old now that you call Scotty an elder, i can remember clearly when i first met him our freshman year along with Andy Leavine.

With Chris Cook not coming back from injury, getting Carlos Munera back at punter is fantastic news. He was one of the real pleasant surprises last year. And the news of 2 years of eligibility for C-Mack is also great to hear. It sounds like the new young guys are going to push him though. After so many years of having an over-matched, young O-line, it feels like we're FINALLY ready to play D-1 ball on the line of scrimmage this year.

I can give EA a bye on not including the stadium, but there are no excuses for EA on not having T.Y. or Jeremiah Weatherspoon on the roster--they're "just" our best offensive player and best defensive player. A very disappointing showing from supposedly the #1 college football game franchise. I think they're going to look pretty silly by season's end with all of their ommissions on FIU. I'll take a pass on the 2010 version and wait for EA to get it right in 2011.

How long has Dustin Rivest been on the team? He must be like 25 now. ha.

What happened with Colt? Did he realize that he wouldnt get any playing time unless he switched positions? Was he that far behind in the QB competition?

Indeed I've read on the EA forums that yes apparently FIU did provide EA with all the data they needed to make the stadium happen. I'm still pretty upset that the old stadium (Miccosukee is still the sponsor on the high school scoreboard) and other aspects of FIU have been neglected. However a Golden Dazzler did make the main menu, and looks pretty damn good!

I still think FIU should've been on top of this, its like quality control man! I'm sure we'll get EA's attention for NCAA 2011 after we win the SunBelt this year!!!


Did I read it correctly, Colt is moving to tight end? I thought he would have a legitimate shot at the starting job in 2010, what is going here Pete?


A legitimate shot would be long winded with the addition of Wesley Carroll to the QB crew in 2010....I actually like this move gets the kid on the field and if he has the skills just adds to the good core of tight ends


You've been putting up some quality articles and in very quick order the last few days. Very impressive.



Thanks for looking into it. Just looks like FIU still can't get no respect.

As for #4 (need to check for #6) he's is on the adjusted roster released for download by EA Sports. EA admitted to not only screwing up FIU's roster, but many others (missing players, freshmen, and graduated or drafted players still on teams).

Go to www.freencca09rosters.com to get instructions.

Furthermore, many dedidcated individuals are working to get accurate named rosters which should be available from EA Locker shortly.

I'll just wait for 2011 NCAA Football. What a joke not including #4 and #6.

Great stuff Pete. That's big news on Colt Anderson. Hopefully he can get on the field this year. Seems like 2010 QB position will be WC's to lose.


Look out for Junior Delpe at QB, big kid...he goes 6'3" 210lbs...had some BCS schools after him, not sure what happened ? But glad he is with us at FIU now. Younger and Darold Hughes are the back ups? My guess is that Wayne has improved significantly. During Spring practice - he had much more ZIP on his passes and seemed more comfortable with the offense.

I understood how ncaa football 09 wouldn't have the new stadium, roster, logo because all that got unveiled around 2 months before the game's release.

But there is no excuse for any omissions in ncaa football 10. EA Sports has gotten so lazy with their monopoly and I'm pissed.

I hate that I have to wait another year for 11 to see if EA does their job.

LOL at FIU you will never beat FAU you will always be that immigrant school to the south where you guys rather watch futbol insted of football thats why you have an on cmpaus stadium and still avg. less fans. I cant wait till Dec. 5th and we have more fans in your stadium then you do. Hey look at this video of you school lmao
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knvUE5OOqYY its comes up at 1:27

hahaha... what a hater. Keep it coming! haha!

Fiu sucks:

I'll make sure this is circulated to all the student organizations on campus well in advance of the game and posted inside the locker room before the PANTHERS CRUSH FAU this season. Keep talking you ignorant SOB and GOD help any FAU fans that run their mouth at this game !!! LMAO. You guys were sooooo lucky to win last year. We played that game without 4 starters on defense, including both our safeties. Let's get real here. WE ARE GOING TO CRUSH YOU THIS SEASON, AND YOU BETTER GET USED TO IT.

***How's that NEW Stadium and INNOVATION VILLAGE COMING ALONG ? Huh ? Looks like Frank Brogan gave up on FAU !!

I will talk the crap i want cause you school has done jack and theirs nothing you can do about it FIU pike. FIU IS A JOKE AND YOU WILL ALWAYS BE OWNED BY FAU ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!

It looks like last year's improvements and our incoming recruiting class have some people scared.

As for EA, I can understand the stadium as our's is currently still a work in progress, but how do you forget two of our best players, including our most potent weapon on offense.

lol lets face it "Fiu sucks" you been playing against us w/ both hands tied behind our back thanks to Don Strock (Howard's whipping boy and caddy) now that MC got here you just got a taste of what FIU will become last year... just wait till our defense gets to taht game.. goin to be lightyears ahead of where we were last year. and you guys... sorry your boy rusty is goin to see so many Green stains on his jersey they are goin to give him a discount at his cleaners for being such a valued customer w/ all the repeat visits! ha!

FAU is ranking on us ... LOL ... your bashing FIU and you can't even spell correctly while you do it. Let me guess you were educated at FAU. Makes sense. Your in our house this year. GOOD LUCK your going to need it ... and your recruiting class this year is Worthless. You recruited the left overs FIU and the rest of Florida did not want. That speaks volumes about your "Future".

No it will be our house cause we will have more fans then you in your stadium.

wait... didn't they pass on Pooh Bear Mars? HAHAHA! According to some over at the FAU boards, FAU was gracious enough to let us have him! ...Thank you FAU!!

Please bro. You guys are getting left behind not only by us, but by half the sunbelt soon enough if you guys don't get a decent stadium. Schnelly is not gonna be there forever you can't ride on his name much longer.

And all you guys hate on Isaiah Thomas, waiting for him to fail... sorry to break it to you, but with players half as good as the ones we are getting/going to get, FAU isn't going to be the ones to stop us. Quit hooting out the Hate!

These clowns up north are extremely funny, with "FIU sucks" leading the circus...quit sippin' on the hater juice boys!! Take your whoopin' like big boys in December!! HAHA

god i would hate me life if i was a hooter.

god i would hate MY life if i was hooter.

Chris Schirripa preferred walk on from Cardinal Gibbons is working real hard and threw a touchdown during 7 0n 7's.Freshman seems to have alot of fire. Can you tell us anything about him ?

You guys talk a lot crap and you haven't won anything Lmao we WILL BEAT you again this year but you guys will always have soccer

your going to be in for a surprise then douche bag.

Guys.. leave the troll alone. The more you feed it, the more it feels emboldened. Just let the troll post and go on his merry way. He cares enough about FIU to post on our blog, let's feel honored. Ignore this guy and let our boys do the talking come this December! We got more important things to worry about now lol

Guys, you are getting way to pissed off at this Owl. He just hates to admit that FIU is light years ahead of FAU, not only academically but also when it comes to the future of our sports programs. Use all that rage in a positive way and get those seats in our stadium filled!!

Gotta love the racism by the FAU fan too.

Is this guy for real? You must be 85 years old to be eligible to live in Boca. I hope you got the memo. I can bet SEASON TICKETS that FIU runs over the owls this year! I can also tell you and the rest of the haters that keep coming and coming we are going Bowl Hunting this year as well. By the way I love how many idiots from other schools and even people that will never go to college come on this Form every day just to HATE!! Keep it coming Suckers!


I would hate me life too. Irish people RULE!

Yeah Owl, we might have soccer...but you will always have Lockhart :) I get tetanus just thinking about the place. Ugh.

One area of our game we haven't really emphasized on is our special teams.

Not only are we getting Munera back, but we have Griffin (top 20 kicker on rivals) in there for kick offs and FG's.

Also, many of our recruits were beasts on special teams coverage and returns...

We are going to have a very strong special teams unit, and we'll surprise some people.

Don't worry guys, we'll trap the owls in our cage. FIU will open some eyes this season.

that kid chris is pretty nasty when it comes to running ill take it .. and to the pigeon that is trolling like i said before we havnt done anything b/c we were basically playin w/ our hads tied behind our back... the ropes come off my "friend" the gloves are on... and the fury is on its way!

Finally FIU fan is engaging its real rival, FAU. Even I, when given a choice b/tw FIU and FAU, have to admit that FIU is going to pass FAU in every sport so fast, especially football, FAU may need to drop down to DII just to be relevent.

CC for once i think your goin to have all of FIU fans agreeing w/ your hahaha

Good post ... very true CC.


Ok, so I'll take the dissenting opinion here. Maybe there is a case for FAU being our rival right now because of proximity and the SBC. Yes they have owned us the last few years. But as a natural rival, don't think so. Brogan wants to leave FAU to become SUS Chancellor and the Innovation Sports Village idea is on the shelf for them right now. Unless FAU can get a big time bowl payday this season - they are in serious trouble in athletics.

From what I am hearing in the "back channels" FIU is bringing a compelling case to play Miami every year in all revenue sports. The Hurricanes and FIU share fans, share graduates and share Miami-Dade County. These games need to happen and happen soon. Think of how awesome it would be for FIU and UM to decide or play a factor in the National Championship every year. This is a strong possibility down the road. FIU and UM need to keep the best talent down here for us to share !!! Then settle on the field.

DREAM SEASON for FIU in 2009 (10-2) and going to a legit bowl with the BIG EAST taking notice.....MIAMI is and should be our RIVAL.

Here we go again... look if it happens, it happens. End of story... let's just root for our team against whoever we play and let Pete Garcia and the rest of the athletic department handle the rest. They've done a darn good job thus far...


Relax !! I can assure you that I support this team no matter who we play, frankly...those that know me and are with me at the games have to calm me down. Whether it's ULM, MTSU or USF. I'm just making a point that in the future college football could really be decided every year in Miami-Dade County.

FIURage, Schirripa and Gibons are looking pretty good. Surprised no one picked them up. I can definitely go with them as walk ons as they seem to have some tools.

As far as this back and forth between an Owl and us. I can respect FAU for what it has done. They don't get the best recruits, but they have managed to win the SBC and two bowls in a row.

That being said Strock was a horrible coach. He wasn't interested in anything other than playing golf with the boys. Mario is committed and professional, and he has been getting better and better recruits. We out recruited FAU last year and this year, and we will most likely finish what we started in '08. We are a bigger school in the best recruiting grounds in the country, it is only a matter of time before that is reflected on the field.

10-2 is unlikely. (I'm assuming you're counting losses at Bama and UF)

I'm guessing 8-4 or 7-5.

But the writing is on the wall. FIU will improve. I'm honestly very glad to be in the Sun Belt because it gives the room to grow. If FIU were in any BCS conference and our record would struggle for years.

But we have so many advantages over every other school in the conference as far as recruiting:

A young, motivating head coach who's great at recruiting.

New stadium and state of the art fieldhouse.

Miami. Great weather, beaches, clubs, and gorgeous women.

The largest market in the whole conference.

Cristobal is building a noticeable talent base. The coaches are getting better, the trainers are making them stronger, and South Florida recruits now know there going to be a legitimate D-I alternative in town not in Boca playing in a defunct soccer stadium with a good, but very old head coach.

Crazy Cane was actually right. Right now we have to take it to FAU and the Sun Belt. That's our goal. Conference championships and bowl games. With that, the recruits will keep coming. The Big East will notice when they decide to get to 12 teams for a championship game. Before you know it, UM will be there to cash in. FIU alumni who haven't opened their eyes yet will no longer have to falsely wear green and orange in order to enjoy NCAA football. Then CC, we will have our natural rivalry. But hey, when we get there, no one would mind if we scheduled FAU as a non-conference homecoming game, nothing wrong with multiple rivals.

i personally like the idea of multiple rivals bryan R. whoop up on FAU (which i hope they grow with us cause theres nothing better than hattin on some owl) and whoever else. rivals arent created they are born...

Check out the updated rosters....looks we got that JUCO kid Chris DeArmas that was originally a USF signee.

Tourek Williams is a freak and so is LaPorte.



Its quite possible.

FSU has UF and UM
USC has UCLA and Notre Dame
Texas has Texas A&M and now Texas Tech is in there
UM would add FIU along with FSU
UF had FSU and UGA

and so on and so forth.

Oh FIUPIKE, I meant nothing like that! I'm just saying usually, this kind of conversation leads us down the same path over and over again about UM that in the end gets us nowhere... I consider FAU and UM to be our main rivals, unfortunately one is running away from us. But that is beyond our control.

Joel - is onr running away from you, or simply letting you know that you are not worth the time?

Yeah and FAMU and Charelston Southern is?

FIUPIKE nice spot, why on earth does Rivals still have Williams listed at 203?

LOL good one Joel!! You're absolutely right, UM is running the other way.

BTW Bryan, you forgot Florida - UM would add FIU along with FSU and Florida! Although Crazy Cane is still taking meds for the 28-3 loss!! haha

went to cardinal gibbons website and found
senior 08' highlight film on chris schirripa..

Great news on DeArmas as FIU Fanatic posted a while back ...

"I did a little research on De Armas, and he was highly thought of by recruiting sites , when he was ranked as the state of Florida #49 player by rivals.com, the #33 player in Florida by Orlando Sentinel, and #44 by Tampa Tribune. Meanwhile scout.com rated him as 3-star and the nation's #71 OL player....for the class of 2005, when he signed originally with USF."

I am feeling better and better about this season... depth will do that.

Apparently Schirripa runs a 4.65 40, not very fast, but he runs a 4.15 short shuttle, which is pretty good.

This blog gets more and more comical. Just because you are in the same city doesn't mean you are natural rivals. You don't see us being rivals with FAMU, do you?

Miami has enough when it comes to rivalries, especially since they are trying to get Notre Dame to play a real schedule.

If Miami where to schedule you, it would be after Pete Garcia's tenure. His issues with UM is well documented and considering the issues that have come to light at FIU, he hasn't changed one bit.

How about FIU concentrates on winning the Sunbelt and beating their rivals? You guys aren't even being courted to join a real conference, so dreams and aspirations of playing for/deciding a national championship are just as plausible for FAU as it is for FIU, if not moreso in FAU's favor.


So you think only with 10-2 and big east ? or just big east in general?

God forbid UM wastes their time on poor little FIU! We wouldn't want to leave charelston southern all alone! Maybe we can all three just play together and hold hands and sing songs... or better yet we can just Man-Up and give the city what we want and stopthe little girly excuses.

Guys, as much as I would like a crosstown rivalry with UM, it is clear that it won't happen anytime soon. We should concentrate on finally putting away FAU, winning the SBC, and consistently playing Florida and FSU and trying to build something with them.

I don't want to be perceived as South Florida's Oliver Twist asking for more porridge. Let us do our thing, this rivalry will come sooner or later.


Notre Dame not play a real schedule lets compare it to UM's and see. The reason ND does not play UM is the same reason UM does not play FIU. They have nothing to gain. ND sells out their stadium and their opponents stadium every week. Plus they play on national tv every week. Miami is lucky to get a game on national tv (FSU games have been regional on ABC).

Wow, that was painful to read, grammatically speaking.

Notre Dame stopped playing Miami because they were getting smacked. Don't forget Notre Dame came down to Doak and played us a few years ago (2002). Nothing should keep them from doing the same with Miami and if I recall correctly their new AD is trying to schedule them.

Another reason Notre Dame doesn't play them, or us much, or any other decent teams besides USC and Michigan (when they are good) is because they can pack their schedule with softies. The better programs get to do that, some just don't and like to play anyone anytime, like us, Miami, USC, Virginia Tech, etc.

Miami isn't lucky to get a game on national t.v. They draw some of the biggest ratings than any other programs. If you want me to start throwing out numbers I can google it and show you, but save nonsensical ramblings for another day and admit to yourself they are a big draw. Whether people love them or hate them, they like to watch them.


You must be right. Television hates making money (ratings) so they decide not to show the national power Hurricanes.

Yea, I guess you're right, that's why the most viewed game in ESPN history is us versus Miami in 06. The second most watched are the same two teams in '94. The third most watched is them versus UF this past year....I think even last year they were ranked in the top 10 in bowl games ratings, despite their obvious poor record. But ignore the facts, good to see someone who can't even spell stupid doesn't need any help looking foolish (Good job on properly spelling your username on this blog as well. Most assuredly you must be one of the more gifted on here).

T.V. loves showing Florida State and Miami games (both individually and separately).Just looking at their schedule shows not only regional but national coverage against Us, Oklahoma, Georgia Tech (Thursday night game), they def. get regional coverage when they play Clemson, maybe V-tech., maybe UNC depending what time their game airs and ours airs.

You attempt to say Notre Dame doesn't play them because they don't need to, then ignore them playing us (when presumptively they wouldn't need to either), so you leave the issue alone in hopes that no one would notice. Notre Dame doesn't get national coverage every week, by the way. Their home games are on NBC, not every away game is nationally covered.

Now you say they don't get national coverage, and I throw out three instances that directly contradict you. I understand you hate Miami, and blindly at that, but take a step back and be objective. Most rational adults can do that.

The reason UM and FSU get so many people watching them if because they both suck so bad, that thei game is the Florida Bowl in their fan's mind. It is really hard for both schools to see the real deal getting all the meaningful games in January.
Also Fomenter, for been an FSU student you are too quick to defend UM. Is it because you want to hype up the rivalry because you know yo FSU will get destroy during Thanksgiving weekend? or is it because in reality you are a UM fan fronting to be a Seminole?
If you ever get the opportunity to go outside Florida, you can see that the schools that have the strongest alumni in the Nation are UF, Penn State, Texas A&M, Ohio State, Arizona, Minnesota, Texas, Michigan, etc.
The largest alumni are from the Midwest. The only school that represent the south is UF.

Hey Pete, any idea when we will know what games whether away or home are going to be televised and on radio. Also, are all games going to be on Panther Pass??? thanks

Chris Schirripa is a good pick up. He's a kid that can easily play his way into a scholarship and take some meaningful snaps at some point down the line. It would really be great if we can get that #9 WR, Shawn Corker,that you see catching most of the balls in those highlights. He's coming out in the 2010 class, but it looks like FIU isn't on his radar at this point. He's the type of kid that will be giving us hard looks a few years from now.

SouthPaw, maybe having Schirripa on board will entice Shawn Corker to come our way.

Just because I dislike UM doesn't mean I can't respect them. I respect them and USC moreso than any other teams in the country.

So people want to see both teams because they suck so bad? So FIU should be plastered all over t.v. with FAU right? Weak logic. People hate UM. People hate FSU. People hate UF. They like to watch us play because we provide the best football and the championship goes through one of our three teams more often than not, year in and year out.

What's happening Thanksgiving weekend besides us playing UF? That doesn't involve UM. For "been a FSU student".... is that even part of a complete thought? Never went to FSU, so don't even know what to tell you except that I'm a big fan of our program.

Regarding your issue addressing the midwest schools and their big followings, how is that relevant? Is that even germane to the topic of discussion? The only way I see it as relevant is that those big schools with a big following still can't outdraw UM in ratings. Interesting. But no one wants to see them play?

And UF is not the only school that represents the south. FSU, Georgia, Alabama, LSU, Texas, and Tenn. do as well, but your entire post shows that you know zilch about college football.

What a sorry excuse for a college football fan, it's just bad all around on your part.

...get him on medication....please....


Concentrate on Bobby getting his 14 wins back and go to another blog.

By the way if UM was such a big draw they would be on national tv every week

His "Depends" must be soiled. Go back to your bingo game at the ELKs Lodge.


I think 8-4 is not realistic this year even though that would an amazing season. But 7-5 can happen and most likely will happen. That will put us in a Bowl Game (maybe New Orleans).. I will take that right now with now questions asked..


Hmmmm, student athlete cheating scandal ?? Part of the responsibility of a coach is also to set the bar high on and off the field.

I don't think the NCAA is going to give him his 14 wins back.


PASSING: 2800yards with 20 TD's
RUSHING: 1000yards with 10 TD's
HILTON: 1200yards with 10 TD's
ELLIGNSON: 800yards with 5 TD's
GAITOR: 7 int's with 2 for TD's

Very realistic stats for some of our Top players..

This would equal to Bowl Game for sure!

Hysterical. I take two posters to the woodshed, two who can't even spell respectably or structure a sentence properly (You must be so proud of your fellow alum! A great group of people to represent your respectable school.) and none of you can contribute anything of worth. I love your modus operandi. Bring up one set of issues, have it blown up in your face, move onto a new issues. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Yea, I guess being in my late 30s is the age one uses depend.

By the way, you guys still feel strong about Walford? Really think you have a shot if any of the big 3 wants him, considering he says he wants to play on TV every weekend (does Telemundo pick up Panther Pass?)?

It's sad, you guys really need football season to come around so you can brag about beating the North Texas and Middle Tenn. State's of the world. What's next, Sister Mary's School for the blind?

But yea, don't worry, us and UM suck and don't draw TV ratings. You'll def. outdraw us on Labor Day, or when we play UF, or when Miami plays Oklahoma, or when we play BYU.

Just over a month for you guys to continue to wallow in mediocrity. Best of luck to the "sleeping giants".

Your blabbering nonsense about college football earlier was not worth me taking you to task. "Woodshed ??" please. You respect UCG ? Ok, please indulge me....for what reason do you respect them and Southern Cal more than others ? This I have to hear !!

Dude, stop calling yourself a FSU fan, you don't even know that Thanksgiving weekend in college football is traditionally rivalry weekend, when the real rivals play eachother, I am sure you only think of turkeys and black Friday, but for college football that is a huge weekend.
Also I can be money that you haven't even been to Tallahasee and in reality the closest you have ever been to FSU is watching a UCG vs FSU game on TV, seems you care so much about the tv ratings rather than the actual game attendances and the latest accomplishements.
Well I know ucg considers a lot of people rivals, but in reality you can go to any bookstore and fan shop in any of the ACC schools, and any of the Florida schools and you will have a hard time finding a "hate" t-shirt against UM. in FSU there is one for every 30 hating UF. in UF you won't find any, the same in Duke, NC, NCS,VTech, or any other schhool in the ACC, or any other conference.
ucg is just relevant in your mind and on those who keep dwelling in the past and reminecing the past years.
Notradame, FSU, ucg, Nebraska are the past, UF is the present and FIU is the future. But I see you have a 15 year delay, so I am sure in 2012 you will say that Steve Spurrier is the best coach with the Gators and and in 2010 you will aknowledge Urban creating a dinasty in Gville and in 2035 you will finally aknowledge FIU as the best team in Florida. I know a lot of poeple in Miami like to junp on the sports wagon, but you are really late jumping in.
Please do us a favor and go post on the ucg board or the FSU wanna be fans board when they might care of what you have to write, I live in an ACC state and ucg is hardly ever on tv, FSU gets more tv time, maybe that is why you are posing on this blog.

Fomenter's just upset that his Keiser degree isn't helping him land a job in this tough economy.

For someone who preaches about logic and common sense statements, he sure does have issues making sense. After all, where's the logic in "Just because I dislike UM doesn't mean I can't respect them"? Especially when each and every one of your posts suggest you're a UM faithful basking in UM's past glory with hopes that they'll repeat just a shred of their past success this coming season. Is that respect? Or do you have a vested interest in the program's success? It's hard to determine which school you're actually in favor of. Is it UM, FSU, UF, or Duke? These schools are all rivals, so where's your loyalty? With alumni like Fomenter, it's no wonder teams in Miami struggle to bring crowds to the games. It's difficult to please fans in what has become the nation's bandwagon capital. Then again, you undoubtedly worked hard in high school, graduated honors, went to Keiser and got your law degree from Devry. That explains why you can't see the logic in all but your own statements.

Perhaps your resume was tossed out by the top law firms along with those of other applicants who went to mediocre schools. Which brings me to my opening statement, that your posts are simply a reflection of your current, frustrated and helpless state of mind. But you need not worry, for you will land that dream job someday.

Fomenter, your numbers about the most watched games on ESPN are skewed, as ESPN doesn't typically show the biggest games, ABC does.

A non-southern, non-SEC Ohio State-Michigan Game in 2006 (when OSU was #1 and Mich was #2) was the highest rated non-bowl game ever (13.0 rating).


So before you run your mouth, research your topic. It'll help you sound more intelligent. What Wikipedia quoted you was the most watched ESPN College Football Thursday game (UM-FSU 2006), which is nothing compared to the Ohio State-Michigan game during the same year. So while UM-FSU is relevant to you and millions of others in Florida, it was nothing of note that year (or all-time) compared to bigger games like OSU-Mich or Texas-Oklahoma.



Thank you !!

Jakhari Gore to FIU. Mark my words.

This UM-FIU thing is getting so old.

Can you imagine !

lol FIURage i would love to see a columbus grad tearing it up for my FIU squad... im sure MC feels the same way... not sure it happens though

Gore is a strong possibility, he's small so alot programs are not giving him too much love right now. He might fit in good in the spread similar to Darrian Mallary and he's a Columbus kid !!

TNGoldenPanther, I agree. We are playing against top teams in Florida and Bama, and a quality Big East foe in Rutgers. I don't want to beg to play anybody. We are a young and growing program. We, unfortunately, were saddled with bad coaches for a number of years, but now we have the right people in place to take our team in the right direction.

As for those here who feel the need to knock FIU. Over the last few years our university has seen improvements made in the quality of students being admitted, and in the strength of our undergraduate and post-graduate programs. We are expanding as a an academic and athletic institution.

Give our location in the biggest metropolitan area in the state, and the seventh in the country, we will become one of the top universities in the state and eventually the country. This despite the fact that the university was founded with a very flawed mission, something that Mitch corrected during his tenure.

People can knock our athletic programs, but we are the biggest university in the top recruiting area in the country for two sports, and as we grow we will continue to get better recruits. We are a young program, but one day we will have an impact nationally, no matter how much that may irk some people.

Pre-season all sun-belt team has been announced:


Biggest surprise for me was seeing Rusty Smith named pre-season co-offensive player of the year.

Also, Troy's defense looks like it will be sick this year


Great article on the incoming freshmen. Heard through the grapevine that Pooh Bear's incoming squat max was 515. Any truth to that? Also heard that they recently tested and quite a few guys benched over 400, with one guy benching 500 (Alajajian?).

Anyhow, the team seams to be bigger, stronger, faster, and more talented than last year's team. Love the fact that we are getting quality walk ons as well. Looking forward to a great season!

Jakhari Gore is considering UF. He is still committed to the UM though.

Looking at the Pre-season ALL Sunbelt it is impressive that Gaitor is the only Junior the rest are all seniors, and TY is the only So. most of the picks are seniors, that is the type of impact that those guys are having in the league.
You know they will be playing on Sundays someday.

TNGoldenPanther, I completely agree with you. Once again, we fall victim to discussing why we should / should not play UM. GPP Nation as I always state, UM is irrelevant to us!!! Their record in the Shannon era is 19-19!!! Why get stuck in the past. I'd much rather play UF or FSU than UM NOW. Reason being is 1) both UF and FSU have MUCH better fans, and 2) UF is definitely relevant and FSU fans are more faithful to their team. If UM has another 6-6 or 7-5 season, imagine the sound of silence in LandShark Stadium when UM takes the field in the Fall of 2010.

Below is the attendance and the aproximate number of viewers to the FAU, FSU and UM bowl games last year from the first link given above by JB.

* Motor City Bowl on ESPN: Florida Atlantic 24, Central Michigan 21. (41,399) & [2,443,368] & (2.5)

* Champs Sports Bowl on ESPN: Florida State 42, Wisconsin 13. (52,692) & [5,097,569] & (5.2)

* Emerald Bowl on ESPN: California 24, Miami (Fla.) 17. (42,268) & [4,534,535] & (4.6)

FSU's bowl game had a good attendance number, however UM's game had only 869 more fans than FAU's game. This supports my statement that FSU fans are much more loyal and definitely travel better than UM's fan base. TV numbers show that approximately 1/2 million more people watched FSU than UM and much more than FAU's game, however in defense to FAU their bowl game was one of the first if not THE FIRST bowl game in mid December while UM and FSU might of been late December of New Year's Day.

Point is when discussing powerhouse opponents, UF and Alabama are legit issues, while UM is not. Stick to what we have Bama on Sep 12th (53 days, but who's counting) and the CURRENT National Champs Gators on Nov 21st.


CORRECTION from my last post. Second paragraph, last sentence instead of "late December of New Year's Day", its "late December OR on New Year's Day".


Very well put FIU Fan! I think FIU fans are aware of the stats. It's the delusional Miami fans that need constant reminding.

Losers pay attention to pre-season rankings, while winners pay attention to post-season rankings.


Thank God!!! you corrected yourself (please capitalise the Y and correct the spelling a couple of words back. You don't need losers like Fostupid with time on their hands correcting our grammar (being in his late 30's and all and living with his mother)!! HA HA

You guys are just too easy, no wonder you had to go to FIU.

Let's take this post by post, shall we?

I respect UM and USC the most because they really like to schedule big teams and travel across the country to play big teams, unlike other teams that shall remain nameless.

Yea, I guess I've never been to Tallahassee. I can't tell you that the Bonefish grill is abotu 20 minutes away, or that the Governor's club in Downtown is located on a road that is closed off at night, especially when we have the downtown get down for our football team that averages more fans than you do per game.

Or that if you take Pensacola down from the DCA/Law school you can hit Doak Campbell. I don't care who Miami considers rivals. All I know is that our rivals include them and UF, and for a short amount of time due to Tommy being at Clemson, them as well. And UF is our big rival, especially since the state had to threaten them with a law to keep us playing when they wanted to back down.

Urban has one hell of a program in Gainesville. He struck gold keeping the son of UF alums at home and from playing at Bama. Couple that with Siler being the best linebacker in college and Harvin being Harvin, he deserves every bit of credit.

How can one acknowledge FIU as "the best team in Florida" when they aren't even better than the worst team in Florida? You guys are delusional, you aren't even in a real conference and are packed with a schedule even UM would lose only 2 games to. I absolutely love that we get more T.V. time than Miami, but that doesn't take away from the fact that they are a big draw, which you guys are so certain on doing.

Oh chris, there you are again. A FIU law grad, am I Right? how's that fourth tier rating treating you? Pathetic. Don't worry about my job status, although I'm thankful for your well wishes. I already have my dream job, it's perfect and I get to write off my expenses. I didn't know you can't respect a team you dislike. Who knew you created the rules of emotions? Do I hate UF? Sure as heck do, but I respect them for playing a tough schedule and for their accomplishments as well. I wouldn't expect a fan of FIU to understand that, since you guys have won nothing in football.

Now to JB. Let me show you just how unintelligent you are. A Thursday night game in '06 you say, huh? Here's a link for you, since you have to go to wikipedia to find incorrect links.


Look at your calender and tell me if that falls under a Thursday night game. We'll sit here and wait for you to come back and eat your crow. I'm not surprised a FIU grad can't understand the calender. Again, you really are lacking in brain cells. I suggest you follow your own advice there, since you really should look into it to better yourself. It would keep you from running your own mouth.

But yea, my stats are skewed, even though I specifically said ESPN. You know, the channel you guys would be lucky to appear on more than once year (and once a year is a stretch).

I love FIU fans, you're like the brother in "There's Something About Mary", only difference is he might actually acknowledge he's retarded.

I love how you guys hate UM so much, say you don't need them, but keep bringing it up. The only thing better than that is the fact that they haven't scheduled you yet. You guys want and need UM to play you and due to your actions and Pete being...well Pete, you blew it.

As far as Gore, and I'm sure Fanatic is going to be coming at me with all this incorrect information from Rudy at insidetheu.com, he doesn't hold a Miami offer anymore. He's not committed to UM. Miami has to try to make room for him, and I hope they do, it's one less quality player we would have to recruit for since Gore would take someone else's spot.

Gore would be a nice fit in FIU though. Soft conference opponents and less competition at the RB spot. Def. chance for him to play and contribute for you guys. Don't know why Mario the recruiting god isn't going after him harder.

People who can't even think or express themselves in complete sentences are the ones who try to rip apart others for doing so. It's like poor people, such as yourself, ripping on rich people for being "greedy, gluttons, ostentatious" etc. when you really want to be just like them. It's sad.

i hates being por pleas bring your mom over to clean my house she knows exactly whre in the gables it is

LOL!!!! The legend on his own mind...Can't live without thinking of me?...I know...I know... you are still hurting for my correcting your false assumption that Willis Wright didn't have an UM offer...as you posted what you read, almost verbatim from one of UM's boards...lesson: do some research before writing, and don't rely on what is written in any board, let alone the one you read and came running here to post that erroneous info.

Now...please go back and take your medicine, since it's obvious you are getting angrier, as evidenced by your constant name callings and your need to try and ridicule anybody. Of course, since you are a fan of psychoanalysis, you are projecting yourself....

If it meows, and likes to run after mouses....it must be a cat....Meow....

last time FAU came to the cage the all their feathers plucked right off, ummmmm i believe it was 53-6 and the 6 that they got was on the last play of the game! good luck stepping back in our house!

Yea can't live without thinking of you.... that's why you keep coming, reading, and responding to my posts. You obviously want and need me to keep posting. It gives you a target to reach for.

I told you Willis doesn't have an offer as a WR and he still doesn't. And even then, with your T.Y. tearing up soft competition in a soft conference you still can't lead, despite UM slow playing him.

How are you doing with Clive? Still think you are battling UM for T. Wilson too and ignoring that he has been a silent commit to them since Chandler committed to them as well? Do you guys also think you'll land Richard Ash (Hysterical) or Trail (a project and even funnier).

Figures a FIU panther meows.

Got to love Fanatic. The FIU fan with the biggest inferiority complex, as evidenced by him being a paying member of insidetheu.com. Clive says hello from UM. Maybe you guys should try come and steal Joyner from us as well. Surely the belief that TDAOS would give you the belief that you could, you know, land top classes.... oh wait.

Now as always, do you come back with a weak retort, which in your delusional mind you think is strong? Or do you not come back? I keep putting you in these lose-lose positions.

Ahhh FIU, where Miami's public school children go to continue to disgrace Miami.

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