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1st Scrimmage of Camp

Oso If you're a fan of a fast, aggressive defense then this is the blog post for you. If you're a fan of offense, you'll have to wait a little bit and read through a lot of the FIU D's big day before getting to the O's scrimmage moments on Tuesday morning.

The FIU linebackers are going to be pretty special with the quickness and power they possess and showed on Tuesday. Of course, the D-Line helped out quite a bit by dominating the offensive line.

The D limited the O to 2 first downs in the first 7 possessions of the scrimmage, recorded 5 sacks and a Pooh Bear INT.

Three LBs got the defensive festivities going by recording tackles for loss. Winston Fraser, El Oso Scotty Bryant (above left, thanks Roy Viera photo) and Big Ontario Smith bullrushed into the offensive backfield. BOS or Little Canada -- whichever you prefer -- then recorded the first sack of the day.

After two 3-and-outs in the first two series, the O got their first 1st down when Paul McCall connected Dudleylap with Dudley LaPorte (right, thanks Roy Viera photo) for a 23-yard gain. But whatever momentum was gained, then was lost when WF and Jeremiah Weatherspoon got into the backfield to record another loss for the O.

El Oso almost ended the possession with an INT, but was just out of the reach of his fingertips and the O had to punt.

Wayne Younger entered in the next series and connected with cousin Jacob for 15 yards and the second 1st down. Two plays later, WY hit Larry McCoy with a 16-yard pass. But in between and after we saw Tyler Clawson get 2 TOL (tackles for loss). Derrick Jones made a stop of McCoy at the line of scrimmage and Tourek Williams and Chris Edwards brought down Darian Mallary for a loss of 6.

Next series, D. Jones took down Trenard Turner for a 2-yard loss on a screen. Cody Pellicer got a sack. Others who would follow with sacks were: freshman Terrance Taylor, Aaron Davis and Kambriel Mcgee "Whatchu Talkin' Bout" Willis.

Wesley Carroll played 2 series and made a nifty play, rolling out and hitting Ty Frierson for 14 yards on the run and a 1st down. WC's first series ended when the D stopped Jonathan Ramirez on a 4th and 1.

WC's second series ended on a punt, but not before Jarrell McGee (left in white jersey, thanks Roy Viera photo) introduced himself to LaPorte with a hit that dislodged what would have been a completion from WC. That is not the play in the photo on the left.

The scrimmage later shifted to red zone work where the O first came close to scoring 6 when walk-on QB Chris Schirripa connected with Wayne Times twice. The first pass for 20 yards and then the second pass for 21 yards. On the second pass, Times -- ala Darriet Perry although not for the 13 yards DP did it against the Hooters last season -- carried 3 defenders to the 2-yard line. Pretty strong kid, No. 5.

Kendall Berry would then punch it in twice from 1 yard out.

Coming out of the end zone, the running game got going. First, KB made nice moves through the D for aOwens 41-yard run. KB is a pretty shifty dude running with the ball. Then Daunte Owens (right, thanks Roy Viera photo) hit the sideline and scampered 93 yards down to the D's 6-yard line. However, there the FIU D held their ground holding the O to a field goal attempt.

In the FG department, both Dustin Rivest and Jack Griffin kicked the same distances: 22, 42, 36 and 40 yards.

DR was 2 for 4 missing from 40 yards and 36 yards. JG was 1 for 4 missing from 36 and 40 and on the 42-yarder Tourek Williams reached up and blocked the kick. Nothing is definitely settled in the kicking competition.

By the way, Williams es un animal, not only in the way he plays, but his size as well for being a Tourek freshman. Take a look at the photo on the left of Tourek Williams (No. 97), taken by Roy Viera.

Longest pass play of the day went from walk-on QB Junior Delpe to McCoy for 27 yards. Dez Johnson played some solid pass D on a deep pass near the end of the scrimmage.

You are invited to the next scrimmage....If you can guess who wears No. 4 for FIU, then you get in for free to the next scrimmage on Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m. at FIU Stadium.



Talking to a Baltimore Ravens scout that was at today's scrimmage about Antwan Barnes and he says El Monstruo is 100% healthy and that as long as he stays that way the Ravens have big plans for him on D this season.


Watching the Dolphins preseason game last night against the Jaguars and noticed that the newJax Sbjag Jacksonville white road jersey looks pretty similar to the white road jersey of Miami's college football team that was unveiled last season. The only difference I see is that the Jags color is black, while FIU's is midnight blue. Do you see the similarities too?


FIU Fanatic: Is Jonathan Jackson injured as well?...What about James Jones?

PP: Jackson has both feet injured and there is no timetable for his return. MC said last week that Jones is about 2 weeks away from returning to practice.

KJHarris02: PETE: is there going to be someone Videoing the FIU Alumni Panther Preview Day??? or any pictures??

PP: The Herald video won't be there, but FIU might shoot some video and/or pictures.


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Great coverage Pete! Looks like the offense still needs some work, especially the O line. Can't wait 'til September!!

hey pete you sure do like giving Roy Viera his props. hah.

ive been reading newspaper and blog articles that say positive things about Antwan so if all goes well this could be a breakout season for him. which im excited about. ive kept tabs on all former FIU players in the nfl. it would be nice to see FIU get some recognition in the NFL.

in other news apparently Nick Turnbull has a rap album. i havent heard it but id be willing to. hahaha.

Pete, I was thinking the same thing during the dolphins preseason game.

I take everything with a grain of salt being that this is only the first scrimmage... but damn, I really hope Jack Griffin can put it together.

Alumni Preview is gonna rock.

I'm supposed to be going out of town Thursday evening, but I am going to wait until after the preview.

Everyone needs to bring as many people as possible, especially those that are apathetic to FIU Football.

Just ask them to do you a favor and accompany you, that's what I did.

Pete, why are they posting UF and FSU articles on the FIU Miami Herald page?

On another note, hope to see everyone out at the ALUMNI PANTHER PREVIEW tomorrow at 6:00pm

I thought the Saturday scrimmage was at 10? And, yes, why are they posting FSU articles to us...sloppy.

Why do you need to log on to see that scUM is up to their old tricks? Is the U of Miami Herald tracking all those who read the article? hmmm....


I can't imagine UM going back to BigEast. If UM indeed does decide to go back to the Big East, that will pretty much kill our chances of eventually being invited to that conference.

Additionally, while Big East has been just as competitive as ACC, the media will tear UM apart and render them as quitters.

No, I'm talking about the first story. It's all over the national media that a walk-on sucker punched one of Thug U's star defensive ends, yet the Herald is slow playing it. His jaw is wired shut and he may be lost for the season. Not a great way to start the season, but par for the course over at Thug U.

does the sat.8/22 scrimmage start at 8:30 or as advertized 10:00? also any info on whose leading in the competition for the #3 quarterback.

Maybe they say 8:30 so people start arriving at 10:00

Have season tickets been mailed out yet?


My understanding is that the Big East will be willing to expand their conference if Boston College decides to come onboard. However, BC is making more money and gets more publicity in the ACC. I haven't heard anything about UM going back to the BE. I highly doubt it would happen.

We all know USF was allowed into the conference because of their football. BE is mostly known for being a basketball conference. With IT, we significantly make our school attractive to the BE; what would seal the deal would be a SBC championship for MC and the boys.

My belief is that if FIU is planning to build a stadium that sits 40k+, they know it would be difficult to fill that many sits for FIU vs. Lousiana Monroe.

(Enough random conference talk for today)


They need to remove all those UF and FSU articles from the FIU section. Come on MH!

I thought moving conferences was a HUGE ordeal that requires several years of contract discussion?

I really doubt FIU is going anywhere for at least another 5 years. We just have to focus on the Sun Belt conference, which, in my opinion, is not a bad conference for a young program. Why would FIU want to make that move which might set the program back?

Pete has nothing to do with where stuff goes in herald webpage....I urge you guys to call or email sports editors: Jorge Rojas at 3053763213 or jrojas@miamiherald.com and Alex Mena at 3053763493 or amena@miamiherald.com. Let your FIU voices be heard!

We are in an up-and-coming conference. The best thing we can do is beat up on the Sun Belt conference, which we should be prepared to do starting this year.

Rack up some OOC wins. THIS IS CRITICAL to earning respect in the eyes of the Big East, SEC and other conferences and also raises the Sun Belt's profile. Look we've got OOC that we can actually win now: Rutgers, UCF, Louisville, Duke... and some of these fans from these fans are sitting on a high horse thinking we are guranteed wins and that they shouldn't bother scheduling home-and-home series with us. It gets under my skin and I bet it gets under the skin of the players on our team.

The key game here this season is RUTGERS... I don't care what anyone says, we gotta go up there and steal it away from them. It would be our first victory over a BCS opponent and would earn us some respect. And hopefully that'll attract positive media just in time for the home opener against Toledo (another game we need to dominate). Time to take care of business fellas! Season starts in a few weeks!

Lone Panther,

We should jump from the SunBelt directly to the SEC. :)

Y all the FSU/UF stories on the FIU page????


Thanks for the update.

Well since we are on the subject, there's an article int he FIU sports section that is titled "ANOTHER PREFERRED WALK-ON " that is not an active link.

LOL good one quijote!

I think it would be a bit premature to start the Big East ball rolling... We need a winning season and a SBC Title to even start that process. I would say that the 5 year time line is pretty accurate. It gives us time to get a solid Football and Basketball foundation going with MC and IT and also time for some renovation of the Arena to occur.

Plus FAU and FIU's big market location I think has helped raise the SBC's profile a bit not to mention Troy's success. Rusty Smith is being looked at as a solid first or second round QB Candidate and he's going to be joined by TY soon as a quality product of the SBC.

Instead of jumping ship and going through those growing pains again in the BE why not stick around for a bit and help raise the SBC from the basement?

I guess you can say I'm a realistic homer :)

Anyway, I can't wait for the headline in the Herald on September 13 that reads "Sab-owned: FIU brings Home big check and big W"

A guy can dream can't he?

/hates Saban

A win against Alabama would be incredible, but honestly this would be one of the times where a "good" loss can be a favorable result. If we can scare Bama, the team could be very encouraged and motivated going into Rutgers the very next week.

However, if we win against Bama (!), they'll probably be riding on cloud 9 into Rutgers and get squashed. I would rather scare the hell out of Bama and leave with a close loss and WIN at Rutgers instead of a close win at Bama and get humiliated at Rutgers. The latter would bring zero respectability (lucky win talk), the former would make our team more legitimate.

GPP Nation, READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL, FIU STYLE! Get a teaser tonight and Sat @ the stadium. I'm picking up my oldest son from HIS football practice, I'm taking FOUR of his team mates and informed THEIR parents that if they want their kids that they have to pick them up @ the FIU party.

Push-it people and lets fill that Field House!!!


Pete, thanks for getting the other schools noise off of our site. Note sure why my request was censored (i.e. removed from this blog).

Did anyone go to the Panther Alumni preview tonight...would like some comments on how it went/and maybe some pics if anyone has any...Thanks GO FIU!!

Went down to the Alumni preview tonight. It was great. Packed house, a lot of great energy. Cristobal, TY Hilton, Gaitor and Paul McCall were there along with all the coaches.

Food was good. The tour of the field house was great as well. Cristobal got the crowd pumped by showing clips of their practice and some nice hits on a projector.

The fieldhouse is huge. Looks empty even though they moved all their weight room equipment in there.

The tour also took us to the patio overlooking the field which is amazing. I would love to be there watching a game. If recruits go there and see the stadium packed to capacity, they will want to play for FIU big time.

Overall, it was an amazing turnout and was great to see so many people out there. Great way to start the season. I really wish FIU would host watch parties in the Stadium Club. It is an amazing place to watch games as the whole place is surrounded by TVs.

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