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Camp Preview: Receivers and Tight Ends

Time to take a look at the strength of the FIU offense as we move to 6 days away from the start of camp.

Yes, that No. 4 is pretty good and unlike last season he will not sneak up on anyone, but that's just fineTygoodbye with your Panthers, because there are plenty of other FIU receivers that can say Goodbye to opposing defenses.

There is no doubt opposing defenses will key on T.Y. Hilton (right, thanks Alex J. Hernandez photo) this season and like the Panthers themselves, No. 4 will not be a surprise to any team this season. This, however, will make FIU's other receivers better and will likely cause an uptick in their numbers.

Not comparing here -- so don't start pounding the keyboard -- but with opposing defenses knowing what T.Y. can do and how it will benefit FIU's other receivers could be a little bit like what happened to the other Patriots receivers when Randy Moss arrived there. All of the sudden receivers such as Wes Welker, Donte Stallworth and Jabar Gaffney put up the best numbers of their careers with opposing defenses so focused on stopping Moss. Again, so no one calls the men in the white coats to come get me, I'm not comparing T.Y. to Moss -- just the scenario that can happen to the offense when opposing defenses have to find a way to stop a top notch receiver and how other receivers will benefit. Of course, Moss we can't compare T.Y. to Moss, because everybody knows No. 4 is better anyway........kidding, no need for a straitjacket.

As one reader was wondering, what will FIU do if Goodbye is double and triple-teamed?....Well, there are plenty of other options offensive coordinator Bill Legg can dial up.

Greg Ellingson (right, AJH photo) can beat you with his size and strength along the sidelines or over the middle. Junior Mertile is just as fast as Goodbye and is noticeably stronger thanks to the offseason strength and conditioning program.

Ty Frierson showed late last season that he could wreak havoc underneath. Wayne Times can beat you with his elusiveness. Rocky Vann runs a 4.4 and has good hands. Edgard Theliar is 6-3 and a physical receiver. Not too many defensive backs or safeties will outjump 6-5 receiver Jairus Williams for anythingGe in the air and Larry McCoy, who had a solid summer in team workouts, is described by MC as "a playmaker, explosive".

And we can't forget the senior receivers such as Jeremy Dickens and Elliott Dix, who have both shown before that they can be productive.

And we haven't even gotten to the tight ends yet. Senior Eric Kirchenberg made some nice grabs during summer 7-on-7s and is healthy going into this season.

While most of you are very eager to see what new tight end/big dude Dudley LaPorte (6-4, 240, 4.6 40-yard) can do, keep an eye on sophomore tight end Jonathan Faucher, who could surprise this season.

Faucher played special teams and backed up Kirchenberg last season and could be pressed for playing time again this season with EK and DL at TE, but JF can catch the ball.

John Ellis, who figures into FIU's running game plans, is also an option as an h-back. But with the way JE ran during the spring, it would be interesting to see him get some carries and see if the wheels on the bus go round and round.

Although the pass catchers are the strength of the FIU offense going into this season, again, the success when the Panthers have the ball will depend largely on establishing a solid running game to keep opposing defenses honest. If not, it won't matter even if you have T.Y. and Moss lining up side by side.



Here are the top 5 times in the 40 from the FIU defense this past summer: Anthony Gaitor (4.43) (right, thanks Sam Lewis photo); George Palmer (4.45) and Jeremiah Weatherspoon (4.45); Kreg Brown (4.46) and Dez Johnson (4.46). Top 5 times in the 40 from the 2009 signing class: Rocky Vann (4.4); Derrick Jones (4.5); Jarrell McGee (4.52); Darian Mallary (4.55); Terrance Gaitor Taylor (4.58).


Looks like the FIU Football PSAT was a little tough. We only had 4 people get 10 or more of the 20 questions correct. Here are those people: RFeng (17 out of 20); Sam Lewis (14 of 20); FIU Fanatic (13 of 20) and Roman (12 of 20). Thanks to all for playing. You can check out all 20 correct answers here: FIU Football PSAT Answers


FIUJM: Pete, I hope you enjoyed your vacation. During spring Jonathan Ramirez played RB, is he on team?

PP: Yes he is, but he might end up doing a little of everything: RB, special teams and DB.

CharlieGP: what time exactly will the practice start?

PP: Looking like an 8:30 a.m. start.

CJ: have fun on the vacation?

PP: Great time in Sarasota. Highly recommend Siesta Key for beach getaway.


As of this post, Darian Mallary had a slight edge over Daunte Owens in your vote for who will step up as FIU's No. 2 back this season. Poll is still open, keep voting. Here is another question for you:


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I think Wayne Times will have a T.Y-like breakout his freshman season. Im also looking for big things from Mertile, Ellingson, and Theliar.

Wow...talk about talent and depth now in the WR's corp. I remember reading about how explosive Larry McCoy was in high school, and had at least 3 offers (including FIU) from D-IA schools. Heard he was something like a home run threat....every time he touched the ball....

Plus we return T.Y., Ellingson, Mertile, Frierson, Dickens, and Dix, plus Theliar, Times, Vann, and McCoy....Can you say, depth?

Gotta love the WR group this year. Our stadium isn't called Florida International Speedway for nothing...

If McCall can continue to connect with these guys and DP runs extremely well, we're going to be overwhelm defenses this season... man is it scary!!

Any reason why you left out Marquis Rolle ?? I can't let another PIKE not get mentioned here...

Quiss....you do your thang brotha !!

You are right....Marquis Rolle to boot....Our WR corps is going to be talented and with plenty of depth....

I am sooooo f'in pumped man. Just bought my BAMA package this morning! When I clicked that purchase button, got a high that only a redbull/coffee cocktail can equal.


Our depth at this position is the strengthn of our team. Any of these guys mentioned can have a great year. I'm expecting a big year from Marquis Rolle.

Pete, thanks for informing us about Ramirez.


wow I'm shocked I got that many right....that was a brain buster....i'm happy i was in the double digits.

wow its so hard to decided who will be the break out player.. hell its goin to be hard to nail down the starting 4.. i think thats the question right now.. there is so much talent right now... what do you think our Offense goes w/ 1 rb 3 wr and 1 TE? if so its goin to be really hard to break down the starting 3.. obviously you'll have TY...

but then your goin to have an INSANE battle for the 2 spot and the Slot.. i would say that the slot will go to Mertile and the corners will be Either theliar or ellingson..

Ellingson has more experience so i think he gets the offical start at the begining of the season but i cant see theliar's talent not taking that spot by mid season

not to mention your goin to have a crazy rotation w/ Times, the Other TY, McCoy, dickens and dix at the slot,

and Williams and vann probably Pushing / stealing red zone snaps from the rest...

wow if im this confused on who to start i feel bad for the opposing defensive cordinators

yeah. im not to worried about the WR core. The lines worry me some.

CJ, I wouldn't feel bad for opposing defensive coordinators. I want them to go crazy having to worry about all our offensive weapons.

You make a great point esteban, O-line and D-line is what concerns me the most. O-line needs to give McCall the time to find receivers. What good are receivers if O-line can't protect McCall? As for D-Line, when we face OOC teams it may be a huge challenge for our young D-line...we'll just have to wait and see.

lol i ment it that i would feel bad if i were them lol im glad to see this... i think for the first 2 games our line will take the time to gel a bit.. those first 2 games there are goin to be alot of short routes

How many more days til football season!?!?

Yes the wr corps looks deep but i hope our QBs can get the ball to them and pray that our D can hold the line.

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