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FIU Hoops Gets No. 8 Player In The Nation (Updated)

Dominique Ferguson, the No. 8 player in the nation for 2010 (ESPN), has committed to FIU today.Df

Ferguson is a 6-8, 210-pound power forward from Indiana that was being recruited by Kentucky, Duke, Indiana, UCLA and Arizona.

Ferguson is also ranked as the No. 9 player in the nation by scout.com and the No. 5 forward for 2010.

After talking with DF, here's a story running in Saturday's MH:

   Dominique Ferguson, the No. 8 player in the nation according to ESPN, is being recruited by traditional college basketball powers Duke, Florida, Kentucky, Indiana and UCLA.


   However, none of those schools have an NBA Hall of Famer as their head coach so Ferguson is taking his basketball talent to FIU to play for Golden Panthers coach Isiah Thomas.


   Ferguson, a five-star 6-8, 210-pound power forward from Lawrence (Ind.) North High, verbally committed to FIU on Friday morning while taking an unofficial visit to the school.


   “When I heard Coach Thomas got the job at FIU in April my eyes opened up,” Ferguson, 18, said. “The main thing in my decision to come to FIU is Coach Thomas's past success in the NBA as a player and coach. He knows what it takes to get to the next level and that's what I eventually want to do.”


   Scout.com ranks Ferguson the No. 9 player overall and No. 5 forward in the nation.


   Last season at Lawrence, Ferguson averaged 15 points and nine rebounds while playing several positions.


   "I don't really have a position,” Ferguson said. “I can play anywhere on the court. I guess you can say I'm a little bit like [Lakers forward] Lamar Odom, who plays anywhere on the court.”


   Ferguson joins a couple of other highly-touted recruits to commit to FIU in the last month.


   Chris Coleman, the No. 5 center for 2011, bypassed Connecticut and West Virginia for FIU. Phil Taylor, the No. 37 guard for 2010, turned down Southern Cal and North Carolina State, to join FIU.


   For this coming season, Thomas signed the nation's leading junior college scorer in Marvin Roberts and his JUCO teammate Antoine Watson, who was No. 4 in the nation in scoring.


   Ferguson said he has played against Coleman and Taylor before and is eager to join his future teammates when he signs a letter of intent with FIU in November.


   "Playing with [Coleman and Taylor] at FIU is going to be a great opportunity to turn the program into a consistent winner and shock the world,” Ferguson said.


   Ferguson tore his right knee when he was in eighth grade and plans on studying physical therapy at FIU before eventually trying for the NBA.


   “My injury put me out for a while,” Ferguson said. “I realized how hard it is getting back and that basketball is not the only thing in life. I want to learn physical therapy to help others. I want to get my degree and then make it to the next level no matter how long it takes and Coach Thomas is the person that can help me get there.”







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lol IT is tearing it up and turning heads.. just heard 790 saying that the way FIU is recruiting that UM is starting to become obsolete (not sure on last words spelling)


he's an absolute stud that can play inside and out

OHHHH YESSS!!!!! This is AMAZING!! It gets better and better!! And I love how people are still trying to tear this thing down! HAHAHAHA I LOVE IT!!

Wow!!!! Major programs are going to want to schedule FIU...Thank goodness for Pete Garcia getting us HOF Isaiah Thomas.

GO FIu!!!!

I have to say, IT is doing some serious damage

FIU - Panthers on the RISE. We takin' over, NOBODY CAN STOP US


lol the Haters on the ESPN board are hilarious.. Quijote... i may not agree w/ stating on there that FIU is goin to the big east soon but man your definately throwing it down over there so major congrats/props for defending FIU.. i try to chime in every now and then as midweight.. but cant at work lol

CJ yeah man I rarely talk on ESPN boards but I just won't take people talking eshhhh about FIU man. Just trying to educate the haters.

cocerning bigeast, its not a matter of IF but a matter of WHEN. Witnessing our revenue programs succeed can only accelerate the process. But would we rather rule the Sunbelt or C-USA or play mid card in Big East. Its a whole other game over...

im not saying i wouldnt like to be in the big east .. being in the big east means more exposure for our school and better recruits than what we were to get in the belt.. what i am saying is as to date the only thing FIU has ever really won is at volleyball/tennis/ and cheerleading... i would like to have a few conf. titles under FIUs belt before we start screaming and hollaring at teh Big East to let us in

Hear the alarm clock people, the giant is awake, he is stretching out and getting ready to roll out of bed.
Get the wagons ready, I am sure our fan base will multiply very soon.

Ah CJ, we'll be wearing multiple SunBelt Champ belts in no time!

Undisputed belts, playa!

lmao i hope your right... if not in 2009 def in 2010 lol

I love that....much to the chagring of some...

TDAOS!!!! The Giant awakens....


HELP! Kind of off topic, but hoping you can help.

US Soccer named its rotation for their upcoming qualifier at Mexico. The AP release and US Soccer release state that the US Soccer team will be gathering in Miami on Sunday before heading to Stadium Azteca.

Any word on them showing up at FIU stadium on Sunday for practice?! I can't seem to find details on this anywhere else.

UM's not becoming obsolete. The ACC is the ACC. But room in this town for more than one college basketball team to be ignored.

Big East, here we come!!! haha in the meantime, let's win the belt and gain some respect. IT is definitely letting the haters have it!!

Wow, awesome get for the program! Great to be a Golden Panther!!

THE SBC is not going to know what hit them.

This team is just going to be sick.

This is a huge get for us. Isiah is doing an amazing recruiting job, and hopefully getting guys like Coleman, Philips and Ferguson entices other top players to come our way.

I hope all our coaches decide to make their home FIU, because this is a program on the rise and we will be recognized as the team to watch in town sooner rather than later.

Panthers on the rise!

High Fiveeeeeee!!!!!!

Great job, Isiah! FIU will shock the world. And there's much more to come.

The light is just beginning to shine on the hidden gem in South Florida.

Awesome news !!! Nobody saw this coming, if you ready the ESPN article about Zeke's attendance at Elite camps, especially the one in Vegas recently; it's clear that he just lays back and evaluates the talent. Stays out the media scrum, while coaches and players are in awe of his presence.

He's not done yet folks. Zeke is just getting started. More elite kids will want to come play for him after landing a guy of this caliber. That 2010 team combined with the JUCO kids coming in for 2009 will make some serious TOURNEY noise !!!

Let's see who else Zeke comes up with for the class of 2010 ?? ***To all the HATERs talking about an NCAA investigation....CHILD PLEASE !!


FIUPIKE, you have to expect it. Some people hate Zeke because of what happened in New York, people forget he went to the playoffs thrice and is a hall of fame player, of course he can recruit. He is selling these kids on playing for him in a school with 39,000 students in Miami, not that hard.

For everyone talking about well it is the SBC, they should look at the recruiting done by Pitino and Calipari in C-USA.

FIU Basketball, You're Really Starting to Annoy Me!

Back in the day, finding articles regarding FIU Basketball and posting them on this forum was a relatively simple task. After all, only the local paper would occassionaly publish an FIU Basketball story and my job was easy.

But ever since that Isiah Thompson guy showed up, I can't keep up!

From the Indianapolis Star and the Hartford Courant to the NY Times, FoxSports, Sports Illustrated, ESPN.com, and on and on and on...staying on top of FIU Basketball has been nearly impossible! Heck, even our local paper, The University of Miami Herald, is starting to take notice and give us some space on their beloved paper.

Here's another story from Bleacher Report - http://bleacherreport.com/articles/232403-isiah-thomas-is-like-a-box-of-chocolates - "Who the check is Bleacher Report?" you ask. I don't know but I'm sure they weren't covering FIU Athletics back in the old slow days of TAAC conference basketball.

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