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Friday's Practice: More D; 7-Up & 7-Down

The first day in full pads brought more of the same from Thursday -- the defense gaining the upper hand.

Agaitor With several NFL scouts in attendance, your Panthers D delivered a consistent pass rush during team drills. Although it was mostly the day of the D on Friday, there were some offensive highlights.

Quarterback Paul McCall connected with No. 4 on a sharp pass over the middle. On the play, it appeared T.Y. might get crushed going over the middle, but the ball got there on time, T.Y. caught it and the two defensive backs on the play collided with each other while No. 4 was on his way for 6.

Tyler Clawson had a sack on a blitz and Jarvis Wilson recorded a couple of tackles for loss.

No. 7 (left, thanks Roy Viera photo) delivered the kryptonite to No. 4 again and let him and PMC know about it. But the Gatorade got Gaitor.

Getting ready to field a punt, Gaitor was accidentally knocked to the ground by the water girl and the portable Gatorade bottles she was carrying. No truth to the rumor that the water girl was offered a scholarship onDix the spot.

No. 4 caught another long pass from PMC.Shakenbake

Elliott Dix (right, thanks Roy Viera photo) caught a screen and did a little shake-n-bake that took 2 or 3 defenders out of their shoes and got ED 15 yards on the play.

Jacob Younger had a nice catch over the middle.

A visitor standing on the sideline wondered what cannon the footballs were being shot out of during the special  teams portion of practice. I pointed him to the cannon wearing No. 34 in blue. Carlos Munera continued his good punting nailing a couple of 60 yarders.

And what is becoming a daily occurrence....here's your daily Darian Mallary moment:

Cannon Toward the end of practice, DM took a handoff and ran left toward a host of defenders. It appeared DM was going to be taken down for about a 7-yard loss. But no.

DM spun to his right and outran the D to pick up 11 yards and a first down.

Saturday's your final chance to see your Panthers before practices are closed for the rest of camp. It's a 2-a-day on Saturday with practices at 8 a.m. and 3:45 p.m. 


Apaw Got a text from Justin Francis Ford Coppola and he says he finished the FIU videos and they should be uploaded on the MH website tonight when he gets in the office. Here is the link: FIU Media Day Herald Video

Apaw Here's your video invite from the FIU football boss to get you ready for the 2009 season and tour a very impressive football facility: MC's Party at the Fieldhouse


FIUFloridaPower&Light: The main concern has always been the O-line. We haven't been able to effectively run the ball over the years. And the next concern was the red zone offense, which was not that great last year either. Pete, I assume there will be some level of natural improvement due to experience, but do any of the new players look like they will cause a giant leap in those two areas mentioned above.

PP: Having the entire starting O-Line back will help. Some of these guys have played 36 games togetherDperry and are noticeably bigger and stronger. It has been just 2 days in pads so I wouldn't read too much into what's happened in the last 48 hours. Now if this is the case, the next time you good people can see your Panthers in the Aug. 22 scrimmage, then I would say there might be a concern.

In the red zone, a full season from DP (right) should help the running game. We saw what he could do in the only 2 games he played in last season. Plus, you add a healthy Daunte Owens, what Darian Mallary is capable of, contributions from a big John Ellis and versatility in Trenard Turner and Kendall Berry.

Also, you have to factor in the new receiving and tight end weapons in the red zone. There are some elusive, quick guys in the WR corps and Dudley LaPorte is a creature. Would say monster, but FIU already has had El Monstruo.


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