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Panthers TV; Blackout Troy

Tygoodbye Will have the recaps from the two scrimmages from Thursday and Friday on thePmc next post, but for now here is where you can catch your Panthers on TV this weekend.

Tommorrow night (Saturday, August 29) T.Y. Hilton and Paul McCall will be guests on CBS 4 Sportszone at 7 p.m. on Channel 4.

FIU announced Friday that for the Oct. 17 home game against Troy it will be "Blackout Night" at FIU Stadium where your Panthers will wear special black uniforms for that game and fans entering the stadium will get black t-shirts.



FIUfantastic & FIUFPL: Pete, can you see if FIU has any official planned watch party for the first football game? Or whether it will be on TV?

PP: FIU Mayor Nelson Bradford has the Sports Grill at Bird Road (SW 40 Street) and SW 117 Ave. ready for you Panther fans on Sept. 12 for the FIU/Alabama game and all other FIU road games.

FIUFan: By the way, can you give us an update, or at least FIU's spin on this whole thing. Where do we stand now on playing UNC?

PP: Nothing new on the situation as of Friday night. The thought here is that there is more to this than the handling of the last minute schedule switcheroo. It was 24 hours of free pub for FIU on ESPN and all over cyberspace for something that if you think about it no one will remember come Nov. 10 and something that is not really bad publicity -- such as other recent college hoops programs that had to forfeit wins (Memphis) or that another's head coach was having a good time in a restaurant bathroom and tells his wife 6 years later (Louisville).

Other media that do not cover FIU or know nothing about FIU have said well, then FIU won't be invited to future tournaments. So what? If FIU becomes a solid basketball program under IT, the tournaments will come calling. FIU just needs to start winning consistently and everything will take care of itself. Winning solves everything.  

And there are several media outlets that think Ohio State will be better than North Carolina this season. Regardless, FIU does not have the horses to compete with either team this year. In the end, I think you'll see FIU vs. UNC in the season opener.

Apaw Doug Lesmerises from the Cleveland Plain Dealer e-mailed this to me....Here is one unhappy camper that might not get to play against an Isiah Thomas coached team. This is Ohio State's Evan Turner who went to the same high school as IT: I want to play FIU  


What do you think of FIU blackout night? **Note that is not the FIU Blackout Jersey in the poll question. That's Saints QB Drew Brees' jersey, but it's the closest photo I could find to a black and gold jersey.



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