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Scrimmage No. 2: O-Line A-OK, More Oooh & The Name is Schirripa

The majority of you good people voted in our last poll question that what you wanted to see the mostDmallaryruns in Saturday's scrimmage was the progress of the O-Line.

Well, the FIU O-Line has got your progress right here.

Those concerns you had about the O-line and running game should be eased a little bit now after Saturday's scrimmage. Granted, it was just a scrimmage, but the O-Line got the push they did not get in the first scrimmage and opened holes for Darriet Perry, Darian Mallary (right, thanks Sam Lewis photo) and Trenard Turner.

Or as linebacker Scott Bryant would say after the scrimmage: "the offense came out with an attitude and some swagger".

After starting the scrimmage with 3 pass plays, the Panthers went to ground on the second series with DP picking up where he left off last season. DP picked up 28 yards on 4 carries before Paul McCall hit Greg Ellingson with a 50-yard touchdown pass.

It wasn't all offense on Saturday, it just seemed that way with the manner FIU was able to move the ball on the ground. Before the running game got going again, the D made back-to-back stops: forcing Wayne Younger to hurry an incomplete 4th down pass to end one series and then Jonas Murrell recovered a fumble to end the following series.

Wcarroll Quarterback Wesley Carroll (left, thanks Roy Viera photo) started his first series in the red zone, when MC had the ball placed at the 20. Nothing doing on WC's first series, but Dustin Rivest and Jack Griffin each hit 37-yard field goals to end the series. (MC had both kickers kick the same field goals and extra points each time).

In WC's second series, you got a glimpse of why No. 13 was the SEC Freshman QB of the Year at Mississippi State. On 1st down, WC couldn't find anyone open, so he calmly rolled out, eluded rushers and bought enough time to hit Larry McCoy for 24 yards.

WC couldn't avoid Aaron Davis two plays later as AD recorded one of 5 FIU sacks. The 4 other sacks were by Jarvis Wilson, 2 by Deiondrick Roberts on consecutive plays and by Tourek Williams, who gets better by the day.

When Mallary got into the game the run game took off again. Oooh ripped off a 24-yard run that drew some "ooohs" from the crowd.

In the same series, WY connected with T.Y. Goodbye for 21 yards -- it was No. 4's only catch of the day as MC said he wanted to see how the offense would respond without No. 4 for long stretches.....The offense's answer: 3 passing TDs and 150 yards rushing.

Walk-on DB George Palmer had some good pass D soon after and then Emmanuel Souarin interceptedTurner WY and ES showed some good moves returning the pick. It seems like every high school player from the 305 has some moves in the open field.

Trenard Turner (right, thanks Roy Viera photo) healthy from knee surgery, then got his shot and had some tough, physical inside runs for 57 yards on 13 carries. TT's best run was on his first carry where he gained 12 yards and broke a couple of tackles.

Walk-on QB Chris Schirripa had his best day of camp. MC said Schirripa moved ahead of Junior Delpe for the No. 3 QB job with his performance.

And with the nifty quarterbacking day, some of the media along the sideline that did not know how to exactly pronounce Schirripa -- learned. Some of those people on Saturday initially pronounced Schirripa as "chalupa". Those unsure quickly learned how to say Schirripa after his 2 TDs. Schirripa was now as easy to pronounce to those people like if they were pronouncing Smith. 

On his third pass of the day, Schirripa found Rocky Vann for a 24-yard TD and finished the scrimmage with a 23-yard TD to McCoy.

On CS's longest drive of the scrimmage, Oooh got it going with a 15-yard run. After the Tourek sack, CS had completions of 10 and 11 yards to McCoy and Colt Anderson, respectively.

Mccoy CS even scrambled for 10 yards on another play making a move on one defender. With his athleticism, CS reminds a little of former FIU QB Josh Padrick. He even has a similar throwing motion.

Before the drive ended, Palmer dropped an INT from CS that would have gone for 6. Rivest kicked a 36-yd FG to end the drive. Griffin missed wide right from the same distance.

Toward the end of the scrimmage, Oooh broke off a 20-yard run and might have gone the distance if not for a receiver stepping on his foot. To finish the scrimmage, McCoy (left, thanks Sam Lewis photo) juggled the ball three times before securing it in the back of the end zone for the third FIU TD of the day.

Some leading numbers from the scrimmage: Schirripa was 6 of 9 for 60 yds, 2 TDs; Oooh had 7 carries for 65 yards; McCoy led the WRs with 4 catches, 62 yds, TD; Vann had 2 catches, 29 yds, TD; Ellingson 1 catch, 50 yds, TD.


Apaw Add another committment for FIU hoops for 2010, when shooting guard Richaud (not Richard) Pack from Birmingham, Michigan said he wants to become a Panther. Pack played for the AAU national championship team from Michigan last season and will be a senior in high school this fall.

Interesting tidbit about Pack is that he is 6-3, just 16 years old, wants to study medicine and carries a 4.2Doogie GPA and averaged 23 points a game last season. Another Doogie Howser, but with basketball skills. (And for the record, NO, Pack is not Sidd Finch, in case all this sounds too good to be true). 

You gain one, you lose one. Pitcher Miguel Mejia signed a free agent deal with a major league team and will not throw a pitch as a Panther. If you remember last season, Mejia was ineligible in his freshman season.


Coach Cog: Good Morning Pete, reading up on your blogs, what's going on with #52 Warthen Sr. DE. LiL cuz working hard and looking good with the few reps he gets in practice.

PP: Artis is competing with just about everyone else on the D-Line for playing time. The depth chart on the D-Line is up for grabs in camp.

FIUPantherFan: Pete, I've been looking for an updated Basketball Roster. WKU recently lost a couple of recruits. Are all our recruits at FIU for the upcoming season?

PP: School starts Monday. Kayvon Lytch and Eric Frederick did not qualify. Antoine Watson is on the bubble. Everyone else made it.

SouthPaw: Hey, Pete, I haven't heard much, if anything, on Reggie Jones. Is he injured? If not, how's he doing? I was expecting he'd be a major factor on our DL this year. Also, are the coaches planning on giving Jonathan Jackson a redshirt this year? Also, what about Kasey Smith? He and Andre Pound apparently looked really good on scout team last year, but I haven't heard anything on him so far this year. Is he in the mix?

PP: Reggie is out there at practice. He just has not stood out yet. JJ with his injured feet might be headed for a redshirt, but it's way too early to start handing out the red on August 24. Who knows maybe JJ will be Dazzlerss ready for the second half of the season. Kasey is coming off knee and shoulder surgery. MC said last week that Kasey is about 4 to 6 weeks away.

Before we get to our poll question, let's finish this post with some beautiful smiles.........................



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