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Tuesday's Practice: Pinpoint Paul; JUCO DBs INTs

On Wednesday, it will mark 30 days from the season opener at Alabama on Sept. 12.

Still plenty of work and position battles to sort out for your Panthers before then, but on Tuesday your starting quarterback had a good day and some new JUCO defensive backs made a push for someAg playing time.

One of the first plays of Tuesday's practice saw No. 4 meetKryp his kryptonite.

No. 4 went for a long pass, but No. 7 (far right, thanks Roy Viera photo) was like velcro on No. 4 and never gave No. 4 a chance to catch the pass. No flags, no pass interference.

Of course, No. 7 let No. 4 know about it all the way back to the line of scrimmage.

Darian Mallary continued his good work with another solid run during team drills.

Your FIU starting quarterback had a big day. Paul McCall (below, left, thanks RV photo) hit Junior Mertile with a long pass. Then PMC hit freshman Jairus Williams with a 65-yard bomba for a TD.

Williams also made a nice sideline catch on a Wayne Younger pass and kept one foot in bounds.

PMC then got the tight ends involved finding Jonathan Faucher for 30 yards and then Eric Kirchenberg for Pmc a 20-yard completion.

JUCO All-American Jarrell McGee picked off his first pass of camp. See, I told you there was a Jarrell on the roster, only he showed up one year later and his last name is not Lamb.

Emmanuel Souarin and Antwoine Bell were draped all over Junior on a deep pass and denied Mertile. No flags would have been thrown -- good clean defensive coverage.

There was a Younger to Younger connection on a sideline pass. Wayne found his cousin, receiver Jacob Younger. And for you Family Guy fans, there is no Gumbel to Gumbel (below, right) connection on the FIU team.

Yesterday, Rupert Bryan was working with the 1st team O-Line, Stephen Bailey worked with the 1st team O-Line on Tuesday as Joe Alajajian sat out with cramps.

There were several Panthers cramping on Tuesday. And for FIUPIKE, one of them was Jeremiah and heG2g is not hurt.

FIU play-by-play radio dude Jeremy Marks-Peltz had a chance to redeem himself Tuesday after dropping a Wayne Younger pass on Monday. However, JMP did not attempt to catch a Junior Delpe sideline pass on Tuesday. Good thing, JMP has no eligibility left.

On the defensive line, Kambriel "Whatcha Talkin' bout" Willis had a good day. KW and Joey Harris teamed on a sack. (There is no hitting going on right now, so it was the equivalent of a flag football sack -- touching the QB, but still the sack would have happened in tackle football).

KW then with Markeith Russell snuffed out a screen pass that went for 0 yards.

Tyler Clawson batted down a pass. Winston Fraser played good pass D, but couldn't hold on to an INT. Peter Riley played good pass D as well.

Times Wayne Times (left, thanks RV photo) caught a short pass from Wesley Carroll over the middle and turned it into a 75-yard TD.

The second JUCO transfer INT came from junior Quentin Wyche (a Daytona State transfer). Sophomore DB George Palmer picked off a pass too.

Freshman Derrick Jones had a clear path to the end zone for 6, but dropped the INT.

And Greg Ellingson made a tough sideline catch look routine when he went up for a pass and came down with the ball and one foot in bounds for a 1st down.

It's media day on Wednesday at FIU and the Herald will be sending their video department to put togetherChrm an FIU football preview video and include a video tour of fieldhouse.

I asked if the FIU Witches (right) could anchor the video, because they are certainly more photogenic than the guy in the black t-shirt below on the left. (Thanks to AP for photo).

However, I haven't heard back from the MH -- probably not a good sign. Either Me way, check back here at some point Wednesday.


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thanks for the update pete.. good to see that the D-backs are active and also good to see willis getting in the mix for Dline... btw who were the intereceptions against?

Thank you for the reports, Pete!! We are starving for the info you guys are giving us.

Great stuff Pete, are you at every practice this week? Would like to pass by and say hello if I head to one.

Great report Pete. Glad to hear McCall is looking sharp!!! Looking forward to attending on Saturday. Thanks for the information.


Is anyone concerned that, in practice, so many long passes and/or big Yards-After-Catch are being produced? Of course, I'm referring to the secondary here. Either we have really good receivers or our secondary is not that great. Here is hoping for the former and not the latter.

That's a valid point TNGoldenPanther. I really hope it's good receivers and not our secondary or bad pass rush by D-Line. We'll just have to wait and see.

Great post Pete.....keep up the good work!

Anyone at the practice today, heard it was Media Day and would like some info and/or comments about how the D-line did today....(#86 preferably) thanks GO FIU!

Thanks for the update Pete

Pete....where's your post on today's Media day and video....

Is it just me or is the media day video not loading on fiusports.com

silverlight is loaded but nothing plays.

It's also happening to me. I thought it was me...

The FIUSports.com video is not playing. What's up with that?

ya, i'm having the same problem...

Yeah same here. All the other videos that I tried worked so I think its just that video thats not working. Hopefully they fix it.

I pressed the "contact us" button on the FIUSports.com website and voiced my concern about the video not playing.

I encourage all of you to do the same.

I submitted a ticket via the customer service link at the bottom of the page. fiusports.com

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