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Where You Can Watch FIU vs. Alabama; Pics of New FIU Court & Arena

Tv Here's where you can watch your Panthers and the Tide.

As Gooch7 wrote in the last post, the Sports Grill at Bird Road and SW 117 Ave. will be showing the FIU/Alabama game as will the Sunset Drive location.

FIU Mayor Nelson Bradford Lopez, whose friends own the Sports Grill (Bird Road), called to tell me that they will show the game and no blackout to worry about.

I know the owner (Craig) of the Sports Grill on SW 147 Ave. and SW 104 Street and he tells me that they do not have the FIU game as of today, but I told him all you FIU fans won't fit into the other 2 Sports Grill locations, so Craig is doing what he can to get the game in his location. Craig is supposed to call me back later today to let me know if he got the game. Will update this post if the game is shown at this SG Mayor location.

Mayor Bradford, (left) who is involved in the renovation of U.S. Century Bank Arena, shot some photos of the work being done on and in the Bank.

Here on the right is the new court (click on image to enlarge) that will makes its debut in tonight's FIU volleyball match.....Courtshot

And here on the left, you can see the yellow walls inside the arena have been painted to the new dark blue FIU color.

Noyellow There is nothing to show yet regarding the entrance to the arena. When there is the Mayor will send along some photos.


Aaapaw Last chance to get FIU/Alabama scores in for the Win A GPP Blog contest is at 6:59 p.m. Eastern GPP Time. The 1st GPP LIVE BLOG of the 2009 season with our new format from Cover It Live, will begin at 6:45 p.m. right here on Saturday night.

Aaapaw We haven't had to update our worldwide readership scorecard in a while, but we do nowGabon as we have an FIU fan in Gabon, Africa that thinks the Panthers will be 7-5 this season.

If you're keeping score at home and I know you are, here's the new GPP scorecard:



38 COUNTRIES: Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, France, Gabon, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Lebanon, Mexico, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, Scotland, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, U.S.A., Venezuela, Vietnam.

1 DISTRICT: Washington, D.C. and 1 TERRITORY: Puerto Rico.


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How about the people who cannot make it to the sports grills?

Will it be available on ESPN gameplan or espn360?

The reason I wonder is because i found this link in relation to the game:


I know that there will be NO local coverage either..


The Golden Panthers up here in Palm Beach County will be watching the game alongside Alabama Alumni at

Alabama Joes
Pinewood Square
6316 Lantana Rd #45
Lake Worth FL 33463

Pete, thank you for inquiring about the TV options on our behalf. You're the best.

So at this point we have 2 possibly 3 Sports Grills destination.

I plan to attend the one on Bird with about 6 people.

Hope to see it nice and packed.

Looks like the Bama Fans want to help out the FIU Cheerleaders

well here is my prediction... i hope i wrong but i thin this game will help all the panthers break in the season....Bama 56 FIU 10

Does the Cheerleaders have an official donating site online to take donations? Like paypal?

37-24 Bama

ill go w/ 34-17... bama we dont have all the horses they have... in a few years though.. watch out

Alabama 38 FIU 17

I find the disrespect being shown to FIU a little funny. Here is all of the FIU family talking like T.Y. is a Heisman contender, yet ESPN does not even want him or the GP on their network.

Also, where are all the FIU fans who said UM star was free falling. Last I checked, they were the #20 team in the country.

FIU 21, Bama 35

That's my objective prediction...still hoping for a win though!

Bama 52-FIU 13

College Football rankings are garbage. One reason why I dont like the BCS/ Poll system is because it is based on opinion. Especially the AP/ Coaches Poll. If UM puts up more points than they did against FSU, but still lose the game, will they still be the #20 team in the country? It's all garbage to me. Especially at this point in the season when there isnt enough of a sample size to truly determine what teams are the best. Ohio State is ranked #8, but they almost last last week against a rinky dink team. A number 8 team should have made that game a blowout by the second quarter, much like we saw UF do.

Point is rankings come and go, so dont put a lot of stock into them. Miami could be #20 this week, but be nowhere to be seen the next week. Its all stupid.

Alabama - 52

FIU - 10

I hope we show saban!

yeah not to take anything away from UM but that was definitey top 20 team i saw playing in that game (neither was FSU for that matter) i think it is just early rankings that will start to shift as the first couple of weeks pass.

alt7787 - I agree with you, to a point. When Miami is not ranked, it is a rally cry for FIU fans to show that Miami is falling - but when they are ranked, and are shown some respect, FIU fans say the rankings and the system mean nothing. If FIU were the #20 team in the country would you have the same viewpoint? I think not. You would be yelling from the highest building how your GPers are in the top 25. Get off your high horse my friend, step off the soap box- the current ranking system is what we have, live with it, and recognize that UM is on its way back to the top.

CANDY CANE as usual with his idiotic comment. ESPN can't show locally as Alabama's network owns the rights fool. And be sure to pay us a visit when scUM ends up 6-6 and reminiscing about how that FSU receiver choked and dropped the game winning ball. Delusional you people are.

FIU 28
Bama 24

That's right. TY 3 TDs.

Good luck to our teams this year!!!

Alabama 45 FIU 10

Go FIU!!

Anybody knows the volleyball's game score?..Neither my Panther Pass, nor live stats are working.....%*&^%*$

Ok....FIU is winning 2-0 with two highly contested sets...

Alabama 42
FIU 13

Pete, how about an update on how the soccer team. How come they don't schedule tougher teams like some of the ACC powerhouses like Maryland, Wake Forest, UNC, and Virginia?

Also, what is the rationale behind the turf at FIU? How much cheaper is the maintenance because in S. Fla. it's just wrong not to play on grass.

When will the Rockies go on a losing streak? Doesn't Coghlan deserve Rookie of the Year? He deserves more media attention.

I think that UM deserves their #20 ranking but obviously they can just as easily drop out. I'm hoping that Shannon gets a long-term extension.

FIU swept the sets 3-0. Rosa was injured looks pretty bad. She was in a good amount of pain. looks like a broken hand/finger or dislocation.

Remember Golden Panthers let's fill up those Sports Grill locations and let them know they are in FIU country! Panthers on the Rise!

But on the brightside it was good to see the other girls dominate while Rosa was out. They seemed to get more motivated sesing they're teammate go down.

Florida International University - 1
University of Coral Gables - 0

This is will become a popular trend soon.

FIU 49
Bama 42

Pete - why is the Bama game airing on 1080AM and not 790? Heard this on Sedano's show during the Cristobal interview.

I think that since Alabama is being so greedy with the TV rights and it all about the $$$$$ for them, MC and PG should threaten to pull out of the game this Saturday unless the University or the Alabama tv (whoever has the rights) agrees to allow the game to be aired free in this market. Imagine the headlines and free publicity that would be grabbed and all the exposure. I mean, that is why you all thought IT and PG were so smart right? Why not do it again?

it is being played on 1080 cause there is a scheduling confilict w/ the marlins game.. till the marlins season is over FIU will always get trumped when the marlins play :-( sucks but what can you do

He said Marlins Game conflict... which is a bigger contract... and provides better ratings... I know only 100 people attend the Marlins games, cause ProPlayer (oops, Landshark, orange bowl, dolphins stadium, Joe Robby) sucks. But, they do get good radio ratings for the Marlins games....

Bama 42
FIU 17

Hey Pete, let's give the Bama fans some love. They are trying to set up a fundraiser to help the FIU Cheerleaders...


Really nice of them, would make a nice side story. My prediction Alabama 45 - FIU 13.


Pete are the volleyball lines on the floor permanent? I kinda never liked to see them during the games on the old floor...

Pete or Comcast customers,

I think the game will be on channel 704 (ESPN 3), if you pay the $25 fee. Is this true or is my TV lieing to me?

If everyone starts calling the Sports Grill in the Hammocks they will need to buy the channel. What bar will say No to spending $25 to receive thousands back in just alcohol. Count me in for two cold ones..



The last time UM was ranked and the chorus of "we back" chants proceeded, the Georgia Tech fullback proceeded to run for 700 yards. So, relax for a couple weeks. I realize that on my way to watch FIU Saturday I might just see that GT back running down bird road with a couple of UM players chasing him. Good luck Thursday, let's keep 'em under 400 rushing yards this time around, huh?

Pete my prediction for tomorrow is
Bama 46
FIU 13

I say FIU shocks the world! 31-27!!!

i am going to go with a score of Alabama 52 vs FIU 21

Alabama 42 FIU 20

Hope Im wrong


Crazy Cane,

Stephen Ross called, the rent is due.

FIU and Troy have their work cut out for them tomorrow!!

Good luck to both teams.


Bama 36
FIU 17

Alabama 34 FIU 17. No injuries is a victory.

Of course we'd be chanting and raving if our team broke into the top 25. I'm not sure any team in the SBC has ever broken into the top 25, so why wouldn't we scream it from the highest mountain?

The problem with the polling system is that teams are usually given votes because of their school logo rather than what they're doing on the field. I'm not sure Ohio State deserves to be in the top 25, much less the top 10. Let the Irish win 3 games in a row, and they'll probably be a top 10 team as well.

UM is ranked once again, congratulations; but in a head to head against Troy, my money is on the Spartans.

Bama: 38

FIU: 17

Crossing my fingers for our D-line and O-line to hold up against the tide. If we can manage that... then you never know!!!


I have to redo my prediction. After being a full day here in Birmingham, its obvious that Alabama (both the team and the locals) are really respecting us. Walking around in FIU gear has started lots of debate with the locals, good friendly debate...sadly they seem to know more about FIU than most in Miami do lol.

Bama 40, FIU 17

Hey, just spoke to my son Joey #86. Its 4:30pm and they still haven't left the airport. They were suppose to leave at 3pm and arrive in Alabama at 4pm. The plane had technical problems so they are waiting it out, it might be a couple more hours or so of waiting. (this is not a good omen!! lol) GOOD LUCK FIU!! Arrive safe....


You are correct. A friend of mine if boarding that same plane! I'm already in Birmingham, decided to leave a day earlier just in case! The last thing the team needs is a chaotic schedule and not have a good night's rest.

yes, thats true. Hopefully they will be able to leave soon and get up there, settle in and get some rest. Big day tomorrow!!

Thanks for the updates guys! Sure hope team gets there soon.


Anything new regarding the plane delay? That sucks big time. During Cross and Track this kind of crap happened once per season. Maybe its good they got it out of the way early.. J/K!

They should have plenty of time to recover from the trip since this is a night game.

Best of luck to #86 as well as the entire team..

Alabama 42, FIU 21. Hope I'm wrong though. The only way I can see FIU pulling an upset is if they can stop the run and keep alabama under 30 points.

Any info on whether or not we can order the game through Comcast (ESPN 3). Its channel 704 on my TV and it does say FIU Vs. Alabama.

Even thought there is two local bars showing the game I have a feeling that if you dont show up before 4pm you are seating outside..

Prediction Time:

Alabama: 34
FIU: 17

I hate to say it but I bet the Halftime score will be no more then a touchdown lead. Our 2nd half always sucks..

Regarding UM and FIU rivalry comments

To UM Fans:
You should never be caught arguing about football programs with FIU fans. That is pointless because the two are at very different stages and can remotely ever be compared. The only similarity is that they use the same ball to play with but that is where the comparisons end. For you business majors Miami is like a Multi-National company whose stock has hit triple digits and is about to split for the 3rd time in 6 months. FIU is like a start up company whose penny stock is being sold over the counter in a chinese sweat shop.

To FIU Fans:
Great school, nice stadium, good little conference, and a program with the potential to someday become a team that major conference teams will some day game plan for before playing them. But really your only comment to a UM fan should be "were not worthy". Seriously you guys are trying so hard to fit in with the "Big Boys" when you should just allow time to run its course and allow your UM coach and athletic director to build you a real program. Right now FIU is a cupcake that could develop into something but you guys are putting the cart before the horse when you try to argue with Cane fans. In 1992 The Olympic Dream Team in Barcelona Spain was only approached by players on the foreign teams to take pictures because they knew that none of them belonged on the court with the likes of Magic, Jordan and Bird. Today those teams are now competing and beating the NBA led Dream Teams from the USA because their talent has made some strides. FIU(pronounced f-e-w) fans think 1992 for now and your time will come but any other approach towards the dynasty known in college football as "The U" looks very foolish.

'Bama 38
FIU 10

FIU landin in Alabama about am hour ago...safe and sound......good luck tomorrow !!! Will be there cheering you on!! GO FIU!!

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