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FIU/Alabama.....TV or Not TV

You can watch your Panthers against the Tide in Miami, but it will cost you or your favorite adult beverage establishment.

Here's the deal: the game is blacked out on all ESPN affiliates in Florida and Alabama, even ESPN The Ocho.

But you can get the game by paying for it on either DirectTV or Dish Network. The reason this is being done is because the rights to this game are owned by the Crimson Tide Sports Network and they want to maximize the broadca$$$$$$$$t.


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thats sooo F*ed up

GPP Nation, I attached the link that has the transcript of Nick SATAN's press conference.


Well, I'm off to Alabama on Friday. Understand that if the "FIU MIRACLE IN ALABAMA" occurs, I will immediately have to be medicated and have a permanent grin on my face. I will attempt to post on the GPP soon after the game regardless of the result.


I thought that a blackout was a blackout meaning that the game cannot be seen at all regardless of PPV status. I don't mind shelling out 40 bucks but I do want to be assured that I will see the game.

ESPN360.com will have the game. For students hoping to watch it, ESPN says that if you log in from a university network you can watch the game for free. Everyone else needs to sign up.

I believe you can catch the game online through espn360.com if you access the internet through a covered provider, such as AT&T or Verizon. Power it up on your laptop, hook your laptop up to your 52" LCD tv and you're all set...with an extra $40 in beer money.

im going to the sports grill with some friends... so for the price of a few buckets of beer and wings I can still see the game. right?

can anyone confirm for sure if the new sports grill on bird will be showing the game??

yeah, they're showing it. it's being promoted by 790.

I'll be watching this game at home with a couple of friends. Max 4 people. I like it to be quiet and actually enjoy the game. I'am hooking up my laptop to my big flat screen TV and watching it on my big screen like I did last season. Gotta love ESPN360.com!!

Man, someone hanging in there with Bama would bring so much reputation to FIU. I would love to hang a good 14 or 17 points on that Bama defense.

LETS GO PANTHERS!!! Saturday at 7 can't come soon enough!!!!!

The game will be blacked out on ESPN360 if you live in Florida. The only way to catch it is to call DirecTV or Dish and pay for that game. Look at a Gameplan/360 blackout zone and you will see that the game is not available on 360.

Wait a minute....

Can anyone confirm with Sports Grill that they have DISH or DIRECTV. It seems like this "blackout" is breaking news and I'm not sure if Sports Grill was accounting for this already.

It would suck to have 300 people show up to watch nothing.

I'm almost 100% sure that Sports Grill has Direct TV or DISH. They carry the NFL Sunday Ticket which could only be bought on Dish or Direct TV. I hope the local bars are ready to carry this game!!! GO FIU!

What a mess Alabama created... this is so messed up! Well anyway, I won't be able to make it to Sports Grill this Saturday, but i do hpe they have the game for those who go... that would be horrible..

How much we getting paid for this game again?

I'm sure its a lot of money FIU FAN....lol
I will be there watching FIU play Saturday, I can't wait!!!! First game my son Joey #86 is playing, !!!! WISH HIM LUCK!!!! GO FIU!

Just called the 3 Sports Grills around the area:

1005 Sunset Dr.
They said they ordered the special channel. The only thing that got me worried was that the guy was askig me if Alabama had a good team, and by how much was FIU going to beat them by. Wow, dont get me wrong Im a huge fan but that guy had a couple drinks before 10:00am!!

11481 Bird Road.
They are defenatly showing it. 100%... Only problem here is if you dont get there before 5:00pm dont expect to get in. The place cant hold much more then 250-300 people.

14617 SW 104 Street.
I called them all morning, and no answer. Someone else might want to try calling them to see if there is a back-up plan to the overcrowed Sports Grill on Bird.. Phone: (305)383-6110

I hope all this helps!


Thanks Gooch7! Sounds like the guy on sunset drive's got the right idea...If drinks is what he (and the rest of us) needs to be confident, then pour me one too LOL



Sorry to burst your bubble but the Sports Grill on Bird Rd and 117ave will be at capacity with 125 people. I've been there several times...trust me.

I would suggest contacting your neighborhood sports bar and taking a group with you if this location is a hike for you. If you can guarantee a tab that covers the cost of the PPV most owners will be happy to show the game. We are 150K strong in the community. Create the demand and they will happily comply....Cash is KING $$$$$ **UCG does not conflict this weekend or next weekend. Sports Bar owners would love to see large FIU contigents step up in mass. Gives them an additional revenue stream.

Pick up the phone and call !!! I'm off to BAMA tomorrow morning !! Go PANTHERS !!

The one in Hammocks just finished telling me that they will NOT have it. I do have one more place that I think might be showing the game.

Miccosukee Golf Course (Bar/Resturant)
I will try to call them and find out! By the way how much does the game cost to order?


Here are all viewing locations for Alabama games

You can find all Alabama viewing locations here


That's crazy! Why should we have to pay to watch the game! Ridiculous! Regardless, I'll be there for my time via internet, GO PANTHERS!

YES. Sports Grill sunset, and bird road are showing it! It will be tough, but the game costs $400 to play at a commercial place, its not $35, which is what it costs at home.


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