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New Running Back & Other Updates

Less than 48 hours before kickoff at Rutgers on Saturday and your Panthers have a new runningJh back....for 2010.

Former Syracuse and St. Thomas Aquinas running back Jeremiah Harden has transferred to FIU and will sit out this season, per NCAA transfer rules, and join the Panthers offense in 2010 when he will be a redshirt sophomore.

Harden did not get much of a chance last year with the Orange, but he led the high school/college powerhouse St. Thomas Aquinas to a state championship in 2007. That season Harden rushed for 1,316 yards and 18 touchdowns and also caught 2 TDs.

Harden (right with STA at state title game) also led the Raiders the year before in rushing, which also was FIU QB Wesley Carroll's last season at St. Thomas.

Harden, who started practice with the Panthers this week joins Carroll (left) as probably the best scout team Wesley quarterback/running back combo in America this season.

In 2006, Harden ran for 1,225 yards and 19 touchdowns and also caught 2 more TDs.

Harden is 5-9, 195 pounds and could easily get over 200 with one year in the FIU weight room. His addition just made the FIU backfield that much better and deeper joining Darriet Perry, Darian Mallary, Trenard Turner, Kendall Berry plus whoever signs on the dotted line next February.

As of Thursday, Jeremiah Weatherspoon "is a go" and will play according to MC. Ash Parker is probable for Saturday's game. And there is nothing new with Dudley LaPorte's status.

C-Mack got rid of the orange non-contact jersey today in practice and was wearing the offense's blue practice jersey -- a good sign.


Apaw GPP LIVE BLOG for FIU/Rutgers will begin at 4:45 p.m. on Saturday afternoon. We should be able to go until the end of the game, because this week we have a friendlier deadline with the 5 p.m. game. Unlike last week's 7 p.m. game, which had endless TV timeouts and I had to start writing at the end of the 3rd quarter.

Apaw Your deadline for FIU/Rutgers scores for the Win A GPP Blog contest is at 4:59 p.m. Eastern GPP time on Saturday.

Apaw Check out Channel 4's Sportswrap Show on Sunday night after the 11 p.m. news to see an interview with FIU QB Paul McCall.

Apaw The Herald has your FIU apps for your iphone: http://www.miamiherald.com/college/panthers/


TheChampionUnderdog: Pete, do you think Mcgee would start opposite gaitor? is it possible he could fill inDeza for parker at safety if hes not ready to go?

PP: McGee might be about a week behind, because of missing that week when he was not cleared. McGee has the talent to play right now, but I think he is more suited for safety. Dez Johnson (right) has done a pretty good job starting opposite Gaitor.

pikedanny: Pete, Are these kinds of clearinghouse issues common at other Universities or is this a case of FIU picking up kids who were "on the bubble" as far as their grades go? I know some teams shy away from some kids because of their grades. Is this what is happening here? We took a risk on these guys being eligible and now it's coming back to haunt us or am I just thinking too far into this?

PP: FIU is not the first university to deal with these clearinghouse issues. Each of these clearing issues have been different cases. With McGee it took a week, with C-Mack it took a lot longer, with DLP who knows? All three of these guys had the grades and were academically eligible. Sometimes, for example Yari and this is not the case with any of the 3 mentioned above, some of the classes they took in junior college do not match the classes they need to get into whatever university they are transferring to. When we have more info on DLP, we'll pass it on.

SunblazerPanther: Pete: Any update on Rosa's injury and playing status for this weekend?

PP: Saw Yarimar yesterday and she said that she is waiting for the stitches to come out of her fingers. She said when those come out that it should not be too long for her to get back on the court. The only problem is that she does not know when the stitches will come out.

Max: Pete, what's the deal with the basketball schedule? Wasn't it supposed to come out a LONG time ago already?

PP: They are still negotiating some out of conference games and it should be out by the end of the month.

Will be blogging to you from the Garden State and near the University of Tony Soprano (Rutgers) tommorrow on Friday with a preview and prediction of Saturday's game.Sop






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Do you know when the Rick Sanchez Special about MC and PG going to air?

Im going to say Rutgers 28 FIU 24

Watching the ticker on ESPN right now.

It's scrolling news about how FIU got Jake Medlock plus 3 other guys!

Go Panthers!

I saw that as well FPL, always great to see us making news. Specially during a UCG game!

Pete, what's with the sudden flux of players committing to the international? Is it due to the performance against Alabama? The great new facilities? Does MC know something that we don't know?

On a side note, UCG is looking pretty good. I'm not looking forward to the gloating from their MDCC fans...

One more thing, Howard (Rutgers' last opponent) is making FAMU look like USC tonight.

If there's one thing I hate about UCG winning, it's their fake fans talking smack...

We just gotta take care of our business against Rutgers this weekend and thoroughly crush 'em...

It is great to see another top player coming our way. I hope that DLP and C-Mack are on the field Saturday, as well as Ash Parker.

As far as UCG looking good people need to keep in mind this is a Ga Tech without much depth in their lines that is playing their third game in 12 days. These guys were dead tired in the first quarter, and have only had three days of rest in the last 12.

As far as us against Rutgers. Between the Cinci shellacking and FAMU running up the score on Howard I feel real good about this game.

FIU 31-10 Rutgers

Rutgers will come to play in thier house. Young quarterbacks get better with every game.

FIU 31 Rutgers 21

I always root for both city schools unless they are playing each other, then I root for FIU of course...Great game by Miami.

I feel an FIU win on Saturday more than I have ever felt before against a good opponent. We are a few years away from becoming a Boise State-type program with these new super recruits we are getting. Some quality out of conference wins against top quality opponents ought to show the nation who we really are. It all starts on Saturday baby!

On a side note, this city now has two legitimate future Heisman contenders.

I think this game will go into overtime or will be decided on a late field goal by Dustin Rivest.

31-30 FIU over Rutgers

Rutgers - 42
FIU - 14

FIU - 21
Rutgers - 17

JulesFIU07 - seriously? That is weak. Give credit where credit is due. The Hurricanes last night took on the high powered triple offense of Ga Tech and stuffed it like a turkey.

I promise you, if FIU pulls off the upset, I would not come on this blog the next day and say something about how Rutgers had some injuries or give some other excuse. I think the rest of your FIU fans realize this and are not jumping to agree with your post. Even they find it stupid.

As for my prediction this week. I think FIU plays it close and makes it a good game, but at the end of the day, I still think the size, experience and depth of Rutgers comes into play, not to mention Schiano not wanting to lose to MC and lose is quasi pipeline of recruiting in SoFL of second tier talent.

Rutgers - 35

FIU - 24

Actually, Crazy, I think Jules is right. 3 games in 12 days would be hella tough for a pro team to deal with. Forget a college team, especially one who runs the triple option. That's a more demanding style of offense physically than practically any other. If I'm a Jackets fan, I'm wondering what genius at GT decided to make that schedule the way they did. They looked spent well before halftime.

You also have to factor in that Miami had a lot more time to rest and prepare for this game than normal... they were off for a week and a half. With that said, Miami looked awesome, and I think they would've beaten GT regardless. Jacory is the truth. That kid will be a Heisman contender this season if he keeps it up.

Those of you FIU'ers who keep saying the U is going to fall off the map... you're wrong. This team's legit. Randy Shannon's already looking like a freakin' genius, and Whipple's done a hell of a job with that offense. Miami's probably going to win a very weak ACC this season and go to a major bowl regardless of what happens against Oklahoma. They just gotta beat UNC and Va Tech, and they can definitely do that.


Try and make it out to the Alumni Tailgate in Scarlet Square. It would be great to meet ya.


RU 33 - FIU 23

Gotta agree with Clawing Cancer...

I must say I agree with what Clawing Cancer and somewhat to what crazy cane has said UM is a Great program that has been playing beneath their standards for a while. But what Shannon has done to revitalize the program is amazing. I am pulling for UM to have a great year this year and I believe what happens across town will have nothing to do with the emergence of FIU's program.

I am one for see an UCLA/USC cross town match up so really, I would love to see both sets of fans on either side of the divide to stop putting each others program down and give credit where credit is due.

Ive learned to not be like most U fans and more like the other major schools we play. Rep FIU with Class.

FIU - 28
Rutgers - 21

GO FIU!!!!

Nope... UM looked good yesterday no doubt about it. GT was tired... true. But UM did they're job on both sides.

FF, II, UU... FIU!!!

Rutgers 31 FIU 24

Of course, hoping for an upset..

I understand all of your points, but if I take them as true, you must admnit then that the reason you were able to hang with Alabama for as long as you did was not b/c you were any good, but more because it was your first game, you all were super fresh, and you had an entire offseason to prepare for them and a previous weeks game film, while Alabama was coming off a big win against Va Tech on the road and had no previous weeks game film of FIU.

It all makes sense now.

CC cant argue w/ you there the []_ _[] looked good yesterday.. harris is for real and the D is starting to look like they use to. GT may have been "tired" but thats no excuse.. no excues needs to be made. they got taken to the wood shed. good LUck to the U against VT.

in reguards to the Rutgers v FIU.. im torn .. early season prediction i thought we would play this one close and lose... seeing the way we played agaisnt bama is making me rethink my decision.. i will come back later today and post my score but man is it something to think about

I can unbiasedly say that it looks like UM is on their way back to being an ACC power. Jacory Harris is playing with great poise and the defense has the swagger its been missing. Looks like Shannon has his personnel finally in place. I didn't think it would happen this year with the exodus of players and fights in the locker rooms, but hey, its still a long season. But if UM keeps it up, they can take the ACC.

On the same token, an unbiased UM fan should realize that FIU is doing all the right things to establish themselves. Cristobal is doing crazy things in his recruitment. If you would've told me two years ago that FIU would have 3-star recruits committing this early I'd say you were nuts. This will be a two-school two in only a few years.

Keep the compliments in the correct forum.

This Syracuse transfer is a big deal he was recruited by Auburn, LSU, Miami (FL), Notre Dame, Western Michigan before signing with the 'Cuse.

I predict FIU 27 Rutgers 24

I am happy U of M won, the longer mush-mouth keeps the Canes mediocre to decent the longer before they come trying to steal Mario away.

P.S. Thanks to the herald for the great FIU iPhone App

CrazyCane, I am not making excuses for Ga Tech, I am simply stating that it is hard to gauge where their team was given that schedule. Keep in mind they had serious stamina issues against Clemson on Saturday after running away the first half. Your boys did what they had to do, and looked pretty good, but it is just hard to know where they are until they play a team that has seven days between game A and game B. The Va Tech game should tell you a lot.

As far as your Bama comparison, that is bush. The games were seven days apart, that is standard and players have three days of rest between practices and the actual gameday over that seven day span, as opposed to three days of rest total in twelve which is what Tech had.

I can't say I'm happy with UCG playing well. I'm not and I will not EVER say that because, while our rise to prominence is just a matter of time, their success can make it more difficult or can arguably slow that process down. It is important for us to remember thaqt this is the team that has run away from us in all revenue sports. This is the team that has all the fake fans that should in reality be FIU fans or could be Panther fans. This is the team that has tried to take advantage of us for so long and then when they saw what we were trying to build, they back down.

Fine, they are playing well. Great for them. But until they man up and create the annual rivalry that would benefit this community and help both schools out, I will not respect them or hope for their success. Let's not forget that, FIU faithful...

I'm probably too enthusiastic, but I'm going with a Toledo type upset.

FIU 35
Rutgers 24

Joel people may say this taints my ability to be objective, but honestly I will never hope for their success. I'd rather see success at USF, UF and FSU. The level of disrespect and poor sportsmanship shown to us over the years by UCG fans is appalling. No where in college football, and I do mean no where, is a similar level of classness shown.

I'll let the UCG boys have their day a bit, but I will point out that they were playing a physically exhausted Georgia Tech, and anyone who thinks that a team can play three games in twelve days with three practices between those games is mental.

GT was tired last night because UM's defense was pounding them, and our offense was in fast break mode... Don't give me that GT was tired crap... They got flat out pounded by a faster, more physical team..

GT had a week to recover from their Clemson game and before that played Jacksonville State with their backup QB... so... save the excuses for what you are going to say after the Rutger's game...

I also root for FIU, even though I am a UM alum, just because I like to see our local teams play well... Stop being cocky panthers...

I would agree with Joel on the fake fans particularly...all of a sudden all the MDCC'ers and Turner Correctional Facility peeps are fans of Duh U again. Although it is quite amusing hearing these people speak on talk radio, it would make me cringe if I was a UM alum hearing these people calling the radio and representing my school. I will say UM does have a very good shot at winning the ACC, it looks to be fairly weak this year, should be a cake walk outside of V-Tech.

I have no ill feelings towards UM, whatsoever. My sister attends UM so I have no reason to dislike them as an institution. HOWEVER, their fans (especially the non student/alumnus ones) really make it difficult for me to root for them. It is arguable that their success works against ours but I personally believe that there is enough talent to go around and to be a successful program, we have to handle our business and no one else's. FIU will get there in no time based on the hard work the coaching staff is putting in and it's paying off quite remarkably based on our play and the recent list of commits.

With that said, UM is looking good so far, but it's a long season with two tough games ahead...


I just got the confirmation that Rutgers will be Cedric Mack's first game as an FIU Golden Panther! He will travel with the team tomorow and is looking to see some playing time. After more than a year of insecurity and waiting, it will be great to finally see him don the Blue and Gold! Here's to a succesful 2 years helping our Golden Panthers do great things.

He told me to thank all you guys for supporting him during this whole issue. He's ready to steamroll some defenders.

If the ACC is weak, which I completely disagree with b/c of the Number of teams ranked in the top 25, what can be said about the SunBelt?

If, according to FIU fans; ACC=weak, does SunBelt=Middle School Girls Conference talent?

The comment on the ACC being weak is a relative one moron, not comparative to other conferences. The ACC is RELATIVELY weak this year vs prior years. FSU and GT are middle of the road BCS teams, that will prove out throughout the season. They just don't look like top 25 teams, where's the domination over obviously less talented teams (e.g GT beats Jacksonville State by 20, FSU beats them by just 10, and Clemson almost takes GT out last week). The ACC may only have 2 ranked teams come sunday, for the mathmatically challenged that means just 1 outside of UM. In past years there were upwards of 5 ranked teams not including UM. Just be glad it's weak, run through the conference, and shut up about questioning the obvious.

And on a side note, the FIU iPhone app is pretty nice.

FIU has a football team? Isn't that like some commuter school that kids go to when they can't get in anywhere else?

I have respect for those who root for THEIR teams, as in the go to the school or went there. I have plenty of friends who went or go to UM, and they are great people, great fans. It's the MDC people and the others that are causing a dent in UM's fanbase image.

And cocky? We are not the ones being cocky. We are trying to earn respect, and taking steps in the right direction. And the FACT of the matter, while we are taking clear strides towards become a great athletics program, most of your "fans" belittle our university and our teams. So yea, I think our hostility towards the OVERALL demeanor of the school from Gables is warranted. Instead of having an annual rivalry in most sports, your athletics program runs away. That's not an opinion, it's a documented fact.

But again, not to worry. We have our own schedule to worry about and our own battles to fight. Our focus is on going to Jersey and defeating Rutgers. We have a great season ahead of us with a great team to watch, no matter what anyone says.


Oh Eric, that lame joke was so 1992. Don't worry, FIU will be there once you finish the six-year program at MDC.

I dont know about you guys but im not worried about the U or the ACC. Or who was tired or schedule this and that. I want to see some real football at Rutgers Saturday.


Idiots like Eric make my point.

Eric, it's the school that you couldn't get into, and thus making you voice your frustrations on our blog. Don't worry, give it another shot after you complete your 2 years at Dade...if you even manage to finish, loser.

Or FIUer, come Sunday the ACC could have 5 teams in the top 25. Then what will your argument be?

Joel - you talk about "trying to earn respect" which is fine, but then you get mad when it is not shown to you. Do you see the problem. Why should anyone, especially those fans across town, give you something (respect) you yourself admit to not having earned yet?

I agree FIU is moving in the right direction, but the posters on here who say things like "we are 100% going to win the SunBelt" or "Miami is on the way down b/c FIU is on the rise" or "that UM's athletic program runs away (from FIU)" are jokes and then they make the rest of the FIU fanbase look like a joke, and there is no reason to respect a joke.

btw, that "commuter school" argument is beyond old not to mention idiotic. What's the point of that "argument"? My sister attends UM and guess what? She drives to and from school EVERYDAY. Once again, these "UM fans" that probably don't even know how to get to UM's campus are grasping at straws with their lame attempts to ridicule FIU. Got damn, at least be original.

Rutgers 70

No Eric, I think you're talking about Miami-Dade, your alma mater...

Remember? That paper diploma you have framed next door in your parents living room?

I love people that actually use "DA U" like the previous idiot did. What a low-class moniker to represent a university. Hey brainfart, pretend like you actually attended a school and at least use The U...and don't forget to also flash me DA U sign when you finish washing my car.

FIU 32
Rutgers 21

The bad thing about FIU is that once they get on the national stage and showcase how well Cristobal can recruit, he will be gone... Someone is going to offer him a gig that he cannot refuse and put them back at square one...

For a while I thought that Cristobal would end up at Miami (his dream job), but with Shannon potentially righting the ship, I am not so sure anymore..

In that case go UM (undergrad alum)
Go FIU (Master's grad)

FIUer, what can we expect from a fan base that is still living off their so called "swagger"?

I never heard Cristobal say UM was his dream job?

FIURage - He doesn't have to say it, that is the point. Besides, you think he is going to come out and say that while coaching at FIU - only Urban Meyer gets away with that crap. "F" him too, I hope Tenn. knocks out TT in the first qtr.

The ACC does look comparatively weak. Ga Tech allowed Jax State to score 17 points, while FSU was almost defeated by the same school. Maryland almost lost to JMU, another FCS school, and both Virginia and Duke began the season with FCS losses to Richmand and William and Mary.

I am not going to say the SBC is better than the ACC because it isn't, but there are a number of SBC schools that could knock off ACC schools judging by how they have played.

From a purely objective standpoint the SEC is the strongest conference by far, followed by the Big 12 and Pac-10, with the MWC looking like the fourth best conference right now.

Coaching D1 Football is Mario Cristobal's dream job.

FIU Football

CC now there is something we can agree w/ i hope Rocky Top lays out Teblow! stupid fulback w/ an arm. as for this whole debate about the ACC being a week conf. or not.. i say they are average with the potential to get better as the season goes on.. although i think its coastal division heavy.. FSU is in an do or die situation right now.. i do not attribute their struggles against Jax. state to them being a bad team rather.. extremely deflated for losing to the U the week prior. and GT i think it was more an Inspired U team than a "overrated" GT team. + VT is solid, UNC looks like it could be strong, and the ACC is traditionally pretty even conf. across the board.

in regaurds to the the FIU v. Rutgers game. ive honestly gone over this game several times in my head.. i have thought about both possible out comes.. FIU pulling the upset.. and FIU losing to Rut. and for my gut and my mind are telling 2 different things.. my mind is saying we are still 1 yr away etc. my gut is telling me to go w/ FIU...

so let me give you guys some perspective.. last time this FIU team played such a physical game last year (Iowa) they followed it up w/ a rather convincing performance againt Toledo.. now toledo isnt rutgers.. but then again Iowa isnt Bama... FIU WILL put up some points.. and i think that S.FLA swagger that our crosstown bretheran had last night carries over west and FIU's D takes a page out of the book. im goin to break my pre-season thought and go w/ FIU to win in a close shootout.. id say.. 31-27

We need Dudley to play. C-Mack playing which is great, I expect a good running attack against Rutgers.


I never heard Cristobal say UM was his dream job?

Posted by: FIURage | September 18, 2009 at 01:51 PM

And I never heard him say FIU was his dream job, its just a starting point.

Oh and I got into every school I applied. Michigan State, University of Southern California, University of Florida, Vanderbilt, and UM.

Its funny how easy it is to stir you up. Lets be real though, you aren't going into Rutgers and blow them out like some of you have said. I will give your program credit, but you still have a long way to go. Rutgers will beat you, but hopefully you keep it close. Those of you who predict your team blowing Rutgers out just proves my earlier point.

You idiots.....UM is Varsity FIU is JV..Jules grow up and understand.

Cristobal will not end up at Miami.

If Randy gets fired, Whipple will no doubt be first in line for the position.

Funny jon jon, I seem to understand college football quite well. Once again a UCG fan shows that total lack of class we have come to expect.

Is it not true that two ACC teams have lost to FCS schools this year? Is it not true that two ACC teams almost lost to FCS schools last week? Is it not true that Georgia Tech played three games in twelve days? That's all true. If, based on what has actually taken place, you don't think a few SBC schools could take a few ACC schools you're deluding yourself.

The ACC isn't in the top three of strongest conferences, they may not even be in the top five. Now until I make some crazy statement, like you boys seem content to do ad infinitum, you can call me out. Until then keep in mind that UCG put up less than 150 yards of offense against a fifth ranked Florida last year and lost 26-3 while FIU put up over 215 yards of offense against a fourth ranked Bama and lost 40-14. You might want to slow your roll with that JV stuff.

People arguing about football predictions over the internet, that's funny. Lets talk after the game.

Anyways, most people have an FIU and a UM alumn in the same household, if not themselves.

What pisses FIU fans about UM is the fact that most of them don't know where the campus is...

On a side note, today I got asked at the office by the Fedex driver if I watched the UM game last night, I said "I am a Golden Panther, but I hear UM had a good game." He said, "Oh, I hear the FIU stadium is awesome, I think I may go to the Toledo game, how much is it?"

Word is getting around my friends, don't worry. Remember FIU is the school with OCS which is a huge difference for the future.

Everybody bickers way too much about UM. Let the Canes be the Canes in their conference and let FIU be FIU in the SunBelt.

The teams don't play each other. They're not in the same conference. So what the campuses are 9 miles apart, who cares.

Other fans come here to stir up FIU fans because they obviously have nothing better to do. And I welcome them here at any time because all they are doing is giving Pete more hits on his blog and are living proof FIU is on a good path to win a SunBelt championship one day.

So give a special thanks to the biggest FIU fans: bored Canes fans that can't get anybody to read their crappy comments on Manny's blog.

I have a dream, that one day, on this board, a miracle will occur. Not a miracle brought by Saint or some great person, but by us regular Joes (Joenettes.) That dream is that all the UM (FL)talk and FIU talk will stay on their respective boards until the two schools meet in competition. Oh wonderful people, help me make this dream a reality! Can I have a FIU!

Seriously though, for the love of GOD, can WE PLEASE STOP TALKING about Miami on this board. I'm begging you please!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow's gameplan.

1. Get the ball to TY.
2. Get the hell out of the way.
3. Fly home happy.

Let's get this thing started already!!!

The only way that FIU can speed up its growth process while UCG enjoys a revival, would be if FIU can pull off 8 - 4 and 9 - 3 seasons with a few championships along the way.

Otherwise, the prized football recruits we compete with the UCG for are all going to start heading towards CG once again. They won't give us a second look. I, for one, am not rooting for the UCG in any way, shape or form.

That being said, it's pretty obvious there is a spreading buzz about our program. This buzz can either go two places from here: It can completely die out or it starts growing exponentially. The first step starts tomorrow at 5pm.

Keep the momentum rolling FIU.

I know this is not the forum to congratulate the Hurricanes on their victory but I will do it. They looked impressive. Tech did look fatigued from the second quarter on; 3 games in 15 days is brutal whether you want to admit it or not, but with that said UM did exactly what good teams do and finished them off.

I am glad UM was able to resuscitate their program. There is plenty of talent in the area for both teams. When we get it together (and we are on our way) a renewed series will only help both programs. Big time players love to play in big games and a USC-UCLA type rivalry would do wonders for recruiting.

Anyway I definitely agree about FIUrulez, the FIU-UM back and forth is getting old. good luck in Jersey to our boys, it should be a good game.

The excuses are just par for the course with some on here. Georgia Tech was tired? They have a good team and there's no reason for them to be "tired". You guys do know UM plays 3 of the toughest games in the country in a span of 16 days, so should that be their excuse if they lose to Oklahoma? Do I pop out with the "we played 2 games in 5 days" excuse for our crappy performance against Jax. State? Not at all, we crapped the bed and they played well.

They have a good team, a good coach who knows who and how to recruit and shouldn't have any problems meeting us in the ACC Championship games on a regular basis, if we ever get rid of Bobby.

As far as that whole "they run away from you" perspective, it's extremely flawed. You guys aren't rivals and have done nothing to earn a yearly series with him. Being in the same city just isn't enough, unfortunately for you guys. That logic is as flawed as "Well we gained 215 yards on Alabama this year and Miami gained under 200 against #5 UF last year". If you look at the way the season ended you'd know that UF had a VERY, VERY good team. That's one of the stupidest things I've read on this board, and that says a lot.

Alabama would be lucky to remain in the top 5 this year, which they probably won't considering the fact that if they do make it to the SECCG, they lose to UF.

Just enjoy the fact that your coach is doing well enough and hope to hold onto him as long as you can until a bigger school comes calling and throws real money at him. Good luck against Rutgers this week. Hope no injuries happen on either side and a nice clean game is played.

I don't give 3 craps about UM.

I watch their games like a watch USC's games - simply because it's football and on TV. If UM does good this year, good for them. If USC does good this year, good for them.

We not in the same conference.
We don't play each other anymore.
And we don't affect each other at all.
Let's focus on supporting our program, our school, our alma mater. Show up at your local sports bar ready to watch the game!

Well said, FIUFloridaPower&Light.

If you think both schools have nothing to do with each other, you are wrong. We compete for the same recruits and the same fans. Students from both schools know each other and are connected. You can bet the farm what one does will affect the other, doesn't matter if both teams are in the same conference or not. And look at all the UM fans who find the need to come on here and insult our program... ohh it matters.

and not to mention half our current students go to UM games and skip FIU games... i think the we need those fans back i their own school.

Joel's right. You may not want to hear it, but the reality is that FIU-UM is a rivalry, regardless of whether or not they play one another, regardless of conference affiliation and even regardless of them being at two different levels as far as the sports programs go. The proximity of both schools will always lead to them both being compared. It's silly to think otherwise. Especially when FIU has hired former Canes as the AD and the head coaches in both football and baseball.

You Canes fans can talk all you want about "we don't see FIU as a threat or a rival", and maybe you don't. I think many of you do, but that's irrelevant. What isn't is that the school administrators at UM do see FIU as a threat. Why else were the basketball and baseball series cancelled? If it was just about The Brawl, then only football would've been cancelled... and if that were the case, the 2007 game would've never happened. The truth was, UM didn't start seeing the GP's as a threat until PG, MC and Turtle came aboard. They weren't scared of Rick Mello, Don Strock and Danny Price. Not that I blame them for that.

UM should just get over their issues and start re-scheduling FIU, because the GP's will not go away. Ultimately, it's to everyone's benefit to have these two playing one another, especially because I think FIU-UM will be a great rivalry for years to come. The GP's will be pretty good soon, if they're not already, and UM will always be UM. An intra-city rivalry would be teriffic for generating sports interest in what is usually a sports apathetic town. Especially if both schools took it seriously, like FIU did with FAU and the Shula Bowl.

As for you FIU'ers who don't want any Canes talk on here, keep dreaming. You know, I know, everyone knows that UM is the school FIU is trying to be (at least, as far as athletic success goes). FIU doesn't have to emulate the Canes in everything... I certainly don't want them to do that... but the truth is, Miami is the stick by which most Panther fans (and definitely all the bandwagon types) measure FIU against. To pretend that the Canes don't exist is silly. FIU wouldn't have tried to build a football program were it not for the recognition it's given Miami over the years.

Finally, I'm not trying to say playing 3 games in 12 days is an excuse for not playing well. All I said was it was pretty clear that GT ran out of gas early in the game, and playing 3 games in 12 days will do that to most teams. GT probably gives Miami a much better game had they had more time off. I think the Canes win anyway, but GT is better than what they looked like on Thursday night.

If anyone has anything intelligent to say about FIU or Rutgers, you have my attention. After all, those are the two teams playing each other Saturday afternoon. Talk of ANYTHING ELSE is merely a distraction. STAY FOCUSED PANTHERS!

I like Joel. Maybe you and I can get together and cuss out those traitor students at FIU that wore UM gear today...

"Amen Reverend"

Getting ready for a nice dinner in SoHo and I log on before I head out to get some updates and I read all this UCG garbage.... chiild please !!

For those heading out to the game (gpantera, fanatic, quijote, frankie) see you tomorrow at Scarlett Square for the tailgate !!!

THIS IS A MUST WIN for this program tomorrow !!

**There should be some BIG news (Zeke) related next week....stay tuned.

I agree with gpantera and fiupike...leave all that talk about ucg for the offseason when there is nothing else to talk about...we have plenty to talk about like the game tommorrow!!

On a side note: Im originally from jersey and graduated high school there...so,whoever is going to be at the game I highly suggest going to the grease trucks before or after the game because they have the best sandwiches you will probably ever have!!! Just ask any of the locals they will let you know.


My prediction for tomorrow is FIU 28 Rutgers 26
I will be there on section 212 enjoying a great game.

Can't wait for tomorrow, meet with all the FIU fans in the New York area, and watch the game. Just got back from a play with the lady, and having an awesome time in New York City. Hopefully, my FIU Panthers will provide us with additional thrills with a win...

FIUPIKE, I expect to get on the 12:15 train to New Brunswick out of Penn Station. Hope to be around Scarlet Square at 2:30pm for the FIU tailgate.

Go FIU!!!


You saw students wearing UM gear AT FIU?!?!?!?!??!

Oh Dear God! My blood would've been boiling... Please tell me you threw a book at them.

Hahaha yeah alt I know exactly how you feel... seeing ANYBODY with UCG gear on FIU's campus is like a constant slap in the face... can't stand it... but I think the best way to approach those people is with kindness and respect, showing them with reason why they should support the school that gave them an education.

If there is a fan base we need to emulate, it's Alabama's. The kind of fanbase they have is on a whole other level. Respectful and knowledagble... both traits we, as fans, should always have!

Proud Golden Panther Here since 2006...

I've been there since the 0-12 Season.

The 1-11 Season when we beat N. Texas at UM

Then the, "down to the last play" game when we lost to FAU in Overtime last season.

This year FIU will shine. I'm not expecting an upset.... I know that FIU will beat Rutgers...But it will be a close game.

Question: Who is going to the Sports Grill on Bird Road because I went to the one on SUNSET and it was SICK last week...

Who is going crazy about our Home Opener for next monday??? Cuz I am..


- FIU Pi Kappa Phi (Blue Man Crew)

Absolutely right gpantera and FIUPIKE, let them come here, but you're both righ that we really shouldn't put fuel on the flame. We will just do our thing.

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