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Preseason LIVE BLOG

We're going to give this coveritlive blog a test run here this afternoon to see if it goes a lot smoother than our LIVE BLOGS from seasons past.

Of course, all will depend on the wireless connection at the visiting stadiums this season. We know that FIU Stadium has a solid wireless system so it should not be an issue for home games.

So send in whatever comments or questions you have regarding FIU football. We'll roll through this LIVE BLOG for the next hour going from 3 p.m. until 4 p.m.

Follow the instructions on the window on how to send comments or re-read the tutorial on www.coveritlive.com


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The Village Tavern will be playing the FIU game.

Cool thing that coveritlive thing....Seems you guys had fun with it....oh well...next time I'll join the party.....

Interesting depth chart...thanks Pete.....

BTW Pete....I saw a picture (close up) of Terrance Taylor's locker...so I suppose the new locker room is either finished or well advanced....Can anybody post a pic of how the locker room looks...if it's finished?

cool, i like it

by the way pete

bama 42 FIU 17

they are just too good. here is to hoping that i am wrong

Pete, maybe you can find out for us, how are season ticket sales going? Any chance of a sellout for the opening game?

Well I don't know how many of you care about Miami FC or soccer in general, but it appears there are some interesting developments from the team that could affect FIU in a potentially positive way. It looks like Miami and a few other teams are going to create a new league that would hopefully be more competitive than USL and hopefully be on par with MLS. Catch is, next season the team will not do a dual stadium deal. They want one stadium. That stadium should be FIU. I wrote my opinion of it and the team's future, just click on my name and it'll take you to my page. Hope to hear some thoughts.

joel any webpage to reference this?

I wonder when will the depth chart be included in the official FIU Football website for us to take a look at....I guess...hope...they will publish the "game notes", therefore including the depth chart as part of the game notes...

Thanks for all the info, Pete!!

Panthers on the Rise!!

Read on facebook there will, at least, be another venue for FIU Watch party, but for the good Panthers up in Palm Beach...at Gardens Ale House in Palm Beach Gardens....I don't know as to the accuracy and/or "official" of this, but since I read it from the facebook page, here it is...


also saw on 790 that they will be holding something at village tavern

Village Tavern is going to have a watch party. They are also taking reservations to guarantee a table.

Just read on 790 The Ticket website that the Alabama game will be broadcasted on AM 1080....I would think the Marlins play at that time slot...

I will try and find out the link for the website...

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