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Season Predictions

The bye week on the opening weekend of college football gives us an extra week to think about what FIU'sFiuteam season will look like come December.

At the end of this post is one thought on how the Panthers will do this season in a game-by-game breakdown as of Sept. 6. Of course, these predictions could change on a weekly basis during the season depending on how your Panthers (right, thanks Sam Lewis photo) are playing. Take a look and then give us your take on the 2009 FIU football season.

Before we get to the season outlook, here's a couple of notes for you:

Aaapaw I looked into the "Cover It Live" blog program that FIUfantastic suggested and it looks like it could speed up the LIVE BLOGS we'll have for each game this season.

Live So therefore, I'm going to run a TEST LIVE BLOG or a preseason LIVE BLOG with the "Cover It Live" program this Tuesday afternoon (Sept. 8) from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. right here on the GPP. If you want to read up on how to post comments and how the program works then check out: www.coveritlive.com

Also, if you drop by and leave comments during Tuesday's LIVE BLOG, I can check the box that automatically clears you for the rest of the season to post comments on the Cover It Live blogs that we'll have. If not, then your comments may take a little time to show up on game days during the live blogs, because I'll be doing 3 things during the game: covering it, blogging it and jotting down play-by-play for my notes.

Aaapaw America's favorite on-line game show returns on Saturday....The 3rd Annual Win a GPP Blog Weekly Predictions contest starts with FIU's first game next Saturday at Alabama.

Here are the simple rules: 1) Predict the score for FIU's game that week (for example: FIU 31, Alabama 28). In order to be eligible to win prizes at the end of the season, you must predict every FIU game.

2) Your score needs to be into the GPP before kickoff of FIU's game that week. The official time is the GPP time. So if you think you got your score in at 6:59 p.m. and it's 7:02 p.m. on the GPP, then you are late and the score will not be counted and you are eliminated from the contest.

3) At the end of the season, whoever has the best record and lowest point differential is the winner. Point differential, which will be the tiebreaker of identical records, is the combined score by how much you missed the actual score. (for example: you pick FIU 31-28 and the actual score is FIU 34-27, then your point differential is 4, because you missed FIU's score by 3 + Alabama's score by 1 = 4.)

** First place winner gets to write his or her own GPP Blog at the end of the season. Second place winner gets a Sun Belt football yearbook.

Fiuhelmet 2009 FIU Season Outlook

Sept. 12 at Alabama -- (L)....Quite possibly in a couple of years, FIU can match up withAlabama the Tide, but right now Bama's run game and defense looks to be too much for the Panthers.

Ru Sept. 19 at Rutgers -- (L)....There are many that are underestimating the Scarlet Knights, even the people in their own conference. While the thought here is that FIU gives Rutgers a game, the Knights being home and having a little more talent should come out on top. The 2010 home opener at FIU will even the series at 1-1.

Fiuhelmet Sept. 26 TOLEDO -- (W)....FIU cannot come into this game overconfident from last season's result -- 2008 is over and done with. The Panthers speed, talent and home opener should take care of the Rockets.

Fiuhelmet Oct. 3 at ULM -- (W)....The sick feeling of losing to an inferior Warhawks team at home last season and getting a dent put into its 2008 bowl hopes should still linger for FIU. Road games are always tough, but the Panthers are expected to be the better team here.

Fiuhelmet Oct. 10 at Western Kentucky -- (W)....In a few years, the Hilltoppers are going to be a headache to the rest of the Sun Belt. Again the road won't make this as easy as many think it will be for FIU. As long as the Panthers are not looking ahead to Troy, they should win this one.

Troy Oct. 17 TROY -- (L)....Not sure FIU has all the horses yet to take down Troy. Don't take too much from the Trojans loss to Bowling Green in their opener. This is a conference game and both teams will be plenty hyped for. The veteran Trojans ride out of FIU with a 2-point win.

Asu Oct. 24 at Arkansas State -- (L)....They will close every WalMart in Jonesboro for this payback game. I'm sure many of the Red Wolves have had recurring nightmares of the Hilton Heave. ASU has 16 returning starters, plus the Sun Belt's Preseason Offensive and Defensive Players of the Year in QB Corey Leonard and DL Alex Carrington. ASU doesn't need a last minute play and wins by 9.

Fiuhelmet Oct. 31 LOUISIANA -- (W)....No Tyrell Fenroy, no Jason Cherry, no Michael Desormeaux. The Cajuns offense should not pose any tricks and FIU should get plenty of treats with its own offense in this noon Halloween game.

Mt Nov. 7 at Middle Tennessee -- (L)....Murfreesboro has never been kind to FIU and it can get real loud in Floyd Stadium. MT QB Dwight Dasher has always given the FIU D fits and it could be more of the same here. Heard other media people say that after last year's game at FIU Stadium, several MT players and coaches were wondering how they lost to FIU. Same attitude for MT and FIU walks out of MT with another win.

Fiuhelmet Nov. 14 NORTH TEXAS -- (W)....But it will be a lot closer than many people think. NT coach Todd Dodge was successful in prep football and will succeed in college with a solid recruiting area in Texas. His son, QB Riley Dodge will open some eyes around the conference this season. FIU pulls away in the 4th quarter here after a tight score for much of the game.

Uf Nov. 21 at Florida -- (L)....FIU will compete and win games in part, because of its South Florida recruited speed. The problem here is that the defending national champions have that same speed, plus size.

Fiuhelmet Dec. 5 FLORIDA ATLANTIC -- (W) {Don Shula Bowl}....The last time the Shula Bowl was played on the campus of FIU, the Panthers won 52-6. It won't be that kind of blowout this time, but remembering losing two, 4th quarter 14-point leads to your rival and getting knocked out of bowl contention is powerful fire for some revenge. FIU takes back the Shula Trophy and plays in another Bowl game besides the Shula Bowl.

Fiuhelmet Dec. 19 SOUTH FLORIDA (St. Petersburg Bowl) -- (W)....And you thought the Panthers and Bulls would not play in 2009 after FIU decided to play Rutgers instead during the regular season. Like Middle Tennessee, last season South Florida underestimated FIU and only won by 8. After two close games in the FIU/USF series, the Panthers pull out a win here on a Paul McCall 68-yard TD pass to Dudley LaPorte in the 4th quarter.


Aaapaw Vote on FIU's record in 2009 below in our poll question.


FIU Fanatic & JulesFIU07: Pete, any news with a couple of defensive backs and their status?: Jarell McGee is not mentioned in the battles for starting position...and someone mentioned in the other board that Terrance Taylor is not on the roster anymore. Any news on him?

PP: McGee is waiting for a grade to be posted from his JUCO, but he is eligible. He just can't practice until the grade is posted. Taylor is on the team and practicing. The FIU roster on the team's website is not 100 percent accurate right now.

LMessina:  Pete, What happened to Shawn Bright?

PP: He never had the grades to qualify. Not sure where he's at now, but it's not at FIU.

CJ: Pete, what is your take on the Suprise of the belt so far that Troy lost to BGST and NT beat Ball ST!

PP: I think Troy took Bowling Green lightly after starting the game up 14-0. But I would not read too much into Troy's loss, they are still going to be the team to beat in the Belt. North Texas is not as bad as they were last season and they are going to sneak up on some Sun Belt teams this season.

Gooch7: Pete: I hope that when you were talking about the No.2 WR you are including Greg Ellingson as a big time starter.

PP: Ellingson is a starter, but he is not a slot WR. The position mentioned in the previous post is the second slot WR. T.Y. is the No. 1 slot receiver and the No. 2 slot would enter the game when FIU goes 4-wide or if T.Y. needs a breather.

FIUFan: With no comments on the O-line, nor TE's; I assume these positions are locked down. Is this correct?

PP: Pretty much.

#1football fan: What happend to jonathan ramirez there is an article that he had suffered a head injury. Is he still playing?

PP: Ramirez is back practicing with the team, but Darriet Perry, Darian Mallary, Trenard Turner, Kendall Berry and Daunte Owens are all ahead of him. Ramirez might see action on special teams.

Aaapaw So what do you think FIU's record will be this season?


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FIRST! .. at work doing some OT. I think FIU takes it to TROY this year. AT HOME TROY IS GOING DOWN!!!

Realistically, we can assume a loss on the Bama, Rutgers, and FL. We can also assume one off day against a hard team like Troy.

So I give us 4 losses. There is no way we have more than 4. We have way too much talent now, even if they are freshmen.

I want that Troy game really bad... that, along with winning the conference would put us over the top and send a statement!

7-5 is the absolute minimum record for this season to be considered a success. To me, 8-4 or better has to be the goal.

The key game in the Sun Belt for us this year will be the Arkansas State game on the road. I think we go into the Troy game 4-1 and a little too confident being at home and can see Troy winning that one. But beating a tough Arkansas State team on the road will show this team has turned the corner and is ready to win the Sun Belt. Sun Belt domination, not just winning the Belt, starts next year and lasts until we jump conferences (hopefully). I agree that North Texas and Middle Tennessee will be tougher than expected, and will be good tests to see how we play when considered the favorite.

This is the first year FIU has had a legitimate D-1 offensive line with depth and our skill guys will be that much better as a result. This is the year FIU grows up and and becomes a player in the college football world.

Here are my predictions:

Sept. 12 @ Alabama (L): Too much firepower from 'Bama... they looked real sharp against V-Tech this weekend and it's going to be way too much for FIU to handle from this point. Should be a good learning experience for the team. Final Score: 48-10

Sept. 19 @ Rutgers (L): This is going to be a fun game to watch. I think we're going to compete, but home-field advantage against Rutgers is going to help them out. I think our offense should be able to get some things going. This is going to be a close one, but I think Rutgers is going to come out on top. Final Score: 24-17

Sept. 26 vs. Toledo (W): We took 'em on the road last year, and this year at home it should be an even better game for FIU with all the new weapons we have. Hopefully there will be a sold out crowd watching this game as the team unloads on the Rockets. Final Score: 35-7

Oct. 3 @ ULM (W): Last year was a tough loss, and this year is going to be payback for us. With another year of experience under our belts, we don't make the same mistakes we made on the road and we come out of there with a victory. Final Score: 31-20

Oct. 10 @ WKU (W): We gotta be careful with this one... WKU may be a few years away from being a solid team, but that is no reason to overlook this away game. These are the kind of games we have to go in and win. And I think we take care of business on the road. Final Score: 24-10

Oct. 17 vs. Troy (W): It could be argued that this game is THE biggest game of the year. This mid-season game could change the face of the Sun Belt Conference title race. Both teams will come in ready to go, but I think FIU, riding in on momentum and enjoying a rare home-field advantage takes this one in a thrilling showdown, going down to the wire. This one will turning heads across the conference and the country. Final Score: 33-30

Oct. 24 @ Arkansas State (L): This one is gonna be a tough loss to swallow, but ASU has talent and could be a headache for FIU and the rest of the Sun Belt... after the Hilton Heave spectacle this year, this team is going to relish snapping our 4-game win streak and puting a dent in our SBC crown hopes. Final Score: 30-7

Oct. 31 vs. Louisiana (W): Without their big weapons from last season, we are going to take this one with relative ease. TY is gonna run wild and Paul McCall is gonna tear this one apart. It'll be a happy Halloween for FIU fans. Final Score: 40-14

Nov. 7 @ Middle Tennessee (L): I think this one is going to be a close one, and we showed last season that we can take care of business against them. But I think being on the road so often is going to catch up to us, and I have a feeling MT is going to get the better of us on that day. Final Score: 20-10

Nov. 14 vs. North Texas (W): Riley Dodge looked sharp in his North Texas starting debut. They should come in and give FIU a good game for homecoming... I'm just glad we got them at home this season. We take them, but I think a few FIU fans are gonna get nervous before this one is over. Final Score: 17-10

Nov. 21 @ UF (L): Very few things would make me happier than an upset in Gainseville... but it's nothing more than a distant dream at this point. They are just too good. My hope? We make it a game through three quarters. I think it's a possibility. Final Score: 35-7

Dec. 5 vs. FAU in the Shula Bowl (W): One of those few things that would make me happier is a win over FAU. After last year, there is little doubt as to who our REAL rival is, and it is FAU. THIS is the team we have to take care of business against and THIS is the game we need to win if we are truly going to move forward as a program. With last year in everyone's minds, there is no way we drop this one. With possible bowl game implications on the line again, make no mistake, this one could be the best games in the Belt. We take this one and head for a bowl game. Final Score: 47-42

We got to a bowl game and hopefully win... all depends on when and where we play!

10 wins or bust!

I still think we have a good chance against Rutgers! Coming off a loss to the Crimson Tide, FIU will be hungry for a win and some respect! Rutgers will underestimate FIU and lose marginally.

We'll likely lose to either Arkansas State or Troy, but not both. The only other loss is to Florida, and hopefully it won't be as bad a beatdown as Charleston Southern received last night (62-3, ouch!!).

My prediction is 8-4, with losses to Bama, Troy (or Arkansas State) and Florida. The only other loss is possibly (but not probably) against Rutgers.

Anything less would surprise me. Like FP&L said, there's just too much talent on this team! Treat each game like a bowl game and FIU will find the momentum it needs to win.

Pete, nice bowl prediction! I'd love to see FIU bring down the Bulls. All that smack talk from USF will make that victory that much sweeter! And if FIU beats Rutgers, it'll be the 2nd Big East team to show FIU some respect!!

Tim Tebow sucks. Im tired of hearing how great he is. and the media's fascination with his religious zealousness is just annoying. People try to make it seem like he is a saint because he always seems to quote a bible passage or invokes jesus' name.

Now Colt McCoy, there's a good QB.

whats the point of this...? LOL.

What the hell... I'm motivated. I'll do a season preview, too. Especially since I disagree with some of the things Pete said.

Sept. 12 @ Alabama: Loss. I don't want to say this game's impossible to win for FIU, but it's pretty damn close. Here's hoping we keep it close until the half and make it interesting. I'd like to see Satan sweat this one out.

Sept. 19 @ Rutgers: Win. I agree with Pete that Rutgers is underrated. They're probably one of the better Big East teams and it wouldn't surprise me if they won the conference this year. BUT... I'm convinced that, at some point this season, FIU's going to deliver a massive win... the kind which gets play on ESPN and says "here we are" to the nation. I can't see it being against the Tide or the Gators, and of the remaining foes, only Rutgers would qualify. Mario & Company have yet to deliver that kind of win. I think they do it here in a real close battle.

Sept. 26 vs. Toledo: Win, though I say it with some trepidation. FIU will be on a high after the Rutgers game and could very well overlook the Rockets. Toledo has a decent offense and they can cause problems. Even if that happens, I think FIU wins anyway. It's a MAC school. That's a terrible conference... a fact that I'm learning a lot more about these days. The best of the MAC could beat FIU, but Toledo isn't one of them. I fully expect FIU to lay down a beating similar to what they did last year.

Oct. 3 @ ULM: Win. I also say this one with trepidation. The Warhawks aren't that good, but for some weird reason, they always give FIU fits. Maybe it's a Louisiana thing... the GP's have the same problem with the Cajuns, especially when FIU's on the road. Fortunately, Monroe's not a very good team. I think this is the year Weatherbie finally gets sacked. This ought to be a double-digit W.

Oct. 10 @ WKU: Win. I know lots of people are high on the Hilltoppers' future, but they are going to suck the big one this year and probably next year, too. When Lane Kiffin destroys you by 50+ with a rebuilding Tennessee program, that doesn't say much good for the immediate future. With that said, I don't see FIU winning this one by a blowout. They probably give FIU more problems than ULM does.

Oct. 17 vs. Troy: Win. I would've said Loss before this weekend, but then I saw them lose to a Bowling Green team that I would be shocked to see get anywhere near the MAC title this season. Maybe it was a fluke, and Troy did play better than the score indicated, but that'was a game they should've won and probably would have last season. I think Troy's run at the top of the Belt is in serious jeopardy thanks to FIU, FAU, Ark State and Middle Tennessee.

Oct. 24 @ Arkansas State: Loss. FIU's not going to go undefeated in the Belt. They'll feel invincible going into this one and they certainly can win it. But, like the Louisianas, ASU historically gives the GP's fits and, usually, losses. Maybe FIU has another Hilton Heave-type play somewhere to win this one, but I kind of doubt it.

Oct. 31 vs. Louisiana: Win. The Rickey Bustle era should end soon in Lafayette, and I think FIU will help him on the way out. I say this with some fear because of the series history, but I just can't see the Cajuns winning more than 3 conference games this season. FIU should tear them a new one.

Nov. 7 @ Middle Tennessee: Loss. FIU can win this one, but I'm just not going to trust the defense against a mobile QB until I see it with my own eyes. Dasher's going to make life miserable for the GP's and, I suspect, the rest of the conference. I think MT's fighting for the Belt crown at the end of the year, and he'll be a big reason why. The game should be fun to watch, though.

Nov. 14 vs. North Texas: Win. Don't look too much into the Ball State game. The Cardinals are in massive rebuilding mode and will be lucky not to finish the season in the MAC cellar. Riley Dodge is good, and they'll be better than the 2008 team, but their defense is still one of the worst in college football. My only concern here is that NT will be motivated after the beating FIU gave them last season, but I don't think it'll matter. Oh, and I'll eat my shorts if FIU doesn't score at least 35 on these guys.

Nov. 21 @ UF: Loss. See my Alabama prediction. I hope to go to this game, though. My little bro's a Gator and this is as close to sibling rivalry as we get these days. Plus, being at the Swamp at least once is a must for any serious college football fan. Especially if you sneak into the student section. :)

Dec. 5 vs. FAU: Win. Karma demands it. FIU had the Hooters in their hands last season and let it slip. No way it happens this time. The memory will be far, far too painful, and because of that and because it's at the Cage, I think this one will be a very surprising blowout. The last time you had a motivated FIU team hosting FAU at home ended with a 46-point thrashing. It won't be that bad - FAU is a lot better than the team which got murdered in 2005 - but I think we win by at least 3 TD's.

Bowl Game: We'll see who the opponent is, but I'd love for it to be USF. That would be great theater.

Prediction: 8-4. I'll take 7-5. Anything less is a failure. Straight up.

Very interesting and for fun thread. This is the time to be positive and dream on having a great season! Of course, this is very un-scientific and, passion and subjectiveness may rule in our minds, even if we swear they don't. However, I'm still gonna try and go less on passion and hope, and more on history and what I expect. Of course, I'm very conservative by nature, so if we go better than expected...I ALSO WIN!!.

Finally, and obviously, when we start seeing our team play, coupled with suprises (if we somehow beat Rutgers and/or Troy for example), injuries, team morale, how the other team is going, etc....the outlook of each individual game might be enough to change minds for any and/or each game.

I still think we go anywhere from 5-7 to 7-5, so my season's prediction is 6-6. A 5-7 will be disappointing in my mind, though not totally unexpected, and a 7-5 record will make me very happy, and less unexpected than going 5-7.

1. @Alabama: Loss
2. @Rutgers: Loss (hoping for an upset)
3. Toledo : Win (do not sleep on them!)
4. @ULM Win (could be a loss easily)
5. @WKU : Win (hate we play 4 of 5 on road!)
6. Troy : Loss (we could surprise them!)
7. @ASU : Loss(history and they want it back!)
8. ULL : Win (we get the rout back)
9. @MTSU: Loss
10. UNT: Win (seem to be better..watch out!)
11. UF : Loss
12. FAU: Win (after last season, we beat them)

So, there you have it. FIU will end its regular season 6-6. A really, really bad season gets us to 4-8, and a dream season gets us to 8-4. Anything below or above those records is outside FIU Fanatic's "bell-shape curve" of probabilities, meaning "utter disaster" (below 4 wins) or "heaven on earth"(above 8 wins) results for FIU this season.

Of course, I hope to go 9-3 or 10-2....Heck, up until this weekend, I was still dreaming we were gonna beat Alabama....That still can happen, of course, but.....

I just know (and certainly hope)Mario and his staff will have our team prepared and ready to play hard EVERY game. Wins and losses will take care of themselves then, but I certainly do expect a better team than last year.

I personally feel you all are a bit too optimistic hoping for 8-4 or 9-3. Maybe I'm wrong and a pessimist, but with this tough of an OOC schedule, I'd be content with a 6-6 or better season. Obviously I'd love to win 8 or 9 or more, but I just don't see. Hope I'm wrong.

1. @Alabama: Loss (blowout)
2. @Rutgers: Loss (10-pt loss, close til 4th)
3. Toledo : Win (Late 4th Qtr FG win)
4. @ULM Win
5. @WKU : Win (blowout)
6. Troy : Loss (OT)
7. @ASU : Loss
8. ULL : Loss
9. @MTSU: Win
10. UNT: Win
11. UF : Loss (blowout)
12. FAU: Win

Bowl Game: St Petersberg Bowl - Win over UCF.

First winning season (7-6) in FIU history.

Pete, any news on the "huge" recruits PG was talking about on the radio last week? Any idea when they'll announce these recruits? Been anxious to hear about these.

I personally wonder if Brandon Knight or Tobias Harris one of them?

I agree exactly with FIU Fanatic... 6-6 and those exact games.anything more than that would make me a proud panther... after all this is a hard schedule.

Those are two very good "guesses", CarolinaGP!!! I've thought (well, dreamed) at least one of those two would end up at FIU. But perhaps you have a couple of guys from the Detroit-connection we seem to have. Zeigler and/or McCollum...who knows? Isiah is putting a stamp on FIU recruiting all over the U.S.

I'm sorry.. but is 6-6 realistically a successful season for this team? No. We can't expect that from a team that made a 4-game jump last season, got the best recruiting class we've ever had, and playing Troy and FAU at home this year. Despite the OOC schedule, the stars have aligned for this team to win 7 games or more this season, without a doubt. We have the talent to do so in this conference. If we're going to gain respect, we have to be head and shoulders above the rest in the Belt.

7 wins or bust, guys...

For me, this is the year MC shows that he's a real, game day coach. That his planning and intuition puts the right players in the right spots more times than the opposing coach. That he has a game plan to exploit the opposition weeknesses and to take advantage of FIU's strengths.

This is MC's third season, we're going to see the real coach this season, nothing to hide behind. He's got talent, he's got depth, now go get 'em.

i hate to say it but i call it like i see it; Bama will dominate FIU. They are going to control the line on both sides without trouble.

Sept. 12 at Alabama -- (L)....Quite possibly in a couple of years, FIU can match up with the Tide, but right now Bama's run game and defense looks to be too much for the Panthers.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That statement just made my year!!! To think that yall could hang and match up with Alabama in 2 years is the most hilarious thing Ive ever heard! All you people have been out in the sun too long, SABAN WILL OWN YOU FOREVER!!! All you losers in south florida, GET OVER IT! Saban moved on and is now about to win National Championships, and the best youre gonna do is perhaps the Pizza Bowl in Birmingham. Enjoy your time in Tuscaloosa, and be sure to visit the Bryant Museum...so you can see what a real champion looks like!! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!

well i kinda want to play along w/ this game. lets see im feeling that the team is goin to go 7-5 this year and take that next step foward. sorry esteban/FIU Fanatic/ CarolinaGP but expceting 6-6 to be the bar this year is not striving for excellence... thats not what how they are bringing in the Talent we are bringing in. with that said these are my picks and on game day i will update my scores.
1. @ALABAMA: Loss - nothing would be greater than to ride into tuscalusa and lay a whooping to nick satan... honestly think this will be the one game we will have ALL of the city of miami behind our golden panthers... so hopeuflly we put on a good show... however Bama is just too strong
2. @RUTGERS: Loss - as everyone is saying we lose this one close... maybe give us all ulcers and take the lead late only to lose it to a homefeild advantage and an underrated team.. (abbridge- best case senario FIU wins it late w/ Defense and shows Schiano how to chop the wood)
3. TOLEDO: Win - toledo should be lookin for some payback.. we went on their turf and dominated them... so im not seeing a blow out... but im not seeing it incredibly close either
4. @ULM Win - Lousiana school and all i think the panthers take this game personal... had FIU one this game... the FAU game wouldnt had held all the weight that it did (aside from the usual "i hate me some Owl" feeling all GP fans get) PMC, TY, SB, and AG take this personal and its not even close
5. @WKU : Win - they are not there yet... in the future.. sure they will give alot of belt teams headaches... but this is not that year... sure in a few years they will be competeing for Sun Belt Supremicy... but it is not this year... and maybe some day the rule of man will fall in middle earth... but it is not this year... for frodo (sorry im watching lord of the rings)
6. TROY: Loss - boys & Girls we are almost there... but i dont think we are their yet... Troy Fell Asleep Against BGSU. i cant see them not coming into Belt play w/o a sense of urgency. this will be the Belt game of the night and in a close one sad to say FIU faithful go home heartbroken (Abbridge FIU gets the upset and puts a strangle hold on the Belt division)
7. @ASU : Loss - just goin solely based on history on this one.. last 2 games have been decided on the last 2 drives of the game.. w/ both home teams Taking the W. FIU goes into this one real fired up ... but in the end. ASU and thier good team this year take it from us (this is goin to quickly become a second rival for us, you'll see)
8. ULL : Win - again with the Louisana teams always cause FIU problems... but we are at home against a ULL team (they will always lafayette to me) w/o start QB/RB combo from last year that torched FIU on the ground... FIU pulls the sweep on the state of Louisiana.
9. @MTSU: Win - tough game, on the road, in november. at this point the coaching staff has these boys drinkin the discipline Kool-aid. the boys stay on top of this game and pull this one out.. (close)
10. UNT: Win - man Dodge Ball got off on the right foot this year didnt it... obviously concerned about this game. besides Florida i think Texas has the best athelete factory in the USA.. however, Dodge is still a Frosh and hopefully an improved passrush can rattle the cages...
11. UF : Loss - see bama preview and replace satan w/ either tebow or/and myers
12. FAU: Win - Revenge is a dish best served cold my friends and w/ FAU on the bubble of a bowl game... FIU Slams the hammer down. PMC, TY, SB & AG get revenge and show them dirty birds what animal rules south florida

Bowl game one of the 4 SB affiliates... and pete love the poetry your saying about USF.
so there you have it 7-5 (6-2) in conf play And going bowling..
Abrridge/Dream Season - 9-3 sunbelt title and heads start to turn
Disappointing seasons - 6-6
Disasters season - anything below 6-6

must be illiterate in bama... clearly he didnt see the "couple" of years... not 2...

CJ, a "couple" is two. Hence, my mom and dad are a "couple." But I'm with you, I also understood Pete as meaning at least 5 or 6 years. Let this hillbilly beat his chest though... Bama football is probably all hes got going for him.

I was terrified by what I saw against VaTech. I'm going to have to go with Alabama 55 FIU 6.

Nothing would make me happier to be wrong... but the watch party should be fun anyway!

I gotta agree with Joel. 6-6 isn't a successful season. It wouldn't be a total disaster, but I think it's time for FIU to finally have one year where they finish above .500. It's Mario's 3rd year, the recruiting has been going well so far and they've got a lot of returning starters back. I didn't think the GP's were that far off talent-wise from winning the Belt when Mario got to FIU, and he's obviously improved that part.

Even though we're a year faster than I thought we'd be, this team, right now, is good enough to win the conference. The expectations should be higher than .500. FIU could beat anyone in the conference. Period. I don't care about the out-of-conference schedule being tough; it doesn't affect SBC play. FIU should get at least 6 wins from the Belt, hopefully more, and we should beat Toledo. Anything else is gravy.

This is an immense year for us. If we fail to do anything LESS than 7-5, we're going to fall behind in recruiting drastically. Our recruiting class this year was motivated by the fact that we're an up and coming program on the verge of big success. If we cannot improve on last year's record, how can we sell our program to future recruits?

5-7? FAIL!
6-6? FAIL!

We need 7-5 or better, PERIOD!

I voted 9-3 simply because I expect us to nearly sweep our conference schedule. Last year we could've won every single one of those conference games,with the exception of perhaps two.

No excuses this year. If you don't set your goals high, you'll never amount to anything. Go FIU!

Bowl game:

I'd love to see us against the USF bulls... that would be great!!!

If the UCF knights can make it to a bowl game, that would be another good one. This is probably a more realistic scenario, and as a plus to us, it should be a game that we win.

LETS GO SEMINOLES!!!!!!!!! (just for tonight)

haha!! Go 'Noles!!

I stand behind my 8-4 prediction, but 9-3 is still quite possible. I agree with LonePanther in that FIU has the firepower and weapons in place to nearly sweep the conference!! Who cares about how difficult our OOC schedule is???? It can only benefit FIU since taking down a Big East team and staying in the game with Bama and Florida will only prepare us to whoop on the rest of the conference!!

8-4, we play USF and win!!

Oh, yeah, let's not forget, we destroy FAU this year!!!

Any news as to the depth chart? There's a release today on fiuathletics.com that intimates Colt Anderson was/is going to see a lot of time playing...then...what about LaPorte and/or Kirchenberg?

Hey CJ.....2 years is a couple of years u retard...49-0 Bama rolls!!

roll tide roll!!!

hey champion... I got lots more than Bama Football going for me...as for you my friend, football in south florida is a joke, hence you are a joke to....Its a good day, sippin some iced tea, couple of steaks on the grill, readin about how you sun-drenched morons think saban is Satan...sounds like you guys are the ones that cant move on. Stop cryin that Saban left you...he did you a favor. Hey Panthers....WE JUST BEAT THE HELL OUT OF YOU!!! RAMMER JAMMER YELLOWHAMMER...GIVE EM HELL ALABAMA!!! 49-0 BAMA

Wow...classy Bama fan?....relax, bud.....

Lee Statham, you are talking about Saban bringing national championships to Bama, and come here to redicule FIU, well, last January both FIU and Bama players were watching the Championship game on TV.
I have two words for you looser

...omg mister alabama needs to chill the freak out lol. Too much craziness, relax! GO PANTHERS!

Ah the rednecks in Alabama have finally figured out this whole "kumputir" thing and now they've stumbled there way on to the "intirnets". Well good for Lee, it's nice to see you folk progressing after decades of evolutionary struggles with inbreeding. Welcome to the civilized world.


Hey baltimore...youre acting just like the losers in Auburn do....You have to get another team to do your dirty work....

At least we got to a championship game! cant say that about FI of Kitchen Appliances!!!!

Hey FIUer....stay in school my man....your ignorance is showing!!!!

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