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Straight From The Quarterback/Electrical Engineer's Mouth


Two days until the home opener and you wanted to know how your Panthers quarterback is doing. Well, let Paul McCall, FIU quarterback/electrical engineer grad student, himself  tell you as he said during Wednesday morning's press conference at the FIU fieldhouse....

"I’m feeling good. I’m ready to go for Saturday. It’s just a bruise from what the athletic training staff tells me so we’re just bracing it up for prevention. Nonetheless, my arm and my mind are what keep me in games so I’m really worried about that and long as that is going to be able to go for Saturday we should be all right on offense."

On the hit at Rutgers: 

"It was just awkward getting hit like that. I’ve taken much harder hits from a lot bigger guys. It’s just the way I got hit, I kind of tweaked it a little, but nonetheless it’s just a bruise. It feels real good now. It’s strong, it’s stable and it’s going to be ready to go for Saturday."

PMC has made all the throws in practice this week and taken all the first team reps. While Wayne Younger, who is working through a non-throwing shoulder bruise, has taken all the 2nd team snaps.

There could be some offensive line changes in store for Saturday. The depth chart was released today and


keeping in mind that depth charts are fluid, it has Dave Istanich listed as the starting right tackle with Joe Alajajian backing him up.

Asked MC about Istanich's performance against Rutgers and here's what the FIU coach had to say:

"For a guy that is a true freshman, playing right tackle in a setting like that against a big-time opponent, he did a heck of a job. We expect him to be a great player for us. He battled. He was sharp mentally. No complaints there."

The other change along the O-line on the depth chart is at left guard where Cedric Mack (right) is now listed as a co-starter with Luis Abril. The official left guard starter listing is: Cedric Mack or Luis Abril.

There also could be other changes along the line that are not on the depth chart.

"You’ll see some absolutely," MC said. "We’re going to play guys who want to battle to the point of passing out. That’s what it takes to be a great offensive lineman. We’ve got several young guys that have placed themselves in position to compete for playing time and you have guys like Andy Leavine, who have done well and improved his



Safety Jeremiah Weatherspoon (left) has been with the first team D all week and is moving just fine after his hamstring injury against Alabama. JW traveled to Rutgers last week, put on the uniform and warmed up on the Rutgers Stadium field, but did not feel 100 percent. He is ready to go this week.

MC says Ash Parker is questionable this week after only doing light reps in practice.

As far as tight end Dudley LaPorte, MC says he will know more about his status later in the week.




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Toledo 35
FIU 10

Toledo 33

FIU 17

Regarding your last post, Pete, I get your points about most of the fans being too optimistic over this team as the season began. Speaking as one of those, I understand where you're coming from... but I still think FIU should've won over Rutgers last week.

The truth (no, not Nick Turnbull) is that the lines were what prevented FIU from winning that game. The International (I like that!) has the capability to beat teams like Rutgers right now. MC and Company have to get these guys to play better than they are currently. It's hard to take a program from the dregs of D-I to the top unless you can maximize the talent on the roster. Actually, I'd argue you have to make the roster play higher than their talent level. It's the only real way to get wins and better recruits in the long term.

Right now, I don't think the coaches have maxed out this team's potential, especially on the lines. Hopefully, they will. They're going to need to at some point, and not just against SBC teams. Not if FIU's going to be anything more than just an SBC team. And that is the long-term goal... right?

As for this week's game... Toledo won't be easy, but if FIU doesn't win this game, they're not winning the Belt. Toledo won't win the MAC this season. Hell, they wouldn't even win the Belt. They got a great offense - better than Rutgers - but their D sucks. FIU should put up at least 35 on these guys. Other than OSU's defense, they won't see a better one all season long than FIU's, I'm willing to bet. And if you say Colorado's, you didn't see that game. I did. When Aaron Opelt (Toledo's QB), who's about as fast as McCall, can rip off a 60-yd TD run straight up the gut, that says all you need to know. CU's D is one of the worst Big 12 D's I have seen in a very, very long time.

Anyway... I'm sticking by my guns on this one. FIU wins, 35-21. And if they don't, then I won't know what the hell to think.

I like "The International" too. Will be use it more often! Glad to see MC changing up the o-line, there's little doubt that if PM is given time that offense has the ability to absolutely tear apart opposing defenses. He just needs time, give him that and Toledo gets pounded. Yes, pounded.

FIU 32

Toledo 17

Clawing Cancer, do you and all the other FIU posters think if you keep saying we should have beat Rutgers, or we are just as good as Rutgers, or we only lost to Rutgers b/c of the O-Line that somehow you are going to get a redo or that someone is going to read that and pencil in a W for you? I mean, I do not understand. You lost, bad. The score was a lot closer then the game was. A couple of late TD's does not mean you hung in there with them. Anyone who watched that game saw just how overmatched FIU was all over the field. Also, what does "we only lost b/c of your OL mean? Last time I checked, the OL was a HUGE part of the TEAM. So, aren't you really saying we lost because one of the most important parts of our team got beat up and did not look very good, hence, we are not very good.

I mean, if your OL line sucks, your QB sucks, your DL sucks, your LB are ok, and your DB's and RB's are ok, but your one WR kicks ass, I got news for you pal - YOUR TEAM SUCKS. Truth hurts.

I hope your wrong on this one CrazyCane.

For once I will agree with CrazyCane on one thing: Our o-line does suck. I was at that rutgers game and noticed time and time again that when PM called hut, he was looking at the d-line and o-line and not at the recievers. by the time he looked up for a reciever, he was sacked.

Unless there is a big change in the o-line, get ready for a long season.

CrazyCane, I'm actually very happy UM has gotten off to a good start. That means that Randy Shannon's job is secure for another few years since "UM is back". It's a long season, buddy, so buckle up.

Does anyone know if any high school bands are going to play for us this Saturday? I heard that FIU was going to invite a band each weekend.

“Hi. I’m Crazy Cane, and I’m an FIUholic. On Saturdays I find myself thinking of nothing but FIU football and cancelling all plans so I can catch them on TV. Sometimes the urge is so strong I have to go to FIU Stadium just to be in person and close to the men. I love the angle of that stadium, it makes me feel like I’m right on top of the men, I like that. During the week I care for nothing more than twiddling my time away incessantly reading FIU blogs and responded to Alumni with a vested interest in the team and school, unlike me. I attended Gulf Coast Community College. But that only fuels my rage. At nights I find myself dreaming of Pete Pelegrin, he’s wearing nothing but a sash and crown while whispering sweet nothings in my ear about Joe Alajajian. His writing style is dreamy, I comment on his blogs just to be closer to him. Maybe I’m overreacting, I’m a perfectly normal guy, you should see my Star Wars collection! Ok, gotta go refresh the FIU blog to see if someone else has posted! ttyl”

Hahaha... man that was funny.

HAHAHA! My prediction... this week i'll give FIU the win....FIU 35 Toledo 24

Great stuff!!!

FIU 31

Toledo 27

I know our team is hungry for a W. GO FIU!!!

To Answer cabin001. FIU will have two high school bands playing for the game. It will be Carol City and Miami Central. They will not be performing our fight song.

On the O-Line...We do not have the size, strength and ability as established programs like Bama or Rutgers. Come Saturday, you will see the o-line truly perform against a more relative program. Our o-line will do fine in the belt and we are still bowling according to Brian Feldman.

FIU 34 Toledo 24

Wow two great bands. Even though Im extremly sad to see that we lost our band due to money issues. I have a feeling if we go Bowling for the next two season's we will get a big time band by the opening of 2011.

Well its prediction time again. Im going with the corazon one more time:

FIU: 31
Toledo: 27

Attendance: 18K (it better be)...

If the student + 1 or more offer doesn't hold up I dont see the stadium getting packed. Something similar to the USF game is more likely.

You know what continues to impress me is our recruiting. We might be a few years away from dominating BCS programs, but the FIU recruiting is closing in on players that can make it happen. Have you noticed how many recruits are mentioning FIU as their top five alongside schools like Ole Miss, Florida, Miami etc ...
We might not land them all but over a few years the programs success should continue improving.

scUMsanitizer, awesome post.

My prediction:

FIU 28
Toledo 20

Go FIU!!

LMAO at scUMsanitizer's comment....hilarious!!!!

OK guys Welcome to reality.Lets do the math.... MC not a head coach + PM hurting + TY Hilton not getting enough touches + OL (lets be real) awful = Toledo 35 FIU 21

The FIU Student Admission +1 is no longer! If Students want to bring a non-FIU student guest, the guest must pay $15.

"I attended Gulf Coast Community College. "


"At nights I find myself dreaming of Pete Pelegrin, he’s wearing nothing but a sash and crown while whispering sweet nothings in my ear about Joe Alajajian."


He probably got a degree in Turfgrass management at South Central East Mississippi State Technical Institute.

I wish I could say he went to GCCC, but he didn't, trust me I know where he went. But I don't want to violate the trust and integrity of the moral code of ethics within Journalism...but it's pretty damn close to GCCC. It is a UNIVERSITY though.

LMAO !!!

hey crazy cane,

i bet you weren't talking this much smack (for lack of a better word) two years ago when the canes had the same record that FIU had last year....

Haven't seen much of Toledo this year but hope to catch some while I fly back to Miami this week. Right now, I'll say, but subject to change:

Toledo 34

FIU 27

theINTERNATIONAL would make a nice shirt.

Any ideas, anyone?

Maybe a shirt that says "Fear The International" with the Panther logo underneath would look cool.

No, Senor Loco. What I'm saying is that FIU should've had a better showing against the Scarlet Knights. I'm not going to pretend that losing by 8 points is a moral victory, nor will I pretend that FIU played well enough to lose by 8. They probably deserved to lose by a lot more. But I also know, by watching that game, that FIU did match up well with Rutgers in every other aspect but line play. If that improves (and I think it can... it is only the second game of the season), then I still like FIU's chances to have a great season, get into a bowl and maybe even pull off an upset.

scUMsanitizer... that was one of the funniest posts ever on this blog! Just do us all a favor and never, ever talk again about PP wearing nothing but a sash and crown. You may not know the guy personally, but I do, and that's just one very, very creepy thought!

Due to the increased turnout of FIU students at all home games last year and the limited availability in the student section, FIU students will not be able to bring a guest with them for free admission this season. A limited amount of Student Guest Passes will be available for purchase on a game by game basis depending on availability. Student guest passes will be $15 each and will be seated in the student section. Guest passes will be available for purchase in the Athletic Ticket Office at the R. Kirk Landon Fieldhouse the week of each game. Guest passes will also be available for purchase at Booth B at FIU Stadium beginning 2 hours before kickoff. The Student Entrance for the upcoming season will be Gate 5 and will open 90 minutes before kickoff of each home game. Kickoff for this weekend's game vs. Toledo is at 7:00pm and gates will open at 5:30pm. All FIU students must present a valid student ID for admittance. The student guest ticket entrance will also be Gate 5 and a valid student guest ticket must be presented for admittance. There is no re-entry and Gate 5 will close at the start of halftime.
All stadium policies will apply for FIU students and their guests. For more information, please call the FIU Ticket Office at 305-FIU-GAME.

Hey Pete, there are already petitions going around campus to get the decision reversed on my last post, if you speak to Cristobal or one of the head honchos for the football team's press such as "kelchr@fiu.edu or bgoldman@fiu.edu" can you dig into this? It just seems like a terrible policy for this year considering economic climate, etc.

"Fear The International" would be great for a shirt.

Somehow, we need to introduce this moniker to the school.

What do people think of Ole Miss being "upset" by South Carolina? I think it shows how completely stupid, biased and useless the AP Poll is. Ole Miss was never the #4 team in the country. They never deserved to be that high. Their 2 wins came against Memphis and Southeastern Louisiana(who?). Somehow they were ranked #4.

I hate to say this, I REALLY DO, but for Ole Miss to be #4 with garbage wins and Miami to be #9 with two wins against big and "ranked" opponenets goes to show how ridiculous the polls are.

I really wish college football would move away from all the stupid rankings and numbers. Its all about money. Thats what it is all about. Money, TV ratings, and worst of all hyping up teams that dont deserve it.

Isn't Alt the same guy that said that Barnes would be better than Beason and your TE (Was it Sam Smith?) would be better than Greg olsen?

Miami, up to now, deserves what they've received. They beat two top 20 teams (one of them a top 15) and should be a top 15 team in Vtech this week (but who knows, CFB is crazy).

You should really concentrate on getting your first win under your belt and improving to the equivalent of a decent team.

Sorry, meant *beat a top 15 team in Vtech. Too much reading, not enough sleep.


Yeah go to bed CrazyCane is tired of waiting for you to turn the lights off.

Awww.... no problem quijote. Good retort... if only it had something to do with... you know...football. Sleeping Giant?

Hey Fomenter, how about instead of you advising others (who are not players) to "concentrate" on getting a first win, you CONCENTRATE on whatever team you root for and STAY the F out of this blog and keep your unsolicited responses to yourself. Because, really, really really, no one gives a crap about your opinions here. No one. Yes, no one....him too, he doesn't either.

The International is a great moniker. Fear The International too. So long as quasi-retarded UM fans (yes all 97.788% of them) don't morph it into 'DAH' International. For a tee shirt, I see a picture of the DOS X beer's Most Interesting Man In The World, underneath the pic, "I prefer The International". Be forewarned, I will slap someone if I see a shirt like that on Saturday!

Ahhh FiUer.... a king amongst guppies. Is your blog not interesting enough without me?

I would listen to you, but then again, you're the only person.. okay not the only person, but one of the few delusional idiots to think you'd be 2-0 at this point. Why don't you just vote T.Y. to be Usain Bolt in all of his Olympic races and for Cedric Mack to set the record in both the shot put and discus...well don't let me encourage you, it's obvious you're capable of it.

Again, concentrate on celebrating your first win of the year, if you can do it, against a very below average Toledo team, and then complain as to why your commuter school can't sell out their stadium.

Again *beat, my spellcheck seems to have a FIU education.

Formenter, you spell the word wrong and it's your spell-checker's fault ... lol.

I would say that your UM education is great, but then again chances are high you went to ITT Tech instead.

And explain to us if you will why when UM is the darling of all high school dropouts in Dade and Broward, they still can't sell out their stadium (59% full last game). Pot calling the ket black anyone?

Don't you have a billion fans in south florida. All I ever see is 10 year old civics with UM stickers and tags who probably couldn't point to the campus on a map.

Ahhh Fomenter...relegated tithe "commuter" school argent, the last resort of the weak minded. What will your next retort be, oh, shall I guess, something to do with Hispanics at FIU, naming a Spanish dish maybe? Poor and underperforming, a career's tale Fomenter? The reason I'm 2-0 is because I will not vote for my team to lose, if they lose them all them I'll be 0-12. Boo hoo, I lost the blog challenge, quite a point you established there. What is the purpose of your existence here? I see none, except maybe to accelerate the downward scroll of blog readers. Why waste your time with such poorly educated folk that do not, and could not, rise to your superior level. Could it be you are just a lonely old derelict, left to troll blogs to avoid the cold lonely sleep of a viagra-less bed?

I got a flight to catch, you can use some warm milk and a Michael Jackson cocktail, on the rocks.

You all are garbage. Let's start talking football. If you wanna talk to one another, exchange numbers and meet. Then you can talk one on one and hash our your differences...i.e. like men.

Who heard Cristobal's interview this morning on 790? Heard it and wasn't very impressed. He didn't give me the usual goosebumps.

If only I could attend ITT Tech, whatever that is....I'm sure it's FIU's true rival. See, powerandlight, which I'm sure you struggle to pay, I don't really care about UM's attendance, since the team I root for doesn't have their struggles. I'm sure all you ever see is 10 year old civics, I mean, who else is going to take their car to your garage...correction, I mean "office". Either way, thanks for attempting to correct me, considering your sentence structure, it's a miracle you were able to spot it at all.

FIUer, sorry for calling you a commuter school. I guess I shouldn't also call you a 4th tier school. You are what you are. How many students do you have now, 35-40k? And how many live on campus and are involved in campus life? Fantastic, facts hurt I guess. See, 2-0 predictions because "you won't vote for your team to lose" is delusional. It's reminiscent of a Jehovah's witness, who every year comes to the house proclaiming the end of the world. You do nothing to disprove my point. You couldn't sell out your HOME OPENING STADIUM INAUGURATION AGAINST THE #9 TEAM IN THE COUNTRY! Why would you expect to sell out the stadium against ho-hum Toledo? Especially when you're Athletic Department is run so efficiently (shall I include a sarcasm moniker here for you?).

Again, if you would just google my name, you'd see my point, then again my name is above your head as it is. If I ever need some viagra it's good to know I could just come to you, since it's clearly a factor in your extreme delusion...hence your "flight".

Good luck this week against Toledo boys, hope Mccall's injury isn't more than a bruise. I really think you guys should do a lot more to spurn student involvement in your program, that's where all the big programs get their support from, not only in the present, but future as well. Best of luck.


I didn't hear it, but if you weren't impressed I'm not surprised. He showed very little emotion at Rutgers... Don't know if all this is a sign of things to come, if there's some redtape BS going on, if he's just exhausted from five hour sleepnights, or if we are just looking too deep into this.

Hopefully its the latter.

Could it be that he knows SEDANO is a major KOTEX PAD and probably didn't even want to be on the program ?? I remember that Sid and Shannon had some friction at one point, now SID is on 560...

Sedano: the man that SHOUTS over everyone else to prove that he is RIGHT about a topic or opinion. I can't listen to that idiot period. If he actually pretended to care and pander more, I might listen to his show...but he has clearly shown that he is not interested in helping FIU period.



I also heard the Cristobal interview on 790. Really, he was just talking about Toledo's offense and defense. If someone didn't hear, you can probably go to 790theticket and hear interview(it was on Sedano show).

I'm glad changes are being made on O-line. From what Cristobal was saying, Toledo blitzes 85% of the time. We better be ready.


My prediction:

FIU 24
Toledo 17

FIU 30
Toledo 35

My Prediction is
FIU 38
Toledo 28

I hate to agree with the enemy on this one, but how can anyone say that UM should not be ranked in the top 15??? They have beaten two top-15 caliber opponents in two weeks! If FIU had done that that, HELL YEAH rank them in the top 15.

And arguing about attendance is pointless because we have a horrible student and alumni following. Until we consistently sell out our stadium and require renovations to make it larger, THEN we can talk crap about other school's attendance. You just look really stupid telling the fans of other teams that its pathetic that they're team ONLY draws 50,000 people to games. What ignorance!

I hope we can get 17,000-18,000 out to the game, but my prediction is more like 14,000-15,000 since FIU has done a horrible job of promoting this game. Some people I talked to didn't even know we had a football team. Sheesh.

The more I listen to Sedano, the more I agree with previous post about him. I've always backed him up, but seriously the guy doesn't care about FIU. I think 790 dropped the ball having him call FIU games.


Does anyone know if the game is on espn360?

I hope we break the 15,000 mark this weekend. Come on FIU!!

im going to change my prediction.... FIU 35 Toledo 31


um will lose this weekend. they have improved, but have no business being in the top 10...just like ole miss. had fsu not dropped the final pass in the end zone, scum would be 1-1. so just because an fsu receiver can't catch, they are a media darling I don't get it.

Good teams find ways to win football games. There are no "what ifs" in football. You either win or you don't. So an FSU receiver dropped the ball...again...good teams find ways to win games and FSU screwed it up.

cabin001 - I don't think you can argue that UM found a chance to win since all they really did was watch as an FSU receiver dropped the ball (literally). Seems more like FSU found a way to lose and less like UM found a way to win.

Oh silly cabin001.

If you read this blog, you would know it was FORMENTER talking crap about the attendance. It was ME that saying it sounds stupid that a UM fan comes on here and talks crap about selling out stadiums when they can't even sell out their own games when they are ranked.

Pete...here's my prediction!!!

FIU 30
Toledo 27

Vegas has Toledo winning by 3, very possible Toledo wins but I think FIU will come out with more attitude and take last week's experience at Rutger's as a lesson.


I heard from students that there was an email sent about tailgating starting at 3...

How do they plan on preventing people from arriving earlier? Are they going to close down the parking until exactly 3?

Seems rather strange that they would send an email telling everyone the appropriate tailgating hours. Usually people go as early or late as they want.

The tailgating in the East parking lot starts at 3:00. There is nothing that FIU can do about people tailgating at Tamiami Park. I've been saying it since last year. You can get there as early as you'd like.

I really hope we win tomorrow...Hopefully the players will come out with energy and we won't throw 60 yard bombs on every play like we did at Rutgers. We need short passes underneath to the slot receivers to establish short 3rd down conversions and to prevent McCall from getting clocked every time he drops back to throw. I think our running game will be better this time around, but it will be the passing that will keep us in this game. This is a revenge game for Toledo, so FIU needs to match their intensity right out of the gate.

Pikedanny....what about the email regarding no kegs, no drinking games, etc. Does that NOT apply for Tamiami?

The email in regards to the code of conduct, etc. has always been sent out. They are usually too worried with parking and the west tailgate area to really enforce this. It is really geared toward the student body (fraternities in particular). It seems like they want to make things more formal and have everything in writing in the case something occurs (release them of liability and what not). All this information can also be found in the fiusports website I believe.
I am looking forward to tomorrows game. Unfortunately I will have to hear it on the radio and follow the blog, because I dont think it will be televised. I will search for it on the web tomorrow and will post a link with the feed if I have any success.
I think too many people on this blog have unnecessary hate toward UM; just focus on the task at hand which is FIU football. Most of the people that bash FIU are uneducated fans--there is no way to win an argument with uneducated fans. The majority of my friends from UM (most alumni, some current students) dont even care about FIU, they are focused on their team. Which is what we should do, no reason to wish harm to a program that is cross town, these arguments fuel fires to confrontations like the one that occurred on the field in 06.
In regards to tomorrows game: I see PMC coming off his "injury" with his eye on the prize and remains healthy. The offensive line will offer him the protection he needs to get the job done. This is turn will lead to positive numbers for the running game. I see this as a high scoring game in which home field will be the determining factor. My player of the game is DP; I see him having a great game exhibiting the high caliber athlete we all know he is.
My prediction:

FIU 37
Toledo 20

they closed several academic programs at fiu how about shutting down this worst team ever. save money let them play soccer or cricket.

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