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The Quarterbacks

Contrary to the rumor floating out on the worldwide web, Paul McCall does NOT have a knee tear and will start on Saturday against Toledo.

PMC did have a knee brace put on him during the Rutgers game for a sprained knee.

Wayne Younger has a bruise on his NON-throwing shoulder.

Here is what MC texted me about 20 minutes ago about the quarterbacks:

"Wayne Younger has a shoulder bruise and is fine. McCall has a sprained knee and is feeling better and will start Saturday. He is tough and he will be fine."


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Thank you for this news Pete...that is a sigh of relief

Thank you Pete for clearing all this up. Any idea if changes will be made to the OL. They looked really bad out there last night.

Thanks Pete. Hopefully we'll see a better showing this Saturday against Toledo, very disappointing performance against Rutgers. We played MUCH better against Alabama, which is a MUCH better team than Rutgers. Obviously, Mario didn't have the boys ready for this one, lack of intensity and concern for Rutgers.

Was Colt Anderson that bad a QB? Younger looks the same or maybe even worse than 2007. I cant imagine that Colt was worse...

That's good to hear. Lets hope that the O-line can provide McCall with much better protection the rest of the season.

Thanks for the update, Pete.


Hopefully FIU's offense is going to wake up this weekend before the 4th quarter.

FIU 30
Toledo 27

Hopefully, the O-line will provide much needed protection for PMC. I can't imagine he will survive another pounding! For Pete's sake, let's make sure PMC doesn't get injured. We need him out there!

Thanks Pete for letting us know, this is great news! I hope they get better ASAP.


You are our CIO - Chief Information Officer.
Thank you for your jounalistic integrity and always setting the record straight.

Go Panthers!

Although I was at the game, I had my DVR record the game. Will tell you what I find asap....

fyi Pooh Bear returned the game's opening kickoff lol

Bruce Feldman still has us going bowling in the New Orleans Bowl representing the SunBelt


Hahaha. We'll see. I've always felt that having a tough OOC schedule before conference play helps a lot so maybe we'll be going to NO. but we've got a ways to go. We need conference play to start before we start making predictions. FIU is a very schizophrenic team. It can look "good" against Alabama and Rutgers and then get completely destroyed by a Sun Belt team. It has happened. We look good one weak only to look terrible the next. If FIU can be consistent in conference play then for sure we can win it. Otherwise we'll be watching FIU's season end way before week 12.

Has anyone heard of any Student - Bring a friend offers for FIU Football games? Like what they had last year, a student can bring up to 5 friends and family.


Good post. I agree we have a tendency of being quite inconsistent. I will never forget the great effort we put up AT Maryland only to get manslaughtered the very next week at Middle Tenn.

FIURage... I thought it was one friend per student going into the games. And I plan to exploit that offer to the max with as many students as I can talk to! I don't think enough of the student body knows about this fact.

Watched the FIU/Rutgers on DVR last night... here are my observations feel free to chime in.

1. MC - Have to call out Mario at the top. Where was his energy?! Rarely did I see him do his aggressive march up and down the sideline with fists in the air yelling. Zero excitement from Mario. This translated onto the field.

2. Paul McCall - Poor guy he took soooo many licks, it was no wonder he was limping towards the end. In the 4th, the camera captured facial expressions that read frustration and exhaustion. He did throw two picks, but you can't really blame him as he was pressured more against Rutgers than Alabama, and we all know Bama's line is much better than Rutgers'. However, the few sequences where he did have time, he mostly threw perfection. I don't understand why our O-Line struggled more against Rutgers than Bama. The only answer here is lack of intensity.

3. HILTON - He is our BEST offensive weapon - by FAR. Make a case of running the majority of the offense through him. This will force the defense to double him up, which in effect will leave Ellingson, Perry or any other weapon OPEN. The o-line needs to give Paul time to read the coverage and wait for the play to develop and find the open man courtesy of Hilton's double team. If Hilton isn't doubled, THROW HIM THE DAMN BALL. Practically every time he caught it, he created a play from nothing whether it was a 3 yard dash or slicing through the middle.

4. Carlos Munera - If FIU would've won the game, he would've been the reason why. Despite the final score, FIU enjoyed relatively good field position management (I forget the term). I think his longest kick was 58 yards, and he consistently punted high and long blasts that had plenty of air time. Unsung hero for sure.

5. Defense - Along with Munera, our defense played GREAT. Our offense gave up 14 points (pick six and turnover in their red zone). Essentially, the only time our defense gave up was when Munera pinned them at their 4 yard line and they put their only impressive drive of the entire game...including a 40 yard bomb that Gaitor got burnt on, happens.

My biggest concern against Toledo and our conference schedule is our o-line. If they don't do a better job, absolutely nothing can happen on the offensive side. However, SBelt lines aren't made to size up against SEC and lines from much bigger and stronger conferences. Paul is a trooper, he was in visible pain from when his knee just kinda gave out when he scrambled. Paul is Marino, give him time and he will deliver. Like Marino, we can't count on Paul to scramble. We MUST give him time to let the play develop.

Still not convinced about Paul. Didn't we get word that our safeties were fine and then they ended up not playing? We'll see who lines up on Saturday.

p.s. to alt', you better reevalute your perception of Sun Belt teams. MTSU beat Memphis and Maryland. UL-L beat Kansas St. FAU hung with South Carolina. Troy beat UAB. The Sun Belt aint one of those lower ranked FCS conferences, it now has a better Sagarin rating than the MAC...and you can ask the Big 10 how good the MAC is. So we're going to need to bring our A-game every week.

Thats the problem with a spread pass offense, teams will blitz until you burn them. Its designed to get the ball out of the qbs hand in 3 ticks- PMC gets 2. Either go max protection with 2 backs or run screens away from TY- every one expects screens to go his way. Both lines need to improve and the other wide outs must become viable options.
positive note- we have a good defense that will keep us in games and we have a superior returner that gives us great field position and points.
imo i hope we drop the spread in the next few years as we get better recuits b/c we will miss out on good linemen and rbs as long as we run this system

I agree with you, Javier. The spread is not going to help in our recruiting of offensive linemen or RB's. The problem is, the spread is apparently a staple of Bill Legg's offense. Losing the spread will probably mean that Legg has to go.

On the other hand, the spread is what FIU needs right now to protect McCall. But at the same time, the spread is a double edged sword, we're not going to have a dominant running game if we're only going to run draw plays from shotgun.

FIURage I dont think it was ever 5 ppl unless I was missing out on something last year. I remember I was able to bring an extra person with me every game last year but if it was more I sure would have exploited it lol. But Pete if you can find out if students can bring an extra person(or 5 which I doubt lol) with them like last year to the game that would be great! Thanks

Hey "Rage" where you been? We miss U!

Go 'canes!

With our O-Line playing like total crap I dont know how far we will make it this year. My original prediction of 7-5 is not looking to hot right now. I have to agree with "Quijote".

I have one question for the offense:
Why run a 3rd and 1 out of the spread. What the heck happen to the old fashion goal line, or something close. Everyone know you need to run on 3rd and 1..

I still think we can go 7-5 and make it to our first bowl game. In 2 weeks from now we can be 2-2 and feel good about the season again!


I dont know but I took more than one at the student gate with one student ID.


We can split hairs all day long....this was a tough loss to take, but it's time to move on. We will not have any new lineman or QBs that can contribute this year. Toledo will be a formidable opponent but we match up better against non AQ teams, whether you like it or not. Just don't have the bodies yet on either line to create opportunities. ***Keep in mind that we still are playing many underclassmen and FIU will be scary good in 2010 and 2011.


So please start working the phones, email, social networking sites etc.....

"4. Carlos Munera - If FIU would've won the game, he would've been the reason why. Despite the final score, FIU enjoyed relatively good field position management (I forget the term). I think his longest kick was 58 yards, and he consistently punted high and long blasts that had plenty of air time. Unsung hero for sure."

Munera was the unsung hero of last season's team, too. If you look at it, our offense wasn't especially prolific in terms of picking up yards, and our defense had a tendency to give up a lot of yards. The reason we were able to succeed last year despite this was week in and week out winning the field position battle (thanks to guys like TY, Munera, Alonzo Phillips, etc) and having a great turnover margin.

Im getting family, co-workers, friends out to this game! Bottom line we need an O line to develop soon. What good is Wes Carroll going to be if there is no protection ?

With Mario being the highest paid coach in the conference and the least qualified coach in college football, shouldn't the clock start ticking for his exit? Money wasted BIG TIME!!


that's the most retarded post I've EVER seen posted on this forum, even worse than the junk CrazyCane and any of his names he uses.

Wesley Carroll with become another tackling dummy like PMC was these past two games.

Least qualified? Have you not seen the recruits he's been getting to commit ? Thats one ignorant post if ive ever seen one. Do FIU a favor and removed the F,I and U from your username.

Yes, we are getting conflicting reports. Also what happened to the safeties playing last weekend. This is starting to be like the freaking NFL where the coaches send out crap injury lists. Are the QB's practicing? Are the safeties practicing? Someone who is on the in let us know if any of those 2 things are happening. Thanks.

Do FIU fans really get a "buy 1 get 4 free" deal at their new stadium? Are you kidding me? To watch that????


Well at least there is always the band at halftime, and those really hot cheerleaders to look at! DOOOHHHHHHHH!

Seriously though, I'm not a hater, that was just too easy! I know a lot of kids at FIU, and I know a lot of kids at FIU love UM. We should have gone in "halves" on a stadium at the OB! Live and learn!

Go 'canes! Go FIU!

With Mario being the highest paid coach in the conference and the least qualified coach in college football, shouldn't the clock start ticking for his exit? Money wasted BIG TIME!!

Posted by: jonathanFIU | September 21, 2009 at 01:10 PM

What a poser!!! Obviously you don't know enough about FIU to make a dumb comment like that. Get lost.

Posted by Sarasota 'cane
Do cane fans really go around each school's site to post worthless crap!?

I cannot help but feel giddy about being "The Darlings" of college football, while the Gators are in the midst of their self proclaimed "Greatest Season of all time"! TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION!! Or in UF's case, TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN REVENGE OF THE NERDS!!! Go 'canes!!!!

"Giddy" ... LOL

Sorry Rage, I've been a little carried away the last couple of days! When moron's like U camp out on our blog(s) 24/7 for the last 2 years spewing your nonsense, it's fun to give a little of it back! Don't be so sensitive!

I'll stay out! See most of U at the OK game Oct. 3rd!

Go 'canes!

Sorry Rage, one more thing for the FIU/UM fans (and there are HUNDREDS, maybe thousands of them!):

Palm Beach Post is reporting that ABC will make a decision no later than Sunday on whether to broadcast the Oklahoma game at 3:30 or 8:00 pm PRIMETIME!!!!!!

Translation: If we beat VT, it will play at 8, if we lose 3:30!!!!!!!

I bet Gameday will be there if they play at 8!!!! Herbstreit LOVES us!!!!!!!!!

Go 'canes!!!!!

Looks like your extra Giddy today!


1 a : dizzy b : causing dizziness c : whirling rapidly
2 a : lightheartedly silly : frivolous b : joyfully elated : euphoric

I'll probably go with 2 for now, and then 1 at 4:20!

Go 'canes!

Look we should do well in the conf. like i posted before, the D is solid and we get points from the special teams. Plus i expect the staff to scheme ways to give PMC more time.
as for jonothanFIU Mario will not be here in 3 yrs. Either he is successful and goes to a better job or stinks it up and is canned. Also I think jonathanFIU=crazy cane incognito that means indisguise for you umers. sorry couldnt help the jk

why are all these boneheaded UM fans spewing nonsense on this blog? Did they got lost on the way to the circus?

Losing the first two was my preseason prediction, as much as I would have liked to have Rutgers as a 'W'... I think we're gonna be fine in conference play and we will go bowling this year! I'm calling it now: 4-game winning streak, starting this week.

I see the University of Miami-Dade Community College are out in full force today - CrazyCane, Sarasota Cane, etc.


Can you check what the student+other guest policy is for this year?

I can take most of the BS that the UCG fans say on the post (specially since most will never have any kind of degree from UM or any other university), but this guys talking about getting Cristobal out.. ARE YOU KIDDING! The guy is finally fixing 6 years of total crap. Cristobal can have FIU in a Bowl if we just block better and run the ball batter THIS YEAR!.

"JonathanFIU" you could not be any further from reality!

Go Golden Panthers!


Hilton as low as $79/night, Marriott at $99/night.

Flights as low as $219 leaving from FLL.



Hey Pete,

Are we finally going to be able to see Dudley LaPorte on the gridiron?

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