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2 More Hoops Commits & Frederick Ready To Join FIU

FIU basketball received two more verbal commits today for the Class of 2010 and 2011.

Milk Matt Milk (Fort Lauderdale Pine Crest), a 6-8, 240-pound senior power forward told the Panthers he's headed this way to play college basketball next season. Milk is currently a teammate of high school phenom Brandon Knight....hmmm.

FIU also got a committment from 6-9 and growing power forward Yvan Ngirabakunzi (right), who is currently aYvan junior at Piney Woods High in Mississippi. Yvan, who has a good last name to play Scrabble with, is ranked as the No. 40 power forward in the nation for 2011.

According to rivals.com and ESPN, Yvan had an offer from the school across town and decommitted. He has been receiving interest from Arkansas, Marquette and Tulane.

Power forward Eric Frederick (left), who is currently at Highland-Illinois JUCO, has taken care of his academic business and is ready to come play at FIU next season. If you remember, Frederick committed to FIU last season, but was not able to play with this Ef year's team because of grades. EF would be a sophomore when he arrives at FIU next season.

** Of course, all of these commitments are verbal and non-binding, so please keep the GPP's Gatorade Theory of Recruiting in mind when reading the news above.

Aaapaw Was out at FIU's first basketball practice last Saturday and here are some first impressions:

This team is definitely more athletic than any other FIU hoops team I have seen in the last 8 years since I have been covering FIU.

With Phil Gary at the controls at point guard and a more athletic team, the Panthers should not have trouble breaking the full court press unlike previous seasons.

Marvin Roberts, Antoine Watson, Stephon Weaver and Gary are going to do well in the Sun Belt and they have the abilities to make the rest of the team better.

There is not much height on these Panthers and that might hurt come the Sun Belt tourney or beyond if FIU were to get that far. 

Later this week or early next week, going to have new coach Isiah Thomas join us on the GPP to talk about your Panther hoopsters.

You can also learn more about the 2009-2010 FIU hoops team on Thursday night at U.S. Century BankIsiah Arena in the Alumni Panther Basketball Preview where IT will be on hand. However, don't bother asking questions about recruits, because NCAA coaches cannot speak about them until they are signed on the dotted line.


Aaapaw Interesting stat that came out the other day, the FIU football team has played 14 true freshmen this season which is the 4th most among the 120 FBS teams. Only Tulane (17), Texas A&M (16 -- FIU opens at College Station next season) and Air Force (15) have played more.

But that number could grow to 17 by Saturday at Arkansas State, because defensive linemen Andrew Mattox, safety Terrance Taylor and kicker Jack Griffin (for kickoffs) are very close to playing according to MC.

Here are the 14 true freshmen to have played this season: Wayne Times, Darian Mallary, Rockey Vann, Dave Istanich, Giancarlo Revilla, Tourek Williams, Kenny Dillard, Pooh Bear Mars, Jonathan Cyprien, Markeith Russell, Rupert Bryan, Larry McCoy, Josh Forney and Derreck Jones.

Aaapaw The FIU baseball team is currently playing in an exhibition game against the Langley Blaze from British Columbia at University Park Stadium. In the bottom of the 3rd inning, FIU is up 5-0 with R.J. Fondon pitching and Tim Jobe with a solo bomba. Check fiusports.com later for the final score.


FIUManiac: Pete, what about the coaching thus far?

PP: Much like the team, the staff is young and learning on the job. With the exception of the Toledo game, the Panthers have matched up with teams in the first half and came out strong against then-No. 4 and now-No. 1 Alabama. However, then opponents will have a big quarter or big plays and FIU cannot recover. Yes, the defense right now is a major issue and unless it is fixed the Panthers will have a tough time winning the rest of the season.

Much like the team, the coaching staff can improve. It certainly is NOT a lack of effort with this staff as opposed to the previous staff. There have been many high school coaches that I have spoken with since MC took over, who said that FIU had never visited their high school until MC took over. The recruiting under MC has improved 200% from the previous staff and there is talent on this team. But where this team really needs to pick it up is along the offensive and defensive lines and for that you need time in the weight room and/or go get the midwest beef or JUCO beef. I think several people are mistaken thinking this is a 3-year deal with FIU. MC & co. inherited a mess, that included significant scholarship losses and a lack of talent. A more fair assessment would be after year 5.

Jdoezer: Pete, you say in your article that you had FIU at 3-3 ("Yours truly had FIU at 3-3 with losses to Alabama, Rutgers and Troy") but yet your picks have you 5-1 with FIU having a 1-5 record - explain? Are you a journalist or a BS'er?

PP: No Big Shot here. (Yes, I know BS does not mean Big Shot). If you read the entire paragraph that I wrote it finishes with: "...when the preseason predictions were published here on the GPP back in August."

When I made my preseason picks in August...at this point in the season I had FIU at 3-3. I pick FIU games each Friday throughout the season and depending on how the team is going sometimes I amend my picks -- As I said back in August that I would do.

I originally predicted FIU to a 6-6 record and the St. Petersburg Bowl back in August but that is not looking like it will happen. So no BS here, if I don't hit on my picks I'll admit I'm wrong. I'm not looking for a career in Vegas.

Thanks for reading the GPP and following my picks.

FIUJM: Does anyone know if Sports Grill showing game this weekend? Or if it's even on TV?

PP: You can watch the game on ASU's website. They have a video feed of the game.



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Just heard the 19 pound baby born last week has committed to FIU for 2028 season to play Center. He is currently #1 on ESPN's top 100 infant Centers. Way to go IT - you the man!

PP are you serious with this crap - you know football season is going bad when we are talking verbal basketball recruits for the 2011 season in October.

Crazy Cane,

Don't be upset that Yvan decommitted from the pathetic excuse of a basketball program that is UM and committed to the program that is the talk of the town.

Our basketball program will walk all over UM's in just one full year of IT recruiting. That must really devastate you and the rest of the fake UM alumni.

Lone Panther, one full year?! lol try THIS SEASON, if I'm not mistaken, Isiah has already recruited a lot of top JUCO talent that will play this season. We all know UM is an ACC bottom dweller, honestly they've missed the boat. FIU has taken the lead in college basketball down here, and it won't be long before we go dancing.

VERY exciting stuff here... FF, II, UU...FIU!!!

Let's not jump the gun here... I still want to see what this team is capable of for myself. Looking at just the stats from the four JUCOs we have for this season, it's impressive... especially from Marvin Roberts. And although we are lacking in size, I think a quicker team might be a lot of fun to watch. Who knows? Maybe by Sun Belt play this team will be good enough to compete and make a run for the conference. Truth is, we don't know much about this team. No one really does. And I think we won't know until the season starts. I am cautiously optimistic!

Remember he holds multiple personalities...crazy panther hasn't shown up in a while now...LOL...

Good to read that Frederick appears to be back in the fold for FIU. He was a JUCO All American as a freshman, and one of hte top JUCO players in the JUCO tournament of champions in Hutchinson, Kansas last year....

UUUUUUGGGGHHHHHH!!! says CandyCane while slamming closed his laptop after reading my post and realizing he can't post again until tomorrow without failing to convince he indeed does have a life outside of Pete Pelegrin and FIU.

Ah...for one night, one can breathe clean fresh scUMless air.

wow ... You guys really should be treating FIU's #1 fan a little nicer. Im pretty sure he just posted up some quick comment because one of the guys decommitted from the u to verbally commit to FIU.

Firstly it is great to see two more commits for our basketball team, and that Fredrick is still on board. Isiah is building a very solid team, and I would not be surprised if he makes it to the the NCAA tournament by his third or fourth season as he already has coaching experience at the highest level of basketball.

I have to admit that like many here I too derive some pleasure from getting Yvan to decommit and join our side. Welcome aboard Yvan.

Now on to the baseball game. This was actually an exhibition against a very solid team that, since 1999, has produced six or seven current MLB players. The BCPBL is considered one of the leading pipelines from amateur baseball to MLB, and such a dominating win, 17-4, should bode well for our team this season. Hopefully we can win the SBC crown this year, but if not I do think we are on the right path in baseball.

Thanks Pete for answering TV question for this weekends game. Would I be wrong in assuming that Sports Grill won't be showing many more games and won't be official place to watch FIU games?

Pete, any idea of the freshmen that will be redshirted, if any?

It would be nice is Sports Grill shows the internet video stream on their plasmas. I used to think Hooters had the best wings, but man SG's are very very good. I still give the slight edge to Hooters though, more eye candy.

Thanks Pete for answering TV question for this weekends game. Would I be wrong in assuming that Sports Grill won't be showing many more games and won't be official place to watch FIU games?

Posted by: FIUJM | October 22, 2009 at 09:00 AM

Relax man....the games need to be Televised and any merchant will have difficulty getting a broadcast for any SBC team. The conference decides who has broadcast rights. This is done very last minute-ish too. Sports Grill signed a deal and if the games are accessible, it's the Official Watch Party home.

My understanding is that the UF and FAU games are scheduled for CSS and ESPN2 respectively...don't know if any remaining SBC games will be aired outside of a webcast.


Can you/the Herald talk to typepad and see if they can put in a change to allow users to ignore certain posters? I personally love this blog, but I'm really getting sick of seeing these trolls and Crazy insulting everyone. They're entitled to their opinion, but it makes me not want to visit the comments or join in on the posting.

CarolinaGoldenPanther - I agree with you. But for the record, quijote!!! started it this time - I just finished it.


Just read the article posted on the herald website which indicated that more than 2/3 of the FIU roster were freshmen and sophomores. I had two questions regarding that figure:

How many scholarship seniors do we have on the team? I ask because if we have very few wont that effect how many recruits we can bring in?

How many scholarship Juniors do we have on the roster? I'm concerned that we have lost a lot of players from MC's first recruiting class if we dont have many juniors on the team. Either that or a lot of them were red-shirted.

Thanks Pete

i agree w/Carolinagoldenpanther 100%

For the "record" UM lost 48-0 to a very bad Virginia team during their last game farewell at the Orange Bowl.

quijote: why are you referencing the result of a UM-UVA game from 2007? Did I miss a comment from one of dan's multiple personalities?

Crazy wants to bring up "for the records".... nm

For the "record" - In 2006 and 2007 FIU Football went a combined 1-23.

I dont know Jimmy, just cause I guess.

This is getting petty...

Can we forget about Crazy and focus on basketball, please? Don't let him be a distraction to what is really important here: the fact that we are going to have one heckuva of a basketball program and it starts this year. Let's enjoy that!

I also have to agree with Carolina, that this two or three guys are extremly imature, and considering that they are posting at 1:30AM about a school that they "Hate" it just makes the blog disapointing to look at.

As for some FIU talk:
1) Will they allow the kids on the field (with costumes) after the game? My 2 year old had the opportunity to run the field once and he was going nuts. He is all about Roary, go figure!

2) Can you post some info regarding Season Tix for the basketball season. If you are a Life time Alum memeber do you get some kind of discount?

Thanks like always and keep up th hard work Pete..

Concerning BBall, apparently the first game is going to be STACKED, with dozens of media outlet trucks outside the arena. You better get there early if you don't want to miss the opening tip off.

hahaha. you guys are all really funny. Really. haha.

Speaking of Isiah, read this article on CNN SI about the MJ/Bird book.


Brandon Knight is not even thinking about FIU. Why would you write Hmmmmm.... Milk also came of a spectacular year NOT. He averaged a whooping four points a game at Pine Crest High School.

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