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DLP Out; Jr. On The Way In; Put Down The Pitchforks

Laportedudley Back to practice Tuesday for your Panthers as they prepare for Western Kentucky on Saturday, but FIU will have to go on this season without a key cog to the offense as starting tight end Dudley LaPorte broke his foot against ULM and is out for the season.

DLP broke the foot when he landed awkwardly on the 14-yd TD pass from Paul McCall.

DLP is eligible to take a redshirt this season, since he played in less than 30 percent of his team's games which would leave him with 2 years of eligibility.

Tight end Eric Kirchenberg had surgery for an abdominal injury and is now expected to miss the season. That leaves Jonathan Faucher as the starter, Colt Anderson, John Ellis and Joey Harris as the backups. Harris, a tight end in high school, moves back to his old position after working on the defensive line this summer.

Good news on the injury front, receiver Junior Mertile (right, thanks Alex J. Hernandez photo), thought to be out for the season after a knee tear at Rutgers, had surgery last week and the tear wasn't as bad as initially thought. With a strong rehab, JM could be back in 3 to 4 weeks which could have him back for either Middle Tennessee (Nov. 7) or North Texas (Nov. 14).

There is no doubt season-ending injuries to key starters have hit the Panthers hard (safety Ash Parker), Mertile but FIU has bigger issues to solve to get going this season -- mainly the running game on both sides of the ball.

Once again, the Panthers run D was pushed around for the second consecutive game: 304 rush yards by the Warhawks the week after Toledo ran for 223 yards. And this was after FIU looked like it was in for a game of stout run D judging by its performance in the first quarter against ULM.

Asked MC about the run D vs. ULM after Tuesday's practice and this is what the FIU coach had to say after reviewing the game film:

"It needs work. Is our talent level where we need it to be? No. Do we play with great effort? Yes, but sometimes that is not enough. Those guys have to continue to get better, have to continue to get better push upfront and then when you are in a position to make a play, you have to make a play. Especially, playing so many spread offenses the ball is well-hidden. So if a guy misses a tackle, typically for a guy for each gap, if you don’t make that tackle someone else may not be there to save your butt unless they make a great play getting off the block. It all starts upfront. I know they are putting a ton of time into it, but we’re not where we need to be at all. We only know one way and that’s to get to work. You get your butt up at 5 in the morning and work until late at night and get it fixed and get better."

More than their own running game (which we'll get to in a second), the Panthers have to find a solution to the run D quickly or tougher upcoming opponents such as Troy, Arkansas State, Louisiana, Middle Tennessee and of course Florida will have a field day on offense. And not to discount Western Kentucky, because in the last two games FIU has not proven it can stop the run.

With the exception of Toledo, FIU has not been able to run the ball this season. The Panthers had 148 yards on the ground against the Rockets and Darriet Perry averaged nearly 4 yards per carry in that game so the ability to run the ball effectively is there.

Owensdaunte Although it was limited duty, Daunte Owens (left, thanks Roy Viera photo) showed he could contribute with 7 and 12-yard runs. Thought it was a good idea to mix it up with the backs and bring in the bigger Owens to spell DP and then bring in Darian Mallary. Still, the run game and the run blocking have to be more consistent if FIU is to have sustained success on O.

Yet, with a struggling running game the Panthers still put up 35 points and when they did run the ball 2 weeks ago, FIU scored 31 points. Scoring 35 and 31 points should be enough to win ball games.

For a team that is still trying to find itself this season, FIU cannot rack up 11 penalties for 106 yards. For a team whose margin for error is minimal right now, those yellow hankies are back breakers or as MC called them "drive killers".

Four of the 11 penalties on Saturday were pre-snap penalties, which is a lack of focus. That has to be cleaned up.

It's year three under MC and FIU is 0-4. Nobody said building a program that was at the ground floor after 2006's winless season was going to be easy. This isn't fantasy football where Mario's Maulers can just swing a 3 for 1 trade with Touchdown Truckers or search the waiver wire for help.

For those that have already started the "fire MC" chants with torches and pitchforks in hand, please put down the torches and the pitchforks and get yourself your favorite adult beverage and make it a double if Mob need be.

MC inherited: a team with no depth, not having a full allotment of scholarships for the first three years of recruiting (FIU gets its 25 scholies back in February 2010), a program on academic probation and questionable talent. After two years and four games, FIU has had its largest win improvement in program history from one season to the next from 2007 to 2008. At the beginning of last season, FIU was getting blown out of games and now although the Panthers have not won -- they have been in every game this season where the offense struggled for the first 2 games and the defense struggled in the last two games. With a better D and a better run game, FIU is 3-1 or 2-2 right now.

But the Panthers do not have those records and that has to be fixed.

You are witnessing this season some of the growing pains of building a program. That's not to say the Panthers get a hall pass for their performances the past couple of weeks, because they don't especially  after showing flashes of the team it can be this season.

FIU has played well in spurts this season such as the first 3 quarters against Alabama, FIU D's performance against Rutgers and the 1st qtr vs. ULM. The Panthers have just not been able to put 4 quarters of football together this season.

If it can fix its run D, start running the ball and curb the penalties, FIU can still be a good team this season -- Sun Belt champ-good, not likely -- but play close to .500 ball and keep building.


Aaapaw The FIU basketball schedule is out. After their season opener at North Carolina, the Panthers will open up at home against Florida Memorial on Nov. 17.

Aaapaw Two weeks back from injury and two consecutive Sun Belt Player of the Week awards for FIU's 3-time All-American Yarimar Rosa as the Panthers volleyball team is off to its best start inYr program history at 15-2.

Aaapaw Will have a LIVE FIU/WKU GAME BLOG from Bowling Green, Kentucky on Saturday at 6:45 p.m. Miami time. Unfortunately, the game is not on TV and there is no live video feed from WKU's website. So your options are following the game on here or listening to 1080 AM.

WIN A GPP BLOG WEEK 4 STANDINGS (FIU/WKU scores due by 6:59 p.m. Eastern GPP Time on Saturday)


FIUrulez (54), Fomenter (74), Crazy Cane (101), MIA/NY Josh (103)


FIU0406 (54), FIU Fanatic (71), NYCFIUFan (73), FIUPantherFan (74), esteban688 (96)


Puma (50), BaltimorePanther (57), quijote (65), Gooch7 (74), SunblazerPanther (75), Joel (78), TheChampionUnderdog (79), Gold (91), FIU Love (92), FIUcanesFan (99)


LonePanther (63), Golden Panther 90 (70)

CJ (71), Clawing Cancer (71)

CarolinaGoldenPanther (76), SouthPaw (83), theINTERNATIONAL (89), OC FIU Panther (91)


Max (94), Tri-Panther (98), FIUer (123)

GPP: 3-1, (59)




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Holy crap, no TV?! Time to book a flight, who's with me???


Your perspective is certainly appreciated, but in the end the fact remains that we are regressing. Frankly, I don't know how the hell we've kept all the games relatively close. Our coordinators are not making any adjustments. We keep getting beat on the same plays, and we continue to execute poor offensive schemes. I couldn't believe how many times we ran a running play where we were located on the right side of the hashmark and instead of calling a running play that rolls left into the wide open field, they would roll right into the tight quarters. What the hell is that?!?!

If FIU doesn't beat the absolute worst team in college football, the pitchforks will remain out...and sharpened.

"Is our talent level where we need it to be? No. Do we play with great effort? Yes"

GET ME MY PITCHFORK! lol. If this is the greatest effort possible, then god help us.

Keys to success for FIU this weekend against WKU:
1) Hope the sun is in the opponent's eyes
2) Hope the opponent gets lost on the way to the stadium
3) Divine intervention

If we lose to WKU, all coordinators should be immediately fired...let's not waste tax payer dollars for the rest of the season with dead weight. If they win, they earn a week, and so forth for the rest of the season. Welcome to the real world, earn your pay coaches!

Anyone else watch MTSU get steamrolled by Troy on ESPN2? MTSU looked awful

I can't wait for the blackout game. Whoopee!

Pete, we know that this is a young program, that MC inherited, blah, blah, blah ...
Remember 2006 we were really close in the first 4 or 5 games, and I am talking less than 7 point each game, after going 5-7 the previous year, we also had a great defense, good receivers, TE, experienced senior qb, etc, etc, I hope we don't have a brawl againg UF or FAU this year, we don't want to be known as the "fighting" golden panthers, then we will really be thug u.
I know I am talking out of dissapointment, but just working hard doesn't make changes, it just keep reinforcing the same mistakes if the coaches don't work hard correcting mistakes, and the coaches need to adjust to the personel at hand knowing their limitations and maximazing their strengths.
I hope this is not 2006 all over again, that would kill our program, or maybe not look at the Marlins they are still playing in Miami, but they are the only MLB team in the area.
I am a proud fan of FIU and will always support my Alma Mater, but I want to see this program soar, I hope we beat WKU and people show up for the next home game.
Lets stop making excuses or looking for the silver line, If I make $250,000 a year that doesn't make me a millionaire, it is only one quarter of a million, playing one quarter of good football doesn't make us a good football team.

I can't wait for the blackout game. Whoopee!

Posted by: cabin001 | October 07, 2009 at 12:26 AM

I think most will wear Marlins gear for that game.

Thanks for the insight Pete, but I'm still upset with what has happened so far. I really believe we should at least be 1-3.

Is the clock ticking on Mario yet? If not, it should be! In year 3 poor play calling,lack of motivation and missed assignments are reflections of a clueless head coach and staff. The honeymoon is over on the highest paid AD and Head Ccoach...FIU please address these issues...we lost a lot of programs to pay these salaries..if football can't pay for it's self can we at least break even?

We are only 3.5 points favorites against WKU? That means we are 119th of 120 teams in Division 1 football. I may be exaggerating just a tad but safe to say we're NOT were we expected to be at the start of the season. Oh well, at least we SHOULD get in the W column this week. It will take lots of time before we are a good team but we need to somehow finish the year strong if we are going to get any commitments from the local studs or else they'll go to UM, UF, USF, etc. etc.

In my opinion they need to win by at least 17 points to make some sort of statement and get some sort of momentum heading into the game with Troy. Go Panthers!!!!

Basketball schedule looks horrible... no notable opponents coming into The Bank and OVER A MONTH on the road from late November all the way to the end of December in a span of seven games... I know most of these games are probably the result of orevious commitments but sheesh, this thing looks horrible for Golden Panther fans...

Soooo glad they put J. Harris #86 back at TE. Can't wait to see what he can do on Saturday, only wish i could be there to watch....GO FIU!!! and goodluck Saturday


I agree with your post somewhat..I think Mario and staff needs to be on the hot seat..maybe it will get them going. You can recruit the best of the best but I they are not coached well or in the right place to make plays its a waste. FIU should explore an experienced coaching staff because at this rate FIU FOOTBALL will bankrupt the school.

Funny post cabin001. It sure feels that way.

Can we at least get our marching band back?! I'm not expecting one that rivals what we saw at Bama, but for heaven's sake even "poor" SunBelt and C-USA schools have decent bands. Seriously, how much can this cost FIU...ridiculous!

Hearing a poor quality fight song from the stadium's speakers is embarrassing.

KJHarris02 - what makes you think he is even going to get on the field? According to PP, he appears to be the 4th string TE this week. You think he is going to play? - He will be lucky to even be allowed to drink from one of the FIU water bottles on the sideline. Basically, Harris #86 was the 6th string TE since 2 ahead of nhim are now hurt. WOW - to be the 6th string TE on a 0-4 team in the SB conference is pretty bad, are you sure he even knows how to run and catch?


how can you say he inherited a team with no talent one paragraph and then say he does not get a hall pass for the current performance in another? Three years and he plays a
Sun Belt opponenet and lays a fat egg. that is the bottom line. God forbid they lose this week, or pitch forks will be the least of MC problems. 2 wins from here out maybe 3 and the seat gets toasty.

I am somewhat disappointed with what MC had to say. Someone mentioned on another blog that effort and hard work only gets you so far. It is the coaches responsibility to put their playmakers in the right spot to win ball games. The coordinators have been doing a horrible job and there is no way to sugar-coat it. I have yet to see a SINGLE adjustment through the course of a game.

I love what MC has brought to our program, but it seems like he's putting too much of the blame on the players. MC needs to take his coordinators into a closed room and let them have it!

FIU 41
WKU 20

I CANT beleive any true FIU fan or even the fake FIU fans will actually say to Fire MC.. That is actually the only possitive thing (other then TY) on the entire team. His an amazing recruiter and his only about 200 X's better then Strock. Can the call plays be a little better? Yes, but I think this is the RIGHT guy.. Remember the pile of SH** that he received was crazy.

Unfortunatly my prediction of going 7-5 and going to a Bowl is slowly evaporating. But i think we can still finsih 6-6 and probably finish 3rd in the Sunbelt..

Go Golden Panthers!

KEEP MC>>> Fake fans like to stir the %&*( on these forums.


If it wasn't for the fake fans we would have none..GO FIU!

lol...this place is funny

I think we'll finish 4-8 when its all said and done, with wins against WKU, North texas (I know they are improved but we have them at home this year), ULL, and FAU (another 0-4 team). Dissapointing, yes, but 4-8 would be great at this point. I think 6-6 is out of our reach, as we would need to go 5-2 the rest of the season...not happening.

And yeah quijote, we need our band back!!! Playing the fight song over the speakers is lame...like pantherpaul.

Gouch Mario can't call plays ..he doesn't know the play book the playbook came with the OC..the DC's play book came from the Waste Pile..please list the 6 games that we will win..and please when you make your list think with your brain and not your heart..

There are a number of fake fans coming to our boards lately to try and stir the pot....they are now re-uniting with some anti-MC/PG former FIU employees with an axe to grind agaisnt them. Don't get too excited by these non-FIU fans that have posted above me, pretending to be FIU fans....

Of course, this is a good time for them to come afloat, and some "re-surface", given the level of frustration we are experiencing due to the negative start of the season. Focus, and don't let these posers influence you and dictate the tone of this...and the other....board...

Go FIU!!!

I have a feeling we're going to go 5-7 again.

MC is the man and NEEDS to stay!

FIU 34
WKU 27


Hmmmmm?? Cabin001, you stated the following, "I think 6-6 is out of our reach, as we would need to go 5-2 the rest of the season...not happening." Last time I checked you were 0-4, thus you would have to go 6-2 the rest of the way in order to finish at .500

Get a clue man.

MC is staying, although the defensive coordinator needs to improve immediately. MC inherited a mess and now its his job to fix it which doesn't happen overnight.

I like to lick Sebastian's balls.


I'm not sure is MC and PG the two highest paid at their respective positions in the Sun Belt? Change your story it is getting old.


Some of you new people on here (fiudan and pantherpaul) are a disgrace to the FIU fanbase. You come on here and claim to be FIU fans yet you have yet to say one positive thing about FIU. Where were you last year when we were improving? Where were you when we were celebrating great recruiting classes? Where were you before the season when we were all excited? I'll bet once we start winning you both will stop posting. I can't wait to see that day.

CC; did u ready today's article in the Miami Herald!!! http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/colleges/fiu/story/1270795.html

MC has nothing but good things to say about Joey, all i want is for them to give him a chance. Heck, he can't do any worse! Give us all a break....he was good enough to be scouted and is on the roster, now give him a chance to play, i know how good he is, now he has to show everyone else.....
PS: I don't care if he's 1st string or 4th, i believe he will get a chance to play!

oh, an another thing, CC; I KNOW he can run circles around you!!!!!! only u show that u have is a big mouth, and bashing FIU's bloggers, go bother everyone on the UM blogging site......


CC is just another miserable ambulance chasing attorney looking for a platform to feel important from...ignore the SOB, he's useless here anyway !!

I hope Joey gets a shot to play soon...

KJHarris02 - you "know" he can run circles around me? You know nothing about me? It is funny how you claim to "know" things. You also claim to "know" how good he is. So apparently you "know" more than the FIU coaches who don't feel he is good enough to play TE for them so far this year. And according to PP blog - he looks to be 6th string - behind two injured TE's and 3 other back ups. I "know" one thing, he is no Kellen Winslow, Jeremy Shockey, or Bubba Franks

And yes i read the article, and MC said they were "looking for a way to get him on the field" - translation - he ain't good enough to play tight end so lets put him on special teams, or run him in there when the good players need water.

Exactly CC, you know nothing about #86!! so just leave it alone!!!

I know something about #86...he doesnt play much. That tells me all i need to know

Thanks FIUPike for your support..lol


There will be a pair of tix in the club section for the Troy game at "Will Call" for you. What do you say ?? You can heckle Joey Harris sitting right next to me....let's do it ? I'll have Pelegrin arrange it...

I have to see what an absolute tool you must be. Remember the policy at FIU. Either wear our gear or the opposing team....no exceptions or you won't be admitted.

Yeah FIUPIKE, that is how I want to waste my Saturday - sitting in a stadium with 300 people watching FIU get destoyed by Troy. No thank you.

And as to KJ - I know a lot more about #86 then you know about me - wouldn't you agree?


and I know more about you than you can possibly imagine. So cool it with the comments sir and show some respect to a players' kin.

Ohhh I forgot, ethics and morality are not taught in law schools anymore....

MIA/NY Josh answers a question that KJ asked Crazy cane....LOL!!! Once again, he is caught with his multiple personality complex...

Crazy cane...errr...Crazy Panther....errr...MIA/NY Josh....IS THE SAME PERSON!!!

Once again, he fumbles over himself with so many different names....wonder who is pantherpaul?...or fiudan?....

Pretty pathetic for someone to have to have 3 or more handles in this board........

Anyways....Go FIU!!

Ohhh....FIUPIKE, it's evident that CC/CP/MIA/NY Josh is scared to sit right by you, and talking like this to him about his mother......

CC is a punk... only a scrub and a weasel would take shots like that.

Ms. Harris, I hope Joey gets his chance to quite all of the doubters this weekend.

Folks, crazy is just another douche. He's definitely no lawyer, else we would've noticed some sign of intellect brewing in that thick head of his by now.

KJ, ignore that moron's comments. He hasn't a clue why he's even on this blog. Good luck to your son Joey!

Go FIU!!

I'm sorry to admit it, but the douche is an attorney.........

I guess we have another Keiser grad in the house. Crazy, how's that Keiser paralegal certificate treating you?

I want to see a hell in a cell match between crazy and Andy "The Divine" Levine. Pay Per View anyone?

The devil visited a lawyer's office and made him an offer. "I can arrange some things for you, " the devil said. "I'll increase your income five-fold. Your partners will love you; your clients will respect you; you'll have four months of vacation each year and live to be a hundred. All I require in return is that your wife's soul, your children's souls, and their children's souls rot in hell for eternity."

The lawyer thought for a moment. "What's the catch?" he asked.

TheChampionUnderdog : chrisfiu; thanks for your support!!! GO FIU!

I almost feel bad for CC. It must be difficult for him to look at his diploma for successful completion of Traffic Ticket Lawyer School, knowing that his goal in life is to have his name on a bus bench, but with no football team to call his own.

Cheer up CC, you can always cheer and go to your high school's football games. Or you can follow your instincts and become CrazyStAquinas.




People that type in all CAPS are crazy. fiudan is just the latest fool to prove that to be true.

Remember, that guy is not an FIU fan, just another personality of cc/pc/mia/ny or from another sun belt-related school....


What a waste of state funds!!

This is what happens when you don't need to log in to leave a comment.


I thought ur mom was my girl friend

She was until she discovered you were a woman

Thats what she loved about me and the reason she left ur father

The DC and the OC need to go they don't know which plays to call. linebackers running past plays not filling the gaps. The DC is the linebackers coach. The D-line coach does not have a clue not playing the right people in the right position. secondary coach does nothing getting burnt on to many pass plays.,And the OC 3rd and 1 QB sneak once or twice fine, but every time a 3rd and 1 QB sneak after the first couple of times they know it is coming get a clue and call some plays that work.

Learn the English language Golden Shower Panther, your sentence structure stinks like your bathtub.

Since Dan was right about the Head coach and AD's being the highest paid in the conference. Golden Panther 90's respond was to make a comment about his mom. What a sleazy loser. Way to go FIU ,this is what our Fan base has become.

These Blogs are way too funny....

I love how we rip each other apart on here (Panther against Panther)..Cane we please take a break on talking crap about our home team...
Maybe some posive comments would be nice.

At the end of the day we cheer for the same team. Being here in 2006 and seeing FIU Football go 0-12...They can't do any worse..

We win this weekend...

49 - 14 Panthers

This is an article from the Gainesville sun about the UF - FIU game!! http://www.gainesville.com/article/20091008/ARTICLES/910089973/1105/NEWS?Title=UF-FIU-will-be-pay-per-view

KJ that is why PG wants to even the schedule with other teams, UF is going to make more money with our game in Florida with the pay per view. I bet they will double what ever they pay FIU with the pay per view, and FIU wont see a penney more.
Also cabin 001, North Texas is not an automatic W, their qb is good running the ball and they are developing a lot of trick plays, don't forget last Saturday, they are similar to ULM, and if we don't make adjustments and just go with hard work, then we will see another dissapointing game.

Same sorry kicking game,someone's making large donations to still be kicking. Then bring in a kicker who was out with a back problem his senior year to sit on the bench. SMART !!!

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