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FIU 2009-2010 Hoops Schedule

The schedule for the Panthers first season under new coach Isiah Thomas is out and there are plenty of road games.

FIU will play 18 of its 31 games away from U.S. Century Bank Arena beginning with the defending national champion North Carolina Tar Heels on Nov. 9 on ESPNU.

Like it was mentioned in Tuesday's post, the home opener is against Florida Memorial on Nov. 17 and then FIU hosts the Miami Sub-Regional of the Coaches vs. Cancer Classic.

From late November until New Year's Eve, FIU will be on the road with games at Bowling Green, Florida State and the start of Sun Belt play at Denver and North Texas.

Here's the full sked:

2009-10 Men’s Basketball Schedule


Date     Opponent     Site     Time (ET)


 9 (Mon.)    at North Carolina (ESPNU)     Chapel Hill, N.C.     7:00 pm

13 (Fri.)     at Monmouth     West Long Branch, N.J.     7:00 pm

15 (Sun.)     at Tulsa     Tulsa, Okla.     3:00 pm

17 (Tue.)     FLORIDA MEMORIAL     U.S. Century Bank Arena     8:00 pm


2K Sports Classic Benefiting Coaches vs. Cancer

20 (Fri.)     North Carolina Central     7:00 pm   

22 (Sun.)     James Madison     6:00 pm

23 (Mon.)  Murray State       7:00 pm    


28 (Sat.)     at Eastern Kentucky     Richmond, Ky.     7:00 pm

30 (Mon.)     at Bowling Green     Bowling Green, Ohio     7:00 pm



  3 (Thu.)     at Florida A&M     Tallahassee, Fla.     7:30 pm

  6 (Sun.)     at Florida State     Tallahassee, Fla.     1:00 pm

12 (Sat.)     at Florida Gulf Coast     Fort Myers, Fla.     7:30 pm

17 (Thu.)     at Denver*     Denver, Colo.     9:00 pm

20 (Sun.)     at North Texas*     Denton, Texas     4:00 pm

22 (Tue.)     at Sam Houston State     Huntsville, Texas     8:00 pm

31 (Thu.)     SOUTH ALABAMA*     U.S. Century Bank Arena     Noon



  2 (Sat.)     at New Orleans*     New Orleans, La.     5:30 pm

  7 (Thu.)     ULM*     U.S. Century Bank Arena     8:00 pm

  9 (Sat.)     TROY*     U.S. Century Bank Arena     8:00 pm

14 (Thu.)     at Middle Tennessee*     Murfreesboro, Tenn.     8:00 pm

16 (Sat.)     at WKU*     Bowling Green, Ky.     TBA

21 (Thu.)     ARKANSAS STATE*     U.S. Century Bank Arena     8:00 pm

23 (Sat.)     ARKANSAS-LITTLE ROCK*     U.S. Century Bank Arena     8:00 pm

30 (Sat.)     at Florida Atlantic*     Boca Raton, Fla.     7:00 pm



  4 (Thu.)     at Louisiana-Lafayette*     Lafayette, La.     8:05 pm

  6 (Sat.)     NORTH TEXAS*     U.S. Century Bank Arena     2:00 pm

11 (Thu.)     at South Alabama*     Mobile, Ala.     8:05 pm

13 (Sat.)     at Troy*     Troy, Ala.     8:30 pm

18 (Thu.)     FLORIDA ATLANTIC*     U.S. Century Bank Arena     8:00 pm

25 (Thu.)     MIDDLE TENNESSEE*     U.S. Century Bank Arena     8:00 pm

27 (Sat.)     WKU*     U.S. Century Bank Arena     8:00 pm



6-9 (Sat.-Tue.)     at Sun Belt Conference Tournament     Hot Springs, Ark.



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Nice!!! Shouldn't expect too much this season, Isiah inherits a mess....but the following season should be very very interesting. I think Isiah takes our basketball program to predominance quicker than Mario will with football.

Oh baby and look at all the FIU Basketball advertising splattered all over Herald.com with the man, the LEGEND...Isiaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Thooooooooooomaaaaaaaaaas featured in the banners.

FF, II, UU...FIU!!!

Those banners are already up in The Miami Herald, selling season tickets starting at $50.00. Pretty neat stuff, as they are also selling individual FIU Football tickets for $15 a game....

Still waiting to see the 'final' updated roster for this year, as we know that at least 2, perhaps 3, of our JUCO signees this past signing date (Fredericks and Lytch...and perhaps even Antwoine Watson).

This is a horrible schedule... eight straight away games that span more than a month? 18 of 31 on the road? Okay, I can understand the kind of competition we are facing; not exactly elite. But to have most of those games on the road??? Come on... this is garbage, anyway you slice it. We better have some decent recognizable teams coming to The Bank next season...

On the bright side, our Sun Belt schedule (basically everything after New Year's) looks fairly favorable and balanced.

Who's going to play this game? Are we going to wait until the day before the first game to find out the roster? The baseball team which begins practice in February has their roster up. What's the hold up, is Lebron coming back to school?


lol CrazyCane looks like a mommas boy!

CC just picked up his first endorsement deal....


These Blogs are way too funny....

I love how we rip each other apart on here (Panther against Panther)..

At the end of the day we cheer for the same team. Being here in 2006 and seeing FIU Football go 0-12...They can't do any worse..

We win this weekend...

49 - 14 Panthers

FIU Football is finally going to be on a Nationally televised event on ESPN 2 tonight, or at least their stadium will be.

Northwestern in playing Central there tonight on ESPN 2 and it is expected to bring in close to 15,000 fans, more than any FIU game ever has. It will be the best football played on that field since both teams are better than the current FIU football team.

I know you all think that this is going to be a great recruiting opportunity - let me burst your bubble right now. It is not. Playing in your stadium is not going to attract any of these kids away from the bigger schools they already have interest in. At best, it will get you the third and fourth tier players you were already going to have a chance at. Players are smarter than you think. It takes more than a fancy new building to attract players - it takes winning. You think all those great UM players of the past came to Miami b/c of the facilities? No, they came because of the tradition, the winning and the chance to play on TV and go to the NFL - FIU has none of those things going for it. Their stadium might get to be on ESPN in primetime, but the closest FIU football will get to playing a nationally televised game on ESPN in the near future is if ESPN decides to showcase their "Bottom 10" as a joke one week.

Crazy turd, I believe we had 16k fans for the USF home opener last year. So that takes care of your ridiculous comment. And I doubt we'll see 15k die hard high school fans. That figure is misleading at best.

I absolutely LOVE to lick Sebastian's balls.

With orange and green colored shugga on top.

I think 15,000 will be there easy. These are two schools in which the entire neighborhood rallies behind their respective team. Some of these guys are treated like celebrities already.

That last "contribution" by CANDY CANE just reeks of defensiveness and insecurity. Who on here mentioned anything about this high school game being played at FIU Stadium being a recruiting advantage to FIU? Why then the diatribe against our new stadium and defending scUM's horrific, HORRIFIC, stadium situation? I'm no psychologist but sounds to me like CANDY read about this and said "damn I wish this was scUM's on campus stadium where these kids where playing, but it's not and we don't even have our historic rented stadium because the people that lead scUM (who actually ARE tied to the school) are greedy bastards that only cared about $ and skyboxes." I might have also left out "man these panties are itchy", but that's off topic.

CrazyCane, when did you start your modeling career?



I heard he's obtained other endorsement deals as well. Its only a matter of time until we find the other ones, right?

Sanitizer...who cares...without knowing it, crazy is right (while still wrong)

It is a huge recruitment tool...the kids (the best of the best no less) get to see our new locker rooms, stadium, etc. Not to mention, anyone watching espn gets to see the stadium.

And I am sure MC gets to watch the game and record from wherever he wants to evaluate the talent.

CC is 100% being defensive and games like this are nothing but great for us.

Hey Crazy Cane, how about you worry about um and forget FIU.

Really, you need to pay more attention to the um blogs.

By the way, in case you don't remember when I last burned your ass, here is a reminder:


Learn your um history stupid....

KJ that is why PG wants to even the schedule with other teams, UF is going to make more money with our game in Florida with the pay per view. I bet they will double what ever they pay FIU with the pay per view, and FIU wont see a penney more.
Also cabin 001, North Texas is not an automatic W, their qb is good running the ball and they are developing a lot of trick plays, don't forget last Saturday, they are similar to ULM, and if we don't make adjustments and just go with hard work, then we will see another dissapointing game.
Can someone please do a search and see what are the college football programs with no marching band please?
I am sure it will cost between $500,000 to 1 million to have a college marching band, about 120 members. Thas is mostly instructors salaries, uniforms and keeping existing instruments in good repair, most of the other college programs give scholarships to band members, transportation, lodge and food stipments when they travel with the team. The expense is usually share between athletics and music department, but our musit department only cares about electronic and modern noise, I mean music. and a jazz band to play backup for Arturo Sandoval. But the most important thing about the marching band is that it helps build school pride, those 100 band members will be 2000 new fans in the stands in the next 10 years. Sometimes if ther are not enough students in FIU for the marching band students can be recruited from MDCC or some of the other colleges in the area. UM band used to be about 1/3 from MDCC, FIU, ST Thomas and Barry, and their music department is one of the best in the country.


Is there going to be any midnight madness type of event with Zeke?

WOW, CC is a freaking redneck, no SH$t he spends all his days and nights in here talking about a team he "doesn't" care about...


Sorry to tell you, but this redneck, short sleeved mustache douche has killed this wonderful forum. No fan wants to come in here to read insults to our team from this guy.

I always believed this guy was 13 years old, guess I was wrong. I don't think I will be opening the blog again.


I think CC is just pissed that we all got a better education than him. Aside from the fact that he has no school to call his own. Hating something so much is bad for your health you uneducated redneck, please do us all a favor and go talk to all the cane fans on that forum!

Mas puto el Crazy Cane!!

Pantera Dorada - you must be new - ev eryne on this blog knows I went to FIU.


I wish we could start winning. I really hate seeing people at FIU wearing UM stuff. I really do. everytime i see it i feel like cussing those people out. Its as bad as the people in this city that go around with other nations' flags in their car even though the USA gave them what they have. Its disgraceful.

I think FIU has to take a page out of the Marlins playbook. I think they did well to get rid of Mark Wiley. The pitching was terrible. Guys like Ricky Nolasco and Chris Volstad are way too talented to have ended up with the records and ERA's that they did. FIU is in the same boat. We have guys that are extremely talented but that arent being used correctly.

We've all seen how talented guys like Greg Ellingson, Junior Mertile, Marquis Rolle, Perry and mallary are, so why cant we get the ball rolling? First things first we need a new O Line coach. Laffere just isnt getting it done. He's had three years to improve the line and he hasnt done it. Our O line looks exactly like it did during our winless 2006 season and our 1 win 2008 season. Even last year our line wasnt that good. We need to be more aggressive on D as well. We never blitz. Our playbooks are so predictable and basic. Watching FIU play I can tell what their D is going to do. I can tell if they are going to rush 4 or if they are going to send a corner etc etc. FIU is too predictable.

My question is, does FIU suck that much. I have always thought FIU to be better than UCF, yet they win games every year. my guess is that the Sun Belt is tougher than Conf USA. but still. Why is it that rinky dink teams like UCF can win but FIU cant. I think we have better athletes.

Crazy, you went to FIU? Seriously doubt it.


People that wear UM gear at FIU probably indeed go to UM but prefer our campus and library. have you seen UM's library?! Its a JOKE!

I agree with quijote, Isiah will raise FIU basketball to great heights much faster than MC and the football program. That's no knock on MC, but basketball is a game in which 4 or 5 great recruits make a great team.

alt7877 are u for real? UCF is better than FIU at this point. And conf USA is a tougher conference.

Agree with FIURage here....Anyways, watch ESPN2 tonight as the Central-Northwestern HS game is at FIU Stadium....

Don't have much to say this week... just that FIU better win. Seriously. They better win.

42-21 FIU.

A high school blog with Manny Navarro on the Central-MNW game. Sounds like a cane blog...feel free to ask questions...


Clawing Cancer,

We need more of you around this board, specially when the other CC and Fomenter come calling.


I tend to follow and interact with a lot of UCF fans since I live near the Orlando area for half the year, every year. Trust me when I tell you that a game between FIU vs. UCF is a toss up. Up until last year, UCF has historically had better recruiting classes than FIU. Therefore, they should have more established depth. However, we were pretty much equal to UCF in recruting last year and it would seem that we are bound to leapfrog UCF in recruiting starting this year. But at the moment, as far as sheer talent goes, FIU matches them stride per stride.

As far as Conference USA vs. the SBC discussion is concerned, Houston is the only team that throws a wrench into the equation. They're the team that swings this conversation in favor of C-USA.

Compare all you want... at this point UCF and Conference USA have a slight edge overall. I said SLight...Sure we can knock them off ... but on paper ... you can just say FIU and Sunbelt are a better conference. ... we are 0-4.. bottom line enough said. its a reality.

Thanks for the schedule. I will look forward to the game!


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