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MONROE, La. -- Welcome to Monroe, Louisiana and Malone Stadium, home of the ULM Warhawks whereFiuhelmet your Panthers will be looking for their first win of the season here and where four yearsUlm ago, FIU won its first-ever Division I game.

It is a chamber of commerce day here in northwest Louisiana. Clear, blue skies and temps in high 70's.

Can FIU make history again and spoil ULM's homecoming? We're about 15-20 minutes from kickoff so let's go live blogging....

* The live coverage will display below. Press the play button to launch. It may take up to a minute to load.


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MC, save whatever small dignity is left of your coaching staff by firing both coordinators.

I cannot count the amount of 1st down draw plays we've called thus so far. I'm all for the running game, but how about mixing up the play call instead of leaving us with a constant 2nd and 11??? We know our O-line is garbage, so who calls a QB sneak on 3rd down with over a yard to go??? Seriously??? What happened to the no huddle that was working for us???

This is the most uninspired defense I've ever seen. SAD! Start blitzing on EVERY PLAY if you have to! Do whatever you have to do to get some pressure on the QB! Who puts a 4-3 defense when it's a 3rd and 16??? Haven't you guys ever heard of a NICKEL unit???

I am DONE defending MC and this team. NO excuses for such an unprepared team!

Less than 5 to go, FIU down by 13... the GP's need a miracle.

Is it just me, or is anyone else having problems getting the FIU radio call online? WMCU's website isn't working for me, for some reason. I'm listening via ULM's radio crew, and wowsers... if many of you thought Mike Mandich sucked as a sideline reporter for FIU last season, you haven't heard the genius who does it for ULM. I don't know who that lady is, but she has to be the stupidest sideline reporter I've ever heard. I've listened to her speak 6 times and have yet to hear something that isn't a cliche. The color analyst isn't much better.

God, this sucks.

PM just got picked... down 41-28 with less than 4 in the game... it's 0-4, folks. This is unacceptable. Flat out unacceptable. The way they're playing right now, FIU will be lucky to even win a game this year, and to me, the D is the big reason why. Giving up over 200 yards on the ground to the Warhawks is shameful. Where the hell is the heart on defense?

Say what you want about the O... they're having issues, too... but at least they put up points the past two weeks. 28 points should've been enough to win this game for FIU. This one's on the D.

I'm lost. Season substantively over?

Defense can't stop a runaway shopping cart in a Walmart parking lot.

Offensive play calling is ABISMAL and UNCREATIVE.

PMC is highly overrated. He is a below average QB at best, even with time to throw, which is not very often. A Strock recruit so MC gets a pass.

We have 0 pass rush. Barnes, Bouie and Bostic should be appalled. MC has failed to improve the pass rush, even maintain it.

Where are the highly touted freshman? Where are they? The season is basically done, maybe we get some garbage wins but that should be it, this is far, FAR, from a conf championship team.

Somehow, someway, this team has regressed. Very dissapointing.


Lets start panicking and talking smack when we lose more than 1 conf. game. We're still ok. It sucks to be 0-4 (0-1) but we still have time.

with that being said the Defense seems to be in quite a pickle. I like the Barnes, Bouie and Bostic reference because they truly were the best pass rushers that FIU has had. Although I think Bostic is an assistant with the team. In any case the defense has allowed too many rushing yards. There is something that we are doing wrong. We are getting torched every game. And i agree about the blitzing, we do not blitz enough. although maybe coaching staff doesnt want to leave anyone one on one and risk a big play downfield.

The offense is doing well. 28 points is enough to win against a SBC team, but when you allow 41 points and over 500 total yards there is a big problem.

Clawing Cancer,

Yes, she's definitely not the best sidelines reporter. I love how she consistently points out the obvious. However, it's a girl, and probably a student at that, so she gets a pass in my book.


I'm with you, start playing the freshman! They might be young and inexperienced, but they will do better than what we have on the field right now.

So now our offense is awake but the defense is asleep??


MC gets a pass for Paul?..Give me a break!! Paul is better then any quarterback Mario has brought in by far!! Colt Anderson was MC big recruit as QB...then you mention Barnes, Bouie and Bostic..let me add Chandler Williams, Nick Turnball, Harold Leath,Corey McKinney,on and on...Those were very good players from Strock..so please lets not crown Mario as a great recruiter because other the TY, Gatior and Tornto Smith those so called great recruits havent done squat!!! Mario's clock should start ticking now...!!!

thank the lord i didnt have to see this cluster f**k on the tv. Went to sports grill and no game. Told us to go to sunset and no go either. We cant even get a watch party done right. No wonder we are a joke in miami. Par de f**king muertos!!!!

Why did Laporte only have one thrown his way. He made a nice catch in the endzone but wasn't used enough, did he get injured?

Defense was terrible, so was the play calling. ULM did a lot of misdirections, I don't think i saw FIU call one trick play. Defense needed to blitz more.

ya, i beleive laporte injured his foot and was taken out of the game....

I agree, why is that FIU fans walk softly around the real problem Mario Cristabol..He is not a coach and it shows every week....He learning on the job and failing miserably

MC has Wesley Carrol (Former SEC Freshman of the year) waiting to take the helm next year and we have a promising commit in Jake Medlock who has an offer from UCG (Crossing my fingers that he sticks to FIU even with these past couple of performances).

Until theses guys show me something I don't want to hear about them. Mario and his staff will find away to turn good recruits into under achieving players...FIRE THE WHOLE STAFF!!!

Mario as a great recruiter because other the TY, Gatior and Tornto Smith those so called great recruits havent done squat!!! Mario's clock should start ticking now...!!!
Posted by: dan | October 03, 2009 at 07:24 PM

Wow talk about miami fans at their best. A football program isnt a project you can finish over night. but i wouldnt expect you to understand that. Recruits take years to develop, and usually dont play as freshmen. Strock is the reason FIU has taken so damn long to improve, his scholarship sanctions are affecting us to this day. And his "GREAT" recruits played against Division 2 competition... Dan you dont know squat. FIU doesnt need fans like you. leave and dont come back.

No wonder we are a joke in miami. Par de f**king muertos!!!!

Mario and his staff will find away to turn good recruits into under achieving players...FIRE THE WHOLE STAFF!!!

We are what we are because of fans like you. Worthless bandwagon of a fanbase, who doesnt even understand the game. Recruits are prospects, they accomplish what they earn. Can't blame that on the coaches? We lost FOUR games we were EXPECTED to lose. but then again i wouldnt expect you two IMBECILES to understand that. FIU doesnt need fans like you. Go root for UM who is the CAPITAL of underachieving top recruits & has been a disappointment since 2001

We are making losing an art form. Why is it on 3rd and longs our defense can't get off the field? Why can't we run the ball? Why can't we stop anyone from running the ball?

Who do we play next week? Troy? At home? We will get 5,000 fans, tops!

I am so frustrated right now. All the teams in Florida are at least above average (even FAU who beat Wyoming I think) and we are the bottom of the barrel.

Not only that, reading the blog our fans can't even find a damn watch party in MIAMI no less to watch the DAMN GAME! It is like we don't even exist!!

You are asking fans to leave FIU now?..If I leave that will make bring the number of FIU fans to around 31..

My two favorite teams are a combined 0-7. Wow. Tick Tock?

"PMC is highly overrated. He is a below average QB at best"

"MC has failed to improve the pass rush, even maintain it."

"Where are the highly touted freshman? Where are they? The season is basically done, maybe we get some garbage wins but that should be it, this is far, FAR, from a conf championship team."

1. no one said pmc was a star... no one said hes a great qb... no one expects him to win the heisman... but who would you rather start? Younger & his 3876498 interceptions? I consider McCall a warrior, and he has earned his stripes. there is no doubt Wesley will be MUCH better, but cant take that away from PMC.

2. Ok, i'll make sure mc rushes the qb himself next game...? guy, ITS the PLAYERS who must execute. MC doesnt even call the plays for the Defense... its the def. coordinator... cant blame the coach for the players' poor play.

3. If you anything about college football you'd know that freshmen dont usually play. they need time to learn the system, the playbook, adapt to the speed and get stronger. If you hasdn t noticed we HAVE had a few frshmen play... Times, Mallary, Cyprien, Istanich, Forney, T. Williams, Vann...

How is the season done after losing ONE conference game??? ridiculous.

Great team support guys... lmao.

Make that 30

Most college coaches have been coordinators..Mario has never..he could not make a call if he wanted to.He never has!! If it's never the coaches fault why do coaches ever get fired?..and as far as Freshman playing not playing...You must have forgot we are in the SUN BELT CONFERENCE...Don't tell me every year about the great recruits and then when its game time tell me they need time to play in the weakest conference in college football..

FIU faithful, we're 0-4...

I don't know if anyone has realized it yet...

Sportsfan did you see who lost to Iowa by one point today? the same Iowa that took down Penn State? ASU. Guess in what conference ASU is in?

Head coach will always end up being wrongly blamed. that how it is. BUT what we lack is execution. and that, is something the coach has no control over. thats on the player, not the coach.

chrisfiu: 0-4, but only 0-1 in conference play.
We are supposed to be showing support. and for the most part, some "fans" are not.

Jsuarez88..yes I did..let me be the first...ASU 42 FIU 14

All you "fans" are doing a great job of helping MC recruit by posting what you post here on the herald...

& sportsfan, my point was to show that its not the weakest conference, if we can play with the iowas, south floridas & rutgers

Which of those teams lost to a tean Sunbelt Conference?..Other conferences over look the likes of FIU's..The sunbelt is the weakest conference in college football. Who has FIU beat outside of the SBC?..Ill go a step further FIU may be the worst Team and have the worse coaches in college football...name a teams that's worse? Name a coach worse then Mario?

FIU=excuses excuses excuses..

Jsuarez88 - Obviously you're a homer, as am I, but it's ignorant to turn a blind eye to what's going on here. MC isn’t on the field rushing the passer, great point, but he is the HEAD COACH..the H-E-A-D COACH. He controls this team..the WHOLE team. Don't give me that BS that he doesn't call the plays. Who is he, Joe Paterno up in the sky box? Does he not see what's going on in the field - the lack of a pass rush is devastating our defense, the secondary is just not as strong a unit as we expected. The lack of a pass rush is equivalent to what our poor o-line protection is doing to our offense, mainly our running game. As a H-E-A-D Coach you MUST adapt. No excuses acceptable.

As far the freshmen, in MOST programs freshmen do not play, unless they're absolute studs. But we are NOT most programs and at 0-4 we are VERY close to shutting the door on this season. I don't say that simply because we are 0-4, I say that because of HOW WE'VE PLAYED in all of those games. Undisciplined tackling, sloppy with the ball (PMC very much included), mundane play calling, outmatched on both lines, teams avoiding TY on kickoffs (unlike last year), ZERO pass rush against ALL four teams. You can't win like this. We allowed 40 points against Alabama (understandable), but then 41 against Toledo and now 48 against ULM...ULM? Come on man, get your head out of your ‘ace’ and take a breadth of fresh air, we got problems here.

Sportsfan don't waste your time with these guys, every week they come here with excuses and non sense. I would be surprised if this program will be around in the next 3 years.

Dan - you're an idiot. Having to read that comment is just wasting the battery on my iphone

I think that MC trial season should be next season not this season. I don't like the way our defense have been manhandled the past 4 games, I think Galiano is not adjusting to the other's team adjustments. I think overall the coaches are giving too much play time to players that are not producing, on the lines.
I think the pure talent of some players and their football insticts have kept our team some how respectable.
I give it to the defense 14 of our points came because of defense forced them to turn the ball over, one int and on fumble.
I think the ofensive play calling needs some work, PMC is trying to spread the wealth but has to give the ball to the play makers, TY, GE, WT. If we don't have a running game, then lets adjust and instead of trying ot run the ball on first down, lets use the RB as blocker, or do screan passes, passes, short pases, etc, use two RB and reverses, etc. run the clock and let our defense rest a little.
Now we know every team that we will face will run the ball on us, I am sure if Tebow will get his stats high up against us. Stadistically we have the worst defense in college football, and because of our defense we are able to score today.
All the coaches that we have faced have taken our coaches to school. MC is time to start recruiting linemen, we are good at the other positions, but our lines need more help than any other unit.

Recruits don't need to read this this board to know what stinks and what don't stink. Look at the record ..look in the stands at home games..these program is walking backwards fast

dan lol...

save the excuses..UM started 7 Freshman and 6 sophs tonite and beat No.08 OU..so save the excuses about youth when you are playing the lacks of ULM and Toledo's...

Does anything work correctly in this program?

The coaches are being OUTCOACHED.
The marketing and PR department can't ORGANIZE a watch party correctly.
The broadcast can't be HEARD on the radio.

What are we, as fans supposed to do?

If FIU doesn't beat WKU, Mario should be fired on the spot!!!

and the Canes roll on to beat Oklahoma.

oh and SouthPaw...

FIU 34 ULM 14.
Oklahoma 63 UM 2

Posted by: SouthPaw | October 03, 2009 at 08:57 AM


I will be licking Sebastian's balls tonight, very very slowly.


What's truly funny is that your "powerful" 'Canes are AFRAID to play FIU. Flat out terrified of FIU. You need to be laughing at your own administration. We both know what you're afraid of, and you should be.

Good luck against Florida A&M next week.

SouthPaw - do you truly beleive that? What evidence do you have - do you know how rediculous you sound?

Hey fake CrazyCane - don't hate.

SouthPaw...please don't ever say UM is afraid of FIU...I am a homer but comments like that shows a level of delusion beyond imagination. UM is a top 10 team. FIU is a bottom 10 team, Please stop it.

OK guys, I understand the frustration. I share it too, however being 0-1 in SBC play and losing to ULM who currently is in the TOP of the SBC on the road shouldn't be shocking. Our porous defense is a MAJOR disappointment and until we don't change the scheme or make some other adjustment, the RUNNING down our throats will continue. Call me a homer or whatever but I believe MC will get it done as this young defense will make adjustments.

Remember last year FAU went 1-5, ended 5-1 and went to a bowl game. Now I read all these post about FIRING this or that, RELAX too much conference play to push the panic button. Arguably the top two Conf teams (Troy & FAU) are home games this year, with a tough conference road game at Middle Tenn St. Lets start with WKU and build from there.


BTW, was it true about Sports Grill not showing the game!? If true, then we need to locate another trustworthy location. I personally saw the game at home with friends and kids; however friends of mine and their kids saw the game at Town Tavern. They ALWAYS accommodate FIU fans. We may want to re-think our Viewing-party location.


Now it is my turn to vent. Most of you probably know that I'm a diehard FIU fan, so before bashing me...understand my frustration.

First of all, is that true about SportsGrill in Bird not showing game? If it is, what a freaking joke!!! That is supposed to be place for watch party, that is horse manure they didn't show the game. Good thing I didn't go yesterday because I already had CSS at home.

Anyways, does this team have any heart???? Do these guys even practice or watch film during the week? They all seemed confused. What I was watching was a Pee Wee League football team just running around. Almost 600(+300 on the ground) yards of total offense by ULM...come on, where's the pride? What bothers me mostly is adjustments...do we even know what that means. Cristobal said it, they kept running same plays and we couldn't do anything about it. Let me continue on the defense. Seems like we have no pass rush and when we try to create one with a blitz we rarely touch the QB. I don't know what has to be done, but I think it starts with coaches...Yes you Galiano!!!! I've seen in practices and scrimmages how hard he works, but we can't give him a pass. Sorry guys, we just can't. We have to play the result and his defense is regressing. Where's Souarin and Pooh Bear? I say we let them play. We can't do any worse than what they showed yesterday.

Now that I just got warmed up on defense,time to talk about our offense. Obviously we have crap in the O-line. Only good player is Serini. My problem is that we have 3 OL coach in our staff and nothing is getting done to improve what we have. I say it's time to play Mack. I don't care if he's not in best shape. If that's the case, play him half a game. I think it's time to play Rupert Bryan, Tottle, Cawthon and the young guys. Let them get some experience. It can only benefit the program in the long run.

I got on Galiano for obvious reasons, but Bill Legg shouldn't get a pass either. It seems like we only have 3 running plays in our play book. I was actually excited to see we had a sweep play lining the QB under center. Yes, it was for no gain but at least we didn't lose yards. My problem with Legg is that like somebody mentioned previously we are always in 2nd and long so often. Seems like his offense has no creativity. The defenses know our only weapon is Hilton. They put 3 guys around him and that's how McCall gets in trouble. Now on to McCall. That last interception was ridiculous. How do you overthrow your RB on a dump pass? Are you kidding me? He has regressed this year, seems like he was happy with a solid 2008 season. He needed to improve game, and yes O-Line is crap...but some of his mistakes are completely his fault.

Last thing, Cristobal...he has done amazing job recruiting but that can only take him so far. Because of his commits for 2010, we should calm down about firing him. Let's see what's in store for rest of the season but from what I saw the last two games....it will be a long season. I think we may win maybe 2-4 games...if we're lucky.

My only advice to team is to learn from T.Y. Hilton, that kid has heart!!!!!!!!!

I'm just frustrated...I had high expectations for this team to be at least .500. They obviously have let me down. On top of it, my beloved Dolphins suck also!!!!

That was my clean version of how I really feel.

Last thing, I love to wear FIU gear, but I'm embarrassed to go out and sport the gear with the way our team is playing. After the first 4 weeks of football, we definitely have to be one of the worse college football teams in the country. Trust me people, it hurts me to make that comment.

What FIU team will show up next week against WKU? FIU football has me depressed.

2006 NEVER AGAIN!!!!!

Calm down don't jump..Not yet at least... My concern is that the recruits will bail on this program. Last night UM had 45 recruits at the game, in the locker room before and after the game. Do you think they had a great experience?..Now against Troy we will have recruits there..Do you think they will have a great experience?...

We will probably be 1-5 coming in to the Troy blackout game and don't expect a big crowd at FIU stadium. Im more worried about our home attendance right now more than anything because we need to keep up 15,000 or more. I hope Pete Garcia is a good liar because we will need inflated numbers.

On recruits, I think at least some of them have to be reconsidering their decisions at this point. Especially those three and four star guys who can play for better programs that get media coverage and huge crowds. Maybe we have a resurgence like someone said and finish 6-6? Anything is possible, but its not looking good at this point. Here's hoping for the best. Its also not helping us (with recruiting) that UM is playing unbelievable right now. By the way, I know that they play in a BCS conference and all, but I don't see their freshmen and sophomores making a ton of mistakes like ours. Just an observation.

*1-4 sorry

Cabin you sound pained. Here is some good news Pete Garcia is a great liar so the numbers will be there..he got the numbers last year so I am sure he will do the same this year. Mitch Madique failed FIU with Pete Garcia in a big way. He paid this guy Big Money who then paid Mario Cristabol Big Money..now the program is broke....they both should go..save the money for the program..

YES, its true....both sports grills did not show the game yesterday. Joey #86 who did not travel w/the team went to both of those places to watch the game and was told that they would not be showing it! That totally sucks....where's the pride in Miami??

Lets face it, Miami is a bandwagon town. FIU can go 7-5, 8-4 go to a bowl and still get maybe 15,000 fans. In Miami, if you don't play for a BCS title or in contention no one cares. Even the FIU alumni don't care, they make a large percentage of the UM FAN BASE (look at Crazy Cane for example)!

Also, we can recruit the players who play on the fringe (WR, RB, CB). But the upfront positions, especially O Line, those are tough spots to fill for us, and until we get a decent O-Line, which to this day we had at best a average O-line through our history we won't win.

Good job on that one-point victory crazy. UM is truly the undisputed champion of college football!

Just be glad you're not playing the Gators this year. With or without Tebow, the canes would belly up against a Florida high-power offense and strong D. Oh, but wait, you already got a taste of that last year...and we all know how that turned out...

Chrisfiu shut your trap!! If you are FIU why bring up Florida to make a case against Miami?..speak about FIU!! That's a cowards move. You are FIU not UF!! What a clown

Miami is the bandwagon capital of the world folks!! Look at last nights UM-OK game...you'd expect a sell-out crowd in front of a national TV audience, but it wasn't sold out. Goes to show if you're not playing in the World Series, NBA finals, SuperBowl, or BCS, you won't have full fan support!

and Chrisfiu..lets hope UF don't score 100 points on us later this year

We are what we are because of fans like you. Worthless bandwagon of a fanbase, who doesnt even understand the game. Recruits are prospects, they accomplish what they earn. Can't blame that on the coaches? We lost FOUR games we were EXPECTED to lose. but then again i wouldnt expect you two IMBECILES to understand that. FIU doesnt need fans like you. Go root for UM who is the CAPITAL of underachieving top recruits & has been a disappointment since 2001

Posted by: Jsuarez88 | October 03, 2009 at 08:48 PM

If you would had read the actual comment you would have seen that i was knocking the watch party. Would i "a bandwagon fan" have actually be there to watch the game if they were 0-3. NO. They tried to send us to the sunset location by annoucing they had it but no game when we go there. Jsuare88, stop drinking the kool aid and stop stroking mario's c**k ok. I will support this team in good and bad and will critize this team when they lose and praise them when they win. It's called being a fan. Take the blinders off and see the product you have in front of you. It is crap right now. I was proud of them the way they played Alabama even though we lost but because they were in it and played hard. If they would have played that way the last 3 games we might be 2-2 or even 3-1 but we haven't. Do you expect them to lose next week also as you expected them to be 0-4. I expect a team to have a shot to win every week regardless of who they play as long as they make it a game. So keep on telling the fan base that if they don't stop being negative to leave. That's real smart. I will be there at every watch party (if we can even get them right) and home game regardless of there record.

PantherPaul - I'm with you on that last comment, I'm praying the Gators take it easy on us.

As for bringing up UF instead of FIU, well...I hate to break it to you, but FIU has done absolutely NOTHING to gain bragging rights!!!! Yes my dear fool, NOTHING!! So, until FIU does anything to become a legitimate team, I will have to resort to my other favorite Florida team to trash buffoons like crazy.

I am just tired of the Mario Cristobal hype.When he got here three years ago he declared his first recruiting class the best FIU has every had..fast fwd to now, that class should be at least Jr.s..where are they?..every year he make statements like Colt will be a great QB here or Pooh Bear is the best recruit we have had..and we get nothing from these guys...so either he is lying about them as recruits or he and his staff are not capable of coaching these"great recruits".....he needs to be on a very short leash..He is the highest paid coach in the SBC..it;s not paying off..you lose to a team that you beat last yr?..well two teams that you beat Toledo and ULM..steps backwards!~!!

You know it was really depressing to see UM win last night. Like really...

The worst part of all is that the "UM is back" talk will once again commence. I havent opened up the Herald yet, but im sure i will see a "UM is back and great" article by our good friend Greg Cotex. Oh and I think an FIU article will be on page 13d or somewhere between the odds pages and the happy ending massage parlor ads.

Oh and I think an FIU article will be on page 13d or somewhere between the odds pages and the happy ending massage parlor ads.

Posted by: alt7787 | October 04, 2009 at 11:55 AM

lmaf as this is true. Happy endings....me love you long time!!

Why would any news paper put FUI LOSES AGAIN on Page 1? You make news by winning games!! FIU wants everything that UM has without earning it. Win games and then you have a legit argument...and who what's to hear Mario say the same things every week. He annoying and is so full of himself it makes me sick. He's a self promoter..Mario does us a favor and call it quits so we can get a real head coach in here. Go model on south beach or sale mirrors...experiment failed

If only the players showed as much passion as the fans!!! I really am glad that many feel like I do.

As for Cristobal, cool it down...he is getting talent here....now lets see if any improves.

What good is talent if you can't coach them up?

PantherPaul, we loss to ULM last year, and also for everybody, the players are reflection of the coaches. I think Mario is learning, but he is a good recruter, Legg needs to adjust he has more experience and should be more creative, Galiano doesn't belong as coordinator, we where supposed to have great linebackers and dbacks, but we keep giving 500+ yard to the opposing offense, that is offensive.
we need to re-adjust and in garbage time we got the let our young gays a chance, I would like to see Schirripa taking some snaps, lets not play Jacob Younger anymore, let Pooh Bear and Soarin Play and get some experience or just plain redshirt them. Lets' recruite more linemen, let Cedric Mac play., where is Matavao? 27 play for 77 yards rushing, come one make the rb's andfb's block and get more passes, only the passing game is working, let just run it 20 times and if it doesn't work after that, then lets just keep passing, lets be creative, look at the the other teams weakness and take advantage of them, that is what the other teams are doing against us, they keep running the same plays agains our defense and they keep on scoring, because we are not adjusting, and they are adjusting to our defense after the first quarter or earlier. Maybe the coordinators should be up on the box rather than the sideline so they can see the plays better and even the replays. and send the signals down to make the adjustments.

Also the top teams on the Belt this year ar Troy, ASU and Middle Tennessee, ULM maybe the 4th one down, then everybody is even and WKU is the doormat.

Let's cool it with the "fire MC, PG and everyone else in sight" talk, ok, people? It's way too premature to be talking that sort of nonsense. FIU's played 4 games this year, and there's 8 more to go. There's still another 7 conference games. How about we get to November before FIU nation starts calling for people's heads?

Don't get me wrong... this is about as bad a start as I could have possibly imagined. This team sucks. We ought to be at least 2-2 right now. There isn't a single member of that football program who shouldn't be ashamed with the way the team's performing, especially the defense and the O-Line. But there's still time to turn this thing around.

I guess I'm in the minority here, but I don't think our 5-7 record last season was a fluke. I think this team's a better team than last season, or at least has more talent. Problem is, no adjustments are being made from the coaches, especially the defense. It's amazing to me how much they've regressed, the line play in particular. That has got to be priority one for Galiano. I know the secondary and linebackers are having issues, but it seems to me that's mostly stemming from very poor line play. Galiano better fix this soon or else. Ain't no way in hell anyone in the SBC should be shredding FIU's D for 600+ yards.

I see the McCall haters are at it again, and for you people... get it through your thick skulls that he's the best QB FIU has right now. Hell, he's the best FIU's ever had (which isn't saying much, I know, but still.) He should've been starting from the first day MC got to campus. I'm not saying the kid's a great QB, but I'm not going to complain about him. The kid's got guts and he's got brains. Sure, he's made mistakes, but he's also keeping us in games. When's the last time Wayne Younger did that? Hell, when has Younger EVER done that? WY isn't a QB; he's proven that already. Stop beating that horse. It's beyond dead.

Besides, I find it amazing that, with all the problems on D, many of you are bitching about an offense that's scored 31 and 35 points in the past two games. With a half-decent defense, that's enough to beat Toledo and ULM. I'm sorry that the O's not running things exactly the way you want them to, but at least they're doing something. At least they're putting up points. At least PM and TY and the rest of the O are showing up and playing out there. That's more than I can say for the ones who currently make up the defensive side of the bad.

hey, FAU is 0-4 too, so i don't feel too bad...lol GO FIU!!

Who are all these idiots that never post on this blog before, but suddenly appear out of the blue claiming to be FIU fans?

UM barely beat a team who has their Heisman winning QB on the bench. Congratulations CrazyMiamiDade, truth is, Oklahoma would've run circles around UCG if a healthy Bradford had been in there. Anyone who says otherwise should have their temperature checked.

Back to FIU, MC is the best thing that has happened to our program, he stays no matter what! But the coordinators need to go.

Lonepanther you sound ill..UM had 5 starters out as well..so let's talk UM and OU what if's. If FIU had a clue it would have won 3 games..and if your aunt and had balls....you get my point..Im glad people are coming to this blog..without the critics this thing will be empty..like our win column.If Mario is the best thing that has happened to FIU then FIU will never succeed. Mario was and is a nobody in the world of football..so FIU is the best thing that happend to Mario..and he knows it as he wears suits and self promote himself around town..what a clown..

I am a homer..I go to FIU and I support UM as well...I hate that FIU fans try to bash UM because we suck!! UM is one the greatest all time programs in college football History..FIU is trying to create a name for it self. So why are FIUers so foolish to say anything about UM..to me that makes no since..we have a team that has won 6 games in the last 3.5 yrs...

PantherPaul thats because these FIU fans are clueless wanna be's..I agree with you on Mario, he not a head coach as he learns on the job the program suffers

PantherPaul - I agree that FIU fans have no firepower to trash UM because FIU hasn't won a damn thing yet, but UF has! So what's the issue with bringing up UF if we're now on the UM topic?

Let me get this straight, you can root for UM since FIU hasn't won anything, but I can't bring up UF's dominance over all college football programs because that's a cowardly move, even though I'm not suggesting FIU is better than UM with my UF comment. Not sure you're making any sense here buddy.

And what's up with this idiot sportsfan? Where did this moron come from? Another product of "duh-U", well I guess that explains it then.

Chrisfiu I just don't get it...I don't like bringing up other schools on a FIU board until some idiots says something so darn ignorant and cowardly...Um has 5 NC Florida has 3..now let's get real about this. UF with Teabow leaving this year wont be the same. UM with J Harris and 7 Freshman 9 soph and 5 Jrs starting are only getting better.So let's no crown UF the best team in the state all time because like we all have witnessed in the past UM will return to the top..


I am not a UM guy or FIU guy. I from Nebraska and I enjoy all sports. Forgive me for not falling into one of your categories. I only call it like I see it. This is a blog not a fan club. The truth is FIU football is terrible and the coaching staff is not very good. Mario isn't cut out to be a head coach and he has hired a group of guys that are not cut out to be college coaches. Read their Bio's please..better yet..watch the games. The programs is going no where in a hurry with these clowns

Yes you are right chris Fiu, this year UF has dominated sunbelt teams, DIAA blind schools, and the bottom of the SEC. Miami has beaten 3 top 20 teams at the times the games were played (one a top 10) and lost to a a top 10 team.

I hate to tell you - but right now, THIS YEAR, dominance resides in Coral Gables.

If we are talking about the past, dominance is understood by rings which Miami has 5 (should be 6) and UF has 3.

Crazy, you're right so far about UM beating a few top-rated teams this year. Their schedule hasn't been an easy one, but that one-point win over OK wasn't all that impressive. Especially considering Bradford was out and OK's backup QB hasn't seen to much play action. Tell you what, let's have this conversation next week after the UF/LSU game. Then we can compare apples to apples.

As far as cowardly and ignorant comments, again there is nothing cowardly or ignorant about comparing a top-rated SEC team with an ACC team. It would be cowardly to compare a Miami program with an FIU program because there is an unfair advantage given to the more established team. Miami fans are notorious for such comparisons as they fear that a rise to prominence by FIU will hurt UM athletics and its shaky, bandwagon-type fanbase.

And I don't believe I stated anywhere that UF was the best team in the state all-time. I simply said that UF has been the better team these past few years. So when you have clowns trolling an FIU board beating their chest about how great of a program they have, well then let's bring them down from cloud 9 and back to reality.

**too much play action


I don't care how many starters UM had out, I'm sure OU didn't show up with their complete core either. The fact of the matter is, you cannot replace a Heisman caliber QB. To even suggest that 5 UM starters some how are the equivalent of a Sam Bradford is the stupidest thing I've ever read on a blog.

BTW, none of the real FIU faithful (that doesn't include your hybrid mix of "I support UM because they win and FIU because I go there") care about what the UCG does. We just dislike the bandwagon fans such as yourself who support a school that they've never stepped foot in.

Were you also that guy in high school who rooted for the opposing team? Get some school pride you damn fool.

This is an fiu blog so lets continue with fiu boys. Lets stop the comparisons between fiu and uf/um.

FIU and UM are not in the same league!!..You idiot..you root for UF and you live in Miami..You are a true fool because if you have to attend a school to root for them how would any schools have fans?...The ignorance you display is unreal..did you go to UF? did all 5,000 FIU fans go to FIU?...get real and grow up..

FIU has no Faithful..look at the numbers the next time you go to a game.

Panther Paul is as much a fan of FIU and our current leaders as crazy cane went to and graduated from UM. Really...take his comments with a grain of salt...

"You are a true fool because if you have to attend a school to root for them how would any schools have fans?"

Posted by: sportsfan | October 04, 2009 at 03:19 PM

Spoken like a true individual who only attended a community college.

And now we have another notorious hater here, very happy and feeling good about himself....

You guys are a Joke..

PantherPaul and sportsfan - I haven't a clue who you're addressing with your comments...I would like to respond but you two idiots are just too easy.

anyone hook up with any of the dazzlers???? aawwright!!!

UF will be fine when Tebow leaves. Maybe not national championship worthy every year but the drop off won't be as great as some are hoping for. Let's all just remember college football is cyclical.

Now FIU is just plain bad. And no I'm not just trying to bash you from my pulpit nor am I a troll. I've commented before under a different name and have been reading this blog for over 2 years. The problem is twofold with FIU in my opinion:

1) The fans are bandwagon fans who try to hold FIU in the same discussion as UM. FIU hasn't even beaten a ranked team let alone go to a bowl game. The fans will never be there as much as you want them to until FIU is ranked or in a big time conference.

2) The staff doesn't develop players. This was the somewhat the issue that the Gators had with Ron Zook. Great recruiter but horrible gameday coach and the players development stalled or was slow. Mario isn't as good as a recruiter as Zook (I'm referencing overall skills not tying in the school affiliations)so it shows up more.

FIU fans need not temper their expectations though. When the fans expect the best and hold the coach and A.D. accountable then eventually it will work out. Just look at UF and Alabama as examples. The media crucified the fans at the time for trying to get coaches that had been mildly successful at times fired but the end results proved the fans correct. Ron Zook is doing nothing at Illinois and Mike Shula is still unemployed while Urban Meyer and Nick Saban have 2 of the top 3 teams. If Cristobal doesn't have the team bowling in by year 4 or close to it, then it might be time to look at other options.

I'll take a stab at some of those retarded remarks:

Your comment regarding my alma mater:
Out of curiosity, what makes you think I didn't attend UF? And even if I didn't, your earlier point about not having to attend a school to be a fan of it just negates me having to attend UF to root for it, even if I live in Miami. Not too bright are you my friend!?! If that comment just confused you, it should because it's just a regurgitation of all the nonsense you spewed earlier.

Your comment about the FIU 5,000:
More likely than not those fans actually did attend FIU considering Miami folks really have no incentive to root for a losing team that's currently in the hole 0-4.

Anything else you moron?!?

I think it absolutely laughable that non FIU fans are coming to this board and riddling our team with insults just because our FIVE YEAR OLD DIVISION 1 PROGRAM isn't at the level of THEIR 60+ YEAR OLD PROGRAMS. Regardless, FIU will accomplish PLENTY MORE in their first ten years than any other Florida school has in their first ten years, perhaps minus USF who has been spectacular.

Regardless, I am disappointed at the lack of progress by our team. I know its still very early, but USF has done plenty more in their first five years. I think we need to look up to our neighbors up north because whatever they are doing, its working. They will likely win the Big East this year after they steamroll the Canes and play Cincy.

To add some comic relief, who has the easier game this upcoming weekend. The Canes, who play DIV2 FAMU or FIU heading over the W.Kentucky? lolol Oh boy, we better not lose that one or it'll be 2006 all over again followed by SWIFT coaching changes. We have more talent this year, yet its not showing on the field.

Fan of a university football team where you did not attend the school = fake and pathetic...and those alums of that school think the same of you and ALWAYS will. Deny it if you want but deep down you know it's true.

If MC loses next week at Western Kentucky, is he officially on the "hot seat" or at least his coordinators? I'd have to say at least PG will start paying very close attention to MC and his staff, something is amiss.

Quijote, very good point about USF. I'm glad they cracked the top 25 again! Very exciting time for them considering they are still undefeated and have a nice victory over FSU under their belts. Cincy and South Florida are now the contenders for the Big East and possibly Rutgers as well.

Well, I have to admit I'm a little nervous about Western Kentucky. I would rather not make any predictions this week either.

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