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Game 6: Troy vs. FIU LIVE BLOG

Nice, breezy evening here at FIU Stadium. Lots of black around as the crowd is filing in. The GoldenFiuhelmet Dazzlers are sporting new black uniforms and your Panthers have their black tops on for "Blackout Night".

It's the visiting Troy Trojans -- and no they are NOT wearing black unless you count theTroy color of their facemasks or their warm-up shorts. The Trojans are wearing all white uniforms with their maroon helmets.

Your Panthers have their new black tops with a gold stripe down each side of the shirt. FIU is wearing its dark blue pants. But enough with the fashion blog. The uniforms are not going to help upset Troy, the Panthers have to run the ball, stop the run and score plenty of points.

The rain has stayed away from FIU Stadium and we're just about set for kickoff.

Oh, yeah and that guy with a No. 4 for FIU is expected to play.


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It's over before it starts..

Looks like we will see 50 points tonight..

dan are you serious?? 50 pts?? Troy is good but NOT that good. Heck Bama didn't even put up that many points! Get a clue man!

Posted by: chrisfiu | October 14, 2009 at 12:09 PM

Teledo put up 41 why can't Troy score 9 more points on the worst defensive team in college football?

Posted by: dan | October 14, 2009 at 12:36 PM

Yes I was serious ChrisfIU

I had to leave the game early, I was too pissed off!

Sorry to say, but I will not support this 1-11 team this year. I ripped up my tickets and will wait until next year.

The stadium was a ghost town. No band. No cheerleaders. Pathetic environment. High school football games bring in more crowds. The defense coordinator has no idea what he's doing. The play calling is boring and easy to read and predict.

I do not think this team will beat anyone this year and we will go 1-11. No support from FIU athletics office to make this team legit. I did my part, I brought many of my friends and honestly felt embarrassed.

Until next year FIU football! Make a coaching change, improve your marketing and I will come back to the stadium. Until then, I will write to the athletic director's office and complain.

One more thing, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put the ball in the hands of your playmakers. No plays called up for Wayne Times? Nothing for TY?

Running on 2nd and long when we can't get past 2 yards per carry??

No wildcat formation with Younger every once in a while? No trick plays with Colt Anderson throwing the ball? You can't come up with something exciting to throw people off??!?!

Welcome to reality FIUfantastic Welcome we missed you..

dan, get a life. Why are you so obsessed with FIU football?

not as much as you are..oops i mean used to be..

dan, i'am really sorry you didn't get into FIU. Try Carlos Albizo University.

I think we all feel cheated and disappointed with the way this football program is going.

At least if that stadium was filled to capacity and it was a fun environment, it wouldn't be so bad to lose.

They MUST bring back the guest policy and find new and creative ways to fill the stadium. There is no reason why a university with 38,000+ students should have empty seats.

Yes, I know, young program... I don't care. You can't afford to take backward steps like this.

Guys - stop feeding the team Ropa Vieja before the gmaes.... it leads to poor performance.

patherhallDJ - keep dreaming. Just try being a better community college than Miami-Dade. Your law school is tier 4 and your med-school is named after an Optometrist...

and yes - it's ALL ABOUT THE U!

or go back to Hialeah

The U may be in the Gables, but FIU is in the hood by calle 8

GO CANES! FIU = HATERS, American people haters

Learn some english FIU, then worry about football

Topcat..Welcome to reality, enter there are drinks at the bar

Wow. Not even the jerseys and pants matched. I'm not a fashion guru, but they couldn't have gotten black pants? Really?

Oh, right, the football program. Its a joke right now. Just pitiful.

dan spelled backwards is nad. Enough said.

Wes Kendall: I don't think FIU could afford the black pants.

That was a pretty embarassing showing by our team tonight. The turnout was really sad, considering this was a special blackout game against the best team in the conference. Our defense is playing as poorly as ever, and what really bothers me is that I saw a bunch of them laughing and joking around on the sidelines after defensive series in which they allowed touchdowns. One would think that they would be angry about their performance or going over blown assignments with the defensive coaches, right?

I'm starting to question this team's discipline and the overall direction of the program for the future. Our attendance is horrible and this team may go 1-11 or 2-10, which will not bode well for recruiting or future student interest in the team.

What do you guys think? This sucks. It pains me to think about about what Middle Tennessee, ULL, Florida, FAU, and UNT are going to do against our paper thin defense.

The athletic administration really needs to do something to upgrade the gameday experience. Some things are done well, but some things are downright embarrassing. Here are a few things that need immediate improvement:

1. We need a band, and they need to be good. We’re not really a real D-1 program without one. This is college football, not pro football.
2. The music played at the stadium sucks. Are we at a club or a college football game? It doesn’t create an atmosphere of a college football game and doesn’t create a family environment that will bring alumni back. If we’re trying to attract more students to the games with the music, there are much better ways to do it that might actually work as others have pointed out.
3. The music is played way too loud and way too long. It’s embarrassing. It makes us look amateurish to anyone who visits. Its often still playing when the game is restarting.
4. The PA announcer is too loud and too much a part of the game. There is no need to yell everything. How about an understated, professional voice that doesn’t sound like a student?
5. Why doesn’t the first phase of the stadium have a real press box? Poor planning.
6. Our all dark home uniforms suck. We should have worn white pants with the black jerseys tonight, not blue. And our helmets’ blue color is too dark—it doesn’t match our jerseys. The helmets should be gold—don’t get me started on that.

I'm not giving up on this team or this year. To say we're going to win only one game is ridiculous--Troy's offense is very good, the best in the conference. We at least showed some good things tonight, but once again got pushed around up front. However, if we don't improve on defense the rest of the way, Coach Galiano needs to start thinking about some other line of work.

the hot seat is starting to smoke, not mario's but galiano's. we are putting points on the board, but so are they!!! Jesus what a disappointing season lol I can't wait for basketball season to start!!! sigh

Is that the Big East calling for the GPers? Riiiiiight.

Big East on line 1.

I think we will go 1-11 or 2-10 if we manage to beat North Texas at home. We will be hard pressed to win against ULL, Middle Tennessee, or FAU. We will not win at Florida. A win against UNT is attainable, but they are looking mighty good on offense even though they are 1-5 like us.

Also, I don't think our offense is good. Yeah sure we have scored points, but most of those points have come in garbage time when the other team was up by 17 or more points and the defense was relaxed. You have to admit that Troy gave us a lot of our points tonight with all of their turnovers (especially) and penalties to extend our drives on 3rd down. We should have lost by 20 points. Same with the Rutgers game when they allowed the late touchdowns with less than 5 minutes in the 4th quarter.

I forgot to mention Arkansas State, a team that is right up there with Troy. They took 7-0 Iowa down to the last seconds of the game.

I wasn't expecting a win against Troy anyways, but there were big disappointments last night (I've refrain from discussing the usual like O-line):

1.) McCall clearly has cannot throw touch passes, it it what we've got until next year when WC becomes QB.

2.) Black Jersey with Blue Pants?!?!??!!?!??!?!?! COME ON STAFF! GET A CLUE! USE THE DAMN WHITE PANTS!!!!!!!!!!! This staff clearly doesn't focus on the little things and it shows on the football field.

3.) I thought the Black Out game would be more packed. Marketing did a good job this time around so its not their fault. It's clear to me people don't come out unless you win and win often.

4.) We'll probably beat Arkansas State, North Texas, and (if everyone is healed by then) we might beat FAU. At best our record this year will be 4-8.

If A tree falls at a FIU Stadium during a home football game will it make a sound?....

I think we should beat MTU, NT LLA, and FAU, but ASU is too good, they are as good as LM. Now the UF game will put Tebow back in the Heisman list, becasue Urban is going to run the score, I expect 70 point from UF on that game, and I wont be surprise if we don't score or just get a field goal.

so you think 5-7. I can buy that.

I think for UF, how many points we score will really depend on our receivers. If TY and Greg Ellingson are out, then just a field goal. If they are playing, maybe 17 points.

Guys what do you expect as far as attendance?!?! We are 1-5 and playing Troy. Who? Troy. If we were 4-1 then it would be a different story. Let's just lower our expectations on attendance for rest of season.

As far as the game, something needs to be done about Galiano. I'm no defensive mastermind but whatever he is doing it hasn't changed all season and it's worsening every week. If this team fails to match last seasons win total with so many returning players then someone must go. Someone. Digressing is unacceptable.

I think we should beat MTU, NT LLA, and FAU, but ASU is too good, they are as good as LM. Now the UF game will put Tebow back in the Heisman list, becasue Urban is going to run the score, I expect 70 point from UF on that game, and I wont be surprise if we don't score or just get a field goal.

Posted by: Baltimore Panther | October 18, 2009 at 10:19 AM

Baltimore Panther

Theres room in the reality suite come in please...

Guys its a program thats 8 years old with no foundation. Relax! Mario needs one more year (3 full years of recruiting) and then we can get on him. He needs to make staff changes.

Once again Dan thanks for letting us know what he makes. You must be one of the four in forclosure the Herald was talking about when you are concerned on what others make!

By the way get to the office early tomorrow my desk needs polishing and the garbage cans are full!

MTSU is a great sunbelt team, they've beaten memphis and maryland.

Ark St is a good team and we play them at their house. They have a mobile quarterback and run a ton, which we can't stop this year. Besides, we play them at their house (which they fill with 20,000 plus fans consistently)

North Texas is much improved this year, like we were last year, and have an explosive offense. Good thing is that we play them at home. This game can go either way.

ULL always beats us for some reason. They are 2-0 in conference and 4-2 overall and beat Kansas State. Like UNT, we get them at home which is a plus. But I don't think our defense will stop their O.

FAU always plays us hard even if they suck. They returned a lot of starters from last year, including Rusty at quartback. This will go either way I think.

I won't even mention UF because that will not be pretty.

I think 5 win predictions are ridiculous when you look at the level of competition we will be playing. I expect 2-3 wins max this season, with the real possibility of 1-11 if we are very unlucky.

Pete please claw put Dan, no need for the insults.

I was one of the few that has attended both home games and will continue to support the team. I start off by stating that, because I firmly believe that only comments from true supporters should be relevant.

1. I am a MC supporter and agree that we need to see a couple of recruiting classes, before we start to run him out of a job. We can not deny the fact that he has been the best recruiter FIU has ever had.

2. The fan attendance has to be addressed by the Athletic Department and something must be done to recruit more students to the game. The 6,000 that attended the Troy game is pathetic!!! While I understand a winning team attracts more fans, we are talking about college students who are looking for free entertainment.

3. The product on the field must improve! We live in a results oriented society and we have definitely degressed. Our defense was our strong point last season. TY and McCall made all the headlines, but the D kept us in all the games (remember USF). We continue to generate no pressure on the QB and continue to allow everyone to run all over us. Have we even tried a Blitz.....or is our secondary that bad! Our linebackers were suppose to be the strenght of the D, but they continue to get beat in pass coverage!

4. I am dissapointed with the coaching staff's inability to make adjustments and create plays for our playmakers. Our running attack must improve and we need to focus our recruiting efforts on the O-Line and D-Line! If we do not vastly improve those two segments, we are going to be at the bottom of the Sunbelt for a while.

5. Change only occurs when your sick and tired of being sick and tired!!! I am sick and tired of losing! We may need to address some positional coaches in the offseason, but I do think MC is the long-term solution for FIU!

6. We must improve and quick!! All the momentum built last year has evaporated and we are going to need something for next year!! It's sad to think that we will probably finish 3-8 or 4-7 at best!

Memo to all the haters and doubters: We will build a successful football program at FIU. We will win and people will come out to support a winning/competitive team. Failure is not an option!! You can continue to spew your hatred toward our team/players/coaches, but it will only continue to motivate us to get better, work harder, and win!! You will eventually join the bandwagon once we get going, just like all the other Miami Bandwagon Fans!!!


WE need to have more faith in FIU and MC. We will be fine, remember we are only in year 3 of this.

It certainly doesn't help when 7 starters are out with injuries. We aren't are high level FBS school that can have their 3 string players be just as effective as the 1st team players.

Just give it some time.

I think Troy gave us that last touchdown with 4 seconds remaining. And yes we will get destroyed when we go up against UF. My guess is probably 70 - 80 pts, while FIU may get away with 3 pts.

cabin001, I think about one or two more wins is about right. We'll finish 2-10 or 3-9, no bowl game, and I am expecting a loss against FAU. I sure hope I'm wrong.

As for the coaching staff, let's just see how the rest of the season pans out. If we do in fact finish 2-10 or some other pathetic variation, we need to start cutting heads. But that's something we can focus on during the off-season. It's too soon to start that conversation.

I will continue to support our football program and hope to make it to as many home games as possible.

Go FIU!!

"2. The fan attendance has to be addressed by the Athletic Department and something must be done to recruit more students to the game. The 6,000 that attended the Troy game is pathetic!!! While I understand a winning team attracts more fans, we are talking about college students who are looking for free entertainment. "

If the coaching staff wasn't so predictable, if the players weren't always hurt, and if heck, the team was winning, there'd be more fans. It goes hand in hand. I love going to FIU games because they're free for me. I wouldn't pay five dollars for the current product on the field though. At what point do you bench Paul McCall and put in Wesley Carroll to prepare for next season?

pantherpaul: You're a straight retard if you think Strock's done better than Cristobal. You give us a link with a bunch of individual awards Strock's players got. So what? As a fan, I only care about what the team did, and Strock didn't have a winning season in the 5 years he was at FIU. In one of them, he didn't get a win. I'm glad they won a bunch of individual awards. Too bad they didn't lead to W's on the field. I know MC hasn't, either, but at least the jury's still out on him.

I'm no fashion maven, but I get the feeling there was a logical reason for the black/blue combination instead of black/white. Troy was wearing all white. You don't normally see both teams wearing the same color during a game. I know it happens sometimes, but that's usually not the case. They probably wanted to avoid any confusion with black/white since Troy had on all-white. With that said, why not go all black and get the pants and helmet, too? If you're going to do it, do it right. I agree with most of you on that one. But I happen to like the blue/black combo, personally, so that's not a big deal to me.

As for the game itself... well, no surprise, really. The D sucks. The D really, really, really sucks. Heads have got to start rolling if this doesn't get better soon. It's starting to get embarrasing. What good does it do for the O to score if the D can't hold them down in the first place? Maybe the O is getting points in garbage time, but I don't see that as a bad thing. At least they're not quitting. At least they're producing something, even if it's belated. I'm not going to complain about an O who gets 33 points when the D is this freakin' bad.

There's clearly talent on this team. You don't have the D FIU had last season and have it go this bad, this fast, in one season based on talent drop-off alone. Especially since it's not like there were a lot of seniors who left last season who made big impacts. The coaching has to answer for some of this. But it's still way too soon to ask for MC's head. Next year's going to be the litmus test for him.

In the meantime, I'm hoping we can get to at least 5 wins. I think it's doable, once FIU gets their heads out of their rears. I need a winning team to cheer for. Between this and having to cover another crappy college team, I'm starting to get straight depressed. :(


Do I dare say tdaBs...as in "those days are BACK son". After so much momentum from last season, we have regressed TREMENDOUSLY, in fact this is starting to look like 2007 all over again. I actually think 2007 was a better season to this point, recall that we lost our first five or six games by a combined 10 points or something like that? We were competitive until the Middle Tennessee game.

With this said, the first half of this year has been not only worse than 2008, but perhaps worse than 2007! Let's get real, these "close" games haven't been close at all. We all know the last few points we've been putting on the board during the 4th quarter of practically every game this year are junk points. What especially troubles me is that we actually played better against ALABAMA and RUTGERS than the rest of the schedule. I mean how do we hang with powerhouse SEC and BE teams and then get steamrolled against Toledo and the 'Belt?! It absolutely mind boggling, I just can't understand it! Can you?!

The only positives I'm able to take from this year so far are:

1- Considering how undersized and fundamentally bad our O-LINE is, we're still managing to put some points on the board. Our offense is average at best, but if the defense doesn't do their end of the job it won't matter how many points we put up. Truth is, Paul is a pretty decent QB. He's not a scrambler, but when given time does pretty well. Is Wesley a Paul kind of guy who needs time?

2- Special teams improvement. Seems like almost every time we return the ball we end up in the 40s, even with opposing teams kicking AWAY from TY. Additionally, Munera is a bad ass and Rivest has improved his field goals with the exception of a couple ducks this year.

3- There is no three, or four or five...that's it.

Everything else has been a total collapse and utter disappointment. Everything from the intangibles (no band) to the tangibles (defense NEVER adjusting...etc etc etc).

How many FRIGGIN' times did Troy have an open receiver about 10 yards down the middle?! This must've been their playbook: "Line three of four wide, hope the awful FIU secondary trips up (except Gaitor), and if all else fails just throw it down the middle about 10 yards because there will ALWAYS be someone open."

Oh, and I'd like to comment on something else. As exciting as the fumble that took place right before the half was, FIU NEEDS TO RELAX. I am surprised we didn't get called for excessive celebration. I mean the players, the coaches, EVERYONE celebrated like we had won the Sun Belt title. That looked amazingly amateurish. Sure, some celebration is called for, but the staff wasted all of their time celebrating and not drawing up some creative plays to get in the endzone. We only came up with two runs down the middle into a WALL and a overthrown ball which would've never been caught anyways as there were 3 Troy defenders.

Looks like TDAOS will be a better application for basketball and TDABS is better suited for football. Sigh..... :(

Chrisfiu and Nick, excellent points !!! GO FIU!!!!!!!!

btw....fiusports website says More than 10,100 were in attendance for the blackout game....

Second rate team, second rate coaching what else do you expect.

Top 5 positives about FIU Football games this season

5.It saves fans in West Palm Beach time and money by staying home. They can hear the music and PA announcer by opening their windows at home.
4.Lights on at stadium helps lost drivers find turn pike
3.Little league teams can come learn how not to play football
2.Athletic Dpt can get rid of 1,000 poster by handing them out to fans coming in and out of the games.
1. Dazzlers


KJharris...FIU athletics web page also says it has a football team and we know that's a NOT

I knew this would happen when MC was hired. Does anyone remember that most of his staff, if not all, had no coaching experience. Most were nothing more than assistants at their previous locations. Most of our current staff is full of graduate or freshly out of being grad assistants. That doesn't work. Maybe Mario just didnt have the connections that would have allowed him to hire qualified people, but nevertheless changes do need to be made.

There are a lot of coaches out there from the college and NFL levels that would be great additions to our coaching staff. Karl Dorrell is with the Dolphins and would be a great coach for our WR's. Jeff Zagodinksi(?) and Chan Gailey are out there. There are so many names that could be thrown out there, but they all have relevant experience. Fire the graduate assistants, have MC take a pay cut, and use that money to bring in some good coaches. I understand FIU is poor, but the problem is evident, the money is concentrated at the top.

As far as recruiting goes, aside from TY, not many of MC's so called "great recruits" have done much. Please correct me if im wrong because i might be.

Yes in theory it makes no sense, but coaches are weird. There are lots of coaches at the NFL and college level that were once head coaches and are now assistants or coordinators. Look at Chuck D'amato at FSU. Head coach at NC state and now LB coach at FSU. it happens.

Yea that was a newspaper article for the "beacon". ugh. terrible name.

Ive always taken heat for criticizing college players, but i dont see why i shouldnt. Because they dont get paid? They get scholarships, free food, housing and the opportunity to play college football and impress NFL scouts. This is worth more than what most jobs can give you.

Posted by: alt7787 | October 18, 2009 at 03:43 PM

Where do I start?..ooh Why not cut out the leg work and FIRE MARIO?..OH Gee..lol

dan... I dont get it? haha.

dan... I dont get it? haha.

Posted by: alt7787 | October 18, 2009 at 04:02 PM

That's the FIU theme, so you are in good company.

Aren't all of the "FIU faithful" who are now ripping the team and the coaching staff bandwagon fans? At the start of the year all of you were talking about winning the SunBelt and making a statement this year. Hmmmm? I think that FIU should seriously consider going back to a subdivision of D1 until they are more prepared to compete.

Don't worry - I think FAU, Western kentucky and north Texas should do the same.

Also, TY, if you are reading this, you should really think about transferring to a school where your skills can be showcased. You have made a name and a reel for yourself - there are a lot of schools around the country who would love to have you. You are too good for FIU.

Crazy Cane, maybe TY can play for your alma mater....Oh wait.

If the coaching staff wasn't so predictable, if the players weren't always hurt, and if heck, the team was winning, there'd be more fans. It goes hand in hand. I love going to FIU games because they're free for me. I wouldn't pay five dollars for the current product on the field though. At what point do you bench Paul McCall and put in Wesley Carroll to prepare for next season?

Posted by: Wes Kendall | October 18, 2009 at 01:56 PM


As per NCAA rules Wesley Carrol HAS to sit out the season cause he transferred. Paul McCall is the best option we have at QB right now.

Crazy Cane, maybe TY can play for your alma mater....Oh wait.

Posted by: theINTERNATIONAL | October 18, 2009 at 06:10 PM



I love MC and what he brings to the program, but he really needs to grow a pair and fire BOTH coordinators. After reading some of the comments on this blog (the ones I actually care to read), it's starting to sound as if the team is out of control.

Did we switch defense coordinators from last year? How did we regress on defense so much? Defense use to be the staple of FIU football, but this year the defense looks like it's being held together with gum. Truth is, we don't have the talent and much less the depth to have 5 or 6 starters out on defense.

On a lighter note, I'm really excited about IT and FIU basketball!!! Never thought I'd say that. Baring injuries, I think Isiah can instantly make us the #2 team in the conference. We will win it for sure next year!


My LOL was directed toward GP90's comment...que? is just an idiot.

This team and program will be fine- they are a young team that is depleted by injuries. Missing 2 safeties, 1 corner, Winston Fraser didnt play, Greg Ellingson hurt, Jr Mertile hurt, TY could barely move, Dudley Laporte hurt, Paul McCall has not been healthy, the Oline is knicked up. Come on--- FIU is not that far away from where they want to be. If this school is ever to have a big time football program MARIO CRISTOBAL is the ONLY person that can make it happen- an he WILL.


Your top 5 is kinda weak. I don't get the gay thing, respect others choice. That's not how FIU does it.

Posted by: pantherhall'sDJ | October 18, 2009 at 09:10 PM


Hmmm this douche pantherhalldj posts at 9:10 and then gay-dan (who was highly defensive in my previous 'proctologist' post) replies at 9:15. Sounds like yet another case of multiple personality on this growingly popular FIU blog (Pete thanks you).

dan, you've spent your entire day on an FIU blog. UM won't play FIU in football. Are U too stupid to connect the dots?


No double personality here, go back and read my post from the past I am an FIU student who supports all of our teams. I just don't like the homophobic bs, that comes of this blog, it has nothing to do with dan.

Posted by: pantherhall'sDJ | October 18, 2009 at 09:33 PM


Let's be clear here 'DJ', there's NOTHING wrong with being gay, but there's EVERYTHING wrong with being gay-dan. That's my opinion, but thanks for your general positive and supportive feedback 'DJ'. I gotta feeling, I ain't feeling any music you're dancing to 'DJ', thankfully.

crazy dan is becoming increasingly popular on this blog, even more than the original crazy...will these two dirt bags fight for the title, we shall see...

Pete thanks for "clawing out" Dan's previous insulting comment. This place will be fine if crazy cane/dan/etc keep their posts factual and without insult to others....

And to whoever posted as the FIU FOOTBALL TEAM (Crazy Dan), I'd be very careful... By "representing" the voices of dozens, you're infringing on some very blatant multiple defamations. Every post here can be easily tracked, wouldn't be surprised if Herald's IT department had filters that track IPs that go right down to a MAC address...that's pretty much doorstep tracking, so easy "FIU FOOTBALL TEAM".

I am disappointed with this season so far, but as a TRUE fan of FIU athletics I will continue supporting the team as well as MC. I personally cant wait till the next home game (hopefully good weather). Here is my Top 5 List:

1) MC is NOT the problem, and we need to keep him around cause he is fixing 5 years of crap. If he has not been to a Bowl by next year and won a bowl in the next 2 years then yes put him on the "Hot Seat"

2) More creative plays need to be called on Offense. There is NO TRICKERY, and we are not targeting specific players

3) Defense needs to change completely (other then Gaitor, and all the LB.

4) Both Kicker and Punter have been very good for us. Need to give some love to those guys!

5) Attendance issue needs to get resolved. Will people come if we start winning? I dont know.. Students is NOT the problem it the rest of the stadium that needs to be filled. I have an entire row for my wife and I to seat in the Club Section. I wish i had an answer to this one..

Like always,

Go Golden Panthers!

By the way, yes i do think we will still go 6-6 or worst case 5-7.

My original prediction was 7-5 and a Bowl

Now I think 5-7 and 4th in the Sunbelt is were we will finish.

Regardless I will be there for 3 more home games (rain, shine, or snow since this cold came in)..

Guys, regardless of how bad the team played this home game (and the last home game - though I didn't go, but heard), I definately thought there were some positives.

I liked that fact that they were moving the ball near the end of the game. We need to run the ball more and control more of the game. I don't think this is a good game to judge the season on - we were playing the defending conference champ, but do agree we got tore up.

Attendance definately needs to improve. I like the the fact that they're trying to get students out with scholarships and other promotions. From what i can tell, there was NO advertising for the game on campus besides on the Beacon - and how many students do you think seriously read the Beacon? I am on campus for hours a few days a wk and there is no telling that there is a football game coming up.

They should reinstate the guest policy and maybe offer some free tickets to balance out the stadium - the west end zone is completely abandoned. When the opposing offense is trying to get into the east endzone the students definately cause a roucous, but how bout on the other end??? Realistically speaking if we can get at least 10000 students out, including the guests they'd invite, we can improve attendance.

I'm hoping to see a few more wins before the year is over. Looking forward to the rest of the games! At least it can only go uphill from here!

To those of you predicting a 5-7 or 6-6 season, what makes you think that we will win against Ark St, Middle Tennessee, ULL, and FAU/UNT???

That's ridiculous. The FAU and UNT games can go either way, but we are worse than the other three teams. Not only that, but we play Ark St. and Middle away. What next, are you predicting a top 25 finish as well?

Just some perspective...

We are currently the 112th ranked team in the nation out of 120. Statistically, we have the worst defense in the nation to this poiont (120/120).

There's nothing wrong with being a homer, but C' MON man!

Wow... that's so sad.

Wow, what a loser!!!

Wow.... Feel sorry for the sorry guy, and others with this multiple personality disease/complex. Pobrecitoo....

If we could only tackle like they teach you in 9th grade....wow, this team could be 4 - 2 right now. It truly is a game of fundamentals and inches..

FYI - we beat the spread by .5 pts ?? How in the world do they handicap these games so close ???

Wow.... Feel sorry for the sorry guy, and others with this multiple personality disease/complex. Pobrecitoo....

Posted by: FIU Fanatic | October 19, 2009 at 12:43 PM

Pete must have clawed out what you guys are responding to. What was revealed about these scUMmy individuals?

Will be back later this afternoon with your Monday blog.

But here now to clear the whole "dan" multiple personalities.


You have been traced by the tracking program on this blog to the point that the program can tell me what part of the world you are posting from and your street address.

You are more than welcomed to post on here your thoughts and love for FIU as long as it's kept clean.

Your multiple screen names have all been grouped by the tracking program so that each time you post as any other name than "dan", your posts will be deleted when I get on-line.

Again, you are welcomed to post, but don't bother using any other name but "dan".

Avoid using the following names that you have already used:

Top Cat
Joel (I know the real Joel that posts here)
pantherhall's DJ
Troy's Newspaper
bubble buster

Thank you

Nice job, Pete! What a scum bag that dan.

Well, it's even worse....at least 14 personalities...Good for you, Pete....

wow dude, i am actually starting to question some of these haters sanity??? are you kidding me? theres no doubt in my mind dan has SERIOUS mental issues.

This guy dan is looney tunes. Talk about obsession, and he's only one of them. Makes you wonder what these FIU obsessed UM fans are thinking that they feel they need to attack FIU incessantly. hmmmmm.

Thanks for confirming what I had posted last night Pete, especially posting on BEHALF OF THE FIU FOOTBALL TEAM (!!!). Hopefully your post will keep this blog clean and help make it the place it once was. We need to ALL BE NICE and keep the blog accurate and true for all of us to enjoy.

Thanks again Pete.

Gotdamn, Pete got all CSI on this loser. I knew that there couldn't possibly be that many FIU haters out there that would dedicate so much time to this blog. lol at Dan also being "sportsfan"...that explains a lot.


Here is the Facebook event link for this Thrs evening Basketball event at FIU and opportunity to hear Coach Thomas make some remarks, walk the arena, select your seat/season tix...Make sure to tell friends, students and alumni. Basketball is right around the corner. PLEASE RSVP, thank you...


Talk about obsessed.

Posting as 14, that's right, 14 !!!!!!! different names.

Sucks to be you.

Well, clearly sportsfan and dan have the IQ of a cabbage, so I knew they were somehow related by blood. But I didn't think it was the same moron. Well at least I can sleep well knowing there's one less idiot on this planet, actually, 13 fewer idiots!

Absolutely amazing...where is Dan now?!

Good job on that loser, Pete "the Regulator" Pelegrin. It was clearly getting out of hand.

I agree Clawing Cancer. When all this stuff is unleashed after a loss, I wait for calmer heads that can truly dialogue about FIU Athletics.

Pete, I'm the eternal optimist, however the defensive performance so far this year has been..., well OFFENSIVE! We've always prided ourselves with decent defensive teams throughout our very short history. I do believe we have faster players at the defensive skill positions (cb, s, lb); still there is nothing but gapping holes in the secondary and absolutely no pass rush. We seemed to start sending a linebacker or two late in the Troy game and that seemed to stop their running and create more pressure however, that scheme needs to be used in the 1st qt not when the game is settled. What has changed from last year when the FIU defense was not getting lit-up like this season? What is the status of Anthony Gaitor & Greg Ellison? Will TY be 100% for ASU? Let us know.


That was really cool pete, it put Dan in his place. Being a hardcore fan whos being here since 2005 and has missed only like two homes games, im surprised by this season. Normally Ive seen FIU lose because even though the defense played a good game the offense did little to back them up and this year I see the opposite. I see an offense that puts up more then 30 points per game, with a QB thats throwing almost 2 TD passes per game and has 122 rating not to mention two amazing receivers as well as a few other good ones. The defense on the other is playing remarkably bad, theyre letting teams run all over them. Against troy they didnt let them rush that much but allowed them to pass for almost 400 yards. What happened?, How could we worsen so quickly?. Finally we have a great offense clicking and the one reliable part of FIU football fails us, its so unfair lol.

Where is my apology? All of you FIU fans thought I was Dan - I guess you were wrong.

As for the FIU bandwagon, which is quickly becoming more empty than FIU stadium for home games, I just want to know - if the unthinkable happens - and FIU finishes the season with 2 or 3 wins - is it time to start thinking about a move back down away from D1 football?

There is no way we will finish with only 2 wins. I realize that we will most likely finish with a very sad record of 5-7, but the support will coninue to be there for MC and his staff. A better question is:

Do you think with one more good recruiting class will MC and the team be able to finish among the Top 2 teams in the conference next year?

The Sunbelt is defenatly on the rise, and if we dont keep up, then we will always be the 4th or 5th best team (that sucks)..

crazy cane...you are also crazy panther and other names/NYMIA/Josh, etc...et al. If I were you, I would have stayed quiet...as you did...for a little bit longer....

I am not Crazy-anything...just because I pick FIU to lose every game, I am not him...What I am, is usually right.

Pete, since you obviously have the capabilities to show who is and who isnt...please confirm for the masses that I am not Crazy Cane

You do not know how wrong you are my friend. But, believe what you want. I do not care.

Gooch7 - did you really just post "the support will coninue to be there for MC and his staff"

Have you not read this blog lately. Most of the FIU "faithful" are calling for not only MC's head, but also that of the DC and OC. Wow, talk about delusional.

Also - you stated that FIU will "most likely" finish 5-7. Dude, right now the GPers are 1-5 right? What on g-d's green earth have you seen from this team that would make you state that "most likely" they are going to go 4-2 during the course of the rest of the season?

LOL Crazy, it's your turn...

Keep those crazy multiple personalities of yours to a minimum...or your dirty laundry will also be aired on this blog.

Again, let's see how the season turns out before we start calling for mass firings. We won't move to below D-1, but significant adjustments will have to be made assuming we only make it to 2 or 3 wins. All coaches, especially the OC & DC, will have to be evaluated.

chrisfiu - I do not have dirty laundry - I have an FIU grad who comes over a couple times a week to do my laundry and clean my house.

Pete - what is the rule on attendance and staying in D1 - is FIU in danger of falling below the minimum or does PG lying about the stadium attendance solve the problem?

CC/CP....I DO know of your multiple personalities, and you've been exposed earlier on this, so your hypocrisy goes to even higher extremes I thought. Take good care of yourself, because you may have "only" 3 or 4...maybe 5 handles, but your sickness is there and could get to "dan's" level if you do not accept it and control it.....

As for the FIU bandwagon, which is quickly becoming more empty than FIU stadium for home games, I just want to know - if the unthinkable happens - and FIU finishes the season with 2 or 3 wins - is it time to start thinking about a move back down away from D1 football?

Posted by: CrazyCane | October 20, 2009 at 10:03 AM

Based on your theory that a 2-3 win team should move down Division, make me a list of team that would still play in 1-A. HINT: your beloved Hurricane's tilt against the mighty Rattlers would have been a conference game.

Check it FIU is a joke man For real You aint go no game I went to a game last year and it was hs man I saw more peoples at my hs games yo for reals you FIU people need to relax with all this U been scared to play yall Thats just crazy noise yo

LOL Crazy i have a cane getting my lunch as I type this!!! And about that Bandwagon comment. I can see why FIU is losing these games. And i have not jumped off the Bandwagon. I would love to see your thoughts on how FIU can win the sunbelt with 1 average and 1 above average sunbelt recruiting class. Not to mention all FIU injuries key players have sustained. The issues FIU has are issues that only time can fix .. not personnel.

Going to the FCS level wont happen. But at this point i honestly think some FCS schools might beat us.

I just hope MC takes action at the end of the year. Im kind of annoyed by his post game comments. "We didnt do this" or "we didnt do enough of that". He usually has the same comments. Maybe Mario is realizing what he got himself into. At the end of the season i hope he hires a new DC. Hopefully someone from a good program will be available and would actually want to come to FIU. Hahaha. remember those Randy Shannon to FIU rumors a few years ago. That would have been something. Even the Jacory Harris to FIU rumors from last year.

Although I dont think Marble Mouth Randy Shannon is a great coach, he makes up for it with great talent around him. Great talent can make a bad coach seem great. The Northwestern guys have all made an immediate and huge impact at UM. We saw flashes of that last year when they went 6-7. Now this year it is paying dividends. I still think UM will end up 9-3 and will not reach the ACC title game.

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