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Game 6: Troy vs. FIU LIVE BLOG

Nice, breezy evening here at FIU Stadium. Lots of black around as the crowd is filing in. The GoldenFiuhelmet Dazzlers are sporting new black uniforms and your Panthers have their black tops on for "Blackout Night".

It's the visiting Troy Trojans -- and no they are NOT wearing black unless you count theTroy color of their facemasks or their warm-up shorts. The Trojans are wearing all white uniforms with their maroon helmets.

Your Panthers have their new black tops with a gold stripe down each side of the shirt. FIU is wearing its dark blue pants. But enough with the fashion blog. The uniforms are not going to help upset Troy, the Panthers have to run the ball, stop the run and score plenty of points.

The rain has stayed away from FIU Stadium and we're just about set for kickoff.

Oh, yeah and that guy with a No. 4 for FIU is expected to play.


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Prototypical example of an educated and profound thinking scUM fan = DahU4Life above. Fo realz yo.

alt7787 - you may be right with your comment that "UM will end up 9-3 and will not reach the ACC title game" But honestly, if that is the case - I think most UM fans will be alright - especially when everyone thought they would start the season 0-4 or 1-3.

FIURage - please do not talk to me about injuries and use it as an excuse as to why you are losing. The Canes have just as many injuries. Injuries are a part of the game - it is being able to survive them and get through it as a team that makes teams good. Before the season when FIU fans were predicting 8-9 wins and an SB championship I was not hearing anything about lack of depth, or the need for another year of recruiting. You all are such phonies it is funny.

DahU4Life - hey lowlife, it's clear by your pathetic writing skills that you never went to college or even high school, so spare us the pain of having to read your garbage. Come back when duh U wins the ACC or has made some real progress. Beating the UCF's of the world doesn't prove much, but running away from FIU speaks volumes, playa!

Crazy - the team has been depleted by injuries, so yes that will affect our game. You can't expect a string of backups to come in and play like starters. We lost our most powerful weapon in TY last game due to his knee injury. The final score says it all.

Na playa u got me mixed up wit some other fool yo I went to hs and grad and then i went to miami dade for 2 years but i been a Cane all my life I bleed orange and green for real You dont know me man but keep talkin yo yo progress for real U already beat mad teams and is in top 10 in bcs wheres FIU Pleese man dont com at me wit that noise

Crazy, I think you'll agree that the talent UM recruits is greater than 95% of the players that FIU gets. At this point we're picking up the pieces.

So while UM may have as many injuries, you're filling in with back-ups that would most likely start at FIU. That being said, when we lose our starters, we're filling in with guys that are even further below that level, or they're inexperienced. It's hard to compare the injuries.

I know what you're going to say about scheduling, etc, but it still doesn't negate the fact that UM is much deeper with a much greater talent pool.

I'd also like to hear from you (as another poster asked), what we can do different with average recruiting to win the Sun Belt? It's like not UM was built in one day, so why not layoff for a while (how about several years) on FIU's football team until we can get some talent in there? Not like it's possible for you to do that for some reason, but still.

I personally have much respect for UM (I was accepted into their MBA program and offered a 50% scholarship, but the cost was still too high) and its student body and fans, and most alumni I know have much respect for FIU students and fans. Clearly something happened that made you feel otherwise towards FIU fans/students. Whatever it is that happened, you really should get over it and find a different hobby, otherwise it will eat you up the rest of your life.

That was a great post CarolinaGoldenPanther. I don't understand the need to bash UM when it is evident that only about 3-4 of their fans come on to this board to talk trash about FIU. If you go to the UM boards, nobody is mentioning FIU because no one cares about FIU over there. Why can't we do the same?

Also, there is no comparison between UM and FIU at this point. One is a perennial national power with multiple national championship trophies and hall of fame alumni while the other is five years removed from the start of its football program and most known for instigating a brawl with the other. It will take 15-20+ years for FIU football to get the point where such comparisons can be made.

Am I the only one that sees DahU4Life as an obvious troll, much lie the double crazy cane with his sebastian ball comments?

Might change my prediction for this week, but right now I have:

Ark. State - 30

FIU - 21

The injuries excuse doesnt fly with me either. I understand the whole FIU doesnt have depth and our backups are not good at all vs UM's backups being equivelent to FIU starters, but whatever "talent" our backups lack is made up for with playing against weak competition. UM's backups have to play against ACC teams, which are no doubt tougher than SBC team. Although this year the ACC seems weaker than normal.

with that being said I still dont think UM deserves their #10 BCS ranking, or as the Miami Herald keeps saying, No.8 ranking. haha. i noticed that. They've been using higher AP poll ranking vs the lower BCS ranking. They beat a terrible FSU team that had no business being ranked #18, they beat an Oklahoma team that has also disappointed and a UCF team that, well is UCF. The only "good" win UM has had was against GT and even that can be questioned. Nevertheless they're still #10 and FIU is #120 (probably lol). I still hate UM though. I watched that UCF game last week hoping that they'd lose. At this point in FIU's season I take more joy in watching and hoping that UM loses.

FIU is 112th!! There's a difference! lol.

ALT7787 "I still hate UM though" - but you still have a book written about them above.

LOL. yea. I really do hate UM though. I hate seeing people at FIU wearing UM gear, I hate that they always get stories in the herald and FIU gets nothing, i hate that they are ranked #10 when they havent beaten anybody that good.

Even worse i hate that FIU football is so disappointing this year that i have to expend my energy on hating UM. ha.

alt7787 - I guess since YOU do not think UM deserves to be ranked where they are (8 or 10 depending on the Poll) we will just move them back and forget that they beat 3 ranked teams to start the season.

CarolinaGoldenPanther - what happened was this blog. I never had any dislike for FIU ir its fans until this blog and started reading how delusional they were. I know you are new to this blog - but if you stick around long enough, you will see that the majority of the FIU fans on here believe that FIU will surpass UM in athletics in the near future (some predicted this year); That UM is scared of playing FIU (rediculous); That FIU is somehow better than UM because they have more students and provide a cheaper education (even though UM is ranked above FIU in every higher education rating system); That FIU is the true University of Miami since The U is in Coral Gables (PP even goes as far as calling them UCG)

Pete time to get yourself a twitter account....

alt7787 Are you serious? "i hate that they are ranked #10 when they havent beaten anybody that good." Who has the #1 team in the Country beat?

Get a clue man. See CarolinaGoldenPanther, it is comments like that which are so darn frustrating.

Crazy, #1 Florida beat #4 LSU two weeks ago! They would beat the canes too if...oh wait that was last year...27-3 I think, I could be wrong, my memory is a bit rusty...not half as sharp as yours...

LSU is vastly overrated, but continue.

Point well taken, but I believe Crazy mentioned that UF hasn't played any worthwhile team, which isn't entirely accurate.

LSU is worthwhile, although I wouldn't call them a quality win. On par with Arkansas and Georgia just a bunch of barely average teams.


I get the fact that some FIU fans are nuts (sorry guys, some of you are nuts). Then again some UM/UF/FSU/etc fans are completely nuts. You think FIU fans on a blog are bad? Move to North Carolina and meet the Duke and NC State fans -- they act like they've won a title in every sport because they've had good years in basketball (Duke) or occasional success in footbal (NCST/UNC). The worst actually are Clemson fans -- they actually think they're going to win the NC championship every year.

The point is, every fanbase is like that. I do hope that one FIU surpasses UM in every facet, because that would mean that we're winning National Championships in football and baseball and decent in basketball. And yes man of the fans on this blog are a bit ambitiously crazy, but you have to admit that there's nothing wrong with that.

I'm sure UM fans were like that in the 70s before they were any good in football -- they had ambition to be like Alabama, Michigan, USC, Notre Dame, etc. I personally wasn't alive then so I couldn't tell you what the UM fans were like, but I'm willing to bet that many if not all were fanatical enough to believe that one day they'd succeed. The term fan came from the word fanatic. Enough said.

While I agree with that some people make really stupid, insane statements or arguments, there's really no point in you bashing FIU incessantly. I'm sure you have better things to do. I know I have better things to do (like actually TALK ABOUT FIU on an FIU BLOG) than getting in an argument with a grown man. So please layoff, it'll kill you for a week or two, but eventually you'll forget all about us.

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