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Game 7: FIU vs. Arkansas State LIVE BLOG

JONESBORO, Arkansas -- Welcome to Jonesboro, Arkansas on a cold night with temperatures in the Fiuhelmet 40's. Your Panthers (1-5, 1-2 Sun Belt) are looking for their second win of the season and in the Sun Belt tonight against the Arkansas State Red Wolves (1-4, 0-2 SBC), who are also looking for their second win of the season, but first conference win.

Pre-game note for you: FIU quarterback Paul McCall, who sprained his foot in practiceAsu Thursday, has gone through all the pre-game warmups. He is a game-time decision to start. While PMC is a huge part to FIU's success, we all know that the Panthers D needs to show up here in Jonesboro for FIU to fly home happy later tonight.

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3) After the 25 spots are taken up, I then have to approve each comment from each reader. So if your comment takes a minute or so to show up it's because I'm busy either writing down the previous play for my game notes, working on the FIU/ASU notebook for Sunday's paper or posting on the blog at the moment. At that time, I am not able to publish what you posted, but I will eventually get to it.

Getting ready for kickoff here, let's go blogging....


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Anyboby show up for this game?

Guess not wow

Another loss......

This season is tough to deal with....

Why do I keep hearing David Bowie in my head?


F'ing Canes and Gpers lose - tough night for SoFl college football.

Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic performance!

We gave up 279 rushing yards to a 1-4 team. The final score was way too close, as ASU had many attempts in the red zone where they either turned the ball over or committed stupid penalties. The score should have been more like 40-10.

All I have to say is that this team really sucks. There's no other way to put it. PG better make some decisions or we are definitely going to lose some of our verbal commits. Its going to be tough for MC to sell a 2-10 team at the end of the season to a three-four star recruit who is deciding between FIU and better, more established programs like UGA, UM, Ole Miss, etc.

I will be at the halloween game in my FIU gear to support the team, but I might bring my textbooks with me because it might be quiet enough to study.

Embarrassing. I wonder what Galiano is thinking? Our defense has no pride in wanting to stop the run. 280 yards allowed...are you kidding me?

Offense had a bad day also. If you'd told me that ASU was going to score 27 pts, I would have guessed we may have won or lost by a field goal.

This season has been a disaster. I think we'll be lucky to win 3 games.

I don't want to hear this team is out of control because of Don Strock and his gang of losers. DS hasn't coached here in 3 years. Don't tell me the recruits are his because for the past 2 years I've been hearing how the new recruits are "REAL BLUE CHIPPERS". PLEASE.

Last, I don't want to be labeled a pesimist by the usual bloggers that all they do is kiss up to this administration.

I'm a Golden Panther and I will not change, but don't lecture me on how to be more optimistic.

The performance and the results are there for everyone to see.


...and yet the administration has the audacity to not bring back the "one free guest" policy claiming that demand is higher this year... what a joke!!! They must think we're either stupid or masochist. We must demand better. I don't think that asking for a competitive team is too much to ask for. As an alumnus and fan, I feel that it is my duty to defend this team against the naysayers and haters but right now this team is making it in nearly impossible to do so. There aren't enough adjectives to describe the abysmal play displayed week in and week out from this team. I personally blame the coaching staff and yes, it starts and ends with the Head Coach. I want to be optimistic but there is a thin line between optimism and blind faith...

Rant over...sigh

Speaking for me, FIYOU, I'm not kissing up to anyone. This season's clearly morphing into a disaster. I'm starting to seriously doubt if FIU will win another game this season.

In all honesty, I didn't expect MC & co. to win this week. ASU has the kind of attack which always gives FIU fits, and besides, they own us historically. What really bothers me is some of the other losses, and more specifically, how the D hasn't shown up to play in any of the conference games this season. Or in any other game except Rutgers and the 1st half against Alabama, come to think of it. I think it's fair to say that some coach's days are numbered on that side of the ball... maybe more than one. The D has clearly regressed this year and someone's got to be held accountable for that.

When does basketball season start?

Our coaches are too green for their position and their salaries, I Think PG was experimenting with it and give MC and staff a chance to prove himself. MC has energy and it is a decent recruiter, but our staff can't develop the players that we have, and also we are thinking a little like the NFL draft and going after the best available athletes rather than going after the players that can help solve our problems.
Like someone in this blog said before the games start at the line of scrimage and that is our weakness, I think if we were to have a solid line, even WY would look like a legit qb. And we would be competing against the Troys and destroying the WKU.
I am not worry about those "Blue Chippers" that have verbally committed to FIU for next year to change their minds. Our coaches need to concentrate on linemen, I think they need to bring 12 to 16 linemen here with our next recruiting class.
We don't need more qb's for what is worth we already have 4 in next year, we also have 4 or 5 rb's next year, we need help up front. we maybe have 2 or 3 legit guys on each line.
I might be wrong, but I have the feeling that in December we will get a nice surprice from PG.

I continue to find a shining light in our abysmal play, but nothing is even glimmering. Our defense is ranked last in the BCS and continues to underacheive. With so many returning upper classmen, how can they be so bad?? I know that injuries have taken a toll, but this effort is unacceptable.... The D Coaches need to be eliminated!!!

We stink and I am tired of stinking. Nothing has changed, we had a good year last year but that was an exception, obviously. We look far away from competing IN OUR OWN CONFERENCE! We are the worst team in a poor conference, I can't stand it anymore.

I think we can all agree...it's how bad we're losing to SBC teams. Where's the pride????


It's turning into a horrendous season, and it seems something's gotta give here, and if things don't change dramatically here, some changes will need to be made, if not to appease us. It's not that I expected to win at ASU this year necessarily, it's the emotion, and the lack of defense, and at this moment, it really looks as if we will have problems winning any other game, really. To compound the problems, soo many injuries.

Lastly, FIYOU 2006, I don't think it has to do with kissing up to "this administration" or anything like that, other than 'normal' high expectations by most fans of ANY team prior to the season. I don't have a problem with this or any other 'administration', as you somehow put it. So, if for any chance you are sprinkling me with your remarks....Please.....don't lecture me or anyone else on how to be more pessimistic...

Opinions are just that, opinions.... some are more optimistic, realistic, or pessimistic than others. Respect that of others if you expect your opinions to be respected. Geez...I know being a fan of FIU Athletics is tough, but some people can't really handle losing....

Yes another tough lose to a conference team.

Pete is there any info on who MC is trying to pick up for next year? Do you think we might be able to pick up ANY 3 or 4 star players?

One very good positive is how well our volleyball team is playing. They just went from #18 in the nation to #16.. That is AMAZING and they should be able to get another Sunbelt title. I hope they can make it to the sweet 16 or even the elite 8..


The positive of all this is that UM LOST!!! I was so happy after the game ended. That feeling of happiness went TY Goodbye when I saw the 27-10 score on the ESPN ticker.

I opened the Herald this morning and of course its the same Mario Cristobal comments :"We didnt play good on defense" "We need to play tougher" or "We're not doing the right things". All this empty rhetoric gets old. What is the problem? I dont watch game tape so I dont have the benefit of singling out why our defense is so terrible, but the coaches do. I dont understand what is so difficult about making adjustments to the defense. Watching the televised games this year it seemed as if our defense was extremely undisciplined. They overpursue the QB and fall for play action ALL the time. It seems like a coaching and defensive scheme issue more than lack of talent.

While I do believe changes need to be made, Mario Cristobal should not be fired. Instead he should clean out his staff and start bringing in some real coaches. Maybe bring back former players like Ke Ke Bouie. I heard he's in Pahokee coaching high school, bring him down here and see what he can do. maybe the players will respond well to him considering he was one of the best LB's at FIU. Just a thought.

Speaking of recruits, if EL Monstrou has a kid any chance we can get him to commit right out of the womb? haha.

Bringing back FIU players as position coaches is not a bad idea. But our head coach is already a cane, lets take it one step further and lets replace the entire staff with other ex-NFL canes as well.

What worries me is that MC might be one of those overly stubborn/loyal head coaches who won't want to give up on his staff. The proof might be in the same way that he stuck with WY for so damn long.

Without a doubt Galiano needs to be replaced. He was a first year DB's coach at Rutgers and is out of his league when it comes to actually managing a defense. The fact that the same mistakes are being made over and over again tells me it is a coaching issue.

I do not believe in bringing back players to be coaches just yet. I think we should adopt a formula. Bring in coaches that have experience as coordinators and have shown an ability to win. That is how you build success, you bring in proven winners.

Half-jokingly I said that Gruden isn't doing much these days, but on a serious note we should be looking at successful DC's from other mid-majors and FCS schools.

If we need to go even further then we should look at HC's from successful FCS schools that have shown an ability to win day in and day out. There are some schools and coaches that have a fraction of the budget we have and yet they have been able to win consistently, there are some that have even been able to knockoff BCS conference schools from the FCS level despite have budgets that are only slightly larger than Cristobal's salary.

Jules, are you saying we should cut MC already? Sounds that way, but the GPP seems to be split on this topic. It's a fair question, not just to Jules, but to the rest of the readers on this blog as well.

The talent appears to be there, but the coaching is lagging. Last week I insisted on deferring any talk about cleaning house until the end of the season, but it seems with every loss the need to address these issues arises and with more intensity.

I feel sad for those of you who feel better cause UM lost. I mean, seriously???? you take solace in someone else's failure???

Someone, who shall remain nameless, once posted that MC is a great recruiter but is not suited for the head coaching job due to his inability to develop these players. I'm starting to wonder whether there is any truth to this.

alt7787 - do you really sit around and hope UM losses? How pathetic are you? I dont sit around and cheer against FIU - I could care less if they win or lose - I just think they suck - but if they win - good for them and if they lose, who cares.

If this is what is supposed to be a team that is more discplined and bette5r coached I do not see it, PENALTIES!!!!! most were pre snap! All but one were on the O, and they were drive killers!!!! WOWOWOWOWOW something stinks on Calle ocho real bad....

FIU FANATIC, I certainly wasn't refering to you when I made my comments, but it's funny how you talk about respecting other people's opinion while at the same time you try to lecture me.Classic case of "Do as I say not as I do". You've done that everytime I post, but that's fine.

It seems you're probably part of the Administration. So as of right now you're suceeded and I'm out of this blog forever.

Enjoy this team as it continues the great tradition of LOSING.

Thanks for the hospitality and good luck with your "censoring campaign".

alt.... seriously?!

FIU = haters

You see, FIYOU206, I made a post agreeing with many of your posts, yet you, somehow, believe or want to believe I'm out against you. Again, it's OPINIONS...You certainly are entitled to them, and they are to be respected, but don't come here "lecturing" (using your same terminology) on how to be pessimistic.

Let me put it in a way you could maybe understand it. The fact someone does not agree with you...or agrees in part with you...does not mean they are lecturing you. It means difference of opinion. Simple as that. No need to be so defensive and hurt.
LOL at me being an administrator...or in charge of censorhip?...Are you serious? LOL.

damn right im serious! I jumped for joy when jacoby ford went in for the winning touchdown. You dont think people at ohio state are happy when michigan loses and vice versa? You dont think people at Texas are happy when Oklahoma loses and vice versa? You dont think Yankees fans are happy when Boston loses and vice versa? Of course they are! I know that even here people from UM are happy when FSU loses. I have a lot of FSU grads as friends and they were thrilled that UM lost last night.

You guys give me these comments as if though there is something wrong with hoping that a rival loses. There is nothing wrong with it. As far as I see it UM takes up all the media and public attention in this city and the more they lose, the less attention they get. In some cases. I wish FIU would start winning because it is really upsetting to see front page stories about race car drivers written by linda robertson while FIU is relegated to a small square on page 5d. Two weeks ago there was a story about a male gymnast on the front page and again FIU was in the nether regions of the Herald.

I wish FIU could earn the respect of the people and media in this city, but it hasnt done so. The next best thing is if UM loses. Every week at FIU i have to hear people say that they are glad UM won, but so many people dont even know that FIU played a game that weekend. It is disgusting that the students in our school are more concerned with the football team in coral gables. You dont see this in real programs across the country. Then again thats exactly what we arent. We are FIU football. We have a stadium that is near empty for games, without a band, and with no damn press box! I mean what the hell?! come on!

Amen Alt7787....i'm glad when UM loses also, nothing wrong with that.

CrazyCane now you don't root against FIU? Give me a break.

Alt...scUM isn't our rival because they refuse to play us! What good is a nonactive rivalry?!

Right now our true rival is FAU. However I don't cheer when they lose, in fact I think its in our interest for them to win as long as it doesn't affect us. Come to think of it, I don't think I hate any team in the SunBelt....sure I dislike them but I don't have the same bitter distaste that scUM fans have for Gator fans.

CrazyCane doesn't root aginst FIU, and I don't root against the 'Canes. Give me a break. Nice half empty stadium diplayed on national television. The Clemson game was the best game of the weekend. UM #10 in the country? Those 'Canes are made out of balsa wood.

It's in our best interest to root for SBC teams. It's the only way that they'll ever gain some credibility. I root for every single one of them (unless they're playing the International). Hell, I even root for FAU to do well.

I'm with alt on this one, while I don't wish for Jacory Harris to get his neck snapped in half, I do root against UM week in and week out.

Truth is the Canes really aren't that good...Jacory Harris is an interception machine. They beat a mediocre OU team without their QB, they were one catch away from losing to a very bad FSU team, and beat a mediocre GTech team.

Regardless, lol I think they would destroy the FIU product we have on the field this year. And I agree with what someone pointed out earlier on this blog... in retrospect, the Don Strock years weren't that bad after all. Without a doubt, he did much more with much less talent.


I have said it... i dunno if I am the one who you refer to but I have equated MC to Ron Zook Great recruiter, no so good coach. It is not a knock on MC I think he is green when it comes to coaching & his staff is too. this is not to say he wont get better, but unless he can coach up the talent that he has Those days are back again.

I have really believe that FIU caught a lot of teams by surprise last season but they are still trying to do what the did last year with a few new wrinkles but teams have scouted and adjusted to them.

Its a shame to say that even a few player have said the are going to ask for their release.

Nobody is saying it... but the Don Strock days do seem like the good ol days come to think of it... I honestly believe - and ironically enough - that the team we fielded in 2006 was one of the best we have ever had. We were always in games thanks to that defense. If we had gotten any offensive production at all, we could have had some major upsets that year.

Everybody keeps talking about how porous our defense is this year... but our offense isnt exactly a bunch of world beaters either. Injuries and lack of depth have hurt us tremendously.

Ive had my reservations about cristobal and co. but i still think 2010 will be the year to really judge.

Btw, this garbage about not criticizing them is ridiculous... for the money these guys are making, the FIU community needs to DEMAND production.

Its a shame to say that even a few player have said the are going to ask for their release.

Posted by: blkpanther | October 25, 2009 at 10:41 PM

Who has said this? Where are you getting this info from blkpanther?

blkpanther, can you expand on your comment, "It's a shame that even a few players have said they are going to ask for their release."?

There is one player I know for a fact is trying to transfer after the season. From the horses mouth.

And multiple sources on the team tell me a couple more are thinking about the same.

Whoever transfers is a sell out... to get to the good times, you gotta stick through the bad times. We are almost there and there are going to be some growing pains. If someone wants to to take the easy way out, then that tells a lot about their character. Are we "transferring" our allegiancs? Are we "transferring" our loyalties? These players committed to playing here, well knowing that on any given Saturday they are going to win or lose. It's probably players with that kind of mentality that are the reason we are losing right now. So whoever that is, we'll treat him like Freddy Asprilla: get the heck out! Because we want players who are committed to sticking through things to the end, like we are.

Joel: hopefully the administration does not treat any football players that want to transfer like they treated Freddy. The administration refused to grant him his release. No matter the real reason for rejecting his release, you dont want that in football...it wastes a scholly and could become a real detriment to team chemistry.

Also before you start calling them sellouts or what not remember that a transfer could be for a number of reasons: failure to get along with the coaches or simply inability to get on the field because of better players ahead of them on the depth chart.

chrisfiu I am not calling for Cristobal per se, I simply stated that if the problem goes higher than him that he should be replaced. I think there are some really good FCS head coaches who were DC's that could have a pretty immediate impact on shaping up our defense, and could probably help MC manage the team overall.

However, once again, if the problem is truly top down, then we might need someone with more experience managing a team.

I hope this talk of players transfering is just that, talk.

jimmy, my argument would be that players like that are already a cancer to team chemistry... talking about transferring with 5 games left in the season?! those are definitely the same guys who throw in the towel during the game when things start going wrong. we need players with heart.

I don't totally agree with that. Remember when these players take a chance to come to FIU that what they essentially did take a CHANCE. Now I know that there were no promises made in terms of playing time etc, but the committed to the school and the coaches committed to these players but if either side feel that it is not working out in their best interest they have the right to pull a scholly or ask for a release.

You have to remember it is these guys future! some turned down BCS schools to come here. Some are recruited at certain positions and forced to play others where they might not feel suited.

There may be many reason why the want to leave that may have nothing to do loses.

There are many reasons, and basically, all of them are valid on the players' mind...including poor season, etc. As a matter of fact, EVERY year in EVERY program there are kids that transfer out of a school...it's not uncommon.

However...and this is a big however from a fan's/supporter mentality.... to suggest some are transferring solely because we are not winning, or because they don't like the coaching/direction is not a decision on a player with a strong mindset and not the type of player we want in our program, in my opinion. Reading your second post just above, blkpanther, you make it clear it has nothing to do with that (losing), but your first post kind of implied (or at least it came accross that way to me...and obviously to others) it was precisely because of that.

Bottom line. If the player is not feeling good at FIU...or any other college for that matter....it's for the best interest for him to transfer out. Again, this happens every year at every school, for all intents and purposes, the only thing that changes is the school, the year and the names of the players leaving for a variety of reasons.

As a fan is hard to digest the fact that some players are talking about transferring. As a business decision, i see why some of them want out. Football is some of these guys future! Look at it this way, if you are great at your job(football), yet you fail to gain recognition from your boss(fans & community), why wouldnt you go somewhere else where you will be praised and able to showcase what you got(bcs conference). Can you guys imagine how #4 feels right about now, knowing that he could be on a winning team, and catching national headlines every saturday? College football is a business, for coaches and players. Now go ahead,hit me with your best shot.

I guess it comes down to who wants to transfer out. If some of our elite core were to transfer out, such as TY and Gaitor, I honestly can't say I blame them. Sure, I'd love for them to stay, they're amazing talent and leaders. But they deserve better and it would be selfish of me as a GP fan to want them trapped at FIU.

Now, if it's some of the more average talent, then good riddance. That being said, if this report from blkpanther is true, then this suggests that MC has completely lost control over his locker room. The team has essentially given up on him and this year. This is very disturbing.

If these are starters......I have a serious problem with it, if these are guys not playing or getting the PT they want - well maybe I can understand...but to walk-away when things are tough ?? Please......man up and be a part of the solution. Make your team-mates better, call them out, hold them accountable in every aspect possible and create a winning culture. Quitting is selfish.

Well, again...it happens every year at every school (transfers), let's not read more (MC has "completely" lost control over his locker room) than what it is, or has publicly transpired now. Is it 10 or 20 players that blkpanther knows who are transferring?..or is it 3 or 5?...will they do it come August 2010? It seems to me better to wait a little bit more rather than talk on just conjectures of what is going on.

I also kind of agree more with FIUPIKE's take on the players that might transfer (again, it happens EVERY year at every school...win or lose) than LonePanther's take. I would be very disappointed if either Gaitor and/or TY would bolt at this point. They are the 'face' of the program, and have been given a lot of attention by the school. Of course, ultimately, anyone that wants to leave have their "good" reasons to do so. But at this time, all this talk is only rumors and conjectures that don't do any good for the program. At least that is my opinion.

All this means nothing until FIU or Pete P. releases it. I could just the same start a post that says Pooh Bear is going to transfer.

I don't post very often as much of what I think is echoed by many others. If this team falls to having three wins or fewer this season then I think MC must get into a bowl next year or the radar must go up for a new HC. A subpar year can be forgiven if we manage to win half our games next year (which 6 wins = bowl). It would be MC's 4th year and would show which is the true direction of this team, last years improvement or this years regression.
If MC does not come back next year (I by no means want this as I think he needs 1 more year) then i hope PG replaces him with an experienced HC, not a big name, but someone who has run an SBC school before.
The HC at Colorado is on the hot seat but was great at Boise. Someone of that ilk would suit us fine.

Coach Whipple is the type of coach we are looking for. Bright, innovative, has been a head college coach, won a national championship (FCS) with a great offense and was NFL OC. He has had success at every level and won at every level.

Again, it comes down to WHO is supposely considering a transfer. If the leaders of the team are the ones voicing their displeasure, then this effect will trickle down to all the players. This would be a very BAD scenario.

FIU Fanatic, this is not professional sports. As a student athlete, you do not have the time in college sports to wait for a turnaround year that may never come. That being said, I strongly doubt that any of the supposed players that want to transfer are of the highest tier at FIU. TY and Gaitor seem to be the kind of individuals that don't back down from a challenge. If this report is to be believed, then it's most probably coming from the freshmen on the team.

Finally, no disrespect to blkpanther, but this is just heresay as far as I'm concerned.

I have no problem with guys that know they don't have the talent to play here transferring. To them I say, good decision and good luck.

However, if you have the talent and work ethic, you'll find a way to get on the field and be successful, period. Anything less is just quitting in my book, and quitters are losers. Sometimes the facts are harsh and cold, but they're still the facts.

We are currently the worse team in FBS College Football. Where are our players who "don't have the talent to play here" going to go? FCS?

The worst team in FBS?....let's not take it that far...but yes, they may end up in a nice FCS school or perhaps even a JUCO, why not?

It's one thing having the talent and another playing up to it on Saturdays. That's what coaches are for. Our guys are playing below our talent level this year.

We are ranked 112th in CBSSports.com's 120. We have the 117th ranked total defense and 99th ranked total offense.

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