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Game 8: Louisiana vs. FIU LIVE BLOG

Hallo Happy Halloween from FIU Stadium. A chamber of commerce hot, sunny day here in Miami. The FIU Witches also send their best wishes for a Happy Halloween to all.

In less than 30 minutes, your Panthers will take on the Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns and we'll find out later this afternoon if it's trick or treat for FIU.

FIU is seeking its first home win of the season and first-ever win against the Cajuns.Ull

****So that the question is not asked 500 times during the LIVE BLOG, here are your viewing & listening options for today's game: 

Blog BLOG: Right here.

Tv VIDEO: Panther Pass on fiusports.com

Radio RADIO: 790 AM -- the part-time home of FIU Football.

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1) The size of the LIVE BLOG window is at its maximum, but the way the blog program works by making the window larger it takes away the scroll button. However, you can still view previous comments by using your arrow keys.

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If you are 1 of the first 25 to log-on AND I think you will contribute some worthwhile comments then I will go ahead and approve you as unmoderated commentator.

3) After the 25 spots are taken up, I then have to approve each comment from each reader. So if your comment takes a minute or so to show up it's because I'm busy either writing down the previous play for my game notes, working on the FIU/UL notebook for Sunday's paper or posting on the blog at the moment. At that time, I am not able to publish what you posted, but I will eventually get to it.

Let's go blogging....


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Great comeback win!!!

Could anyone here me screaming at ULL's QB?

Pete, I was at the game and I belive I didnt see TY play at all except for a kickoff return. Is he injured??? Whats going on???

just got back home. That was a great game! same as Wes , didn't see TY all day.

Good win for us, thought we ran it a little too much, but we got a W and that's what matters.

BTW tell Alajajian (sp) fans love him for coming up on the stands!

Just saw the highlights. First thing's first. Congrats on the win.

But judging from the highlights and seeing how the attendance was reported around 8k....I can't see more than 5k from the different angles I saw on channel 4. I think you guys need get your students involved with the AD's department. Look towards freshman orientation in giving away free tickets, the +1 guest policy that you mentioned, etc. I hope you guys really get a bigger crowd, teams do feed off of it.

A very good character-building win for our team, especially coming off so many losses and some negativity permeating around the program. The was it was celebrated afterwards was sweet indeed.

Ah captain obvious (fomenter) never fails to point out the attendance issue, win or lose. What did you expect oh guru of the turnstiles, WE HAD 1 WIN GOING INTO THIS GAME!! Maybe you should focus more on the CrimiNoles attendance cause from the looks of that stadium on ESPN, that wasn't even close to a sellout. Pretty sad for such a "storied" program in that podunk town.

It is sad for FSU to have attendance issues. Then again, we've had our very own Weekend at Bernie's coaching for the past 10 years, so there are a lot of people who just don't care. Even with that, we still had over 60k at the game.

See scUM, me focusing on it all day or none at all won't change the attendance. You guys focusing on your attendance issues actually will. I struggle to understand how an Athletic Department with their detailed ambitions, visions and plans for the future fail to meet the NCAA minimum, much less stir a minimal interest in the student body. 1 win or not, with your student body size and market, that should scream a misappropriation of time and priorities by your athletic department.

But continue to harbor such resentment towards other programs, I'm sure you're a happy person. Have a good weekend, enjoy the win.

For once I agree with Fomenter. The FIU administration have to find ways to pack the stadium I remember when I was a student at UF, no one used to go to the basketball games, and Billy Donovan came and changed to FREE attendance for students and then the O'Connell Center used to be half way full, Now after several years good luck trying to get tickets. I think at this point FIU is getting the funds from the athletic fees, and should have free tickets for students + second at half price, and group discounts, block seating for the student groups, alumni, etc.

Also we need the band and cheeleaders back, just look at the games on TV every week, and they always show both and that might help bring more students, friend and families to the stadium. Also getting some corporate sponsorships and have contest with high school players, students, etc before the game, during half time, etc.
Lets face it the product on the field and at game day is poor, so lets get people in and don't charge, once the school spirit and fan base develops, as well as the product during the games, then lets start charging some more, and if we ever get to play with the big boys, believe me the money will come from tickets, apparel, buster etc.
I haven't seen any highlights and I didn't get a chance to listen to the game but by the score, turn overs, etc. it sounded like a very sloppy game by both teams. But it is good to know that some players showed up to play for FIU and we won even with our star players out of game.

We do have the cheerleaders back. They have been at every game.

Talk about someone having the need to come here and point out the obvious attendance issues, which are prevalent in most sports events in South Florida, while not necessarily so in Tallahassee. Meow...

Those that didn't show up....they missed a great moment when we tied the game, and won it on a blocked field goal attempt. We need to win to have a chance to impact attendance the way we as fans want...and some of our detractors that come here don't.

Was at the game, Great Game!!! it was a nail biter in the last quarter.....when Paul threw that TD to tie the game, he went crazy! good to see that kind of celebration! then the OT!!! boy oh boy, i was glad to see that we pulled it off!! btw, they want TY to heal up and get healthy....they didn't think that they needed him in this game....GO FIU!

This games crowd did look a little thin. But to you might be wrong on putting the blame on the Athletic department. If you did go to the game, you should have noticed that the STUDENT section (the free entrance people) was practically non existant. The sidelines and paid ticket holding sections were all full. I paid to get in and let me tell you it was well worth it. This is also the game that had the most consistant fans. The fourth quarter had just about the same amount of people the game started with.

As far as play calling maybe there was something im not seeing but ... way too many run plays were called. The passing game is what saved the day at the end. There was a pick and a few other close ones, but hey a win is a win.

I knew it would be a bit emptier than normal because after all it was Halloween weekend. I almost didn't go myself because I was out all night Friday.

But as Rage said, it was the one game where the crowd size stayed the same throughout.

And to be honest, I felt the crowd was a louder and livelier than normal.

I believe the reason for the Student section not being more full is because the time of the game. 12pm is way to early for kids to get up in the morning after they have partied the night before....that's just my opinion...GO FIU!

If we were 6-2 there would have been triple the attendance last night. Period. Pay no mind to the dissenters that come on this board and try to pin blame on the administration for our attendance issues when their teams face the same issues with FAR less reasonable excuses. The attendance riddle is simple - win, win big, and win often. Then you can charge whatever you want and the students and everyone else will come by the truckload. Get to it FIU.

a nice balanced attack and little penalties..... good win!!!

Free tickets may have helped a bit, but with the circumstances present in yesterday's game (Halloween day, 12 PM kick off which is abnormal at FIU, and a 1-6 record playing ULL), I wouldn't have expected more than 5,000 fans. Had it been Halloween night, I bet there would have been 2,000 fans or less.

If we had a better record (say 4-3 going in), we would have had better attendence. Free tickets would help, but consistent winning will help tenfold.

I agree with Fomenter! This was an exciting game and while I enjoyed the victory, I saw way too many empty seats. Our team probably would've tied the game earlier considering they had a few opportunities early in the 4th, but a few thousand fans in the stands is not enough to get that stadium as loud as necessary to disrupt the opponent's game and for our players to feed off their energy. The student section was almost empty, less than 500 by my count and that's usually the loudest section.

Again, we shouldn't have any problems filling that stadium to capacity given the size of the student body and alumni base. From a business perspective, the Athletic Department should be targeting students. The benefits of having a student section filled to capacity outweigh the cost of giving an extra pass or two and marketing around campus. We need to focus our efforts on attendance since funding from other sources has either slowed down or is non-existent. The focus should be on getting students out to the games, followed by alums and ultimately friends of the university and casual observers.

This was an exciting win, but the university pays top dollar to AD Garcia, MC and the entire coaching staff. In addition to coaching, recruiting, and developing players, everyone in the athletics department should be held accountable for driving in revenue. It's called multitasking, so if it means the athletic department spends more time in marketing and advertising initiatives and developing creative ways to bring out larger crowds, so be it! Like Fomenter said, with all the sophisticated planning and the sky's-the-limit tone of FIU athletics, how can we overlook one of the biggest components of building a championship program? The numbers don't lie and sooner or later, attendance will become an issue for a program that is undoubtedly on the rise. Solving the problem now rather than later is a prudent move.

Nonetheless, great win by FIU! What an exciting last 2 1/2 minutes of play in the 4th quarter. Despite the low attendance, the crowd went absolutely nuts when PMC connected with Elligson! Wow, what a sigh of relief it was to witness this team slowly gain its composure, gather its wits and give ULL hell in the last quarter and then again in OT! Definitely a memorable game!


We will win more with some time... as demonstrated in the last game... the freshman are stepping up. In a few years FIU will be like TROY. Stacked with talent. With that the crowds will come.

Great win FIU - congrats; however, did anyone esle think the post game celebration by the GPers was a little too much? I mean, they beat LL, not UF.

Great win FIU - congrats; however, did anyone esle think the post game celebration by the GPers was a little too much? I mean, they beat LL, not UF.

Posted by: CrazyCane | November 01, 2009 at 04:00 PM

Sounds like one of our closet FIU fans was at the game.

no CC i don't think so....this was the first win ever over UL, i think that they deserved to Celebrate!!!! I was there at the game, and i thought they played great!

btw, thanks for the compliment!

Great win. More credit to the defense then the offense (first time I said that all season long).. I hope TY is at 100% for our next game. Crowed will also be alot bigger in the next game. Hope to see at least 10K to 12K. Now the question is can we win 3 more Sunbelt Games? I think we have a pretty good chance (specially NT, and FAU).. Just sad to see that we can finish at 5-7 at best. Never thought we would drop below 6-6..

Pete: Do you know what games we have scheduled for next year? How many open spots do we have in the schedule to fill? Finally, are we going to have 5 or 6 home games next year?


Go FIU!!

What that crazy cane wearing the UM jersey in the student section? I meant to go up to that person, but got caught up in the win.

Did anyone see the stats of the UM/Wake Forest game? UM had no business winning that game. Thier top 20 ranking is an absolute joke. Wake Forest had 33 first downs to 19 for UM, outgained UM by about 200 yards (555 to 356), and held the ball for 38:52 compared to 21:08 for UM. That's domination. The only reason UM won is because UM won the turnover battle 4 to 1.

Which is the same turnover margin ULL enjoyed over FIU. That's why FIU deserved to celebrate. ULL would probably beat UM.

lol ULL would get destroyed by UM. Come on guys... lets be realistic.

SouthPaw - you are a joke my friend. Every FIU poster on this blog should call you out for being a joke.

I forgot - what determines who wins the game - the scoreboard at the end of the game - or who who had the most yards?

Wow SouthPaw...

No way in hell the Canes lose to ULL. They had a tough game but good teams find ways to win; and the canes are a much improved unit from last year.

Did everyone know that Dave and Busters by Dolphin Mall shows the FIU games?

Hey, let's not forget that UL-L beat the Big 12 North leading Kansas St. Some games ucg looks beatable and other games they look, well, ah, beatable. They definately should have lost to Wake.

Anyway, good win by the Panthers; way to fight hard to the end.

p.s. FIU Volleyball is now 24-2 having swept the Louisana this past weekend.

FPL I saw that guy in the canes jersey! The people around me were yelling GO HOME @#%@%#!!

LOL pretty soon its not going to be safe for those fake fans!

Student attendance was lame & unfortunately, our Homecoming game tickets for visitors are $24???? why would you do that? Most of our attendance are from visitors. Why would you charge 24 dollars for an FIU game? 15 is already far too expensive, now 24?

ya i saw that UM guy too lol really man.. why would you wear a UM jersey to an FIU game... its just plain classless.. the game was well fought... i love how our defense didnt quit.. and the OT victory was great... i think im bringing the RIP sign to all the games.. lol

Hey the Herald for the last 2 days has had FIU News all over it.. Its about time!!

Girls Soccer (Leaders of the Sunbelt)
Volleyball (Leaders of the Sunbelt)
Football (Wins in OT!)
Swimming & Divining (Athlete of the week)
Mens Basketball (The begining of IT era)

Things are rolling the right way. Now we just need another $10 million donation to pick up the pace on the stadium.. Pull out the check book!!


JSuarez, the tickets are $24??! I wouldn't pay $24 for a Dolphins game, let alone an FIU, but then again I'm cheap and prefer to watch football on TV.

The AD really needs to make some major changes. Yes, we want to be at a point where we can charge $24 for tickets, but if UM isn't selling out games, we sure as heck can't charge $24 for the current product on the field. How about flex game prices? Charge more for the bigger games like Troy or Toledo?

Btw Southpaw, you're crazy if you think ULL would beat UM. I'm not a UM fan, but there's no way they beat UM.

Great win and a very exciting finish. And yes, any team that ties a game by scoring a TD with 10 seconds left on 4th down and then wins the game by blocking a field goal is going to be extremely excited, regardless of the opponent.


Tickets have been $24 for sideline seats and $15 for endzone seats all year. I paid $15 tickets for the two home games I attended this year because like most of you, I believe that $24 is a little much considering the product on the field this year. However, $24 for sideline tickets has been the price all year, and not a sudden increase.

Yeah - but shouldn't FIU be paying the fans to come watch at this point?

I don't know, CC, you tell me since you're their biggest fan. lol, in all seriousness, I think that tickets should definitely be lowered and the +1 policy should be reinstated. Unfortunately, the Athletic Department seems a little stubborn and naive so I highly doubt it.

Well, CC if FIU should be paying our fans to show, then I guess UM "PAY-OUT" to their fans was too low, b/c the attendance @ the Clemson game was pathetic. Even the announcer mentioned how disappointing it was being in an empty stadium.

As always, I was at the FIU game on Sat and the crowd was extremely disappointing, however it was noon & the opponent was ULL. For true fans the time or team SHOULD NOT matter, however this is the city of Miami and our fans have NEVER been known as LOYAL.

The "PAID" attendance @ the UM / Clemson game was 45K, the "ACTUAL" attendance was estimated to be between 28K-30K! Common guys! Anyone who roots for "them" and criticizes the FIU crowd (which are poor!) has to look in the mirror to view their pathetic reality. UM has history; 5 championships, classic games viewed by millions around the country, top-tier team from early 80's to early 2000's, etc. and 60K fans can't support them! That is why those criticisms of FIU's poor attendance ring VERY hollow to me coming from UM supporters!


theINTERNATIONAL & CarolinaGoldenPanther: I'm just repeating what the annoucer said all throughout the game. He said the tickes were 24 for North Texas. Homecoming game increase? ridiculous. theINTERNATIONAL, I hope you're right. 80% of our attendance does NOT sit in the student section

Oh that was you CJ with the RIP sign? Lol. That was pretty funny.

I was the dude screaming at Mason (the ULL QB) whenever he was near by. I'll probably go sit in the visitor section next time and talk trash to the opposing bench.

Any news on a watch party for this weekend's game?

Student guest passes and west endzone tickets have been/are/and will continue to be $15 per ticket.

If you need to more info, call the ticket director, Jeremy Lamb, at jlamb@fiu.edu


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