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FIU/WKU Preview: It's All In The Weather

LOUISVILLE, KY -- Been a cold, rainy and dreary day in the home of Colonel Sanders and LouisvilleCol Slugger.  

Staying about 2 hours away from Bowling Green (no commercial flights into there) -- home of the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers -- and been told the weather is the same down there today on Friday. It's sort of like the weather here can sum up the season thus far for your Panthers.

But watching the local weather bunny on TV here and she says the forecast for Saturday in both Louisville and Bowling Green is for clear, sunny skies and temps in the upper 50's to low 60's for the 7 p.m. kickoff Weath between FIU and WKU. (What's that you say, that's not a Louisville meterologist on the left?)

So maybe the change in the weather here portends to a change in the Panthers season as well after Saturday's game.

It certainly won't be easy as we have seen that FIU does not make anything easy this season. Just in time for the Panthers, WKU changed quarterbacks from the ineffective and immobile Brandon Smith to the accurate and fleet-footed Kawaun Jakes -- which is the type of QB that has always given FIU fits. (See: Dasher, Dwight [Middle Tennessee]; Revell, Trey [ULM])

Jakes led the Hilltoppers to their best offensive output of the season last week against Navy -- 22 points and 434 yards of total offense. FIU D better be ready for this dude.

If we look at the national stats, it seems it could be a good day for the FIU O. On defense, WKU is ranked at or near the bottom of many categories.

In scoring D: WKU is No. 120 out of 120 Division I teams allowing 41 points per game. WKU is also dead last in rushing yards allowed per game (299.75) and No. 118 in total D (499.5 yards per game).

FIU's offense has to score and score a hell of a whole lot on this defense to not give WKU any hope ofTwain springing the upset. (Yes, FIU is favored by 3 in Las Vegas)

In scoring offense, WKU is No. 119 (12.2 points per game) and No. 119 in total offense.

But then you factor in FIU's poor play on D the last two weeks and check the Panthers defensive rankings: No. 120 in total D -- 513 yards per game; No. 116 in scoring D -- 38 points per game and No. 117 in rushing D -- 240.5 yards per game and this could very well be an offensive shootout.

The Panthers hope the WKU stats hold true and that the FIU D's stats justify Mark Twain: "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics". Why not with a Twain reference, since we are bordering his home state of Missouri.

FIU can in no way, shape or form come into this game overconfident or it will get gashed. If the Panthers play 4 quarters of football -- not 1 half or a quarter like has been the case this season. Run the ball like they did vs. Toledo and score each time they have a chance [that's TDs & FGs] and the FIU D that was last seen in Tuscaloosa and Piscataway shows up then it should be a happy flight home for your Panthers to Miami late Saturday night into early Sunday morning. If not, despite the projected 90-degree, sunny and clear skies forecast for Miami on Sunday, it could be cold, rainy and dreary along SW 8 Street.

GPP says: FIU 38, WKU 27

Aaapaw The GPP LIVE BLOG for the FIU/WKU game will begin at 6:45 p.m. on Saturday night right here. It is a 7 p.m. game, so that screws with my deadlines and will have to leave the blog probably near the end of the third quarter to start writing for Sunday's paper. BUT I will leave the blog open for you good people to go at it.


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FIU 37
WKU 36

FIU better bring their A game. No penalties, no turnovers, and dadgummit wrap up on those tackles. Also would love to see us take advantage of Younger's mobility as well as Hilton and Perry in a Wildcat formation on third and short.

One word for the weather girl: caliente.

Pete if we win can the next blog be about her?

That's one gorgeous weather bunny! Though, the "Maximas Hoy" would lead me to believe you tried to pull a fast one, Pete!

I am shocked that we're dead last in total D. And to think, most of that is due to Toledo and ULM only makes things worse.

I'd also be shocked if anyone can pay attention to the heat index while looking at that girl!

WKU 20
FIU 23

Pete makes some good points, the WKU team that played NAVY is not the same team from earlier this season.

With this said, I think it'll be a real struggle tomorrow.

FIU 41
WKU 30

Love the photo of Jackie Guerido. I have a friend that doesn't even speak Spanish who has his alarm set so he wake up an see do the weather everyday.

FIU 35. WKU 24

FIU 42 WKU 41 1200 yards total, we might stop them a couple of times and they will hit a couple of FG, we will score 6 TD, This might be our only W this season

TY just got some pub on ESPN's Nevada vs LA Tech game - he was picked by one of the announcers as his college fantasy football pick for the week at WR, "absolute star".

Lead us to the expected W tomorrow TY!

Pete, what happened to Reggie Jones? Cedric Mack isn't listed on the two deep this week? Jacob Younger listed at WR but no Marquis Rolle? Is Chris Cawthon still on the team? What in the world is going on with our depth chart? It just gets more puzzling every week.

FIU has to win this game or the season is essentially over. I think FIU will finally execute on both sides of the ball--FIU 44 WKU 16.

I think i posted my prediction but cant find it. FIU wins 31-20. TY scores two TOUCHDOWNS!! and the defense hangs on to win this one.

A couple of other suggestions for the O:

* Circus Play
* Statue of Liberty

See Boise State, Fiesta Bowl.

FIU losses on 4th quarter drives by WKU and costly turnovers. I love FIU but I think we are going to be 0-5 after this one.

FIU 41 - wku 27

Pete, what happened to Reggie Jones? Cedric Mack isn't listed on the two deep this week? Jacob Younger listed at WR but no Marquis Rolle? Is Chris Cawthon still on the team?

Jones, a senior, is ineligible so he is through at FIU.

Mack is on the team's travel roster here in Bowling Green.

Rolle is out for 2-3 weeks with a knee injury.

Cawthon is on the team, but has not moved up on the depth chart.

FIU - 34
WKU - 20

I foresee a break out game for our "three musketeers" at RB; they all have big runs this game.

My prediction... FIU 34, WKU 20

Just win, baby...

WKU 42 FIU 14

Is the 1080 AM internet broadcast working for you guys? I can't seem to make it work here....Help!

yes,this really great information in the game world..fantastic..

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