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FIU/Arkansas State Preview: Hunting Season In Jonesboro

Memphis MEMPHIS, Tennessee -- Here tonight from Memphis -- America's Center of Distribution -- as the sign says in the airport and as the 7,500 Fed Ex planes stationed at the airport will remind you.

Memphis is also the land of Elvis, but that was before my time. Haven't seen any Elvis impersonators, but there was a Britney Spears (pre-shaved head and babies) look-a-like on the same flight into Memphis. She told me she was headed to some gymnastics competition in town.

Memphis is about 1 hour away from Jonesboro, Arkansas where your Panthers will take on the Arkansas State Red Wolves on Saturday night.

It is homecoming for the Red Wolves and they have been waiting 350 days (Nov. 8, 2008) since last season to exact some revenge on FIU for the "Hilton Heave" loss.

Although it is homecoming, the crowd and atmosphere might be a little subdued at ASU Stadium, because of all things -- hunting season.

True story: speaking to some folks from Jonesboro during the week, they say that once hunting season starts in Jonesboro then the crowds at their football games start to become smaller and smaller. Hunting season started in Jonesboro earlier this month.

And it could be hunting season in more ways than one on Saturday. On Oct. 1, bobcat hunting seasonElmer started over here. That is the closest animal to a panther that they can hunt in these parts.

However, I got a feeling the Red Wolves will be hunting panthers on Saturday.

Besides being an angry team for last season's loss at FIU, ASU features what can be an explosive offense to throw at FIU. Quarterback Corey Leonard is just as good with his legs as he is with his arm.

For the past three years, running back Reggie Arnold has feasted on the FIU D and with the way that unit is playing this season it could be more of the same on Saturday.

Not only can ASU run the ball, but they have a version of T.Y. in receiver Brandon Thompkins. Plus, their O-Line is as big and physical as Troy's was last week.

It just feels like the Red Wolves are going to put up a WNBA score on FIU like possibly in the high 40's, maybe 50's.

Coincidentally, Jackie informs us that those are the expected temperatures for Saturday's game: high 40's-Jjg 50's with clear skies.

FIU's offense is not as complete (run game) as ASU's and I just can't see them matching every Red Wolves score.

Plus, FIU's O-Line has to contend with future NFLers Alex Carrington (picture El Monstruo at 295 pounds and that's AC) and Demario Davis on the ASU D.

Yes, this is the Sun Belt where close games are usually the norm, but there is too much going against FIU entering this game.

The Panthers are 1-3 all-time vs. ASU. FIU played its first-ever Sun Belt game against Arkansas State in Jonesboro in 2005 and lost 66-24.

Don't think it will be that bad on Saturday (FIU is an 11-point underdog), but I don't think the Panthers are flying home to Miami with a W.

You know the drill: Come back on here and tell me I was wrong around 10:30 p.m. on Saturday night.

GPP says: Arkansas State 48, FIU 24


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im going out on a limb here.... FIU 38 Arkansas State 35

I don't think so Pete! lol FIU 31 Ark State 24

FIU 100

Doesn't matter at this point what I predict, so I'll go with my heart.

FIU 42
Ark St 41

My prediction is ASU 42 FIU 28

Ark st. 21
FIU 20

Ark st. wins on the "Leonard Lunge" at the goal line.

FIU wins 42-38!

FIU 28
ASU 27

ASU 52 - FIU 34

FIU 34 ASU 24

If FIU gives up more than 28 points, Galiano's days are over, son.

FIU 56
ASU 42

Let's git'r dun in arkinsa!!!

Is the game either online or on tv?

Perhaps the game could be shown via webcast from their website....will look into it..

FIU 31 ASU 30

I can't see our defense stopping the run. But what do I know?

ASU 44

FIU 30

I hope I'm wrong.

ASU - 41
FIU - 27

I hope I am wrong!

um.... ya... to go w/ the heart or to go w/ the mind.... mind says ASU in revenge heart tells me FIU pulls it together... mind over heart in this one... our defense hasnt shown me jack... ASU 41-FIU 39... this game is always close last 2 years has come down to the wire... no different this year... but.. hopefully it reverse

After thinking about it long and hard (that's what she said), this year hasn't been that terribly disappointing. Alabama was a better result than we all anticipated, Rutgers has really pulled their act together and currently have a 5-2 record.

We've laid several eggs since, but the injuries do hurt. Plus our D-coordinator is worthless. But I am excited that the freshmen are going to get a chance to play.

FIU 28
ASU 41

Our D just isn't big enough to stop the run game. And as usual, our offense will get on the scoreboard, but late in the game. I hope I'm wrong.

Hey, we are only 11point underdogs.....We will come out of this with a WIN!! GO FIU and GO #86!

ASU 43
FIU 28

To all that are suggesting we are going to lose BIG:

If we keep giving up +/- 500 yards per game the D-Coordinator needs to go. I have not seen any defensive adjustments that shows me he's worth keeping at year's end with this program which is on the rise. I realize that in a few games we have been over match...but still. At the start of the season the story was about the strength of the team was linebackers. Why can't we make the defensive adjustments and play more team defence?

What do you guy think, I am interested in knowing???

Anyone watching via PantherPass or ASU's website? I signed up through ASU and am having trouble viewing their pregame show.

The pregame show might be only audio

i'm signed up and is listening to the pregame show now, i've had no problems

i'm listening and watching on the ASU website btw

i'm only listening....the selection has a sign of music...implying it's only audio...at 7pm (6pm their time) the video link becomes 'active'....

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