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Troy/FIU Preview: Does It Come In Black?

n the spirit of the whole "Blackout Night" at FIU Stadium on Saturday for the Troy/FIU Blk game this post is written in all bold black.

Your Panthers will be sporting nifty new black adidas jerseys and you are encouraged to wear black as well to the game.

So we know FIU and most of you will be in black on Saturday, but does an FIU win come in black?

Let's see Troy will most likely be the toughest game for FIU since the Alabama opener. The Trojans enter FIU Stadium as probably the most complete team since the Crimson Tide that FIU faced in the season opener.

Troy QB Levi Brown and his fast weapons such as Jerrel Jernigan (Troy's No. 3 is their answer to FIU's No. 4), Tebiarus Gill, DuJuan Harris and Shawn Southward to name a few are likely salivating reading FIU's run defense numbers from the first 5 games of the season.

Apete The Panthers have given up in rushing yardage this season: 275 yards (Alabama), 160 (Rutgers), 223 (Toledo), 304 (ULM) and 263 (WKU) last week.

Now Troy's offensive strength is the passing game, plus a little Wildcat, but if FIU doesn't find a way to somehow stop the run, not only will Trojan running backs look like Adrian Peterson (left), but Brown and the receivers will have a field day. This game has the potential to get ugly on scoreboard for FIU.

On offense, FIU has done a nice job in its last 3 games averaging 34.3 points per game, but the Panthers have not faced a defensive front 7 since Alabama like they will see on Saturday. Four of Troy's front 7 were named to the Preseason All-Sun Belt team. These Trojan defenders are quick and powerful and could make for a long day for Paul McCall and the rest of the FIU O.

These are not the Hilltoppers on D, but if FIU can establish the type of running game it had last week at WKU and control the clock -- ala the Dolphins -- then it could get interesting.

Of course having T.Y. Hilton at 100 percent would definitely help FIU, but No. 4 doesn't play defense and that's where this game will be decided. Troy will take advantage of the FIU D and the Panthers O will score, but not as easily as it has been doing the last 3Jackie weeks.

FIU is 0-5 all-time against Troy and is a 10-point underdog on Saturday.

Now stranger things have happened before and Jackie (right) calls for a forecast on Saturday night's of heavy rain which could play a part in this game.

But I just can't see the Panthers keeping up with the Trojans. I will say this: if FIU wins on Saturday, it will be the greatest win in the 7+year history of the program. The 2005 first Sun Belt win at Louisiana-Monroe comes close, but this Troy team is so much better than that ULM team and the Trojans are rolling and clicking in all facets of the game right now.

Tell me I'm wrong about my predicted score below, around 10:30 p.m. on Saturday.

GPP says: Troy 42, FIU 23


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Putting the fear if Jesus in us here Pete! These guys can't be tougher than Bama on the road? I go with the upset, as usual.

FIU 28
Achilles' Men 27

This feels like a step backwards from last year. Oh well, I'll be there Sat in black from head to toe.


Our good luck charm - Jackie Guerrido - is with us! So far we're undefeated when she's on one of your blogs, Pete lol Let's keep that streak going! But yea I can't wait for the game tomorrow! I know it's going to be a tough game and we're heavy underdogs but I have a good feeling about this one. LET'S GO PANTHERS! BLAAAACKOUUUUUUT!

FIU 32
Condoms: 21

LOL ...

FIU 28
Troy 24

Im hoping the lights do blackout on a troy drive. They actually said we were a like a technical school in the troy forum...they have a 7000+ study body and a 63% acceptance.

Does anyone else have nightmares of Pete's preseason blogs in which he mentioned big runs being pulled off by DP and DM against the D? It was being reported blog after blog after blog...

It seemed great at the time, because we all thought it meant our O-Line was somewhat improved from last year. It was a bad omen all along.

Curse our blogging!!!

I still think this team is better than last years. Last year was not a fluke. Lets go Panthers!!!!!!!!!!!

"On offense, FIU has done a nice job in its last 3 games averaging 34.3 points per game, but the Panthers have not faced a defensive front 7 like they will see on Saturday. "

Their front 7 is no way, no how better than the Alabama front 7 Pete... McClain, Cody... No way.

FIU 28

mc is a disgrace

I like the post from Don Strock. lol

lol that explains the bitterness in that comment

Don Stock lolololol what a d bag

I agree Pete. Every time I read your blog, it sounds like we are facing Alabama every single game.

"On offense, FIU has done a nice job in its last 3 games averaging 34.3 points per game, but the Panthers have not faced a defensive front 7 like they will see on Saturday. "

JSuarez88: That was supposed to read...."the Panthers have not faced a defensive front 7 [since Alabama] like they will see on Saturday"

I left out [since Alabama] on the original post

I think we gave them a good scare last year, and this year, at home, we beat last year's champs!

FIU always takes a couple of games to warm and loosen up. I think it's time we start winning at home.

I'am taking 10 friends with me to help fill up the stadium. Would be nice to see FIU organize a Pep Rally to get the students hyped up in GC, but we'll see... maybe next year...

FIU really needs to step up their marketing and really make a lot of noise ON CAMPUS and give the students a big reason to go out there on Saturdays. They have really improved from last year by placing the banners, showing the games on TV in GC, but we really need to see a stronger showing with the coach hyping people up in the Pit.

Troy 41
FIU 21


COACHES go room to room in the dorms on Game Day and ask students to come.

fiu 41

troy 40

This game is the turning point of the season. Coach Galiano needs to start figuring out how to stop someone, or his season will be over soon.

FIU 27
Troy 23

FIU 20 - Troy 38


Guys, if FIU can pull the upset today can it be possible to continue winning (except the UF game) go to a bowl and make the season all that it's suppose to be??? Sure why not us!!! This is the start of something special...

FIU: 37
Troy: 24

ok this is my hope, FIU over latex 34-27... but.. i am not thinkin FIU can do it if the run d resembles anything of the first 5 games... so pete... latex over the GP 34-27

It all NEEDS to start with home field advatage and the 12th man. The attendace has to be there!!! We need + 15,000 in our house to make it special for the team letting them know that it's a true home field advantage. I'll be there with 3 other alumni on the International side between the 46 & 48 yard line. By the shake that cage tonight as never done before if an upset is to be. See you all at The Cage tonight in Black!!!

My prediction
Troy 45
FIU 7 (17 if TY plays)

Alright... assuming the Panthers turn it around in this game, and we play as hard as we did at Alabama, we will have a great chance to get the upset. I think last game's WKU win was important. This season is kind of like that car you keep hoping will start, and you keep trying the ignition. I think it turns on tonight.

FIU 33
Troy 30

Troy 50

FIU-Black O-ut

im gonna get all wet tonight....oooohhhhhh noooooooo

We come out swinging for the fence and begin Sunbelt domination. FIU 28-21!!!!!

hey guy, i got word that TY is not playing today....i hope i'm wrong!!!! GO FIU!


That is going to hurt is.
Getting ready now to start heading down to the stadium.

Go Panthers.

FIU 34 Troy 31

What the heck.....

Goodluck FIU!!! GO #86! Wish i was there @ the game today, but will b watching at home via Panther Pass....it better be working good tonight!

No worries about tonight, let's all relax and not drown in a glass of water. Go to your playlist, crank up Black Eye Peas Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night, pop open a Corona, and Troy will start lookin like teddy bears.

@FIUer: jajajajajaja great post! We will be getting pumped with some Bob Sinclair! See you all at the game tonight!


So can anyone else confirm KJHarris02's info regarding TY's status?

That would be a big blow...

Is 790 am airing the FIU game? if so, what do u click on?? thanks

never mind, i found the link

KJHarris02, 790AM will be airing the game. Here's a direct link:


If the link does not work, click on "Listen Live" on the upper right corner of their homepage.

Off to the game...GO PANTHERS!!!!

FIU 17
Troy 41

thanks, the international!!! GO FIU!

Troy 37
FIU 17

Heading out to the game in black!

FIU 31
Troy 28

Tonight we fight till the very end!

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