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M.I.K.I.F.W. Update; FIU Voter Revealed; 1st Hoops Practice

T.Y. Hilton and the M.I.K.I.F.W. Mikifw
sat out practice again on Wednesday. Goodbye did some light jogging, stretching and exercise bike.

Here's MC's take on Goodbye on Wednesday: "He seems a little bit better. With an injury like that, when you get treatment sometimes it's every two or three hours you feel a little bit better, you feel a little bit worse. If he can practice, great. If he cannot practice, then other guys have to continue to step up."

Good news on the injury front: running back Darriet Perry, center Brad Serini and receiver Marquis Rolle all practiced and should be ready to go for Saturday.


Some of you were wondering who was the Sun Belt coach who voted FIU to win the conference title in theBlake preseason? It was Troy head coach Larry Blakeney (right). Trojans beat writer Drew Champlin from the Dothan Eagle asked Blakeney about FIU after the vote and these were Blakeney's thoughts as Drew told me:

"He's aware at how much talent FIU had returning and coming in, and knew how fast the Golden Panthers are. If there's a team that can match Troy or even outrun Troy, it's FIU. Plus, FIU has Troy at home so the schedule played up well."


Your 2009-2010 FIU basketball team makes it debut on Saturday at 12 noon as the Panthers open practice under first-year coach Isiah Thomas (left). There is no midnight madness and practice is open to the media only and for just the first 10 minutes. Will be there and have a story for you in Sunday's paper and Isiah some blog material.

Will start having some posts on the hoops team soon. The team roster is out on the FIU sports website. You can check it out here: FIU hoops roster

Not much size on this year's team, which could lead to a similar season as the first seasons for MC and TT. Newcomers Jeremy Allen (Central Michigan) and Brandon Moore (Arkansas) have to sit out a season, because of NCAA transfer rules.



FIUGP: Pete, What's the reasoning behind the "blackout" game? Aren't Troy's colors "black snd red"? I noticed the coaches sporting black polo's on the sideline during the ULM game. Is FIU looking to make a color change to "black and gold"?

PP: Blackout games are becoming a tradition around college football and now it's FIU's turn. FIU is not looking to change to Pittsburgh Steelers colors.

KJHarris02: Does anyone know which radio station is airing the FIU game?

PP: Game is on 790 AM.

ridgepanther: BTW TY does not practice and MC says he will not play if he does not practice, the next second Serini misses practice and he will? can you esplain plees?

PP: Serini was expected to and did practice on Wednesday and that's why "he would be good to go on Saturday" when that was said on Tuesday.

** If we had a post/comment of the week award -- sort of like a Player of the Week like they hand out inComm different sports -- then FIUfantastic is this week's winner.

Like I wrote in the last post, when I get on-line each day I will take care of the abusive, vulgar comments each time you post one. However, for you FIU fans read FIUfantastic's following comment and try to understand that you are not the only ones that care about FIU:

FIUfantastic wrote: "I heart anyone who cares enough about FIU football (and sports, in general) to take time out of their busy day to stop by this blog and comment. Even if it's negative; I personally welcome it and I'm happy to ready their comments. Thank you!"



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Pete, probabilities of TY playing on Sat.? We definitely need him. He changes the game. The opposing team HAS TO plan for him, thus leaving the opportunity for ANOTHER star to shine (i.e. Times, Mallary, Ellison, etc.).


why is freddy pic on basketball page?

Pete we understand that TY Hilton is a prtetty good player but come dude, can you post an article on some of the other players at times? Come on already this way over kill!!

LonePanther - my brother actually goes to UM -so, by your own rationale, I can be a legitimate UM fan. YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, I agree with pantherpual - TY is good - but Heisman - No / Tops in the Nation in anything this year - No / Move on to some other players on the team.

Oh yeah and...

Troy 38
FIU 20

Defense needs to step up this game. Offense can put up points. Defense !!!!! HELP !!!!!

"pantherpual" can't even spell his name right, let alone make anything else. He's a poser, plain and simple.

"He's aware at how much talent FIU had returning and coming in, and knew how fast the Golden Panthers are. If there's a team that can match Troy or even outrun Troy, it's FIU. Plus, FIU has Troy at home so the schedule played up well."

He just wasn't aware of how gawd awful the FIU coaching staff is...i guess the nation knows now.

I think we will have a great game this week but unfortunatly I dont think it will be enough. I always want to close my eyes in the second half cause that is when dumb penalties and easy plays are given away.. If the defense can stop them from scoring less then 30points we will WIN!! Dont see it (but I hope Im very wrong).

BTW a 90% Hilton is way better then a 100% anyone else. Get him out there.

FIU: 28
Troy: 38 (most in the 2nd half)

Go Golden Panthers!

If by wed he still hasn't practice... I'm pretty sure he is not going to play... Which absolutely BLOWS.

Got an email today about ticket packages for the FIU vs UF game for NON-members for the alumni association ( I take this to mean... ANYONE can get these packages). They are actually pretty good.

Thanks, FP&L. A few of my friends wanted to go but couldn't because of the season-ticket holder requirement, but good to see that changed.

FIU 27

Hey, I'm 2-3 for the season...hope I'm wrong again.


Pete wouldn't a red shirt be worth giving Junior Mertile if he is behind on rehabing his knee injury?

"LonePanther - my brother actually goes to UM -so, by your own rationale, I can be a legitimate UM fan. YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, I agree with pantherpual - TY is good - but Heisman - No / Tops in the Nation in anything this year - No / Move on to some other players on the team.

Oh yeah and...

Troy 38
FIU 20"

Posted by: CrazyCane | October 15, 2009 at 08:14 AM

Highly suspicious to say the least. I had said this to you previously and you never made mention of your brother that supposedly attends UM.

Either way, it's great for you to support your brother's school (assuming he really attends UM). But to support his school and adopt it as your own school is where you go over the top. You are NOT a cane, so don't call yourself one.

My head is telling me one thing, but sports is all about heart and my heart says FIU pulls the upset!

FIU 37

Troy 34

FIU 27 TROY 23

We will pull the upset. I have a feeling the defense will show some pride this week.


Most importantly ... what does supporting UM have to do with being on the FIU blog?

My cousin is a Gator. Does that mean I can claim to be a Gator? Does that mean I should be on Western Michigan football blog?

Anyone know if they are selling special "Black Out" gear at the bookstore or somewhere else?

Couldn't agree more, FIU FPL.


FIU Bookstore has a black t-shirt for 10 bucks with the helmets for FIU and Troy. It's an OK shirt, but the price is right, I bought one when FIU had the 17% discount on Monday following the WKU win.

The bookstore has some nice stuff now. New caps and shirts with the new logo. They also have a black #4 jersey but it will cost you 60 bucks....

I noticed while driving out from FIU today that the Banners on the lamp posts were reading 'GAME TOMORROW'. I thought that was cool.

FIU FPL: I know they are selling black jerseys and a t-shirt if I am not mistaken.

Check out this Sports Illustrated photo shoot of the FIU Golden Dazzlers!!!! http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/multimedia/photo_gallery/0910/campus.cheer.fiu.vanessa/content.18.html

You guys, I think you're wrong on criticizing CrazyCane, as much as I dislike him. You can pick whatever team you want to support. You don't have to go to a university to support them and consider yourself a member of that school's fandom, as long as you don't lie about going there.

I consider myself an Ohio State fanatic (as well as FIU fanatic as an alum) due to the fact that my parents both went there and hold/held five degrees from Ohio State between the two of them (two BA, two MA and a PhD). I grew up as a Buckeye, and I will never stop being a Buckeye, I don't care what anyone says. If CrazyCane feels the same way about his Hurricanes, why criticize him?

Living in Charlotte, my newborn son will most likely not go to FIU, and that's fine. But if he wants to call himself an FIU fanatic and part of FIU, why not? My wife and I both hold degrees from there and we're both proud alumni (we even have an FIU flag in front of our house, much to the confusion of VT, SC, UNC and Duke fan neighbors). I'm not personally a fan of CrazyCane the person, but I don't think he's wrong for considering himself a Hurricane fanatic and a Hurricane himself.

CarolinaGoldenPanther - the most educated and rational fan on this blog. Thank you.

AGAIN I ASK CarolinaGoldenPanther :

What does being a fan of another school have ANYTHING to do with posting on FIU football blogs?

I hate those "helmet" shirts. What ever happened to the good, old fashioned "F I U" shirts. When I was there, they had them in red, yellow, white, black, etc. They even had one in Orange for Halloween.

Bring those back.

Good post that makes a lot of sense, CarolinaGP. However, I find funny how crazy panther/cane/NY/MIA/Josh feels, somehow, he is an expert in evaluating intelligence...LOL...

CarolinaGoldenPanther, it's hard to argue when you've made your point so eloquently. I agree with most of what you said, except that Crazy will continue getting bashed in these neck of the woods as long as he continues the FIU trash talk. Come on, can't he once say anything positive about our football program? Heck he even bashes our baseball program despite the big progress we've made. Oh well, the more he hates, the more heat he gets.


I see your point and I'll expand my definition. If your parents went to a university and you grew up going to the games and cheering for them, then that's fine. But if you cheer for a school for no apparent reason, then there is almost always only one explanation: you are trying to attach yourself to a winner. That's the textbook definition of a bandwagon fan, the worst kind of fan. 99% of UM fans fall into this category.

Winners don't attach themselves to others to feel good about themselves. Winners attract others to themselves.

More importantly, where did you buy the FIU flag? I'd love to get one.

I have a huge black "FIU/Adidas" flag like the one in the bookstore.

If FIU wins I will buy each FIU fan a hot dog and a coke the at the next home game.Yes, all five of you guys..dogs on me!!!

Troy 50

FIU 14

Well said, CarolinaGP. You can root for whoever the hell you want, for any reason you damn well please. This is America, people. And, by the way, FIU fans have the right to rip apart idiotic comments. This is America, people. :)

My head says Troy wins... but, playing the blog game for all it's worth, I'm going to say FIU. It's what my heart says. :)

FIU 42
Troy 38

I hope they are selling the Black shirts at the stadium. By the way anyone know if we are going to have at least 10K fans at this game?

I hope Im wrong on this but I cant imagine more then 10K. Even though 15K would sound so much better! Cant blame the students on this problem, its us the Alum's that are NOT showing up.. Why?

Go Golden Panthers!

Oh My Sweet Lord, I need to marry a Golden Dazzler.

Carolina Panther,

I have just one question for you... when FIU play was going to play OSU in Isiah's inaugural year, were you going to cheer on the Buckeyes?

I have family who went/go to schools from just about everywhere around the nation. I root for them to do well, sure, why not? But if their schools play FIU, the gloves come off.

As for the Golden Panther bashing, I don't approve of that on an FIU blog. I don't quite get it as to why Crazy comes on here to do that. But that's a whole 'nother issue.

LonePanther, as for when they were going to play, I was hoping to drive up to Columbus and meet my dad (he still lives in Miami) so we could watch the game together. In that situation, I would have rooted for FIU. But, it should be said though, that if OSU had a better chance of making into the tournament and there were "playoff type" implications, I would have to root for Ohio State.

It's a little different situation for me though, as I grew up in Cleveland (moved to Miami at age 11) and there's pictures of me in my crib as a baby wearing Ohio State gear. That being said they're my first love, and it would be hard to cheer against them. That being said, if they played in football, and it had BCS implications for Ohio State, I'd have to root for them. But if it were game one of the year (say it were next year), and FIU's football program was where it still is right now, there's no doubt I'd be hoping for an FIU win. We need that marquee win, and while I'm an Ohio State fan from birth, I'd rather see FIU's program try to get to where Ohio State is.

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