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Cajun Talk

Will be back on here later today with your GPP preview and prediction of Louisiana at FIU and will also get to your questions then.

Here is Ragin' Cajuns beat writer Josh Parrott with his take on Saturday's game.Ullcajuns

1)  The Cajuns lost their top three offensive players in QB Michael Desormeaux, RB Tyrell Fenroy and WR Jason Chery. How have their replacements done and are they similar to the top 3 offensive players from last season?

JP: Those were all big losses. Sophomore Chris Masson won the starting job in preseason camp and has had some nice moments. He's a stronger passer than Desormeaux but not near the runner. Sophomore Brad McGuire has alternated in the past three games as a run threat. He ran for three touchdowns last week but might be out with a sprained foot. Undrea Sails won the starting tailback job as a senior and was the league's fourth-leading rusher before breaking his left leg two weeks ago. Redshirt freshman Yobes Walker has stepped in and averaged 99.5 yards rushing the past two weeks. Chery has been missed in the receiving game, which relies mostly on tight ends Luke Aubrey and Ladarius Green.


2) D-coordinator Kevin Fouquier (left) ran a pretty solid defense at FIU. How's the Cajuns D this season and what can FIU QB Paul McCall expect on Saturday?


JP: The results have been mixed. The defense was strong in the first part of the year, holding down Foo Southern and Kansas State and LSU to a degree. Then the injury bug hit and Nebraska rolled to a big win. The defensive line can't get any pressure on the quarterback and can't stop the run. The Cajuns are first in the league with 10 interceptions but still lack discipline to wrap up on tackles and be in the proper place in coverage. Sloppy is the word that comes to mind.

3) The FIU D has struggled this season. What must the FIU D to stop the Cajuns offense and have a chance to help FIU win this game?



JP: Make the Cajuns one-dimensional. Walker and McGuire have helped the running game pick it up the past few weeks. Masson has struggled when he has to throw it, mostly because opponents at the time know he has to. The Cajuns have won by taking care of the ball. FIU will have a chance if it can create some turnovers.


4) The Panthers are 0-6 against the Cajuns. With your knowledge of the Cajuns, how does FIU go about winning this game?


JP: Make sure T.Y. Hilton touches the ball at least 10-12 times. Give Paul McCall enough time to find his receivers and stretch the field to test a secondary that likes to gamble. Get enough of a running game toHilton maintain some offensive balance. Take advantage of Cajun mistakes, whether it's a missed tackle or a lost fumble.


5) Your game prediction and final score?    


JP: The Cajuns don't play perfect but do enough to win on the road, although it will be closer than it should. FIU makes some plays on offense but can't get to Masson and can’t stop Walker, both of whom have strong performances. Cajuns 30, FIU 21


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