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TY....OK; FIU Mo For Troy; Rosa Wins The Rosa Award

Hiltonty You can all let out a collective sigh of relief as receiver T.Y. Hilton is doing just fine after an MRI this morning revealed that he has just a sprained knee.

Inter The most interesting knee in the FIU world will be there with the rest of No. 4 (left, thanks Alex J. Hernandez photo) on Saturday for a 7 p.m. kickoff against Troy.

Extremely tough task awaits your Panthers when the Trojans arrive in Miami later this week. The most complete team in the Sun Belt is FIU's next opponent.

A much needed win against Western Kentucky last Saturday provides some momentum for FIU going against Troy.

It was good to see other playmakers pick it up when No. 4 was not around. Greg Ellingson and Ty FriersonFriersonty (right, thanks AJH photo) are reliable targets for Paul McCall despite not having the breakaway speed of Goodbye -- but then again not too many people have that Road Runner elusiveness and speed that No. 4 possesses.

Saturday also showed what a healthy Daunte Owens can do. We saw sneak peeks of DO last year at Troy and North Texas and DO showed more of it vs. WKU. DO provides size and speed carrying the ball and is a very nice complement to Darriet Perry. And you cannot forget Darian Mallary, who has yet to be given that little space to break one for 6.

Although they won't be mistaken for the "Hogs" of the Redskins glory years, the FIU O-Line has gotten better as the season has progressed. They kept PMC clean the past few games and opened holes in the running game on Saturday like they did vs. Toledo. If they can do that against Troy, then maybe we'll give them mulligans for the first two games of the season.

Not everything is to be lauded from Saturday's win. The ineffectiveness of FIU's run D is still a mystery to be solved and it needs to be fixed for Troy, because another mobile QB is ready to face the Panthers.

Troy QB Levi Brown and backup QB/Wildcat operator Dantavious Parker have the abilities to split the FIU D. The Panthers need their D-linemen to get off those blocks and with the linebackers help stop the run. FIU also has to shore up the tackling. There were some more missed tackles against WKU and those are killers in trying to stop the run.

Rivestd The FIU D did come up with timely stops when it had to against the Hilltoppers. Probably the biggest stop was after WKU recovered the surprise onside kick in the second quarter. Big Ontario Smith and Jonas Murrell had a key sack on that possession to end the WKU drive.

Just as important was kicker Dustin Rivest (left, thanks AJH photo) nailing 3 of 3 FGs -- 2 of them from 39 yds out. Unlike, the previous week when a missed FG against ULM stopped the momentum FIU had built from its 1st quarter TD, this time a made FG gave FIU a 10-0 lead.

DR won the Sun Belt's Special Teams Player of the Week.

We'll get more into the FIU/Troy matchup as the week progresses, but already a 10-point underdog at home (according to Vegas), the Panthers are going to have to play their most complete game of the season to upset the Trojans.


Aaapaw Will have Troy/FIU LIVE BLOG beginning around 6:45 p.m. from FIU Stadium on Saturday.

Aaapaw Just go ahead and name the award after her already....FIU's 3-time All-American Yarimar Rosa (right, thanks AJH photo) won the "Yarimar Rosa Volleyball Player of the Week Award" for the thirdRosa consecutive week, the Sun Belt announced on Monday. The award was formerly known as the Sun Belt Conference's Volleyball Player of the Week Award. Rosa has won it a conference record 12 times in her illustrious career.

Aaapaw CNN will be broadcasting live from FIU's Graham Center Pit tommorrow (Tuesday) from 3 to 4 p.m. Former local news anchor Rick Sanchez will be doing his show at FIU and is expected to interview Isiah Thomas and Pete Garcia. Sanchez accompanied FIU to its season opener at Alabama to do a report on MC and PG. You can see a preview of it tommorrow during the show.

Aaapaw For all those posing as other readers screen names, your comments will be deleted when I get on-line that particular day. Through the MH's blog tracking program, I get all your e-mail addresses and IP numbers so I know when you are an impostor or when you are using multiple names. Keep it clean and your comments will remain, otherwise you will be clawed out.


CarolinaGoldenPanther: Pete, any updates on FIU basketball recruiting? Also, what's the story with Chris Coleman in the '11 class? ESPN shows he decommitted from FIU?

PP: Coleman did decommit, but still has FIU among choices. With Coleman, you have the same problem that was here with FIU's previous center -- a meddling handler. The handler keeps saying that CC is not going to FIU, even though the kid did originally commit to FIU. He's still 2 years away for 2011 so we'll just have to wait and see what happens. Remember, high school kids have a tough enough time trying to pick a flavor of Gatorade to drink. Always have said you have to wait until they sign on the dotted line.

LonePanther: Pete, What is going on with the rushing defense? Is it a problem with the D-line having a push, are the linebackers overpursuing, or is it a coaching/discipline issue?

PP: Looks like the D-line is not shedding blockers, there are too many missed tackles and several times the D is getting fooled by the quarterback's fakes. Against ULM and WKU, there were times when the DWeath would follow the back without the ball while the QB took off running outside with the ball. If FIU can get the run D fixed, this team could take off.

Puma: Pete if we win can the next blog be about her?

PP: FIU 37, WKU 20....You're welcome>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

WIN A GPP BLOG WEEK 5 STANDINGS (Troy/FIU scores due by 6:59 p.m. Eastern GPP Time on Saturday)


Fomenter (77)


FIU0406 (68), FIU PantherFan (85), FIU Fanatic (86), NYCFIUFan (88), CrazyCane (125), MIA/NY Josh (126)


Puma (66), quijote (79), Joel (81), BaltimorePanther (83), SunblazerPanther (85), TheChampionUnderdog (88), FIUcanesFan (102)


LonePanther (67), Clawing Cancer (77), CJ (84), Golden Panther 90 (87, SouthPaw (94), OC FIU Panther (97), theINTERNATIONAL (99)


Tri-Panther (104), Max (110), FIUer (156)

GPP: 4-1, (67)



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In other words Troy in a ROMP...

Wow that weather girl is a hottie!!

good Post Pete...lets home we can give Troy a run for their money!!! also, glad TY is ok. GO FIU!! (also, can u report on #86, what might be his status on Saturdays game? thanks)

Good to hear T.Y.'s injury is not serious, and that he can come back and play this Saturday against Troy. Thanks for the info...

Yarimar is something else....congrats to her and to the volleyball team.

The "handler" of Coleman, once again, was king of shut up by the kid, as the handler said all the things against FIU without mentioning FIU, while the kid reiterated that FIU was still #1 on his list, but that he is not "committed" to FIU...at least not yet. Way too early, but it's fairly obvious the guy is not saying what Coleman is and feels...Oh well...

Looking forward to a big win by UCF this week...

Glad to hear TY is ok! We are going to need a big game from him if we want to beat troy. Cant wait till saturday for the blackout game!

Pete....can we do something about these "haters" on the blog???? These comments are really not necessary....It almost makes me not want to post on here anymore...


Pete - since CrazyCane (aka Dan) is posting under several names, are his post being deleted?

Also, I'm surprised there is no user agreements against Trolling on Miami Herald blogs.

The first picture of TY looks like he's wearing the "blackout" uniforms

u go Pikedanny!!! lol

DB- Mac Brown- 3star (scout)
DB- Justin Halley- 3star (Rivals)
DB- Richard Leonard- 3star (Rivals)
DB- Khambrel McGee- 3star (Rivals)
DB- Sam Miller - N/A
RB- Kedrick Rhodes- 3star (Rivals)
DB- Randy Williams- N/A
QB- Jake Medlock- 3star (ESPN)
Dt- Wade Issac- 2star (scout)
Vincent Cale
Tranfers and alot of greats look for schools later and FIU is lookiing to land studs for 2011 I have heard lots of news of written offers to great HS player

Good luck to FIU on their next game against Troy.

i never said that players are playing bad or that my son deserves more playing time...i just said that to give my son a chance to play....he is on the team just like everyone else....and I'm not the only one on this blog that feels that way....your the one that keep Bashing FIU and its players!!!!

FIU ATHLETICS STAFF, if you are reading this (Pete if you could forward this to them).

FIU Students NEED to be allowed 1 free guest. I have 3 season tickets so its not about me trying to get in free.

The general public is not going to pay for a team that they are just starting to get to know. You have to BUILD loyalty by bringing fans in free and winning games.

And stop wasting money on Free Posters and anti-bacterial soap. GIVE SHIRTS. They are roaming advertisements! GIVE TICKETS to away games.

FPL, you are right, there is no better advertisment that t-shirt, they dont cost that much, about $2 or less each when you order over 5000 and people wear them, I remember when I transfered to FIU from UF and I didn't buy as much FIU t-shirts because they were too expensive at the library, and that was the only place where you could buy FIU gear. There is a sence of pride when you wear your Alma Mater gear, I think they should sell those black t-shirt online, I would buy one for me and my wife and they also need to sell kid's clothe, My 5 year old son wanted an FIU shirt so bad that he wrote FIU on a white t-shirt to go with me to the game at Rutgers.
We need to promote our school, our pride. I remember last year they were talking about branding FIU, but that has been just talk, we need more action.

NO athletic ability is evident from the pictures of CrazyCane.

What's the name of the reporter?


Ms. Harris,

There are thousands of mothers all across the nation who are put in a similar situation every Saturday as you are in right now. You are going to run into classless individuals all the time. You are even going to run into individuals who will be wishing physical harm to your son so that he won't be on the field.

Sadly, it is something that comes with the territory of being the mother of a top tier athlete. All of us panther fans are rooting for Joey, hoping that he develops into an All American TE and that's all that matters. Don't bother with the nay-sayers have to say.

Keep supporting your son, I know it's what my mom would do!

A free poster is definitely wasted money. Most of the posters won't even make it home.

The blackout game would've been a great time for The International shirts.

How do we get in contact with FIU's promoters? I'm going to place a call.

thanks LonePanther, i appreciate your support!!

FIUPIKE, that's too funny!!

Is good to know T.Y is doing well.
Congrats to Yarimar Rosa! Remember our volleyball team is also playing Troy on Friday! Go Panthers!


I ask this... You never were big on commits in any sport beacuse like you say, it means nothing until they sign. SO why oh why the big news flash when IT gets these weak commits two years before signing day? Also, handlers are the norm in college hoops.... welcome to the party pal!

Some of the comments on this blog are getting out of hand.

You want to bash FIU or any other school, then go ahead enjoy your piece of the internet world here on the GPP.

However, these comments attacking other readers you have no clue about will be deleted.

Pete you need to delete Crazy's and Dan's (same person) comments. Seriously man, delete their JUNK and this board will be a MUCH MUCH better place. I mean why didn't you clean Crazy's and Dan's comments as well, they are the catalyst for all the nastiness going around.


I ask this... You never were big on commits in any sport beacuse like you say, it means nothing until they sign. SO why oh why the big news flash when IT gets these weak commits two years before signing day?


Because in the history of FIU basketball, the Panthers have never had the No. 5 center in the nation and No. 8 player in the nation give any type of commitment to this program.

So that's why it is a news flash and if you were watching or listening when the committments were made, you will know that the Herald wasn't the only news outlet to write or produce a story about it. ESPN, FOX, AP and numerous other newspapers across the country were writing about Chris Coleman and Dominique Ferguson giving their commits to FIU.

But an invite for a fight is OK Pete.?

Dan, you're a piece dude. It's bad enough that you make comments like that to someone's mother... but you laugh about it afterward? Do me a favor, if you happen to take time out of your Taco Bell work schedule this Saturday, stop by FIU Stadium and look for a 20' flag pole with an FIU Flag and a "Surrender The Booty" Flag on it. Come by that particular tailgate. I have a feeling we'll change your disrespectful attitude real quick.

Posted by: pikedanny | October 12, 2009 at 08:20 PM

Dan, that was an invite to a tailgate. Not an invite to a fight. I don't remember writing 'fight' anywhere in my message. I did promise to change that disrespectful attitude of yours should you come by.

Instead of tearing each other's heads on this blog, can't we all just appreciate the hot weather girl. Seriously guys, I think our priorities are all wrong.

Hey, anybody watching the CNN newscast today live @ FIU!!

No thanks DANNY...there's a flag football game Saturday in Tropical Park that I will attend. They are expecting a larger crowd then this Black out game, but I will join you for the FAU season Finale. I get a joy out of watching the Owls raise that Shula's Cup.

quijote - you have no idea how wrong you are.

As for this "blackout" night - if FIU gets crushed will we ever see the black jerseys again?

I'm watching CNN right now! The Bama-FIU game section was nice.

Thanks Playa - finally a Panther fan who understands that it is not always my fault. As for waht PP said - I am more than willing to try and redirect my hostile attitude towards the FIU fans and direct them towards the program as long as "FIU Fan" stops trying to say that UM is scared of FIU - it is crazy. Also, FIU fan needs to stop hating on UM fan if they did not go to school there - that argument is stupid.

Great one hour on CNN from FIU! Rosenberg, Pete Garcia, and Isiah Thomas were there live, while CNN and Sanchez did a piece of Mario Cristobal, the team and players when we went up to play Alabama. Very nice!!

Lol. I saw Yarimar at the end of the broadcast. Rick thought she was on the swim team. She's an olympic volleyball player! Come'on Rick

UM is scared to play FIU. Period.

It was funny....Yari didn't know the name of Wolf Blitzer!! LOL....

All in all, very good free one hour promotion over the world.....

Hey quijote, let me present to you Exhibit 1 of everything wrong with FIU and this blog - I present FIUFloridaPower&Light.

You want someone to blame for the BS on this blog - here is one of the many.

Hmmm .... I think (and I may be wrong here) that it is YOU, the UM poser, who obsesses with FIU's football blog that is the problem.

I present Exhibit 1 of everything wrong with wannabe UM fans - I present CandyCane.

Crazy, FP&L is right, UM is scared to play FIU! You'd have to be a crazy cane not to understand that.


What's the reasoning behind the "blackout" game? Aren't Troy's colors "black snd red"? I noticed the coaches sporting black polo's on the sideline during the ULM game. Is FIU looking to make a color change to "black and gold"?

quijote talks about licking balls PikeDanny speaks of Surrendering Booty and you guys wonder why FIU football gets hammered every weekend...

Also, FIU fan needs to stop hating on UM fan if they did not go to school there - that argument is stupid.

Posted by: CrazyCane | October 13, 2009 at 04:02 PM

Gee I wonder why this was mentioned, maybe because you're on the wrong side of this argument and everyone knows it, even UM alum. It must be tough dealing with that chip on your shoulder, on one hand you want to root for UM because they've won in years past and you've had some good times at their games but on the other hand you know you're not really accepted and when people ask you "when did you graduate from UM" your like "uh...well...I didn't really go there, but I've been a fan for..." Lame. College football is not the NFL. There's more to it than just living in the same city.

I'd rather follow my school and suffer through these losing seasons than be an outsider trying to fit in, because I know when my school starts winning it will be that much more real and sweeter. That's how most people feel. So get used to it and deal with the criticism because even if people don't blog about it or say it to your face, they're thinking it every time they see you.

dan now that's a good one!!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again--if you are a UM fan and you did NOT graduate from UM, you are a LOSER!!

Take a long hard look in the mirror and inside of yourself. Stop trying to hang on to the past glory of a school's football team that you have no affiliation with to feel better about yourself.

U can't hide from the truth. U know it.

Can someone - just once - explain to me one thing - If someone, who loves college football, attends a school that does not have a football team or does not attend college at all - is that person allowed to cheer for a school they did not attend?

Please, one of you FIU retards, just answer these questions.

Are they allowed? Allowed? Sure, it's still America. But is it any less douche, no. If your college doesn't have a football team then feel free to enjoy the NFL. This is all in the context of someone like you, being an extreme fanatic about a school other than yours. Just my opinion, but shared by many if not most.

Crazy, the answer to your foolish question is no...so shut your trap and quit rooting for duh U!

This is that game. This is that game where YOUR alma mater needs your support.

You’ve casually considered checking out what’s going at FIU Football. How’s the tailgate experience? How’s that new stadium? When it comes to college football, are they really building something worthwhile at FIU?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “you see gpantera, when I went there, FIU didn’t have football, so I grew up rooting for team X, Y or Z.” I get it. I understand.

But now it’s 2009. FIU has erected a new stadium and are fielding a young and energetic team. And when they win, as they did last Saturday, the spotlight shines on all who hold FIU degrees, regardless of the team you cheer for on college football Saturdays. Please understand that unlike FSU who has been playing football since 1902, UF since 1906 or UM since 1926, FIU played its first game in 2002 and has been in Division I since 2005, that’s only 4 short years. More importantly, FIU is yours. FIU is ours.

Like many of us, FIU is young but bright and hungry for success. FIU needs their alumni to come out and support the program. No, I’m not asking that you give up rooting for whoever you root for, but I am asking that you carve out a piece of your fandom for FIU, your alma mater.

Let’s get it started this Saturday, October 17th as FIU welcomes the Sun Belt Conference defending Champion Troy University (Troy, Alabama). Game time is 7 PM, but come out early and enjoy our tailgate that’s loaded with food, drink, music and simply an overall great time. Wear a black shirt. This game is being marketed as a "Black Out." For more info on FIU Football, visit www.FIUSports.com.

This NOTE is your call to arms. See you Saturday. As always, Go FIU Panthers!



Please fwd this note to all those FIU alumni who need to hear this message. Thank you.

I have a friend that goes to Carnegie Mellon which has a D-III football program. This guy grew up a Miami Hurricanes football fan. My senior year of high school about 2 years ago for the UM-Georgia Tech game we all painted our bodies and went to the game. I was even there for the last game in the OB. When we were in school we turned on ESPN to watch signing day to see who committed to UM. By this time I hadn't yet been accepted into UF. He still roots for UM and even came down from Pittsburgh for the UM-FSU game. Paying close to $400 that weekend and missing some class. I root for UM when they're are playing as long as the opponent isn't UF.

So because he nor I go to UM we can't root or support them? Wouldn't you want as many people supporting the team as possible?

My friend at UF has a sister who goes to FIU so when she went down to Miami they went to the Toledo game. She cheered on FIU and wore the school colors. But I guess she should never have spent the money since she doesn't attend FIU.

I'll welcome all gator fans whether you attend the school or not. That's how the brand name grows. Look at Notre Dame as an example. I want UF to be on par with them someday. That means booster, trustees, and fans who may not have attended, supporting the school. I won't hold my nose up at them for one second.

UFChris - I said my opinion was in the context of EXTREME FANS (like CrazyCane) who follow a team they have no affiliation to OVER THEIR OWN SCHOOL. Obviously your example of your friend's sister is outside of that context. My point wasn't whether it was right or wrong to be an extreme fan of a school they have no affiliation to and support that school OVER THEIR OWN, that's their right to do so if they wish, my point was that those people are generally considered odd and misplaced. Whoever doesn't understand that, or has not seen examples of that, is probably one of those types of fan and chooses not to see it.

FIUer - in case you did not know - "fan" is generally considered short for "fanataic." Now, are you going to change your argument again b/c UFChris just stuck it up your you know what?


You see what Crazy Cane brings to the table... he must always throw some sort of insult whether it be directed to a fan or a player's mother. This will only drive responses with insults as well, as showcased above.

That is what I meant by Crazy and Dan being catalysts for the negativity on this board. I know a few folks who have completely disappeared from this board and now only post on the other blog who were previously heavily involved in this blog until Crazy and his multiple identities showed up. Its really affected the quality of your blog.

UFChris I agree with you that it is fine to root for a school you did not attend, however that's not simply the case with CC. Based on his post he either:

A) Did not go to college but yet feels comfortable coming here to defame our institution.
B) Attended a school without a football team but never misses an opportunity to belittle to the best of his ability a young and growing program.

Either way I find his reasoning pathetic, specially when his perceived superiority to us comes from rooting for an institution he did not attend.

Also, great post gpantera.

UFChris, it's good to hear your friend went to the Toledo game with her sister. It's too bad we didn't put on a better show, but hopefully she enjoyed the game.

FIU fans, for the most part, have a welcoming attitude toward new fans. In fact, that's what most die-hard fans want, a bigger fanbase. The issue is whether fans like Crazy, with absolutely no affiliation to the school they root for, can proudly claim to be huge fans of a school they never attended while bashing another school's program. I would say go right ahead. Do as you please, but expect to be called out for it and, perhaps equally important, expect insulting responses to insulting comments.

quijote - for your information, I have been posting on this blog from the beginning, years my friend. Second - if it was not for me and the other UM posters on this blog - you would have 15 posts per blog all stating that FIU is a sleeping giant and that Joey Harris is the next Kellen Winslow, if only he got a chance.

And lets be serious - I asked a simple question without any insults, and I got responses from chrisFIU and FIUer calling me names and telling me to shut my trap. So before you start throwing blame around - please read the posts and assign blame where it deserves to be.

And FIUer, a little education, "fanatic" and "extreme" are synonyms, which means they mean the same thing. FIU education is really paying of for you.

Crazy, by all means, go back and read your comments as well. You stated, "Please, one of you FIU retards..."

You still want to claim you asked a simple question without any insults?

Don't worry, I rather enjoy some of the foolishness you post on this blog. But let's not take cheap shots at a player's mother. I think even you know that's abusive. Other than that, we can go back and forth bashing each other and our respective schools. You clowns in Coral Gables are quite entertaining, I could use a good laugh every now and then.

LOL...I think all of the multiple personalities of crazy panther/cane/dan/paul/NY/MIAJosh...etc....were put in their place....

So...am I extreme?...LOL....

From thesaurus.com

Main Entry: fanatic
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: person overenthusiastic about an interest
Synonyms: activist, addict, bigot, bug*, crank, crazy, demon, devotee, enthusiast, extremist, fiend*, fool, freak, maniac, militant, monomaniac, nut*, radical, ultraist, visionary, zealot

SOunds a lot like extreme to me; especially the part where the term EXTREMIST is used.

... and I use the term "retard" as a term of endearment - not an insult. Sorry.

Does anyone know which radio station is airing the FIU game? GO FIU! :)

Wow are you serious CrazyCane? You can't tell the difference between a noun (fanatic) and an adjective (extreme)? Let's go back to grade school - an adjective modifies a noun by describing or identifying words and it usually precedes the noun it is modifying, like "extreme moron". I need some time away from conversing with you, my brain cells aren't just dieing, they're killing themselves.

I know English is your second language, but come on man.

Is it your position FIUer that you cannot have an Extreme Person and a Fanatical Person? My point is those are the same thing. How hard is this to understand for you?

SOunds a lot like extreme to me; especially the part where the term EXTREMIST is used.

Posted by: CrazyCane | October 14, 2009 at 11:21 AM


FIUer drank your milkshake on that one. You only did half your homework there. Go back to thesaurus.com and post the meaning of extreme.

It looks like you are willing to take your argument to the extreme (or like they say in your neck of the wood, you are willing to take your argument to the fanatic)

Is it your position FIUer that you cannot have an Extreme Person and a Fanatical Person? My point is those are the same thing. How hard is this to understand for you?

Posted by: CrazyCane | October 14, 2009 at 11:35 AM

FANATICAL is an adjective, as is extreme, unlike fanatic!! Damn!! I'm shutting down my computer now and taking a nap under my desk, my head hurts from pounding it against the wall.

loser cry and make excuses...winning speaks for itself.. 7 wins in 3.5 years.. enuff said

Troy 50
FIU(blacks out and scores) 14


Look at all this back and forth junk Crazy and Dan have provided on your blog this morning. Hope you can find a fair solution to this... Its really killing your blog.

KJHarris, since the Marlins are done and the Panthers (as in hockey) don't play, THE TICKET will be providing coverage of the game on 790 AM.

dan are you serious?? 50 pts?? Troy is good but NOT that good. Heck Bama didn't even put up that many points! Get a clue man!

quijote - is case you missed it, FIUer was part of that back and forth you so easily blame on me and dan.

Teledo put up 41 why can't Troy score 9 more points on the worst defensive team in college football?

I don't want to dis anyone, but lets just talk sports, it is more fun when we talk trash about games, teams, coaches, schools, but lets stop this English 101 thing.

For the game, do I honestly think we can win? Probably not, but I hope I am wrong. We have too many issues. My prediction:

Troy: 31
FIU: 17

Again I hate to do this, but I am leading with my head and not my heart.


Your delusion and lack of football knowledge has turned me off. Now to see you whine and cry out to Pete when someone disagree with you is very elementary. Blogs are for people to express themselves and as long as there is not threats or racist remarks you should stop crying foul. Everyone is not an FIU fan(their choice),just go to UF,FSU or UM's blog you will see the same thing. Why must the FIU blog only be pro FIU? I welcome the doubters, so when we start winning I will have something to rub in their faces

We are not a Little League team, we are with the Big Boys.. so we can take it from and give it to the critics.(bring it on!!) The best way to shut up the critics and the crazy canes of the world is to show up, support FIU and help the team to win games..Let's grow up stop crying and Just Win!!!


good point that they all jumped on it too... just seems misguided to put out a commitment that weak and that early on flash...
BTW TY does not practice and MC says he will not play if he does not practice, the next second Serini misses practice and he will? can you esplain plees?

i agree with pantherhallDJ... lets just eat some humble pie, keep our heads down, grab the lunch pail and the hard hat and get out to this weeks game.

im going to say Troy 34 FIU 17

Prove me wrong gents!

pantherhall'sDJ and TheChampionUnderdog

I respect that attitude. Good work guys!

I still think Troy in a romp..but I respect you to man-ing up!

*two for man-ing

Is this a blackout game so that when Troy gets on the field they turn off the lights so we can win ?

...Harden, who started practice with the Panthers this week joins Carroll (left) as probably the best scout team Wesley quarterback/running back combo in America this season.

Pete I know you are a homer..but this stretch is way too far..are you kidding me?..Are you kidding me? No wonder these guys are so delusional on this blog..

To hopefully keep me alone in first place:

Troy: 35

FIU: 24


FSU's official program didn't begin until 1947. Prior to that they played some football when they were called the West Florida Seminary, and later Florida State College, but it ended when FSU became an all girl school until after WW2.

And no...hes not kidding or stretching it too far.

The ALL SEC quarterback (and St. Thomas Aquinas QB) and the starting RB for the 2007 St. Thomas Aquinas Championship team could be the best scout team.

Deal with it.

Im just researching to try understand why so many of you guys are delusional. Best in the country?..ooh that's why he transferred he didn't want to start in the SEC?..Gotcha and never mind the other 118 schools ranked above FIU, their scout teams players are not good...get real people...get real

FIU 14

I heart anyone who cares enough about FIU football (and sports, in general) to take time out of their busy day to stop by this blog and comment. Even if it's negative; I personally welcome it and I'am happy to ready their comments.

Thank you!

"I root for UM when they're are playing as long as the opponent isn't UF."

Posted by: UFChris | October 14, 2009 at 01:50 AM

UFChris, here is where you seem to misunderstand our point of view. You still have some kind of fan ties to UM, that's fine but you said it yourself, when YOUR alma mater plays UM, you cheer for the Gators. It is obvious that anyone can root for any team they'd like, but adopting a team to which you have no ties to is pretty ridiculous. That includes your friend, I'm sorry, but that's my opinion. Call it what you want, but at the end of the day, it's being a band wagon fan.

However, your friend who has a sister at FIU, that's a different story. That individual has a sibling attending another school, family ties as well as financial links. Big difference.

Don't get me wrong, all of us at FIU want these bandwagon fans to make their way to the FIU stadium. It adds to the fanbase and exposure to the school. However, these individuals will never know how sweet it is to passionately root for the school that gave you your degree.

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