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FIU Hoops Exhibition Game LIVE BLOG

Welcome to U.S. Century Bank Arena as your Panthers play an exhibition game tonight against Northwood University.

Tonight will be the first and only time we'll see FIU under first-year coach Isiah Thomas before the Panthers open the season next Monday at defending national champion North Carolina.

Let's go blogging now


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Wow! 1 game - 1 loss (to an NAIA school) All that hype, what a joke.

As far as this Exhibition goes - FIU was Apollo Creed and Northwood University (whatever/wherever the hell that is) was Ivan Drago.

Don't worry FIU fans, baseball will be here soon enough and as soon as it gets here, we can start looking forward to 2010 football.

The northwood coach is in his fourth year coaching at the school, give Isiah 3 or 4 years he will make this team become a contender.

Wow first bball comment comes from our closet case fan. How predictable. Hey Crazy.... 48-0, that's all I have to say.

Give him a chance, yeah I was expecting a win as well, I'm very surprised we lost against Northwood (!). However, he'll get there soon, and we'll be dancing while scUM gets yet ANOTHER NIT invitational. Get used to it.

Is a recruit going to want to play for an NBA Hall of Famer who has more NBA connections than probably any other coach in college basketball or some random dude across town whose alma mater is Elon?! lol did I spell that right? I dunno you tell me... lol Elon.

Everyone just needs to chill. This is Isiah's first year with these players. It is all his first year with his coaching staff and their first year with these players. While I must admit losing to a NAIA team is a bit embarrassing it must be remembered that the team currently lacks the cohesion that can only be built by actually playing against other teams.

Isiah did not promise we would win the SBC title this year, in fact he said MTSU was the team to beat. He has said this year may very well be painful. We lack size and we lack cohesion. Isiah will need two or three years to really build his team and see where it takes us.

Before anyone gets too down, just remember that Syracuse lost to Le Moyne (D-II) yesterday. And while Le Moyne is better than Northwood, one being a D-II and the other being in the NAIA, we aren't exactly Syracuse. We didn't go 26-9 last season, we went 13-20. We haven't played together for two or three years, we have have only played one exhibtion game. We haven't signed top 5-20 position players for decades, in fact we have never signed any ranked position players. So let's all take a deep breath and relax, and let's wait to see what Isiah can do as more cohesion is built, and what he can do once he is able to bring in more players.

Bad lineup. If FIU wants to play any defense inside, it will need to play Essola over Gacesa. Gacesa has a nice offensive skill set, but he will get eaten up trying to defend Division one centers, even in the SBC. We saw North Texas absolutely destroy him last season, to be specific. If coach Thomas likes his offense, than play him at both forward positions or off the bench, or start him over bright at the 4.

FIU fans, relax. I'm not sure Thomas will lead FIU into contention, but I do know that people's feelings should not get riled up over a pre-season loss.

And CaneCrazy, go away dude. C'mon, Hurricane fans should be ashamed of you for coming down to an FIU board and talking smack. Be smart and if your going to be a nuiciance, go to the FSU and UF boards, instead of picking on FIU. It makes it seem like you care about FIU's doings, and are threatened, which you shouldnt be right now. Just leave it be and focus on your season.

The reason why Crazy can get enough of FIU is cause this guys actually does NOT belong to any school. He is your typical UM fan that has never done anything competative in his pathetic life and decides to research EVERY stat about FIU..

As for Mens Basketabll: I think this season will be a small improvement on last year. Maybe once we get the chemistry together we can suprise some SBC teams.

EARLY prediction:
Minimume: quater finals in the Sunbelt
Great Season: Semi's..

MTSU - 34

FIU - 23

MTSU - 57
FIU - 12

FIU 57


MTSU 38 FIU 17

Just got started on this blog! FIU Rocks!

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