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No. 10 Forward in the Nation is a Panther

Ferguson Four-star forward Dominque Ferguson (left) just signed on the FIU dotted line a few minutes ago.

Ferguson, 6-9, 210-pounds, is ranked the No. 10 forward in the nation out of Hargrave Military Academy.

Will get Ferguson on the GPP later to talk about his signing.

Shooting guard Richaud Pack (below, right) also just signed.

Pack is 6-5, 180 pounds and out of Seaholm High in Michigan. He averaged 17.6 points per game last season.

Pack also carries a 4.5 GPA and has plans for medical school after basketball.Pack

Forward DeJuan Wright (below, left) was the first Panther hoopster to sign today.

Wright, a 6-4 small forward from Ferris State, averaged 18 points, 8 rebounds and 2 steals last season. This season Wright is playing at Gillette College in Wyoming.

Coming out of high school in Detroit, Wright was the No. 7-ranked player in Wright Michigan.

As more of the newest Panthers sign today, we'll keep updating this post for you.


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Is TY's basketball career over? Wasn't that one of the reasons he came to FIU? Got my season tickets to men's hoops. I have had B-ball season tickets since Rich Walker, FIU's first B-ball coach.


2010 hoops is looking good...hopefully we can get some more height

SWEET! can't wait to see what these guys can do!

Go FIU! Isiah will prove all the doubters wrong!

Oh and F Magic, he is a coward...If your going to say something to someone say it to their face, not in some whack book years later...

Thanks Pete for the info!! From previous information, other playeres committed like PG Phil Taylor, PF Matt Milk, and JUCO star Eric Frederick were also expected to sign. Maybe it's a matter of timing the reason they have not signed yet or announced?

Anyways, great to read it's official on a great talent (former 5 star player...)like Dominique Ferguson!!!

“Not surprisingly, a FIU grad corrects a Cornell grad while making a fool of himself.”

“anyone who attends FIU, UM, FSU, or UF, pales in comparison to the better schools.”

“have you seen FIU's students (Sorry to inform you, top of the class for Miami-Dade public schools isn't really picking out the cream of the crop, as we have discussed before)?”

“Obviously anyone who attends Cornell can get into FIU without a second thought. The same can't be said for FIU grads. It's not suggesting they aren't intelligent, just a mere and factual indication of degrees of intelligence.”

Posted by: Fomenter | November 11, 2009 at 06:37 AM

Wow, the ego on this guy. You would think an individual of your age would be fond of pursuits more rewarding than pounding ones chest in subtle attempts at belittling others. Since you’re incapable of introspective analysis, slide your plush ergonomic high-back leather chair away from your Macbook for a sec and picture a character in one of your favorite movies repeating the lines above – is he the protagonist or the antagonist, loved or loathed, the victor or the loser? There’s a reflective point in the preceding.

After your shpeel above from a previous blog, I cannot help but feel pity for you. You’re just another self-consumed egomaniac, although you’d never think of yourself that way. You’re the guy who always thinks he’s right even though you think you’re a great listener. The kind of guy that actually believes your degree validates that you’re the sharpest guy in most every room, when in actuality you’re just the smuggest, but you’re none the wiser. You’re the prick that people pretend to respect at work yet detest in private as eyes roll like toilet paper when your name is casually mentioned, but you dismiss the accidental hints of such. At home, your omniscience and financial security has been comforting to those close to you, yet they fail to be close to you, but you think that’s par for the course. In short, you’re exactly the kind of guy every father should purposefully raise their son not to be. What a waste of self-decreed intelligence and grandeur. The greatest act of kindness you could bestow on all of us ill-prepared common folk is a singular and lasting vanishing act, leaving us with only provocative thoughts of what enlightening banter there could have been.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the oblivious fool, Fomenter.

And, more importantly, great pick up with Ferguson!

i have a feeling 2010 is going to be an exciting year for FIU...

Wow I'm shocked at how quickly Isaiah is building up the program. It takes most teams that have been at the bottom years to bring in talent like that.

Awsome!! I was worried he might escape. I was happy with the effort vs UNC.

probably the best piece of psycho-analysis I've ever read on any blog scUMsanitizer...bravo

p.s. I hope your degree(s) is/are from FIU. :)

2010 is looking goood... Dancing in March may be a reality..

Hey Sanitizer, easy on the MacBooks and ergonic chairs! I have a Macbook and a bad back!!! haha

Great to see these guys sign. Let's get a couple of more, maybe a surprise signing, and see what they can do in 2010-2011.

I dont know if we will be dancing in March any time soon, but we will be competative in the Sunbelt by 2010. I realize the Sunbelt is not the Big East or the ACC, but you need to take one step at a time. Great pickups to start building the foudation of this team.

One team that is already on the Top is the Girls Volleyball team. Good crowed last night (about 250-300people). Rosa played amazing, and the Ceremony they had for 2nd Lt. Mike Felsberg and his parents was amazing. The University and the Atheltic Dept has made it a point to never forget our fallen hero, and former Golden Panther..

Pete will we host the first and second round of the NCAA Volleyball Tournament? I know we put in a bid, but what will determine if we get it?


"At home, your omniscience and financial security has been comforting to those close to you, yet they fail to be close to you...."

This is an all time classic in my book and exactly the type of person I pictured. Thank you scUMsanitizer for that....thank you !!

Where is Phil Taylor?


I was moved to tears. Brilliant writing (not as brilliant as fomentor as no one is as smart as she is).

I love your brilliant work scumsanitizer. Isn't it ironic how someone with your name took the position you took? Hypocrisy, thy name is scumsanitizer.

I appreciate your assumptions of my life. My financial situation has allowed me to be able to pick my children up from school every day, eat dinner with them, and secure the homes of my in laws as well. I'm blessed to have a wonderful wife who works hand in hand with me. A true partnership.

Unfortunately for you, those who work with me thoroughly enjoy it. I set an example with hard work and dedication, invite them all every summer to our home in the keys and take them boating, and have been on multiple occasions a groomsman for younger associates. Some of those associates even left to other firms and remain close friends with them to this day.

My question is this...Is this what those who didn't seize every opportunity in life do? My father always said behind every successful man there are a number of those who are jealous and hate him for it. I'm glad to know where you stand. It's a shame, you point out the ego...but can't dispute the facts. If that's what helps you sleep at night and swallow the bitterness of those with more, than more power to you.

P.S. You clearly contradicted yourself, I already admitted to being wrong in the previous blog with my grammatical error...thereby, proving my facts which you chalk up to me being egotistical.

Pete, in case I can't make it over the next few weeks I'll do my remaining two picks now. Unless my math is wrong, as long as I get one of these next two right, I'll be writing the blog.

UF - 48
FIU - 13


FAU - 35

FIU - 27

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