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Game 10: North Texas vs. FIU LIVE BLOG

Good evening from the friendly confines of FIU Stadium and its open air press box. These are the kinds ofFiuhelmet Miami nights made for open air press boxes as Jackie forecasted yesterday. It's a balmy, cool evening here in the home of your Panthers as they get ready to take on the North Texas Mean Green.

Quarterback Paul McCall and middle linebacker Toronto Smith are back in the lineup forUnt FIU after missing last week's game against Middle Tennessee.

Of course, any FIU game this season would not be complete without some pre-game injury news. Running back Darriet Perry has a broken right wrist sustained last week against the Blue Raiders and is done for the season. Good thing Kendall Berry has emerged. Somebody go get a rabbit's foot, throw salt over the left shoulder or get a priest to perform an exorcism on the Panthers injuries for the rest of this season and beyond.

Still, the game must go on and so shall we. Before we kick it off, your friendly GPP blog reminders:

****So that the question is not asked 500 times during the LIVE BLOG, here are your viewing & listening options for today's game: 

Blog BLOG: Right here.

Tv VIDEO: Panther Pass at fiusports.com

Radio RADIO: 1080 AM -- the part-time home of FIU Football; 95.3 WRGP

A few reminders for all GPP LIVE BLOGS:

1) The size of the LIVE BLOG window is at its maximum, but the way the blog program works by making the window larger it takes away the scroll button. However, you can still view previous comments by using your arrow keys.

2) There are only 25 spots to be an unmoderated commentator which allows you to post comments without my approval.

If you are 1 of the first 25 to log-on AND I think you will contribute some worthwhile comments then I will go ahead and approve you as an unmoderated commentator.

3) After the 25 spots are taken up, I then have to approve each comment from each reader. So if your comment takes a minute or so to show up it's because I'm busy either writing down the previous play for my game notes, working on the NT/FIU notebook for Sunday's paper or posting on the blog at the moment. At that time, I am not able to publish what you posted, but I will eventually get to it.

Let's go blogging....


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no more pmc

was at the game, hoarse now, great win!

Great win! Really exciting game. The people attending FIU stadium are totally not into the football. Most of the time, I felt like I was the only one paying attention...

AND WHY DOES EVERYONE YELL WHEN OUR OFFENSE IS ON THE FIELD?? Yet, they are silent when the defense is playing. And who ever is playing the music, needs to turn it OFF before either team starts playing.

Any who, I thought it was a decent crowd and I had fun. The tailgating was actually better in Lot 6 than in the grass in Tamiami. No?

Also, about 1,000 students were still partying OUTSIDE way after the game had started.

Also Pete, I want to thank you.

I feel the stuff we say on here gets heard by FIU staffers.

I asked for more trick plays with Younger... check!
More wildcat...check!
More plays for TY and Times...check!

Great mix of plays was excellent. Let Younger come in and run it up the middle... resulted in a 23 yard TD run for him. Glad he didn't throw though!

Berry out of the Wildcat... TD run!

Glad to see the mix in plays. It was fun to not see the same boring 3 plays and 3 and outs. The occasional mixing of PMC and WY is brilliant.

Good win for the boys today!!!

o man at half time i though it was getting the business as usual .... but the boys fought back and gave us a great show... good win FIU!

Great win! Im glad we won when we had asuch a good crowd.

Pete, Is there any news on if th Big East is really looking at FIU.

Congrats on the win FIU Golden Panthers!!! Does anyone know the exact number of fans in attendance??? I wasn't there, and everyone keeps sayin that there was a nice crowd there. Can't wait to go to the Gator game next Sat.....GO FIU!

Did anyone watch the Gator game? If South Carolina can have a close game w/the Gators we can to....it doesn't have to be a blow out of a game. I have faith in the Panthers, i think that it will be a closer game than some people think!

Yeah, I got annoyed at all the chantings of "Ole Ole FIU" while the offense was still trying to drive downfield.

Announced attendance was 11,128, i thought the defense stepped up in the second half and was able to shut down Dunbar and Riley to a certain degree by keeping them out of the end zone....yards are yards, but the key is keeping the opposing team out of the end zone and they did just that.

Now on to a big $$$ game vs. UF next week then two weeks before the Shula Bowl, a game we need to win and pack the house.

Umm please dont say we will keep it close against UF. Please.

I love FIU, but that will not happen. Im guessing the score will be something like 51-21.

But im on here today to tell Pete Pelegrin THANK YOU! The front page of the sports section had FIU on it. complete with picture and all!! finally!!! So all it takes for FIU to get on the front page is a UM loss and an FIU win. Hopefully we'll see this scenario play out a lot in the near future.

I compliment Coach Cristobal and his staff for their awesome work that they are doing with these young men in promoting them in being the best that they can be. What's going on with Scotty Bryant breaking career tackles? I've noticed that he's being pulled out the game, when he has the opportunity to make a new record for the school. Come on, let's rally behind this guy. Remember, he's the leader,the beast, the tackling machine that was noted in various news postings that we all were overwhelmed about for the past four years. This guy, Scotty Bryant has show preseverance in maintaining and improving on a daily basis. "Don't take my word for it!" Read the names and all the accolades this young man has received throughout his career as a Golden Panther by his team and coaches. Now, this guy has been there for the team showing preserverance, when they lost all their games in 2006, all in 2007(except 1) and improving so much in 2008. So, now, Let's rally with Scotty Bryant as he breaks the career tackles1 Remember, he was there for us..Giving his all! Defensisve Coach , Rally with this kid.. He is your leader of defense, I'm not the only one that says it, Your school and your head coach says it, and you know it. So "Let the young man stay in the game, he can and will do anything any of your defensive players can do! Remember, who was there motivating, making tackles for the team throughout these past 4 years, Come on Defensive Coach, show respect for your player, this Scotty Bryant is an awesome player. This is not the time to pull him out the game. "With all respect to you Defensive Coach, Research the comments that has been made concerning this young man, now when he needs to be in the game, and the support of you as a defensive coach, where are you. Let's Go Panthers! What's going On?

Glad our D showed up! Offense came through as usual, but great effort by our D!

Very nice crowd as well. Hopefully, we can pack the house on Dec 5th against our rivals! Sounds like that will be a very exciting game to end the season.

Great game, now let's get ready for UF!!

Go Golden Panthers!!

FIU wins. Dolphins win. Heat win. UM loses. All is right with the world tonight. I tip a glass of johnny on the rocks to all this fine evening.



hahaha. that was very cute FIUer.

And our D didnt show up last night. 28 points allowed to N texas? Not good. But a win sure does make us forget that right.

Our D on 3 downs was horrible, something has to be done.

Great mix of plays on O, and the wildcat worked perfectly.

A win is a win.

GO FIU!!! Will be at the Gator game and the FAU Shula Bowl....hopefully we will win one of these......lol so proud of the Golden panthers football team, coaches, and especially #86 my Boy!!! luv ya Joey!!

Actually, I would say that UNT scoring 28 points against us is not bad, considering the way UNT has scored against other SBC teams, for the most part.

Well...while UNT was coming off their worst offensive showing against ULM by scoring just 6 points (we did score 35 on ULM), this same team scored 21 on MTSU (like us), 34 on ULL (we scored 20 in OT), 40 points against FAU, 26 against Troy (we scored 33), and 68 against WKU (we only scored 37).

"is not THAT bad" should have read above.

Yardage allowed is a huge problem, though...it seemed as if they converted pretty much every 3rd down opportunity. But...bottom line is points allowed, and our defense did make several big plays to turn the game around.

Yeah, I couldn't believe how many times they converted on 3rd down!

The amount of yards we gave up is truly HORRIBLE.

UF is licking their chops just dying to play FIU. They know that Tebow can put up Heisman numbers on FIU's porous defense.

I just hope we can keep it somewhat competitive for at least 1 quarter like we did with Bama.


One of the biggest factors going against UF is they have a sick defense and they are thinking shut out. Also they are more dangerous running the football than any other team we've faced.
The only way we might have some success is if we blitz every time, but otherwize they are going to put up numbers on us. Their defense is ready to keep shut us out, and Tebow is thinking Heisman.

I should correct my prior post; I meant that our D showed up when needed, which was really in the 4th quarter after our offense took the lead.

It was nerve wrecking to see so many 3rd down conversions by UNT, but fortunately our D hung in there to close out the game. Better late than never...all that matters is getting that win.

I am going to make my prediction early, and keep reminding this blog of it all week. This may be the one time I actually pick, cheer, root and whatever else for FIU.

FIU pulls the biggest upset in the history of College Football:

FIU 27
UF 24

Awesome game on Saturday!

I agree that people need to stop chanting when we are on offense. However, did anyone notice the "Quiet! Offense at work!" notice on the jumbotron? It was great! I loved it! However, the students can't see that and they are the ones cheering during offense. Maybe the cheerleaders need some signs that say "Shhh..." and point that towards the student section. ;)


Not sure if anyone has asked this already, so here goes. Any word on who we might schedule in place of UCF for next year? It'd be great to be able to add a home game against a lesser opponent to give the team a chance to gel in the beginning of the season (Like teams tune up on us). Not to mention it would give us 6 home games which for some reason is unheard of at FIU.


So I take it CC hates UF more than he hates FIU.

LonePanther - - FACT.

And again, I do not hate FIU, just the fans.

Was looking forward to the UCF game.

Hopefully we get a good home game. We need to play recognized universities with bad football teams.

Crazy then why are you in a FIU FAN BLOG if you hate the fans... you relish in things you hate?

Anyone has a chance vs. UF...note that it took a little incentive for them to come back against SC, who would have won if not for the interception.

Uf has been riding a big wave of good coaching as well as good luck! Most agree they are overrated, but just can't put their finger on the reason.

Did I miss something? Why are we replacing UCF? Or are they replacing us?

UCF pushed back our game in 2010 for future year....They signed a home and home with Kansas State starting in 2010, thus pushing the first game of the 4-game series to 2011 at FIU.

Ok, thanks FIU Fanatic. UCF would be a good opponent for our guys considering it's a win-able series, so good to hear we're keeping them on our schedule.

I'm excited about these last two games! I am sure the Golden Panthers will fight till the end against the gators, I just hope we have a clean game with no injuries as this will be yet another physical game for us. Hopefully we're ready to go against FAU and have enough starters to close out that game and give the owls a proper burial.

If FIU wins against the Gators - I will forever embrace my former school and its fans (except when playing UM)


LOL - quijote, well put.


I hope many of you will be making the trip up to Gainesville for the SWAMP BOWL !!! I can't wait !!

Took the words right out of my mouth, QUIJOTE

I will be up at UF with 5 ppl.

Pete, can you find out if there will be an FIU hosted tailgate... game starts at Noon and its too much hassle to take tailgating stuff up there to do it for just 2 hours.

I'll be in Gainesville as well, can't wait!! Should be a good party mood...anyone else making it? The athletics office estimates 3k FIU fans will be in attendance.


Posted by: quijote | November 16, 2009 at 03:32 PM

I'd embrace him....if I was a suicide bomber!

It's OK CrazyCane, we all know you love FIU more than everyone else here.


I can't believe u pick FIU to beat UF when u are always bashing us FIU fans for being too optimistic. U absolutely are a contradiction and obviously love attention. Here is what u have to understand about FIU football: We are a fairly new team that has only been around for seven years, that we have had plenty of injuries this season (in key positions like quarterback, can u imagine if Jacory Harris would of been injured for UM what their record would be like now?), and that we have had more freshman playing in games that most other teams (I think we are third in nation). Common sense will tell u that it takes time to develop into a powerhouse...But its obvious FIU is on its way up and that soon Mario Cristobal's vision will come true...There is no doubt FIU will be SunBelt Champs, there is no doubt we will eventually be in the Big East, there is no doubt we will one day be in the top 25...All of this though can't happen overnight...However I think we will get there faster than anyone can imagine...Just like with FIU basketball...Isiah's hiring is leading us to land the best players...Give him a few years and all the haters will have to respect what he did for FIU...So either u join us for the journey to greatness and enjoy the ride or u can keep being a bandwagon fan that u are (U are only a UM fan because u grew up watching them win championships and FIU did not have a team)...All i know is that once we are on top we dont want a hypocrite like u joining the FIU bandwagon....You are a FIU alumnus! Support your University instead of keeping us down! The better we get, the more your FIU diploma will mean! Just like u i grew up a UM fan, but have realized that it was all because there was no other college team here in Miami...I could of gone to UM but I chose FIU...Why because FIU offers a better education, a nicer campus, and of course the obvious no student loans debt that can take years to pay off! Put your alma mater first! We all have an opportunity to play our parts and make this school the real U!

Arroz, I can't believe you would waste your time explaining anything to that dipsh1t....

I will be there @ the game rooting for FIU! I believe that there will some FIU tailgating at the O'Connel Center @ 10am.....Lets go get some Gator Tail!! GO FIU!

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