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Gotta Love the Ladies

OCALA -- So you're asking yourself, what the hell kind of blog post title is that, Pete?

For starters, this is a G-rated blog so dismiss any other thoughts. It also has nothing to do with the golf tournament I'm up here in Ocala covering.

Or the adventure in getting toFiusoccer Ocala or the Seinfeld episode at Enterprise Rent-a-Car in Ocala. Will get to all that non-sense at the end of this post.

For now let's recognize the FIU ladies sports that have been ripping through the Sun Belt Conference this fall.

On Wednesday morning your FIU women's soccer team -- regular season Sun Belt Champions -- open the Sun Belt tournament against Arkansas-Little Rock in the mouth of the rat or Boca Raton as is more commonly known.

The lady Panthers soccer team went from sixth place last season to first place this season -- to become the first Sun Belt team to do so. On Tuesday, FIU received 6 honors from the Sun Belt Conference.

The following Panthers were named to the All-Sun Belt team: Katrina Rose, Thaisa Moreno, Amy Jackson, Kaitlyn Savage.

Savage was also named Freshman of the Year and FIU coach Thomas Chestnutt won his second Sun Belt Coach of the Year award.

At the SBC Tournament at Florida Atlantic, FIU will be seeking its first Sun Belt championship since 2000.

Fiuvolley The FIU volleyball team (thanks Richard Lewis for both ladies team photos) keeps rolling right along. The Panthers have won a program-record 17 straight matches and are 24-2 on the season and 14-0 in the Sun Belt.

It seems the last time FIU lost a match they were inventing this thing called the internet.

FIU volleyball has just four more matches before the Sun Belt Tournament, which takes place in Western Kentucky on Nov. 19.

Will have an in-depth feature story on the FIU volleyball team in the MH in a couple of weeks before the ladies leave to Bowling Green, Kentucky.


Aaapaw Up here in Ocala covering the state golf championship. Wednesday is the final round and if it finishes on time, I will haul bass down to Miami to LIVE BLOG and catch the FIU basketball exhibition game at 7 p.m. All the information you need on the Panthers first exhibition game under Isiah is on the previous post.

Check back on the GPP on Wednesday afternoon as I will post an update as to whether or not I will be able to make it back to Miami on time to run a LIVE BLOG of the FIU hoops exhibition game.

Hopefully, getting back to Miami will be a lot smoother than what it took me to get to Ocala.

The cliff notes version of Tuesday's adventure: flat tire on the rental (fairly new Nissan Altima) on the FloridaBizarro Turnpike somewhere between Fort Pierce and Ocala. Wait about 1 hour+ for AAA, because the tire jack in the rental was from the year 1923.

Take tire to get plugged at Tires Plus. Mechanic says the hub cap is dented and fixed tire or new tire will not help this car. Mechanic says: "Even with a new tire, you will have a blowout on the way back to Miami".

Call Enterprise ask for a new car. No cars available in suburban Ocala Enterprise location. About 5:30 p.m. now and in about 2 hours there will be cars available but only in the Ocala airport location which is about 30-45 minutes away from where I'm at.

Arrive at Enterprise airport location and it is the "Bizarro Enterprise" location. If you watch Seinfeld, then you know what I mean ("Bizarro Jerry" episode [photo, above right] -- not Jerry, George and Kramer, but Kevin, Gene and Feldman).

At this Enterprise location, everyone is constantly asking if you have been helped or what can they do to make your Enterprise visit the best it can be. There are 4 to 5 employees working quickly to get everyone their cars. They ask "would you like some refreshments while you are waiting" and "We are working quickly to get you in your new car and on your way". Sure enough, got a car in less than 5 minutes and on my way. 

Red Before I left the Enterprise office, I told all 5 employees that you guys are the "Bizarro Enterprise" compared to the usual Miami office I deal with. Four of the 5 employeers were Seinfeld fans so they got my remark and started laughing. They had to explain what I meant to the 5th employee.

Was given a red mini-school bus or Chevy HHR as is the name of the auto. So if you see a red mini-school bus in the FIU parking lot on Wednesday night then you know I'm back in Miami.

Aaapaw Turtle released his 2010 schedule with some pretty good series for FIU baseball. The Panthers open with a 3-game home series against Maryland. Check out the rest of the sked at fiusports.com. BTW, interesting sked tidbit: South Florida cancelled their baseball series with FIU in 2010, because FIU dropped the Bulls in football for Rutgers. The biggest questions heading into the 2010 season right now is who will be the Panthers Nos. 2 & 3 starters after Scott Rembisz??

Aaapaw Football notes: The Sun Belt Conference signed an extension with the New Orleans Bowl today to guarantee a Sun Belt team vs. a Conference USA team in the bowl game through 2013. However, stay tuned, because the SBC champ may not automatically go to the New Orleans Bowl in the near future.No Word out of the SBC office is that they are working on sending the Sun Belt champ to another bowl game with the New Orleans Bowl being the second choice for the Sun Belt. No specific bowl games have been discussed where the SBC champ would end up at.

Receiver T.Y. Hilton was running and not jogging on his pass routes in practice Tuesday so that is a good sign so far this week.

The answer to NYCFIUFan's question of: Pete, Any reason why FIU hardly plays noon or 3:30 games on Saturdays?

PP: I've been told, because FIU feels they would draw the most fans for a night game. Although, I personally like the day games, because of friendly deadlines and once all the writing is done then the rest of Saturday is free.


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