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FIU vs. North Carolina LIVE BLOG

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Welcome to the Dean Dome and start of 2009-10 FIU basketball season.Logo

Your Panthers are getting ready to take on the defending national champion Tar Heels in less than 20 minutes in FIU coach Isiah Thomas's debut.

Sorry, no weather forecast from Jackie for this one since we are indoors.Unc

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I'll be the first to post....16 point loss to No. 4 in the country.... NOT Bad..... Northwood was a prep to see all his guys... the front 5, are not that bad. If Freddy had stayed to give us Size would of been better... So, all we need now is a big body in next seasons recruits... GO PANTHERS.

can't wait til next hoops season!

Respectable performance from our players. No shame in losing to the defending national champs. They showed no quit and played 'til the final buzzer. Looking forward to the rest of the season.


It was a respectable loss. I loved seeing the team scrap as much as possible. It was obvious that they bought into Isiah's system and played hard throughout the whole game.

FIU has a very bright future in basketball and I'm absolutely thrilled to see what kind of recruits will be willing to bring their talents down to the international.

Losing by 16 to defending national champions?...not too bad.....

I liked the fact we played hard until the very end.

Best wishes to IT's mom. Wouldn't have blamed Coach T if he would've missed tonight's game.

thank you IT. I was in school the last time FIU made the dance against UCLA. and have been waiting long for our hoops team. March Madness here we come

First things first, my prayers for Isiah's mother and her family, I hope she gets well soon.
A loss is a loss no matter how hard, pretty ugly, close or whatever adjetive you want to add here, we loss.
Now I have a questions for everyone here, when was the last time we score over 70 points in a game?
I didn't see the game, but reading the multiple articles and blogs, out future is promising.

Pete I didn't know you were blogging for this one!

Very respectable performance by FIU. Lots of fight, obviously Northwood was a fluke. To lose by only 14 against the best in the nation is very VERY encouraging. Whoever voted FIU to finish LAST in the SunBelt is an idiot.

Well... unlike most of you, I got to see this one up close and personal. I made the just under 2-hour drive from Winston-Salem to Chapel Hill to experience this one live.

I probably didn't need to since it was on TV, but it's not often I get to see FIU live these days, so I kind of had to. Also, I got to take along a friend of my fiancee's who is a huge UNC fan but had never seen them live before. I'm calling that my good deed for the month. :)

For those who might be wondering... go see a game someday at Chapel Hill. I'd heard lots of good things about being at the Dean Smith Center for a UNC game, and I highly recommend it. It's a pretty cool experience. I sat in the nosebleeds and got a fantastic view of the game. Concessions weren't too horrible. It wasn't that great of a crowd tonight, unfortunately, but I guess that's to be expected. I can only imagine what sitting there for UNC-Duke must be like.

As for the game itself... overall, I was pretty pleased with how FIU played. There was definitely some positives.

1) Marlon Bright. I love watching him play. He's definitely not the most talented guy on the court, but he's got so much heart and energy that it's hard to deny him playing time. He was out-matched all night in the low block and played tougher and harder than anyone else wearing FIU on their chest. It's a shame he's not 4-5 inches taller, otherwise FIU would have a good enough interior prescence to win the Belt.

2) Isiah Thomas. He got these kids to play like demons, especially in the second half. UNC quit with 10 minutes remaining in the game, and FIU didn't. That's why the margin fell to 16 points. FIU isn't that talented, I think, but any coach who makes his team play better than they actually are is earning his paycheck... though, in IT's case, he's not earning one this year, but I digress. :)

3) Shooting. Yeah, FIU sucked at it tonight. They missed a lot of shots. But I like that they didn't just stop shooting. They kept at it. That kind of mentality is what FIU needs if they're going to get better. I get the feeling this could be a pretty good jump-shooting team by the end of the season.

As for the negatives...

1) Guard play. Very, very, very undisciplined. Especially on offense. I don't know how many times I saw someone force a drive into the lane tonight instead of trying to create a play. If the lane's not there, don't force one. Especially when you're facing UNC.

2) Playcalling. It was pretty obvious that UNC's gameplan was to force FIU to shoot jumpers. There was nothing to be had in the paint; too many bodies. So... why were so many people trying to drive in and get layups? Wish I knew. Especially since UNC was giving the drive-and-kick all freakin' night long. FIU started taking advantage of that in the 2nd half. They should've been from the beginning instead of guards trying to force their way through double-teams down low.

3) Inside presence. FIU doesn't have one. Period. I love Bright, but he's not tall or talented enough to be good down low for an entire season. I don't think Gacesa's made to bang down low. I don't think anyone else on this team's capable of it. We're going to miss Asprilla this year. If he was at FIU, I think this game would've been a lot closer than it actually was, and I also think FIU could've won the Belt this season. As it stands, this team's just not going to be better than a .500 team. But I have hope that we're not going to suck totally, and that's good enough for me.

Ok... long enough post... bye.

Clawing, I didn't know you lived in Winston-Salem. I just north of Charlotte in Huntersville. Great analysis. You are spot on about the inside presence and shooting.

I noticed throughout the game that when UNC's starters were in, FIU didn't play much defense. I'm not sure if they were playing zone (not a HUGE basketball fan) or what but I didn't see the FIU players contesting the shots when UNC went up for jumpers.

I definitely agree about the tenacity and fight the players put up throughout the game, especially in the final 10-15 minutes. That's the area that impressed me the most. In that final 5-10 minutes, they were going for every rebound, diving for balls, trying to block every shot and trying steal every ball possible. The most impressive thing to me is that final minute, especially the final 10-15 seconds. They obviously knew the game was over, but they were running down the court full speed trying to score again (which they obviously did). That kind of tenacity impressed me. I'm happy to have IT as the coach. Best wishes to his mother and family.

Great showing Isiah, you made us proud and shut the national/local media up. They'll go away for awhile now and we can focus on getting better.

I'm looking forward to getting out to 'The Bank' and shaking your hand. Thanks for all you're doing for FIU.

All in all I was very immpressed with the team's performance. These guys showed a ton of heart and a lot of fight, and they clearly are buying into what Isiah is teaching them. The lack of height was a major disadvantage, and will prove to be throughout the season. However as these guys continue to build better cohesion this will be an increasingly hard team to beat. I still think that people should have reasonable expectations, but I do not see 18-15 as being an impossible final record for this team this season.


Say it isn't so about Younger? At this point, if McCall is hurt, why not give one of the Schrippa (Sp?) some starts? At least that way we'll have some depth at QB next season because he'll have at least some playing time under center. At FIU, other than Josh Padrick, we've never had a starting quarterback for more than a couple of years, something always happens. Look at FAU and how great Jared Allen and Rusty Smith turned out for them since the Owls gave them reps early and often. I really dislike the move to play Younger, it's not like we're playing for a Sun Belt championship at this point in time.

Also, about the basketball game, first glad to hear that his mom made it through surgery. I wouldn't have blamed Isiah if he missed this game. Also, great effort by the team but everyone knew we were not going to win this game. It was nice to see a better effort than we had against Northwood. Hopefully the next few games against more even competition will allow us to get a couple of W's.

Meant to say one of the backups like Schrippa a start, my mistake!

Funny - Didn't we hear the same positive outlook and other BS about this years FIU football team after losing to Alabama - How has that turned out? Don't you people ever learn?

I have not received my Season tix through the mail yet but I cant wait to see just some improvement. I realize we are NOT going Dancing in March or even winning the Sunbelt, but improvement there will be.

2009= 13-20
2010= 17-16 (over .500)
Sunbelt= Quaters Round

Its all about how your team plays in Jan and Feb. I also think they will get to the Quaters in the Sunbelt, and then the Western Kentucky reality will kick in, but I will take it any day. I.T. will ONLY do good for this program that has sucked for so long.. As for attendance that can only go up since we averaged like 300 people per game. Maybe 1000 people per game would be a very good start..


I can't wait for FIU to play scUM in bball this year... oh wait that's not going to happen U of Coral Gables is too PUSSYcat to schedule us.

Whatever helps you to sleep at night quijote.

I noticed you did not refute my statement though, is it b/c you know I am right and you recognize the pattern of the FIU fan?

I recognize the fact that we did predict an amazing season, but this only based on the facts that both SI and ESPN picked FIU to WIN and Runner Up (respectively) the Sunbelt and go bowling in New Orleans.

I'm not going to get into the preseason hoopla for bball, but I will say that FIU basketball will be the most important collegiate basketball program south of north FL, sooner than football will start dominating the Big East. I recognize there is a lot of work to be done...but it was a very solid effort last night.

Hey Crazy..did you attend ucg? or are you just one of those front-running phonies?

Like I have said many many many times on this blog, I am an FIU alum. I grew up with the Canes - there was no FIU football at the time I grew up, or the time I went there.

Furthermore, according to the FIU posters on this blog -my connection with the Canes is ok because my mom and brother are both alums.


I have siblings that went to UM, I still go for FIU, you are pathetic.

Hmmmm? I am pathetic because I am a fan of a team I have loved since I was 5 years old? I am pathetic because I cheer for a team for over 30 years and you cheer for a team for about 8 years? I am pathetic because the team I cheer for is light years better than the one you cheer for and you cant take it?


How can someone that graduated from FIU have so much hate towards the Golden Panthers. Dont say you dont hate on them everyday. You are actually the only dork that searches information about FIU that will make them look bad. If you have so much love for the school that you NEVER belong to then post on the other side of the fence. Dont worry there is lots of UM fans this year (since they are having a good season). Its funny to see that last year there was half the fans as there is this year. That is called Banwagon.. I will be a true fan to FIU whether they are 0-12 (2007) or 5-7 (2008)and so forth..

Go Godeln Pantehrs

Boy do I feel bad for Wayne Younger. He could very well be FIU's most hated athelete ever. LOL. The 1-11, 9 td-19 int season really screwed him.

with that being said I agree to let one of the other backups play. Wayne Younger got his chance two seasons ago when he put up the worst performance by an FIU QB ever. Even Josh Padrick put up respectable stats in the winless 2006 season. Put Schrippa in and give him a chance. If he throws 3 int. or gets sacked 50 times, its ok cause thats pretty much what Younger would've given us. Lets just play McCall. Let him play injured. If he blows out his arm its cool cause at least he got to finish his college career.

Phony indeed.

Now, on to basketball, while it was a gritty performance against UNC, I'm still not thinking at this point we will be necessarily over .500 this season. Think about the lack of scholarship players, new players, new coaches, new everything...hurdles too steep to climb, in my opinion.

We are not as "good" (if you can cal that) as our surprisingly closer than expected loss to UNC, nor as bad as our loss to Northwood, I suspect. Given the situation, if we do just as well as last year I will be satisfied indeed.

BTW, UM didn't have men's basketball for several years before it was reinstated in the mid 80's.....


For anyone going to the game tomorrow. At 6:30pm (before the game) they will have a ceremony for Mike Felsberg who passed away in Iraq in Oct 2004. Mike AKA "Fels" competed in Track as well as Cross Country for FIU. He was All-Conference in the 5K for Track, and won the Spirit Award (given to only 1 athelet every year) THREE different times. He NEVER missed a game of basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball, etc.. The softball stadium has a chair with his name to show their respect for his commitment. Fels was the True defenition of school spirited. He was a great teamate and a better friend.. God Bless You Always!

"Make it a great one" (Fels)

I was right, just another front-runner. Why don't you help push this rock up the hill instead of dog-piling on the panthers like everyone else.

p.s. it's much more worthwhile to build something than to tear it down.

FIUFan - How can I be a "frontrunning phony" if I have cheered for the same team for the past 30+ years? Your comment makes no sense - but I guess that is par for the course with the current FIU education.

CrazyCane you are a phony because you aren't cheering your alma mater. Furthermore you are a phony because not only do you not cheer for your alma mater you seek to denigrate it every chance you get. You are an example of someone who lives in shame. We all grew up with the Canes, they were the only team in town, but we went to and cheer for FIU. You are a loser, plain and simple.

You guys need to have a little compassion for CC. His dream was to attend UCG and be Sebastian. When his mother informed him that she could not pay for his UCG tuition since she still owed UCG more than what their home was worth, his dream was shattered.

Crazy, I had a shred of respect for your pathetic existence, but having learned you went to FIU, well that just makes me sick to my stomach. Especially considering how much trash you spew from that hole in your face about your own school. You should immediately surrender your degree because it's too good for you! That's for real FIU supporters, not clowns like you!

Ive tried to stay out of the whole CrazyCane thing, but it does bother me now.

Why is an FIU alumnus so hateful toward his school? A school that gave you the chance to advance in life? A school that provided you with a future? Whether or not FIU "did anything for you" you should still be grateful and supportive of FIU.

I am an obvious UM hater and I have my reasons. Mainly because they are our crosstown rivals(in everything, not just sports) and because the people there are terrible and and not representative of what Miami actually is. I used to date a girl that went to UM and whenever Id go visit her at the Stanford dorms I would get dirty looks because I was parking my little Nissan Altima in a lot full of BMW's, Lexus's and so forth. The people look at you like you are trash if you dont drive a nice car or if you arent rich. Thats why I hate UM.

But Mr. CrazyCane unless you tell us otherwise, you have no reason to hate FIU. FIU, not UM, gave you a chance. If you are at all successful then you owe that to FIU.

chrisfiu - I do not understand why the fact that I cheer for UM upsets you FIU people so much. Why do you care so much who I cheer for? How does me cheering for UM change your life? Why does it create a situation where you have to call me names and put me down simply b/c I cheer for a school with different colors? What makes it even more disturbing is that the second I do the same thing you all are doing right now, posts start coming out about how PP should ban me from the blog. You all need to look in the mirror and decide if you want to be morons or just plain idiots.

And yes, a UM education is more $$$, but maybe that is because it is better. I mean, what is better, a 10 dollar steak at Outback or the $80 steak at Prime? Hmmmm - food for thought, no pun intended.

I don't see why you guys are giving him such a hard time. Sounds like he went to FIU out of necessity and not desire. Not a big deal. He got a degree out of it and FIU was paid for their services. College is a business more than anything else nowadays. Seems like it was mutually beneficial.

Fermentation, I disagee. It's that lousy mentality that gives FIU a bad name. Alumni that went to FIU, benefit from having their name associated with it, then turn their back on it as if to say, F- that school. Not too many Cornell grads do that, am I right? Then again, it's Cornell! But the point is that you too would feel disgusted to hear that a fellow Cornell alum spits at the very school that awarded him/her a degree.

I don't understand the need to defend someone, who like some others, like to come here, try to stir the pot,and in the process get some ego-needed attention. Let it be.

CrazyCane is crazy. Well, you're an FIU graduate, that explains your obsession with visiting this blog every day. We get it, you like the attention some give when you write something 'offensive'. I get it, it's cool.

But, being a graduate, you shouldn't put down the institution that gave you some of your education.

Yes, FIU football sucks right now, we can all admit it. But, who knows, it could grow into something special.

No one knew a private institution like Miami, or a school in Tallahassee or Gainesville would rise up to be the programs they are today; but they made good decisions and made it a point to grow their football program.

I think FIU has taken some of those steps by moving up to Div 1, building a stadium and so on. Who knows, FIU could also have one of those programs that consistently wins football games.

Right now, we just have to keep supporting and hope FIU gets over the hump and starts winning. We need to start by at least having a winning season and a couple of years down the line, a SunBelt championship.

Formenter you're clearly missing the point. The point is not that he cheers for UM, which is ridiculous on its own, but that he is so anti-FIU. If he simply cheered for UM fine, but the fact that he comes on this board every day and denigrates the institution he got a degree from is what makes him a loser.

By the way Crazy, which you clearly are, UF is a lot less expensive than UM, would you say that it is a ten-dollar steak at Outback too? Loser. Keep in mind that FIU and UM freshmen have virtually identical GPA's and SAT scores, and that in FIU has many programs that are ranked higher than UM's.

How can anyone be that stupid to cheer for a school that they never attended vs. their own?

I know plenty of FIU alumns who went to school when there was no football program. NON of them hate FIU. Sure, most of them were UM fans and still cheer for UM whenever they have a winning record. But they do not have ill-wishes for FIU. If anything, they look forward to what their alma mater could be.

CC, your story is no different than the majority of FIU alumns. You have NO excuse for hating FIU.

I almost don't believe your story because it is just too ridiculous.

Who said i hate FIU? I just do not cheer for their athletic programs. I do not even care if they win or lose. What I do care about and what drives me nuts is the delusional fans FIU currently has who think b/c they scored some late throw away td's against Alabama that they are going to win thye SunBelt or b/c they kept the game close against a UNC basketball team which clearly waa not playing as if it was a Nat'l Championship game (like FIU was) that the basketball team is going to have great year.

It is the the current batch of FIU fans I hate - not the school or even the athletic program. I did not realize everyone thought I hated FIU and its athletic program, NOT the case. I HATE the current FIU fans who stick out their chest and say idiotic things like Miami is scared of FIU, like FIU is a sleeping giant and TDAOS. That is what I hate.

I hope that clears up any confusion.

Funny comments by a person who needs multiple handles to try to stir the pot...with multiple personalities. Of course he is anti-FIU. Nobody without such intense feelings would take his time to create multiple personalities to try and denigrate anything related to FIU, its students, athletic program, even bringing in racist and derogatory comments on 'hispanics', etc.....


Ohhhh, ok. That clears up a lot. In that case Crazy, I'am not mad at you.

Understand, however, that every sports team has hardcore fans that have strong and high hopes for their team.

Ask the thousands of RedSox fans that kept saying to themselves 'this is the year'. Same with the Yankees, Dolphins, etc, etc.

You can't be mad at them for having high hopes. I know hardcore canes fans that don't believe the canes are even capable of losing any games and they get physically sick when the Canes lose.

You're obviously not 15 or even 25 (as you said you had been a Miami fan for 30+ years). So grow up ;-)


FIUfantastic - I do understand that teams have fans that hope their team is going to have a great year and win all the team - but there is a difference between having high hopes and being delusional to the point of being annoying.

The teams you named "Red Sox/Yankees/Dolphins" all have rich histories and reason to believe that their teams can win - FIU has none of that, not yet at least.

You see, the FIU fans that I hate so much are not happy with just saying we are getting better every year. The ones I hate, which is almost everyone on this blog, said after the Alabama game, FIU was going to win the Sunbelt b/c of how close they played Alabama. They said TY was going to win the Heisman, or at leadt be in the running. Both of these comments are so far away from the truth, it was laughable, but the FIU fans on this blog fought for it tooth and nail.

Now, after one game with UNC, where, just like with Alabama in football, the team played FIU kinda half assed, the FIU fans on this blog imparticular, are calling for a SunBelt championship run and March madness next year, it is rediculous.

And don't even get me started on the whole UM is scared to play FIU - it is just dumb and makes me hate FIU fans that much more.

So again, I DO NOT hate FIU or their athletic programs. I DO NOT care if they win or lose. I HATE the current FIU fans who have no sense of their place in THE CURRENT National college sports landscape, especially in SoFl.

You're right about that chrissy, I would be somewhat vexed if that were to happen, but as you said, it's Cornell. Everyone who went their could have gone anywhere in the country and chose to attend.

FIU is a different situation considering their market and their overall feel. It's no different than St. Thomas, Nova, Miami-Dade (ignore the fact that some of these are private schools) in that respect. Students have no ties to the school or the area since South Florida is largely populated by 1st and 2nd generation immigrants. Furthermore, the schools are relatively young with little tradition. They use the school for a degree, the school uses them for advancement and money. It's not like some of them, in this case Crazy, chose to attend it for the same reasons that others choose to attend Miami, FSU, or UF. The majority of the student body in each of those schools leave everything behind and become part of the university.

With FIU, Miami-Dade, and the others, not so much. What hurts FIU with fan/alumni support, not just in sports but in overall pride for the school, is a product of their location and demographic. It's a unique catch 22 for your university.

For example, some attorneys, fresh out of law school, from lesser schools are forced to go work for the state government as a PD or state attorney. This helps build their reputation and resume, but do you think it's wrong for them to criticize those institutions after or even during? It would be insane to say otherwise.

I would venture to say many, if not the majority, of the students at FIU had their choice of school. Many of which probably could've gone to more established schools with rich traditions. In fact, many were probably accepted at UF and UM as well but chose to attend FIU. Point being that FIU isn't as infested with idiots who couldn't make it elsewhere as you would have us believe Fermentation.

I had my choice and like many others, I chose to attend FIU. Does the school lack fan support? Sure it does. Does the school lack alumni support? Sure it does. Does the school lack financial support (excluding state resources)? Sure it does. But to say FIU is a second-rate school that offers an average education is plain ridiculous. You have one person on this blog that isn't happy with his educational accomplishments. That doesn't mean he fits the mold of the typical FIU student.

I had the grades, scores, resume, background, and experience to attend selective and competitive institutions, including FIU. I'm proud of being an FIU alum, but maybe that's because I had choices. Sad to say, it sounds as if Crazy wasn't so fortunate. Perhaps that's why his anti-FIU agenda spills onto this blog.

"Everyone who went their could have gone anywhere in the country and chose to attend."

Notice your improper use of the word "their". I'm pretty sure you meant "there". Not surprisingly, an FIU alum corrects a Cornell grad, and an attorney at that.

"FIU is a different situation considering their market and their overall feel."

...considering "its" market..."its" overall feel...

Spell check can only do so much I see. Tell you what, why don't you send me your posts for approval prior to hitting the "post" button below. I'll make sure it reads well next time.


Your demographics argument is misguided at best. Being of immigrant descent really has nothing to do with school pride. The student section at every FIU game is filled to capacity. There is no lack of pride or support from the current student body. What hurts FIU is the almost non-existent alumni support. The lack of tradition that these alums endured throughout their years at a very young institution can be blamed. A prime example of this would be a naive crazycane.

That's no longer the case. That being said, you need to wait a few generations for the alum support to come in consistently.

I will say this much, the international students (not to be confused with 1st generation immigrants) seem to have little to no pride in our school. Mostly because they're just at FIU to get their degree and then return to their home countries. However, the school is named Florida International University, so that's to be expected.

Lastly, it surprises me that a man who attended Cornell (Just like the dude from "the office" -- great show) would put a community college and the most selective university in the state in the same sentence.

Crazy I refuse to believe you just "hate the fans." I am sorry but the time you devote to bashing the school and its athletic program is something else. For starters we didn't score touchdowns late against Bama, we scored them early, and given how other SBC schools played versus similarly ranked teams was it any wonder that more than a few of us thought that maybe we could win the SBC this year? You make it seem as if we were talking about going to the BCS. None of us were.

As for our game against UNC, I think most people here have had a pretty tempered response. I know I haven't talked about winning an SBC title this year, though next year is a distinct possibility with the caliber of recruit Isiah is bringing in. However the fact that you are calling us delusional when most of us are simply saying we will have a 17-16 or 18-15 season speaks volumes as to your mindset.

You hate FIU, plain and simple. I don't know if you ever went to FIU, I don't know if you ever even went to college, but regardless of your educational background you clearly hate FIU and clearly want to see us fail.

Would it be possible everyone here ignores this guy? Just the word hate explains everything about this guy. How can you hate someone because they have high hopes for their team?

Man is this guy a loser...

I, for one, am happy this guy doesn't want to relate to FIU, that would be a disgrace. I bet he buys sleeveless um tshirts at Wallyworld.

CC, you're an idiot if you think that tuition costs is correlated with quality of education.

I don't believe for one second that CC went to FIU. He is just trying to give his anti-FIU rhetoric more credibility by stating that he's an FIU alum.

I also love how Fomenter likes to group Miami Dade and FIU in the same category...what a pathetic attempt to belittle FIU.

Reality check: UM is an Outback steak selling for $100 and FIU is a Prime steak selling for $10. If you went to UM, you paid 10 times more than you should have and got an inferior education. That's my definition of a loser.

Just going back to CC's argument that UM is better because it cost more, tuition at Harvard is $33,696, tuition at UM is $35,540. All in tuition at Harvard is $48,868, and all in tuition at UM is $52,088. Now please Crazy tell me how much better UM is than Harvard.

Top 10 FIU sayings that annoy CrazyCane:

1) FIU will win the SunBelt next year
2) The BigEast is super annoying; they wont stop calling Pete Garcia
2) TY will win the Heisman, considers entering the draft early
3) Isaiah Thomas will lead our basketball team to back-to-back national championships in 2010 after winning it in 09
4) FIU Baseball will be in Omaha next year
5) UM will ask FIU to play in their stadium as they cannot fill up LandDolphinJoeRobbieProPlayer Stadium
6) UM is scared of playing FIU. They even cancelled the designed MetroRail line that would connect the 2 campuses
7) FIU Registrar's office confirms that no such 'Crazy C. Ane' ever attended Florida International University
8) Pete Pelegrin is getting nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for his 'FIU at the Movies' piece.
9) Mario Cristobal gets offer to coach UM; politely declines as he wants his son to play at FIU
10) UM considers relocating out of Coral Gables; 9 miles is too close for comfort

They coming......get ready.......only a few more hours to go............COMMITS !!!!!

OK, so I can't count, I did 11 lol.

Good job, FIUfantastic. Just like FIU, giving us a little more for no extra charge...

lol good post FIUfantastic!

FIUfantastic that post was hilarious!!

Oh chrissy (You think I didn't notice your poor attempt and different use of my name in the previous blogs, prior to this one?), I see I got under your skin. For someone who corrects someone else in grammar so much, you make your own errors. Not surprisingly, a FIU grad corrects a Cornell grad while making a fool of himself. For example:

"I'll make sure it reads well next time."

It should read "the next time". Sand in your face, huh? Heck, an argument can be made that using "a" instead of "an FIU alum" would be correct. Would you like me to point out more, I wouldn't mind, I'd consider it a fun back and forth.

You see, dubious attempt to correct at best. Pardon me for being subject to errors, as we all are. The next time, I suggest not throwing stones from you glass house, good sir.

You would be better served reading my post for what it is. I never said it was a second rate education. Now, if you wish to suggest that St. Thomas, Nova, Barry, Miami-Dade are second rate educations and FIU is on that level, than that is solely your opinion, of which you are entitled to. Regardless, your opinion doesn't hold serve on the local or national level.

You decided to draw the implication that FIU is filled with idiots. I didn't say such a thing. Obviously no one who attends any university is considered an idiot. Then again, anyone who attends FIU, UM, FSU, or UF, pales in comparison to the better schools. So to attempt to contrast the two is both idiotic and inappropriate. The choices students of Ivy League schools and 4th tier schools have is extremely different. I know you think the student body for both schools is comparable, but then again, that would be consistent with the delusion.

Speaking of that, have you seen FIU's students (Sorry to inform you, top of the class for Miami-Dade public schools isn't really picking out the cream of the crop, as we have discussed before)? Why don't you post the schools the majority of your students, which you claim to have better options, were accepted to. In case you didn't learn, recent law school grad, when you present an argument you present facts to back it up. Obviously anyone who attends Cornell can get into FIU without a second thought. The same can't be said for FIU grads. It's not suggesting they aren't intelligent, just a mere and factual indication of degrees of intelligence.

As far as this argument of "many were probably accepted to UF and UM". Well.... that's just plain wrong since you lumped those two together. I clearly didn't expect you to draw the distinction between the two, since the two schools have a vast difference in student body (enrollment size), but furthermore UM accepts a majority of non-locals.

Perhaps Crazy wasn't so fortunate. I wholeheartedly agree. Then again, he is an alum of your school, so you must bear that cross.

As for Lonepanther,

Immigrants who arrive to Miami feel a minimal connection, at best, to FIU because of their displaced status. It happens in Texas, it happens in California, it happens in New York. Yes, the student section at games might be filled, but then again....what percentage is that student section (and the entire stadium for that matter) of your current enrollment? Just how large is that section? As bad as some schools are attendance wise, their students still pack games. You do know Miami and Notre Dame sport about 12k students each (undergrad and grad combined) and their attendance is significantly higher? Percentage wise, they are exponentially higher than yours. So when you are bringing 8-11k a game and have an enrollment of...well you know how many, just how filled is it again?

Finally, being the most selective school in the state doesn't mean you are accepting the best. Is that really your best argument? In actuality, FIU is more easily comparable to Dade then FSU, UM, and UF. While some of you may find it belittling, it's just a simple situation where reality actually influences perception. Miami-Dade isn't a bad school either, it provides plenty of students with the necessary education to move on to their next phase.

Happy week to you all, I'll be back to hopefully keep myself in first place. I might actually have to write the winner's blog instead of giving it away to a loyal FIU fan (Up for the highest bidder. Sarcastic bids greatly appreciated). Back to the grind for me, minions.

P.S. Lone, I suggest watching the British office. The American version is vastly inferior to it and it seems you would greatly appreciate it!

>>>It is the the current batch of FIU fans I hate - not the school or even the athletic program. I did not realize everyone thought I hated FIU and its athletic program, NOT the case. I HATE the current FIU fans who stick out their chest and say idiotic things like Miami is scared of FIU, like FIU is a sleeping giant and TDAOS. That is what I hate.<<<

The feeling is mutual crazycane; we hate you too you Benedict Arnold.

I know who you are, you're the guy who flunked out of FIU and now holds a grudge. Too bad this can be the only explanation for who you are.

Now back to FIU Sports!

I just saw a big blob on text, and saw it was authored by Fomenter.... immediately scrolled right over it assuming its his usual drama blab on the blog. I'm sure everyone else did the same.

Right FIUFan, back to FIU Sports! Pete, where can we find coverage in regards to today's big day?

>>>I just saw a big blob on text, and saw it was authored by Fomenter.... immediately scrolled right over it assuming its his usual drama blab on the blog. I'm sure everyone else did the same.<<<

You're absolutely correct quijote; looked like at least 1/2 was a cut and paste from a prior diatribe.

That guy is mad...brings some factless info, and when confronted with facts to correct him, he dodges and changes the topic. and writes, writes, writes...and writes...LOL. Truly believes in his onw mind he is a legendary figure..

As usual, so much time spent writing useless comments to say nothing.....

Now...back to FIU sports....tonight the volleyball team plays the last home game of the season...If you can go, support the university's most successful team this year!!

When read aloud, "an FIU alum" is acceptable, although when written it may appear awkward, but still acceptable nonetheless. As you said, we can argue for and against its use. As for "the next time", I deliberately left out that word, just as I did the word "the" in "Point being". Aside from those two insignificant and intentional mistakes, I don't see many others. But tear it apart if you wish, I didn't have time to run my spell check.

I found some other obvious mistakes in your prior post, so I can dissect that as well if you'd like.

As for your remark that you haven't called FIU students idiots, I'll give you that one. I don't recall you ever using that word, but your general attitude toward the student body isn't all that far off. Maybe using that word was mildly simplistic, but it's an accurate summary of your view toward FIU's student body as you've so eloquently expressed in the past. You see, when you make statements like "Sorry to inform you, top of the class for Miami-Dade public schools isn't really picking out the cream of the crop, as we have discussed before", not only are you admitting that we've had this discussion before, but that FIU is a second rate instituion. What else can one infer from such statement? Could I conclude from your statement that FIU is a top-notch institution? I absolutely cannot. Therefore, you've essentially stated that FIU's student body isn't up to par with that of other, more rigorous schools. Hence, the second-rate classification.

As for my comment about school choice, I'm sure the admissions office has factual data to support my statement. If I find myself with some spare time on my hands, I'll gladly research it for you. Since we're not in front of a jury, I find myself with the luxury of not having to present evidence right away.

I don't know why you guys even bother to converse with CC or FM (AKA Mr. High Horse)? No matter what you say or argue, they're either going to post something delusional, insulting or use circular logic against you. I've given up on arguing with people on this blog; I've got too many things going on with a newborn son. Let's talk FIU sports, not about posters that no one likes, including Pete.

Pete, any news about FIU basketball or football recruiting?

[LOL] you guys are so gullible. Crazy cane is not an alum, he just said so to screw with you.

Back to sports. Pete, didn't PG comment on a big upcoming surprise around the time of the coaches vs cancer debacle. Could it be related to today’s signing day?

This was a very sad day for me we are the only team except UL Layfette to not sell a damn mini helmet, even Western Kentucky has one.

I mean in the SUN BELT

What's a mini-helmet?

FIU is more easily comparable to Dade then FSU, UM, and UF. While some of you may find it belittling, it's just a simple situation where reality actually influences perception. Miami-Dade isn't a bad school either, it provides plenty of students with the necessary education to move on to their next phase.


How are you going to compare a school that accepts anyone with a pulse to FIU, a university with legitimate academic standards. Seriously, man, at least be more convincing with your anti-FIU discourse.


I have to agree with Mr. Formenter on the demographics thing. Thats been obvious to me for years. FIU has been doing a better job of attracting out of city/state students, but a majority of FIU students are still the ones that live in the surrounding neighborhoods of 8th street, hialeah, miami lakes and so forth. Furthermore, these neighborhoods are dominated by, guess what, 1st and 2nd generation immigrants. These are precisly the people that will not root for FIU football because they have no school pride/ dont even know what school pride is. These are the people that you see going around with Cuba stickers all over their cars. They dont connect with where they are.

Then come the students that feel "forced" to go to FIU. "Forced" because they couldnt afford other schools, "forced" because they couldnt get in to other schools or "forced" because their parents wouldnt let them leave miami. This happens quite often and unfortunately leaves FIU with students that dont want to be there. These are the students that you see on campus wearing UM gear all the time. Maybe our friend CrazyCane falls into this category.

Ive thought this repeatedly, but what FIU needs to do is make a serious push to bring in out of state students and keep out the local population. FIU should only accept local students who were at the top of their respective classes. Maybe accept only the top 10% and/or people with SAT scores in the top 80th %. Obviously the out of state people will be held to the same standards. I know this sounds harsh and kind of wrong, but what this plan does is keep out the local students that really dont want to be here. It also brings in the out of state students that will come because they want to and those are the students that are more likely to show major school pride now and forver. Plus it makes the school better. I mean honestly I've seen some pretty pathetic students at FIU. Students that cant write simple essays or work Blackboard. That might just be a result of going to Miami Dade Public schools. I went to a NYC publc school and boy is it much easier down here. 100x easier.

FIU has accepted mediocre students just as UF and UM has. It's simply inevitable. I've met countless boneheads from these two schools, yet it hasn't affected my perception of UF or UM. Some students just slip through the cracks for some reason. While many FIU students are average academically, there are quite a few that are well above average. These are the students that likely had more opportunities and chose to attend the school. These kids appreciate the opportunity to attend a good school and are more likely to feel pride for it.

However, Fomenter would have you believe that FIU is a second rate college whose standards aren't up to par with UM and UF. Academically, I think UF, UM and FIU attract the same quality of students. However, because FIU allows a larger freshman class than UM, it typically will be more lenient in its admissions policy. Hence, lower-caliber students will be admitted. For the most part, though, the academic prowess displayed by many FIU students is quite impressive.

Yaaaaaaaawn !!!

Bringing out of state kids to FIU since it is a State School, But I dont know how that works

Wait, was that really Fomenter complaining about people checking his spelling and grammar?



I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that you keep comparing a community college to university. A university has standards to which they allow students in, a community college has only one standard, a HS diploma or equivalent. It really makes no sense to make that comparison, no matter how insignificant you believe FIU to be.

Secondly, a wise lawyer such as yourself should know better than to put words in the mouths of others (how ironic). I wasn't arguing that FIU is accepting the best students around, I was arguing that FIU is more selective than Miami Dade. Are you really going to argue that point with me?

Oh, I forgot to mention, I sometimes find myself at odds with British humor; too much sarcasm at times. Although my favorite show is Top Gear, which is in fact British.

I have heard good reviews about the British version of the office from many people. I've been meaning to give it a shot, but I always seem to miss it.

Fomenter is a self-proclaimed god. He's hurting that I called him out on his grammatically incorrect post.

I'm not hurting chris. I'm not perfect, and I've never claimed to be. It doesn't really sting when a stranger points out I've made a grammatical error. I've made tons before, and am sure to make some in the future. C'est la vie. We could keep debating grammatical errors all you'd like, but kudos to suggesting your error was intentional, the accountability or lack thereof, is rather humorous, as is the rise I've gotten out of so many on here.

Now, like I said, FIU isn't on par with the better schools, i.e. Ivy League and even top tier schools for that matter. If that automatically designates the rest as second rate, well then that's up to you to decide. It doesn't diminish them, but in life there is always someone (or something) better. In this case, there is a significantly large number of "better".

Your school doesn't have factual data to support your argument. It's not only common sense, but it's documented by UsNews. You can actually pay a little money for their services, they do a rather swell job of breaking it down. You're correct that almost all schools accept mediocre students, and FIU has a good number of above average students, but your standards aren't on par with UF or UM. You can see that on UsNews' detailed research. Allowing a larger freshman class (and thereby lowering your admissions policy, which by the way is a direct admission that you aren't on their standards in re: to attracting the same quality of students. Kudos.) is irrelevant, since UF does that as well without lowering their standards.

Chris, you should know better though, fact-less information is still incorrect, regardless of a jury being present or not. I pray you don't fall victim to that trait when drafting complaints, answers, or other legal documents, the outcome would be grim at best.

Lone/International, I'm comparing FIU to Dade in regards to show an obvious gap between the two institutions. That same gap exists between FIU and UF/UM and even FSU (to a lesser degree). Naturally a CC must accept all, therefore it has no selectivity. FIU's selectivity is due to it's location, not because of it's academic reputation. UM has more potential students that apply than Harvard, does that mean they are a better school due to higher selectivity? Of course not.

If you look at the original post "comparing" FIU and Dade, it was to illustrate the reason so many students don't feel a passion to their college. I also used St. Thomas and Nova to better help you comprehend the intention. That's why UM is wise in accepting students from out of state. It was Suntan U, after all.

Hopefully alt better articulated the demographics issue. He seems to be in full accordance with me. It's 100% on point.

Lone, I suggest you give the first season of the British Office a shot, it's British so you are correct in the assessment of sarcasm, but then again I think the office is intended to be a sarcastic series, as opposed to a more obvious brand of humor.

As for Fanatic, he's pretty much wrong, especially with the dodging and changing the topic, since it's on point with the whole premise, but we all know he's incapable of piecing those things together.

I'm tempted to pick FIU to win this weekend, but without Mccall, I'm torn. Seems like both teams are pretty even. Got to go with the home team here.

FIU 31
NT 27

LOL....the legend in his own mind really believes it...writes, and writes, and writes....and what?......

Ah yes, US News, I'm familiar with their services. They do a fairly good job of conducting research, but you have to admit, they heavily favor top schools across all disciplines. I don't think much data is gathered on lil 'ol FIU, but they try.

In any case, the evidence is forthcoming, assuming I can fit such a task on my busy schedule. You're correct that fact-less information is incorrect, however, that's not the case here as we've already discussed.

Thanks for the advice, but I believe I'm more than capable of handling my professional affairs. Nothing is more important to me delivering the best service possible to my clients. If you think otherwise, well then that's subject to debate. As I've mentioned in prior posts, I could provide some pointers for you as well. I'd be more than pleased to do so. It'll remind you not to throw stones from your glass house either.

Ahh Fanatic, forgetting that I'm answering specific questions posed to me. Might have been a bit verbose, but naturally, Fanatic is too busy living in his delusions to see the forest through the trees.

And chris, again, you're information is incorrect. You have done nothing to prove it and until you do, it remains incorrect.

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