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Next Panthers Up

As you might have read in today's MH story on FIU's reserves Next Panthers Up that stepped up againstKick Louisiana on Saturday, your Panthers have adopted a motto from the title of a Baltimore Ravens book called "Next Man Up" when it comes to the boatload of injuries to hit FIU this season.

And several of those Panthers -- that filled in last Saturday and that will fill in for what could be the remainder of the season -- came up huge when it mattered most in the waning moments of Saturday's 20-17 overtime win over the Ragin' Cajuns.

By the way, great shot by Sam Lewis in the photo, right of the blocked field goal to end the game. (Click on the photo to enlarge it and get a better view of the picture). Also, really liked the Panthers wearing all white uniforms for home games.

Yes, FIU had a clutch game-tying drive in the final two minutes to send the game into OT, but Saturday's Davis game was won by your Panthers defense.

Saturday's game unleashed the Aaron Davis (left) we had heard so many good things about through high school and now in an FIU uniform. AD was all over the field and led FIU in tackles on Saturday. I thought only No. 44 is supposed to do that. Well, let's add No. 45 AD to lead that category.

Just as big coming through with the 3 biggest tackles in the win was unsung senior linebacker No. 49 Tyler Clawson (below, right), who almost single-handedly stopped the UL overtime drive with tackles that resulted in 1-yd gain, no gain and a loss of 2 yds.

AD was filling in for Toronto Smith (knee surgery) and TC was in for Winston Fraser, who continues to beTc bothered by a neck injury.

Freshman safety Jonathan Cyprien continued his solid work as he tied with AD for the team lead in tackles. Cyp is already second on the team this season in tackles with 47.

Of course, you can't forget the line's push led by Jonas Murrell on the field goal attempt that allowed Tourek Williams to get his left Panther paw up to block the kick and seal the win for FIU.

Offensively, we have begun to see the emergence of Wayne Times (left, thanks Alex J. Hernandez photo). The way WT plays reminds me of T.Y. Did you see the moves he made on that 16-yard pass play with 22 seconds left to get the ball to the UL 4-yard line? WT caught a short pass and went another 15 yards as if we was a player in Madden.

Also, liked the way walk-on receiver Ariel Martinez has taken advantage of playing time. Although, he didn't have eye-popping numbers Saturday (3 catches for 39 yards), I do like how AM runs routes and seems to Times have secure hands along with good size (6-3) for a receiver.

Colt Anderson is looking better each game at tight end. He's got good hands too and is athletic enough to beat the LBs covering him.

Kudos to the kicking game too for FIU. Punter Carlos Munera averaged nearly 50 yards per punt vs. UL (48.3 yds) and kicker Dustin Rivest kept up his solid season. DR is now 9 of 11 on FGs and a perfect 22 of 22 on PATs.

Saturday's game was not the prettiest for the FIU offense, but the Panthers did churn out 145 yards on the ground. Still, if FIU's offense clicks like it has for most of this season, then I think the Panthers blow out the Cajuns on Saturday, because of the way the FIU D came to play.  

However, FIU cannot beat its chest too much, because one of the most exciting players in the Sun Belt awaits them on Saturday in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Middle Tennessee quarterback Dwight Dasher (left), who sees FIU like a dog sees a piece of filet, is waiting. Dasher, who is generously listed at 5-10, feasted on FIU two years ago in Murfreesboro accounting for 5Young TDs in a game that was 47-0 Blue Raiders at halftime.

Dasher Dasher is like a mini-Vince Young (Longhorn days [photo, right] and not Titans). He will hurt you as much with his legs as his arm. He went 10-17 for 240 yards passing and 3 TDs and rushed for 58 yards and 2 TDs in the 2007, 47-6 win over FIU.

Last season, MT coach Rick Stockstill shot himself in the foot by not starting Dasher instead going with senior QB Joe Craddock, who was as mobile as a rock. Dasher came in the second half in the 31-21 FIU win and ran for 78 yards. Too little, too late in 2008.

We'll have more on the Blue Raiders later in the week and I'll be checking in with you from Ocala in the next few days when we pay tribute to the FIU ladies.


Aaapaw Before we get to the WIN A GPP BLOG Leaderboard, I have to ask: Who does TedGinn Ginn think he is.....T.Y. Hilton?   

  Aaapaw To those FIU fans who said hello at Saturday's game in the final two minutes of the fourth quarter, my apologies for not going over to the stands and meeting you good people, but I had to be on the sideline for the game-tying drive and overtime. Drop by the open-air press box before the next home game against North Texas and say hello.

Aaapaw You get another 2 for 1 deal from the GPP later this week: LIVE BLOG from the FIU/MiddleHilton Tennessee game on Saturday and a LIVE BLOG from the FIU/North Carolina basketball season opener from the Dean Dome next Monday night.


WesFIU: Pete, I was at the game and I belive I didnt see TY play at all except for a kickoff return. Is he injured??? Whats going on???

PP: T.Y. is day-to-day with his recurring knee injury. The knee acted up on Saturday and he could barely run. He was cleared by the doctors today to be able to go at full strength in practice this week. Let's see how he practices this week.

Gooch7: Pete: Do you know what games we have scheduled for next year? How many open spots do we have in the schedule to fill? Finally, are we going to have 5 or 6 home games next year?

PP: Full slate of Sun Belt games (8) and then non-conference games at Texas A&M to open the season, home opener vs. Rutgers, at Maryland and at Central Florida. There will be 5 home games next season. In 2011 is the first season FIU has 6 home games when UCF and Duke visit FIU Stadium along with 4 Sun Belt home games.

WIN A GPP BLOG WEEK 8 STANDINGS (FIU/Middle Tennessee scores due by 4:29 p.m. Eastern GPP Time on Saturday)


Fomenter (121)


FIU0406 (134), NYCFIUFan (155), FIU PantherFan (169), CrazyCane (179), MIA/NY Josh (201)


Joel (144), CJ (145), FIU Fanatic (153), BaltimorePanther (168), FIUcanesFan (168), theINTERNATIONAL (171)


LonePanther (148), TheChampionUnderdog (170)


Golden Panther 90 (130), Clawing Cancer (151), SouthPaw (157)


Tri-Panther (187),  FIUer (269)

GPP: 6-2, (142)




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went to A&M last year for the Miami game, great experience, fans are amazing BBQ is even better (C n J's is a great one). Encourage all who can make it out there to do so, great experience over all. One warning, the seats for visitors are about 20 yards past the endzone on the open end of the horseshoe. Other than that great time.

damn it forgot to post my score for last weekend's game! :(

Middle Tennessee game would be the biggest victory of the season if tey can pull it off. Their QB must love to play against us! I think if Defense plays the way they did on Saturday and Offense plays the way they have all season long, then it can be a great game. Cant wait till the UNT game. Should be a nice crowed out there!!

Trips to A&M, Maryland, and UCF are going to be very tough. Rutgers at home wont be any easier eigther. It seems it will be extremly hard to be anything better then 6 and 6. Im hopeing that MC can get the boys ready for a 7-5 season..


UCF and Maryland are definitely beatable! Texas A&M I'm on the fence about. But if this team is healthy and Wesley, the other transfers, and the new recruits are as advertised, I think we can give Rutgers a game here at The Cage and I think we beat UCF and Maryland. Call me crazy... but I think it can happen.

Based on our preseason hype this year, we would've concluded Maryland a possible win, and UCF and Rutgers at home an EASY win.


I hate to say it - but I agree with quijote. pikedanny - how can you presume you will beat anyone other than maybe NT and WK? Do YOU really think that you will beat UCF and Maryland - or are you just trying to be positive. You know, it is okay to be honest and positive at the same time?

To say that you think you will beat UCF and Maryland is easy, backing it up with facts based on what you have seen this year from the GPers is the hard part.

FIU can't say ANY team in college football is easy. I don't think any team can say that. When teams overlook other teams, bad stuff happens. (See Canes/Clemson)

I like the lineup for next year; I like seeing the balance. An ACC, C-USA, Big East and Big 12 opponent.

A SunBelt team beating any of these teams is a great victory for FIU and the SunBelt.

Crazy actually has a good point for once. I think we will only improve next year. Defense cant possibly get any worst. Offense will hopefully have a bigger impact next year, and our special teams needs to stay hot..

Conference Games (except Troy) should be an improvement (maybe 5-3).

Non-Conference Games should also be an imporvement (at least 1-3)

Fact: We will not be any better then 7-5 and we will not be any worst then 5-7.. Time will tell!

Go Golden Panthers!

I really want to play UCF next year. The people that go to that disney school think they're better than FIU. If we can beat them in football that might shut them up a little.

I have to agree with CC here. At this moment, I don't know how we can claim ANY game is a gimme except possibly NT and WK. Even those I'm cautious in saying they are gimmes. Fact is, this Golden Panthers team needs to do a lot of maturing until we can claim we can beat these other teams.

I didn't saw any of those games were a lock to win. Read carefully guys. I called Maryland and UCF 'beatable' I also based it on Wesley, other transfers, and new recruits being as good as advertised and the rest of the team staying healthy. I'm being positive but I also think I'm being realistic. None of our games are a lock but UCF and Maryland are not cupcake or body bag games. We can win those games.

UCF is a bragging rights game... I would love to take them out. Unlikely but it would be AWESOME!!!

Its so disgusting we are talking about next year... what a grand disappointment.

I've been saying this since we picked up Wesley.... Next year is the year... With a new TRUE Qb (SEC-transfer) a true RB (BIG EAST) transfer.... the best WR in FL (TY) and an improving Defense....and hopefully an improving OL on real players not (overhyped seniors that were never recruited else where). But inorder for big strides to take place, the young guys have to play now, even if Toronto comes back...Even it #44 is healthy....or Greg is healthy.... TY, WT, Pooh, Dillard.... they have to play NOW!!!

the best WR in FL (TY)- seriously? Yeah TY had an awesome Freshamn year, no doubt, but what has he done this year when teams were able to gameplan for him - nothing. And now he is hurt. I think your statement is a little to much of wishful thinking.

Also , there is so much hype about Wesley - what makes you all think that he is really that good. i do not know him - so I am not commenting, but what has he shown anyone to deserve this type of hype?

All he did was take it to the house and average 40 some yards against the #1/2/3 team in the nation. And if you read the 'Bama papers, Saban developed a gameplan the entire off season to try to stop him and nothing.

Wesley was the All SEC Freshman QB of the year and had a record freshman season before Ole Miss cleaned house and he lost ground in the rotation - kinda like Paul McCall with Mario.

Shut yo' trap biotch.

TY and his stats make him the best WR in FL. You cant even argue he's playing in the Sunbelt. He has run by the best in college football. You are very grounded in your comments but TY has been the real deal. From High school to NCAA. Good freshman year - yes. The statistics were even better this year before the knee issue. So that whole team game planning for him ... kind of makes him look even more like FL best WR when his stats were improved from the year before.

Wesley is going to be a wait and see what happens. We have a decent commit so starters should be determined in the off season.

Vote for TY
#4 on your ballot

Best WR in Florida -

BTW, scored TD against (#2) Nick Satan, who went onto squib-kick the remainder of the game.... That is game changing... Now imagine what he can do with a real O-line...A real QB.... A real Special Teams block package....
Freshman All-American kick returner by the Sporting News and was an honorable mention Freshman All-American by Scout.com. Named Miami Herald First Team All-Florida. was named to the CBSSportsline.com Freshman of the Year watchlist...finished the season ranked third in the nation in all-purpose yards per game with 180.25 per contest...ranked ninth in the country in punt-return yards per game with an average of 14.78...was given a helmet sticker by ESPN.com on two occasions (week 11 & 15)

someone is feeling STUUUUUUpid

Wesley Carroll:
As a true freshman at Mississippi State, Carroll earned the Bulldogs' starting quarterback spot by out-playing incumbent starter. He was an All-SEC freshman team selection in 2007 after leading the Bulldogs to a Liberty Bowl victory.


Okay - since noone actually likes to look at #'s when mking comments about who is the best WR in FL - I decided to look at some stats as opposed to just saying TY is NOT the best WR is FL - and what I found is shocking.

TY's stats: 44 catches; 462 yards; 4 td

Impressive - yes, but best in FL, I think not. Please see the following stats for receivers at UM - FSU - UF

Hankerson's stats: 25 catches; 477 yards; 3 td

Benjamin's stats: 22 catches; 412 yards; 4 td

Reed's stats: 42 catches; 504 yards

Owen's stats: 36 catches; 461 yards; 3 td

Cooper's stats: 31 catches; 474 yards; 5 td

Should I look at the other schools in the State? Should I include some WR's from those schools who have better numbers. Not only is TY not the best in the State - these receives are more explosive with longer plays from scrimmage.

Who feels pretty stupid now?

Obviously you do since you took the time to research your answers....next time do it BEFORE posting rubbish.

Obviously it was not rubbish smart guy - so are you agreeing with me know that I did the research?


Weren't you just proclaiming how team's gameplan against TY? I hardly doubt any of those other receivers you mentioned have gameplans developed against them. Still, TY is able to put up numbers with the best of the best in the state.

Not to mention the fact that he has barely played the last 2 games.

Interesting how you bring up stats, yet you seem to purposely have omitted total yards from scrimmage. What gives?

Argument was that TY was best WR in State. If you want to use him passing/running reverses/kick-offs/punts - That is another argument and I still would not put him in the States top 5.

As for WR - I am not sure he is even in the State top 10. There some really good HS players who would out play TY tomorrow at the WR position.

I'm sorry, at what point does a return man get to use his stats returning punts and kicks to show that he's a good, or in this case, "the best WR in Fl"?

If you really think Nick Saban gameplanned for him at all prior to game week you must definitely be a bit unrealistic. In the two biggest games, coincidentally against BCS teams, he had 3 catches in each game going into the fourth quarter. He's a very good player, but he wouldn't start on any of the Big 3, much less be the best in the state.

Fomenter who starts opposite Cooper at UF?

Listed is Deonte but they split out Aaron Hernandez. They use their TE a whole lot, like UM used Kellen Winslow.

TY will be playing slot receiver in the nfl someday that's all i have to say.


Any reason why FIU hardly plays noon or 3:30 games on Saturdays?

Also, great win by FIU. Hopefully this turns things around for us.


Its about time Tyler Clawson got some credit. He works harder than any other linebacker out there and if you watch him he is one of the few that sticks to his assignments, rather than playing hot shot. You will not see this in the stat category. He has been a great leader for the younger linebackers and deserves much more credit than he gets!


You would never put any FIU in the top anything because you are a HATER - PLAIN AND SIMPLE!

All you do 24/7 on this blog is try to minimize, discount and negate all the positive things that happen to our program.


I'm glad they don't play noon games.

You have to wake up early on a Sat just to make it out PLUS that leaves zero time for tailgating properly.

All games should be night games.

quijote, don't waste your time with CC. He's a lonely child. Keep focused on the four games ahead, FIU hoops on the horizon, etc.

BTW, Pete is it true there is an exhibition games this Thursday? I've also heard that Monday's season opener against UNC (National Champions) is on ESPN2 or ESPNU. Is this true?


Perhaps I should've stated that I was attempting to prove how TY's importance to his team is greater than that of any other WR in the state.

Those stats are including TY sitting out... which pretty much solidify's his dominating FL WR status.

Okay - since noone actually likes to look at #'s when mking comments about who is the best WR in FL - I decided to look at some stats as opposed to just saying TY is NOT the best WR is FL - and what I found is shocking.

TY's stats: 44 catches; 462 yards; 4 td

Impressive - yes, but best in FL, I think not. Please see the following stats for receivers at UM - FSU - UF

Hankerson's stats: 25 catches; 477 yards; 3 td

Benjamin's stats: 22 catches; 412 yards; 4 td

Reed's stats: 42 catches; 504 yards

Owen's stats: 36 catches; 461 yards; 3 td

Cooper's stats: 31 catches; 474 yards; 5 td

Should I look at the other schools in the State? Should I include some WR's from those schools who have better numbers. Not only is TY not the best in the State - these receives are more explosive with longer plays from scrimmage.

Who feels pretty stupid now?

Posted by: CrazyCane | November 03, 2009 at 04:24 PM


This is SUCH a stupid post by one of our most hard-headed, one-sided, delusional, closet fan posing posters. I guess what can you expect. DO YOU REALIZE TY HAS BARELY PLAYED THE LAST 3 GAMES!!! He is clearly, CLEARLY, the best WR in FL when 100% healthy. No one is as explosive. Not even worth expending energy typing on this topic.

chia panther,

will i see you under the big tent next week. una cerveza para vanessa, aaahhhyyyy.

Para Vanessa.... AND TWINS!!!....

Best part of my Season Tix...Row 4... Venessa (+twins) ... and the rest of the Dazzlers....who make it a point to DAZZLE ME!!!

Agreed FIUer,

It's ridiculous to point out statistics when someone has been injured over the 3 weeks and we're only taking about 6 weeks total into consideration.

Besides, statistics don't always tell the whole story. They're only important if you have a fantasy team.

TY is the man and I love him, but it is so tough to name one person the best WR in FL. He is definitely up there. But as much as I hate UM they have some great receivers. Benjamin always seems to be open and even worse every play to that kid seems to be a 40+ yard pass play. Riley Cooper is very much overrated and the beneficiary of playing in the UF system. He shouldnt even be in the conversation.

I do have to defend TY's honor though. Guys like Travis Benjamin, Riley Cooper and the FSU receivers all play around great talent. They are bound to be left open a large portion of the game. TY doesnt have this benefit. Opposing D's focus on him and him only. They'll put at least three defenders on him. So he's done what he's done with a LOT, if not all, the attention on him.

If I had to say the best WR's in FL are (IN NO SPECIFIC ORDER) TY, Travis Benjamin and Bert Reed.

Is the middle Tennessee game going to be televised or on the Internet?

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