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No. 3-ranked Hoopster in U.S. Eyeing FIU

Rakeem Although, you good people know my sentiments on recruiting and all the attention given to [insert name here of superstar high school player] thinking about 35 different schools before making a decision, the following is unprecedented territory for FIU basketball.

Rakeem Christmas, the No. 3 player in the nation for 2011, has whittled down his choices of college basketball programs to 5 and your Panthers are among the choices.

Granted, X-mas is still another whole year away from becoming a college hoopster, FIU has never been thisclose to landing this type of player -- except maybe in baseball where the No. 4 player in the nation -- Manny Machado is expected to sign with FIU this year, but might never field a ground ball for Turtle, because of the Major League Draft. Still, quite an accomplishment for both Isiah and Turtle.

Here is the latest story by Evan Daniels of scout.com about FIU's possible Christmas gift:

After listening to pitches from a number of college programs, Rakeem Christmas has sliced his list to five schools.

In early August, Rakeem Christmas, of Bryn Athyn (Pa.) Academy of New Church, cut his list of schools to eight. Now the No. 3 prospect in the 2011 class has narrowed his list further.

“Since our last announcement, certain schools have made a valiant effort regarding Rakeem’s recruitment. Stronger bonds have been established with a few programs and their staff. Our current list reflects that.” Amira Hamid, Christmas' aunt and legal guardian, said.

“Once we know it’s right for Rakeem and once he feels 100% confident about the situation, everyone else will know. This process has been lengthy but we are in no rush to meet a timeline. We’re pleased with the current schools we are considering and looking forward to watching them play this season.”

Christmas’ new list consists four schools – Florida, Georgetown, Oklahoma and Texas --- that were among his list of eight that he released in August. He’s also added a new school – Florida International – to the mix.

“I’m happy to work with a smaller group of schools going into the season,” Christmas said. “I’ve been so busy with maintaining my grades and practicing with the team, that I think this will help me focus with having to deal with less pressure during the season.

The 6-foot-9, 230-pound post prospect hasn’t visited any of the five schools on his list. According to Hamid, they’ll likely look to take some trips following his junior season.

We might do something, but definitely not before the school year is over,” she told Scout.com.

After a big showing on the AAU circuit during the spring and summer with Team Final, Christmas opted to make a change and switched from Northeast Catholic to Academy of New Church. Thus far it’s been a smooth change.

“My transition at ANC has been great. I’m enjoying my classmates, teachers, and teammates,” Christmas added. “Coach Givens has been great with the workouts. I’m just ready for the season to start.”

The Academy of the New Church opens their season on December 4th against Atlantic Christian


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Nice! Pete any news on Milk or any other additions to the 2010 class?

Woah... great stuff!

Pete, Panther Pass has become very ordinary! Not covering MAJORITY of the men's hoops road games. What gives?!



Excellent... I can't wait for next year to come around as this year is proving to be a very frustrating time. You can't expect much from this class, especially when I, at 6'4" 1/2, would be one of the tallest lol that's amazing we need some size and muscle next year. Although I did think we'd have to give Isiah a pass this year, I didn't think we'd start 2-6.

yeah, those people predicting double digit wins this year are out of their minds. When u give up that size it essentially allows your opponents to have higher % shots every time down the floor. Not only that, but if they do miss, they are likely to get 2nd & 3rd opportunities. It also makes it harder for our shooters since they can be covered on the outside, not like we have anyone to throw it down low to. It's going to be a long year, I hope Turtle can produce otherwise it will just be another year of failed FIU athletics.

SR doesn't look that bad after all. Why give IT a pass this year?. Didn't Pedro Garcia said he will automatically raise the level of FIU?.
ESPN is already questioning his attitude (ex. not wanting to play NC and in the Tulsa game asking for mercy from the head coach). I hope I'm wrong, but his coaching and his administration skills at prior jobs makes you wonder.


can you pass along that link about ESPN bitching about Isiah?

Posted by: goldenpantherforever | November 29, 2009 at 08:31 PM

Are you EFFING KIDDING me ?? Get a clue man, you must have never played organized teams sports in your entire life. These kids are the depth for next season. We don't have a true PF or Center.... Only guys I see getting serious minutes next year is Phil Gary and Marvin Roberts.

You are just another cynic in this microwave oven results oriented society that is just out of touch with reality.

Seconding the sentiments of those here who didn't expect much this season. Isiah was hired too late to recruit well. Yes he did get some solid guys. Yes they are actually some of the most physically talented players this team has had, but we don't have the height, cohesion, and we have no depth. It will take another two years to build this team, to get the taller guys we need and get enough players to sub people out and keep the same relative level of talent on the court.

I actually thought we were going to be a .500 team, but so far that is not the case. I think IT is a great pick for a Coach. We have NEVER picked up players that are 3-star, 4 star, and even 5-star. Most of our players that we have played with have had NO STAR.. I realize rakings dont mean crap unless you get some wins, but this guys that IT is picking up are pretty amaizing.. He needs to use the "Free Pass" this year and hope he has a team 5-7 games over .500 next year.. Very realistic goal..



Didn't you read the title of this blog???

"No. 3-ranked Hoopster in U.S. Eyeing FIU"

Do you honestly believe that this blog title would've been the same under SR? Don't be so foolish.

Where are all the haters that said Miami was going to lose to USF on the road? Where are all the haters that UM was on the decline? Funny how those posters don't want to talk now.

Also - anyone else see UM basketball is 8-0. Yes it is early, but, where are all those haters too?


UM basketball is 8-0 !!!

DragCane - nobody gives a Flying F....U d-bag.

Hey Crazy is back, the wannabe FIU alumnus who has a virulent hatred for an institution he didn't attend but claims to while cheering for another institution he didn't attend.

FIUPIKE, why do you sound so frustrated with reality? Chill out my friend. If you notice, my post contained no name calling, no comments which can be construed as negative towards FIU, nothing that warranted the response fiven by you. You are showing some true colors.

All I know is that I LOVE my TEAM (the school I actually graduated from) even if they are 2-6 and on the way to 3-10.. Why?? Cause part of the amazing 35year history of the school belongs to ME!! I realize it might just be a very little piece of the history, but I will take a small piece before having NO PIECE of anyting!!

FIU: Keep up the hard work, and never be satisfied with what you have already accomplished.. Coach Salvat @ FIU use to tell me "Don't tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon".. Damn his right!!

Go FIU!!

I have some questions regarding this saturday's tailgate for the Shula Bowl:

Are kegs allowed in the tailgate lots?
What time do the lots open/when do people usually get out there?

Was thinking of getting out there around noon and watching all the games in the tailgate lot, with some flippity cup mixed in. SEC championship game is at 4, roll tide.

I'm sure this hoopster would love to play for a 2-6 team...

Yep...just like Dominique Ferguson didn't mind actually signing with FIU....mind you, Ferguson was a 5-star recruit when he committed to FIU, and ranked #8 by ESPN at the time. He has dropped to around #25-#45 national player on most recruiting services....

I think he would love to play for an NBA Hall of Famer, considered to be among the best 50 players of all time. The proof is in the pudding. Stay tuned....

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