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New FIU Hoopster; Welcome Back 12 & 13

Power forward Eric Frederick signed with FIU a few hours ago to give the Panthers four new hoopstersFrederick for their 2009-2010 signing class.

Frederick (right) is 6-7, 230-pounds and played at Highland-Illinois (JUCO) last season. He joins Dominique Ferguson, Richaud Pack and DeJuan Wright as the newest FIU hoopsters.

Guard Phil Taylor is expected to sign on Friday which would still leave FIU with 1 or 2 more scholies to hand out if Pack receives an academic scholarship -- which he should for his Paul McCall-like GPA of 8.9 or whatever outstanding GPA it is.


Pmc Speaking of No. 12, McCall (left, thanks Alex J. Hernandez photo) has had a very encouraging week of practice and has been making every throw, even the deep passes with no problems in practice this week. Maybe it's the mohawk PMC is sporting that has helped heal his arm.

The senior is expected to start on Saturday against North Texas. However, MC has said that he might use both PMC and Wayne Younger on Saturday.

Linebacker Toronto Smith (right, thanks AJH photo) is a quick healer. Just two weeks after having knee surgery, Big Ontario Smith has been back on the practice field this week. MC said TS is ready to play Saturday. Whether Smith or Aaron Davis starts remains to be seen, but from AD's performances the last 2 weeks, it's a good bet AD will see plentyLilcanada of action too against the Mean Green.


Aaapaw It's another 2-for-1 LIVE BLOG for you in the next 5 days. Drop by for the North Texas/FIU LIVE BLOG at 6:45 p.m. on Saturday night. Then check in for the Florida Memorial/FIU Hoops LIVE BLOG for the Panthers home opener next Tuesday, Nov. 17 at 7:45 p.m. from the Bank.


Max: Pete, Say it isn't so about Younger? At this point, if McCall is hurt, why not give one of the Schrippa (Sp?) some starts?

PP: McCall is ready to play. He has looked pretty good in practice this week. The coaching staff doesn't think Schirripa is ready.

TXgoldenpanther: Pete, didn't PG comment on a big upcoming surprise around the time of the coaches vs cancer debacle. Could it be related to today’s signing day?

PP: He did but it has not happened yet. And it may not be for the early signing period, but for April.

UltimateFIUFan: Is TY's basketball career over? Wasn't that one of the reasons he came to FIU?

PP: T.Y. is not playing hoops, especially now with a knee injury. Goodbye's future is on Sundays and not three or four days a week in an arena.

Volley Gooch7: Pete will we host the first and second round of the NCAA Volleyball Tournament? I know we put in a bid, but what will determine if we get it?

PP: First of all congratulations to the FIU ladies (left, thanks Richard Lewis photo) for their 20th consecutive win on Wednesday. Only Penn State (90), Northern Iowa (22) and Lipscomb (21) have a current longer winning streak in the nation right now. The lady Panthers (28-2, 16-0 in Sun Belt) also saw Yarimar Rosa (right, thanks AJH photo) record her 2,000th career kill on Wednesday. Here's a thought: No. 3's jersey will likely hang from the rafters or on the wall in the Bank at some point in the near future.

Was talking to coach Tomic today about hosting a bid when I went to talk to the volleyball players for a story I'mRosa writing on them for next week's paper. She said that with FIU already hosting two major international volleyball tournaments in the past year that it should help. But the deciding factor could be how many teams the NCAA will make travel down to Miami when Florida State -- better ranking and more central location than Miami -- might be a better fit to host. We'll know for sure around selection Sunday which is Nov. 29.

Aaapaw Will be back on here Friday with the Taylor signing and your North Texas/FIU preview and prediction, plus Jackie's forecast that we didn't have the pleasure of hearing from in Chapel Hill, because of the damn roof over the Dean Dome.



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Thanks for the basketball updates.

Great to hear that McCall is ready. If WY gets to play QB it should only be to run the option or the Wildcat.

Feeling very good about this basketball recruiting class already. With Frederick joining this class (again, as he signed with us for this season but couldn't play), and your comment that Phil Taylor should sign tomorrow, it would give us the 5 original commitments we've had.

Now, if he stays, the first extra commitment could go to "95% almost committed" Matt Milk...with a chance of adding one more due to Pack's possibility of getting an academic scholarhip....Good news indeed!!

Keep that info flowing, Pete!! As usual, thanks for your work!

I cant believe that WY has decreases in QB skills so much from 2 years ago. I guess with one year left he will play backup next year as well. I think they can use him in so many ways that does not always require him to make key passing decisions. Run the Option, Wildcat, and once in a while have him throw a SAFE screen. That's it! 70% PM is way better then 100% WY.. Sorry but that is the truth..

Great news for the basketball team. Non of those guys would have signed if it wasnt for IT. His impact might not show this season, but wait the usual 2 or 3 years that it takes to bring a team from under the barrel to becoming competitive..

As for Volleyball. They should get the first and second round! The NCAA is extremely unfair if they cant give it to FIU..

Go Golden Panthers!

I agree Gooch7. I assume MC's plan for North Texas is to use WY to start and if it looks like we are losing then bring in PMC... (like they have done in the past games with TY).

I think that strategy is terrible, we can't bring them in once we are already losing. PMC and TY needs to START, and if we are winning by a good margin, THEN YOU CAN TAKE THEM OUT.

At this point, we have to guarantee wins in these last remaining games so we can end the season with a record not too far off from last year. We NEED wins against NT and FAU.

FIU ... 09 needs to come to an end.

I cant wait to see E. Theliar, D. Laporte, Mars all healthy and starting in 2010.

WOW Rutgers destroyed USF. That team reminds me of FIU ... Big hype going into the season ... but a few injuries and the team is crippled. Their OLine was sure acting like FIU that game.

Completely agreed... play spoiler to FAU, End on a good note... wait for the recruits to sign, hit the training room and weightroom, hire new coordinators... and keep working hard towards the next season. New QB, New RB, TY, Dudley and better OL. That's the key.

whether it be college or the pros, the football needs to be built from the o-line and d-line up. we need to get the strength and conditioning coach to give these guys the clear, p90x, or sweating to the oldies... we have two winnable games in NT and FAU at home.. lets end the season that overhyped in a good note with 2 out of 3..UF? lets take the money and run... see you all at the "PORPOISE for $5 pitchers"

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