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Panthers vs. Panthers

FIU and Pittsburgh have agreed to a home-and-home series in football beginning next season at HeinzFiuhelmet Field.

Pitt comes to FIU for the return game in 2014 at FIU Stadium.

This is the first of several home-and-home series with BCS schools that FIU is workingPitt on.

So the start of FIU's schedule next season is expected to be: Sept. 4 vs. a Sun Belt team (the opener has still not been decided whether it will be home or away).

Sept. 11 - home vs. Rutgers; then at Texas A&M; at Pitt; at Maryland and then 7 Sun Belt games, which the conference will not announce the schedule until later. The bye weeks for next season have not been set yet, because the schedule has not been set.

Will get to your questions and have the updated Win a GPP Blog leaderboard later.

Will be back on here for the LIVE HOOPS BLOG of FIU/Murray State at 6:45 p.m. tonight from the Bank.


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I would have preferred a cupcake to help this young team get some confidence but its a good series for FIU.

Well, we do have our full slate of games for next season. Of course, I would have preferred to have a 6th home game next season as well in order to play a more balanced schedule starting 2010. But I guess, it will hopefully play out in the 2014 return game.

Interesting it appears we will start the season against a SBC team. Last I remember that happened, it was the disastrous 2006 season, when we opened at MTSU, losing 7-6.

great... another body bag game...

I like this, this will be great for FIU as far as experience, exposure and recruiting.

Dear Pete,

First of all, I would like to say that im glad u didn't haven't to walk all the way back from Gainesville to Miami. Even though we all hoped that FIU would pull off the miracle by beating the defending champs and current #1 team, we all knew it wasn't going to happen...The obvious reasons we lost so bad are: We have more freshmen playing in our team than any other team in the nation, our starting quarterback (even though he played) is injured plus others, and the team doesn't have the depth. I think we should first concentrate on winning the SunBelt championship and build from there...Hopefully one day we can build to the point where the Gators currently are...Even though I can't stand the Gators (Btw could of gone to UF and still could go there to finish a Master's but Id rather be in FIU) I got to give them credit...Hopefully people here can see that one day we can be just as successful as them with time...I think given our location in MIAMI, we already have a major advantage than most to get there...But I think we need to change a few things before we get there...First, we need to support Mario Cristobal and this team...Whoever brought up the idea of bringing Charlie Weis is clueless...If he can't get the job done in Notre Dame, he can't get it done here...Mario Cristobal is a great leader, recruiter, and motivator and he is building a strong foundation...If anything some of his assitants might have go if next year we continue to lose...#2 we need to market this team better...When Maidique changed our nickname from Sunblazers to Golden Panthers that was a good start...We then improved our panther logo (the old panther logo was horrible) which was a good idea...But as a marketing specialist here is a suggestion to further improve:

* Florida International University Golden Panthers is too long of a name and is not catchy...We already have the Florida Panthers here and we need to distinguish ourselves from PITT Panthers because they have the same colors and if we were to ever join them in the BIG EAST. I propose we change our school's nickname to FIU PANTERAS instead...This will market our location in Miami which has a latin flavor and is the gateway to South America, etc...Think about it we can be PANTERA NATION instead of the same ol Panthers we share with the hockey team and PITT. A perfect example would be Chad Johnson (Miami Beach High alumnus) and how he markets himself with changing his last name to Ocho Cinco...Obviously he is proud from being from Miami and knows a little something about the swagger we have down here...Pete I don't know what do u think? Maybe we can have a little survey on this...With changing the nickname to PANTERAS, we wont have to change the logo plus we get to distinguish ourselves from all the other Panthers around...Golden Panthers is just way too long, plus I think the school was already leaning towards getting rid of the Golden name and just sticking with Panthers...

your right that the school is trying to drop the golden. If you been to the stadium as of late their is no golden anywhere just panther. Guess someone beat you to it.

"Whoever brought up the idea of bringing Charlie Weis is clueless... If he can't get the job done in Notre Dame, he can't get it done here..."

Posted by: PANTERA NATION | November 23, 2009 at 05:05 PM

Again, the question was whether Pete Garcia would entertain the idea or not. But I love how you are already predicting how he would do as an FIU Head Coach LoL.

It's interesting how Pitt's visit to FIU will be in 2014. It almost implies that Pitt was unwilling to play in FIU stadium until it has expanded.

11 vs 135, I hope we are going to get $1,000,000 for this game.

LonePanther. I doubt it has anything to do with an expanded stadium, as a date is not set in stone.

I believe its just when we and they had an open slot available.

I am going to be selfish about the scheduling of Pittsburg, Next year I can drive to two games, Pitt and Maryland, I wish we could schedule Maryland every year home and home in football and basketball.
About marketing, when I purchase my tickets to the Rutger's game I have to to do through Rutgers Athletic, because I did it late and FIU had already sent the left over tickets back to Rutgers, I get 3 to 5 emails from Rutgers about all their athletic activities, tickets sales, promotions, etc.
I have never receive an email from FIU about any sport event, ticket sales, etc. If our football team is trying to emmulate Rutgers, then our marketing department should do the same, and by the way, they also have a band.

I was thinking today. Why does FIU suck? This is a serious question. Why do we and have we always sucked?

Watching UCONN play this weekend I came to find out that they have only been in D1 for 9 years and in the Big East for 6 years. They have been to three bowl games and have been ranked as high as #12. FAU just about the same pace as us. Two bowl games and victories.

UCONN isnt in fertile recruiting ground. They compete with Rutgers, Penn State, Ohio State and a variety of big name schools for recruits.

FAU is in good recruiting territory, but they end up with the bottom tier recruits. They have to compete with UF, FSU, USF, UM and yes even FIU for recruits. There is no doubt that FIU has had better recruits than FAU in recent years.

So why cant FIU ever win more than 5 games? When I see FIU win a game its such a great feeling because seeing a W next to FIU's name is so rare. I came to the conclusion that the only explanation for why FIU has never had success is coaching.

Howard Schnellenberger might have the lowliest recruits in the state, but in the last 4 years they've managed to get 7 and 8 win seasons and bowl wins. Not to mention that they have always beaten FIU.

Every year of the Mario Cristobal era we have heard the excuses of "We are a young team", "We have injuries" or "We've played mostly freshmen this year". We were a young team in 2007, we were a young team last year and once again we are a young team this year. What's going on? Why havent the upperclassmen produced? We heard so much about how our team was so well conditioned. We heard so much about how certain players could bench press 500 lbs. Where are the results? Who cares if you can bench 500lbs and squat 800lbs if you cant rush a qb, get a sack or tackle a rb?

A testament to the bad coaching on this team was the Tebow 55 yard TD run this past weekend. Scott Bryant ran with james rainy to the sidelines, not even aware that Tebow was running right by him. Even worse once Rainy made it to the sidelines Bryany gave him a little push and started jogging. What he should have done was stay on rainy while keeping an eye on the play. Once Rainy was nearing out of bounds Bryant should have had the awareness to realize that rainy was not going to be the ball carrier and that maybe he should look back. He had a chance to take down Tebow.

Our game against FAU is important. It will give us a good indicator of whether things are heading in the right direction. If we cannot win against a 3-7 FAU team and even worse if we get blown out, then something seriously needs to be done about the coaching staff. Many people have called for Mario Cristobal's firing. I disagree. Let him stay. We cannot expect him to work magic. However, at the same time we cannot allow things to get worse. Defensive Coordinatior Galiano needs to go at the end of the season. I would say a large portion of Mario Cristobal's current staff needs to go. We have a bunch of no name coaches and assitants that have more than overstayed their welcome. If Mario Cristobal does not make major changes to his staff and FIU football suffers through another miserable season next year, then Cristobal needs to go. but for now he should remain our coach.

Stick with Golden Panthers! Having many other panthers out there just means we should STICK with Golden Panthers to distinguish ourselves!

No need to get creative with any other name when we already have one that distinguishes our mascot from that of other schools and professional sports teams.

If u haven't noticed, FIU is already getting away from Golden...They realize it makes our name way too long! Think about it Florida International University Golden Panthers (almost a sentence long) lol...Really the use of Golden is played out...There are so many teams that use Golden....Golden Bears, Golden Hurricane, Golden eagles, etc...At least UCF was smart enough to drop the Golden and just go with Knights! And if we are heading in that direction, then we might as well distinguish ourselves from the Florida Panthers, Pitt Panthers, etc and be the FIU PANTERAS..

PANTERAS has an exotic strong feel to it...It helped the heavy metal band, "Pantera" sell lots of records! Plus think about it, makes perfect sense to use it here in Miami...The same way u feel about Golden Panthers is the same way people back then felt about changing the name from Sunblazers...People hated Maidique for it, but look now...Most people would say it was a necessary change...Sometimes u have to be open to making changes for the better...Imagine a buisness that doesnt make any necessary changes to promote itself from the competition..Do u ever really expect it to make it anywhere? Thats why Isiah Tomas was such a great hire! Since then, we have had more top recruits sign with us than I can ever remember! We need to make these necessary changes for the best of our University!!

I dont know how many times i heard the word Golden shower when at the UF game tailgating.

Im sorry to break it to all of you diehard FIU fans but we will never be a UF or an FSU. We are just too far behind. Even if we expand the stadium, get a new weight room, etc...We wont compete in the recruiting game because if I am a highly touted recruit and Florida and FIU are my choices its either 3 National Championships(UF) vs. Nothing(FIU). Also there is school is a million times better just the atmosphere, the town, the tradition is something FIU will never achieve because we are a commuter school. Sorry but its just the sad truth

LOL Craig seriously, your comment is just plain ignorant.

Craig, have you ever been to Gainesville?

That town is the most boring place I've ever endured in my life. To pose the idea that a recruit would pick UF over FIU because of the town is just crazy.

I think it's a good plan in general. The way I see it is: giving away the game next year and having the chance in 2014 (when FIU should be good if the PG/MC are still on campus) to beet a probably BCS ranked team at home.
FIU needs to grow, and this is a great way to do it. Look at Troy, they have won four straight SB titles and they don't get any good teams playing at their stadium and they get killed every year when the play SEC teams.
PG is looking to grow this team playing good teams and the way to do it is playing home-and-home games.

I like the plan a lot.

F-F I-I U-U... GO FIU!

Craig - Seriously, Miami or Gainesville...I wonder which city has the better draw to an 18 year old.

Pantera - I like your idea.

I still believe these games can give FIU a great recruiting boost.

I agree. Defensive coaches need to go (not MC yet).

With all these recruits there is no reason we should be squeaking by in the Sunbelt (when last year we were 5-7)

The point is not to be like anyone other university. The point is to be the best FIU it can be.

The future is bright. Like ever other success ever acheived at FIU, we'll do it our way. No, it may not fit the UF model or any other good ole boy, pre-ordained model, but as long as FIU wins, that is all that will matter.

Trier of seeing all these cry baby fans. FIU offense has been pretty good with the fact that all 3 starting WR and starting QB and with about half of our RBs have been hurt and our O-line isn't there. The Whole defensive line is gone from last year and you wonder why we can't stop the run. If any of you so called fans have been to a game you would also see that MANY of our losses where winnable games. I would say that’s much better than 07 when we were getting blown out every other week. This program is young I mean my baby sister who is 10 is older than the FIU football program. So be patient if you want a winning program just wait. This team has talent yes but you would be a fool to think that our talent Level is so great that we should be just come out on Saturday and blow people out. To add to the fact that FIU you is weakest where you want to be the strongest at on a football team (O and D – lines) should add a little understanding. Hate Miami fans such band wagon fans.
I know FIU football has lost some games that they had and should have won, however answer this…. Before last season 5-7 record would this year been a disappointment or an improvement over 2007 one win season. This team can finish 4-4 in Sunbelt play this year, you know that is better than last year; better yet it will be the first time FIU has ever finish that high. Next time you go on a Rant about how much this team sucks think about the facts plus not like any of you are out there busting your rumps to put this program on the map, hell half of you don’t even support us.

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